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Polluters in Baca County, Colorado
Bartlett And Company - Pritchett28442.84
Bartlett And Company - Walsh2823,803.16
Campo Landfill282836.93
Campo Swds28284,581.46
Colorado Interstate Gas Co Flank Sta1240754,037.92
Colorado Interstate Gas Co Vilas C S1221293,206.90
Duran Oil Co (Was Walsh Propane Inc)21028,004.19
Duran Oil Co (Was Walsh Propane Inc)296,903.50
Loaf N Jug Inc No 5285,279.18
Merit Energy Co Stonington Cs8817,884.51
Merit Energy Co Vilas Cs7771,766.47
Merit Energy Company8842,301.34
Merit Energy Company77106,634.28
Murfin Drilling Co Inc66392,140.00
Oxy Usa Inc7732,201.80
Oxy Usa Inc Tanner F1 Battery6674,068.08
Phillips Pipe Line Co1010266,087.00
Sand Arroyo2828324.45
Se Colorado Hosp6676.15
Springfield Coop Sales Co2439,858.00
Springfield Municipal Utilities66433.40
Tempel Grain Elevators, Llp - Vilas21038,368.68
Two Buttes #1 Landfill28281,069.83
Two Buttes #2 3 Miles S28286,569.06
Vilas Landfill282811.90
Walsh Landfill2828123.86