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Polluters in Chaffee County, Colorado
A1 Auto Svc284,781.39
Aca Products, Inc.2881,233.00
Ark Valley Humane Society552,027.38
Band Box Cleaners11295.90
Chaffee Co Swds Salida Blm28288,809.91
Chaffee County Landfill2828793.14
City Of Salida111,000.00
Clydes Auto Body & Painting Inc274,277.54
Colo Dept Of Corrections - Bvcc/Mc & Cca614152,514.31
Colorado Division Of Wildlife (Natural R662,249.52
Colorado Lien Co2298,332.92
Colorado Lime Company Dba Calco640821,642.02
Cottenwood Devel N Of S Hwy2828198.56
Evergreen Oil Company #006 (Lavalles)21011,051.02
Evergreen Oil Company #012 (66 Conv Str)2720,279.95
Feather Petroleum Company21017,270.34
Gunsmoke Truck Stop2810,871.47
Hard Rock & Redi Mix Inc Main Plant26105,259.95
Hard Rock Paving & Redi-Mix Hwy 291 Pit22100,800.00
Hard Rock Paving & Redi-Mix Inc22100,800.00
Koenig Texaco Food Mart282,944.78
Loaf N Jug Inc No 552813,623.69
Loaf N Jug Inc No 92819,322.06
Pester Marketing Company289,897.47
Poncha Springs28281,069.83
Sanders Oil Co Inc284,781.39
Sanders Oil Co Inc284,322.90
Septic Tank & Vault Waste28286,569.06
Septic Tank Swds2828198.56
Southland 7 11 No 19565144,725.99
Southland 7 11 No 21367144,520.32
Tenderfoot Mt Pit2828198.56
Younglife Camp Landfill2828198.56