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Polluters in Boulder County, Colorado
14th Street Bar & Grill6622,877.48
7-Eleven #326732814,281.44
Abc Auto Body275,420.45
Abra Auto Body & Glass175,334.00
Abra Auto Body And Glass448,954.60
Aggregate Ind - Wcr, Inc. - Lyons Quarry24246,727.95
Aggregate Industries - Wcr, Inc.2417,750.00
Aggregate Industries-Wcr, Inc. - Francis2438,180.00
Ahlberg Funeral Chapel Inc661,648.00
Albertson'S, Inc.2856,782.08
Albertsons Express #8082847,318.40
Allanpark / Raymond282814,242.21
Allegro Coffee Co666,752.50
Amgen Boulder Inc612101,420.00
Amgen Inc63044,459.48
Amoco Gas Sta No 131012818,470.58
Amoco Gas Sta No 211121012,975.77
Amoco Gas Sta No 37102815,130.15
Amoco Gas Sta No 37122816,505.62
Amoco Gas Sta No 85502819,649.55
Amoco Gas Sta No 86172815,719.64
Amoco Gas Sta No 863421026,348.73
Amoco Oil Co. #121862814,540.67
Amoco Oil Co. #136172820,514.69
Andersons Rubble Dump2828277.88
Arapahoe & Broadway Conoco284,126.41
Arapahoe Rubble Fill W Of Bo28283,514.27
Arkins Park Stone229,150.00
Art Cleaners Inc.113,873.60
Asphalt Specialist Co - Kenosha Ponds24113,719.56
Avedon Engineering61472,088.98
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp3340,400.00
Bartkus Oil Co24418,786.25
Bartkus Oil Co289,431.78
Beech Aircraft Open Dump2828277.88
Bfi Waste Systems Of North America Inc553,663.09
Boulder Bump Shop Inc31423,292.45
Boulder Clnrs Inc115,334.27
Boulder Community Hospital6611,156.20
Boulder Elec Motor Co610261.34
Boulder Landfill2828164.06
Boulder Publishing Inc141,222.86
Boulder Ready Mix Concrete Inc249,880.69
Brainardlake Dumps 1&2282814,242.21
Brannan Sand & Gravel66147,720.00
Cache Cleaners112,178.90
Car Works Auto Body Inc224,879.26
Cemex, Inc. - Lyons Cement Plant11818,264,826.92
Centennial Clnrs111,634.18
Century Plastics & Engineering Inc44843.65
Champion Cleaners11423.68
Chan Foreign Car Co283,222.53
Chemical Waste Dump28283,514.27
Circle Graphics- Circle Visual2313,228.05
Circuit Images, Inc338,957.00
City Of Boulder Fleet Vehicle Site163,314.37
City Of Boulder 75th St Wwtp1037230,967.49
City Of Boulder Police Department666.02
City Of Louisville333,482.00
Co. Collision Center Dba Pearl Auto Body276,788.76
Collision Ctr Inc152,819.62
Collision Repair Specialists141,855.11
Colorado Coach Auto Body167,902.67
Columbine Plastic Corp33932.54
Comet 1 Hour Cleaners114,115.70
Complex Tooling & Molding Inc273,814.95
Composite Tek4117,480.50
Conocophillips Company - 27064902836,146.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065032839,299.10
Conocophillips Company - 27065052824,092.95
Conocophillips Company - 27065102826,199.40
Conocophillips Company - 27065112819,652.93
Conocophillips Company - 27065262844,821.04
Conocophillips Company - 27065272832,749.25
Conocophillips Company - 27065292832,749.25
Conocophillips Company - 27065382823,002.00
Continental Cleaners - Louisville115,380.00
Continental Clnrs116,060.00
Coors Brewing Company - Longmont2107,433.47
Costco Wholesale #48031250,839.35
Country Corner284,584.90
Crist Mortuary66441.73
Cu Boulder Svcs Bldg61218,466.00
D&K Printing Inc51437,551.37
Dakota Ridge Aviation Inc28838.38
Darrell Howe Mortuary44529.72
Demolation Dump Site Located2828970.67
Dependable Clnrs No 2511968.40
Design Fabricators Inc.77104,195.25
Diamond Shamrock #11102816,911.71
Diamond Shamrock #63521034,494.71
Diamond Shamrock #6522834,295.01
Diamond Shamrock #6882831,779.87
Diamond Shamrock No 114721051,205.05
Diamond Shamrock No 65021047,532.68
Dillon Companies, Inc. Dba King Soopers2885,596.00
Displaytech Inc11204.30
Eldorado Springs28283,514.27
Encana - Bailey 'F' Unit #11116,508.50
Encana - Deason 'F' Unit #11110,987.40
Encana - Doniphan Shields #21113,672.60
Encana - Wheeler G Unit #11115,850.88
Encana - Zwick F Unit #11125,372.36
Equilon Enterprises Llc62422,048.16
Equilon Enterprises Llc2817,029.61
Equilon Enterprises Llc (Was Texaco)2816,958.72
Equilon Enterprises Llc (Was Texaco)2821,858.42
Equilon Enterprises Llc Sta No 13042814,986.06
Equilon Enterprises, Llc2825,499.36
Esprit Cleaners11511.10
Estey Printing221,750.30
European Auto Body Corp3134,665.68
Evergreen Oil Co. #017 Centaur Food & Fu21011,576.63
Exotic Bodies By Jim337,955.40
Federal Express281,244.47
Ferncliff Store & Service11403.33
Fisher Chevrolet Inc116,820.00
Francis Street Cleaners11605.25
Front Range Lube Jiffy Lube2812,575.71
Front Range Tooling Inc458,335.45
Gasamat #1272107,275.58
Gasamat Oil Corp #5202810,735.60
Golden Buff Clnrs & Laundromat11901.15
Golden Concrete Dba Aggregate Industries214250,093.99
Golden Concrete Lllp Dba Aggregate Ind2417,900.00
Golden Ribbon Corp221,895.00
Golden Rubble & S6 F Hover Si282814,242.21
Golden Sand Gravel Rubble S2828277.88
Graphics Packaging Corp2832,032.00
Gritz Ritter Graphics Inc1112,885.15
Grizzly Gas & Convenience Store2811,829.60
Hauser Chemical Research Inc2214,000.00
Heatherwood Subdivision Rubbl2828970.67
High Country Millwork, Llc6622,687.90
Holden Direct Dba Advance Direct21777,819.74
Humane Society Of Boulder Valley552,964.82
Ib Corp2828277.88
Intermountain Color11513,877.42
International Business Machines (Ibm)638400,286.10
Itec Environmental Colorado Inc245,985.60
Jet Strip3325,000.00
John & Elayne Dageenakis62414,210.00
John'S Cleaners112,663.10
Johnson Publishing Co41838,362.68
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #513581111,617.60
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #515691110,083.20
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #516192231,331.89
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #620391110,686.00
Kryptane Sys.000.00
Lafarge West, Inc.612182,502.49
Lafarge West, Inc.2438,135.20
Lafarge West, Inc.2623,079.44
Lafarge West, Inc. - Lyons Pit2454,080.00
Lafarge West, Inc. - Stelter Pit2221,917.00
Lafarge West, Inc. - Valmont Plant248,112.38
Lake Eldora Ski Lodge2828277.88
Lamplighter Clnrs111,089.45
Landfill Site (Old Chemical)2828970.67
Leanin Tree Inc114,989.40
Lexmark Intl Inc114673,029.09
Long Motor Company112,100.00
Longmont Animal Humane Society66449.27
Longmont Foods61846,505.33
Longmont Landfill282814,242.21
Longmont Solid Waste Disposal Site28287,637.09
Longmont United Hosp22403.20
Longmont Wwtp71414,903.60
Maaco Auto Painting & Body Works41122,878.14
Maicon, Llc3319,970.40
March Press Inc22321,253.94
Marshall Landfill2828498.75
Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc.115.84
Mayne Pharma (Usa)2216,200.00
Metaltech Industries Inc112,598.00
Micro Motion Inc556,265.19
Mke - Quantum Corpation (Was Periphera661,108.87
Napro Biotherapeutics - Spine Rd1218,400.00
Napro Biotherapeutics Inc.12231.00
New Method Clnrs116,500.00
Nypro Colorado Inc494,751.18
Nypro Colorado Inc233,165.08
Patina Almquist 3-34, 34-10,15&161121,563.80
Patina Anderson 33-3j,5&61114,549.38
Patina Arapahoe 1-36,36-3,5&62231,565.20
Patina Becky 4-36, 36-11 & 121124,673.70
Patina Brereton 2-14,14-9,161126,810.90
Patina Brereton Md 14-1 & 8j1115,412.48
Patina Culver Mc 16-1,2,3,4,5&61118,878.60
Patina Ertl 1,3-17&5-181112,617.68
Patina Ertl 2-18 & 4-181124,591.50
Patina Fcr Md 1-9,10,15&162229,149.78
Patina Holderby Mc 2-27, 27-3&51116,700.28
Patina Josephine Roche 1-351112,453.28
Patina Liley 11123,235.20
Patina Lynch Mc 1-6,6-9,10&151118,508.70
Patina Machebeuf 1-12,12-9,15&161121,358.30
Patina Macy 2-3,3-11119,330.70
Patina Mary Miller 1,2,3&4-352232,580.78
Patina Morris Mc 27-2,7&82233,678.70
Patina O&G Garcia Md 1-12 & 14j2230,728.04
Patina O&G Holderby 1-271118,755.30
Patina O&G Kane 20-101118,070.30
Patina O&G Throndson 1,2&3-2,2-4&61123,605.10
Patina O&G Waneka 1,2,3&4-11124,303.80
Patina Oil & Gas - Anderson 1-33, Mb 33-1113,256.36
Patina Oil & Gas - Arapahoe 3-361110,137.99
Patina Oil & Gas - Becky 6-361113,905.48
Patina Oil & Gas - Culver 5-171112,632.03
Patina Oil & Gas - Culver Mc 16-14,21-3,1110,425.68
Patina Oil & Gas - Donley Mc 1-36,36-71110,507.88
Patina Oil & Gas - Fcr Md 1-1,2&81114,960.38
Patina Oil & Gas - Kilker 1-151116,535.88
Patina Oil & Gas - Leyner 15-11110,411.98
Patina Oil & Gas - Mapz 13-1,1j,2&81110,658.58
Patina Oil & Gas - Memco 8-3 & 41113,042.38
Patina Oil & Gas - Quinby 12-4j&51111,014.78
Patina Oil & Gas - Twin Corners 1-4,4-3,1114,152.08
Patina Oil & Gas - Von Reyn 9-1,3,4&51113,604.08
Patina Oil & Gas Corporation Liley 11123,235.20
Patina Pacific 1-141116,823.58
Patina Piszek 1-33,Domenico 33-9,16x1124,344.90
Patina Quinby 12-1,2x,3,6,7j&82257,846.66
Patina Simpson Md 2-1,2,7&8j2229,163.50
Paxis Pharmaceuticals8916,360.60
Pcc Composites.Cn229,600.00
Pdq Food Store No 80012840,700.77
Pds Food & Gas2711,950.90
Pearl Site282814,242.21
Peerless Tyre Co Inc2826,488.77
Peerless Tyre Co Inc No 8072817,015.09
Peerless Tyre Co Inc No 9332619,947.94
Perfection Auto Body279,388.71
Perrys Boulder Auto Body2226,907.85
Pester Marketing Co51354,164.02
Petroleum Management Llc2826,288.00
Picture Woods Ltd7710,455.63
Pro Cleaners11726.30
Proligo Llc335,876.00
Proligo Llc3319,960.00
Public Service Co - Boulder Service Cntr112,580.00
Public Service Co - Valmont7813712,729,841.19
Public Service Co Louisville Station714118,608.00
Puddle Corp283,117.73
Qwest Communications International, Inc28806.69
Qwest Communications International, Inc.28727.02
Recuperos, L.L.C.288,084.98
Regional Transportation District672,911.80
Research Electro Optics Inc222,426.00
Rex Oil Co Inc2105,079.28
Robs Village Conoco283,589.32
Roche Colorado Corp1742414,098.00
Rockmont Ind Inc2313,228.12
Rocky Mountain Instrument4620,607.07
Rocky Mountain Paint & Body, Inc.556,753.11
Rodriquez Body Shop Inc3313,035.10
Rubble Dump2828970.67
Rubble Sanitary Landfill282814,242.21
Rudi'S Organic Bakery115,524.32
S & B Corp.11484.20
Sae Circuits Colorado Inc35239.48
Safeway, Inc.2842,449.60
Sanitary Rubble Landfill2828970.67
Seagate Technology6629,089.85
Sharp Color Design, Inc.112,400.04
Sheldon Clnrs Gbp Inc11242.10
Silco Oil Co21020,766.24
Silco Oil Co282,996.83
Silco Oil Co284,770.79
Silco Oil Co2108,359.39
Silco Oil Co Barn Store No 21286,536.53
Silco Oil Co No 262810,086.77
Sinclair Sta No 050232811,265.74
Sky Petroleum, Llc #063522810,152.27
Sky Petroleum, Llc #064332825,539.40
Sommerville / Four Mile Canyon2828277.88
Southland 7 11 No 18698286,042.98
Southland 7 11 No 225962810,196.08
Southland 7 11 No 24088286,866.79
Southland 7 11 No 25476286,613.76
Southland 7 11 No 277282810,613.32
Southwestern Portland Cement1120,433.60
Spruce Site2828970.67
St Vrain Crematory Svc66759.78
Storage Technology Corp917119,884.86
Sugarloaf Mt Dump2828277.88
Sunrise Medical Hhg Inc Mobil Prod Div229,187.00
Super Repair Inc Auto Body4113,086.28
Syngenta Seeds, Inc.2126,976.14
Table Mesa Clnrs11242.10
The Cleaners In Boulder, Inc.114,236.75
Tpi Petroleum Inc. # 41302813,829.04
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #405621012,665.09
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #405721025,371.08
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #40582910,830.74
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #412931017,750.99
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #41312816,125.73
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #456421015,579.06
Trend Technologies Inc Colorado Div343,487.53
Turnpike Texaco287,401.33
Univ Corp For Atmospheric Research61213,206.13
Univ Of Colo - Boulder Buffalo Power624446,828.59
Univ Of Colo - Boulder Williams Village6248,373.26
Univ Of Colo - Dept Of Public Safety6660.20
University Cleaners111,452.60
Valley Collision Center3310,889.28
Valmont Rubble Dump2828277.88
Vapor Technologies Inc118,500.00
Vector Corporation222,956.00
Ventex, Llc2216,939.00
Ventex, Llc113,762.38
Village Cleaners11726.30
Wedgewood, Ltd.359,304.30
Western Foundries9407,617.65
Whitaker Oil Inc Dba Diagonal Sinclair2823,382.97
Williams Village Clnrs11403.50
Wood Recovery Systems Inc2211,000.00
Woodleys Fine Furniture Inc42052,648.52
Woodys Of Colorado Inc6623,260.60