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Polluters in Arapahoe County, Colorado
17400 East Bates Place282831,413.10
3855 S Santa Fe2828348.04
7-Eleven, Inc #16094287,089.02
7-Eleven, Inc #184092815,084.53
7-Eleven, Inc. - 330382822,578.64
A-B Petroleum, Inc. #372815,549.35
A1 Clnrs & Laundry11726.30
Abra Auto Body & Glass2711,219.64
Abra Colorado Dba Abra Auto Body & Glass31014,847.60
Accurate Auto Body Inc337,523.20
Ackerman & Sons Inc4823,258.63
Aggregate Industries - Wcr, Inc.810210,476.73
Aggregate Industries - Wcr, Inc. -Havana2430,226.86
Aggregate Industries-Wcr913434,181.87
Albertsons Express #8312847,642.40
Alliant Techsystems Inc7143,229.81
Alpha Pure Cleaners11726.30
Alpine Auto Body Inc143,496.55
Alpine Custom Shutters Inc.66104,856.70
Alpine Station #82813,257.46
Alpine Station #92818,537.92
Alps Collision Cen Inc4156,152.02
Alstom Power66186.00
Altura Partners In Car Care3146,836.03
Amato Shutter & Door Co24240.48
Amoco Gas Sta No 21612819,650.00
Amoco Gas Sta No 22282848,732.00
Amoco Gas Sta No 24052835,370.00
Amoco Gas Sta No 240621029,649.00
Amoco Gas Sta No 36912825,544.42
Amoco Gas Sta No 52112810,610.76
Amoco Gas Sta No 8583287,860.00
Amoco Gas Sta No 86062829,146.83
Amoco Oil Co. #135052815,719.64
Arapahoe Cleaners11605.25
Arapco Landfill Sante Fe & Ox282831,413.10
Arapco Pay Dump2828348.04
Aurora City Kuiper Wtp11560.00
Aurora Police Department443.49
Aurora Public Schools18403.79
Aurora Public Schools - Facilities Dept28558.62
Aurora Public Schools - Trans Dept24473.99
Aurora Regional Medical Ctr7144,581.80
Auto Body & Frame Clinic Of Co Inc152,139.50
Auto Body & Paint Ctr4113,847.85
Auto Body Specialists, Inc.112,011.09
Autocrafters Inc4104,857.09
Avon Cleaner11726.30
Awful Johns Conoco221,050.00
B&R Engineering Svc-Ace Clnrs11400.00
Banks Of Cherry Creek D / S Area2828348.04
Barn Store No 19287,859.82
Berkeley Village282831,413.10
Best Clnrs11363.00
Body'S By Brown, Inc.117,560.00
Bold Petroleum Inc289,667.58
Bradford Auto Body Inc299,204.54
Bradley Petroleum Inc2850,802.36
Bradley Petroleum Inc2817,960.82
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4062827,017.31
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4212854,567.36
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4602858,622.82
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4612841,998.56
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4732872,984.24
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 48731129,614.95
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 488283,929.91
Bright Clnrs11960.00
Brittany Cleaners11363.15
Broadway Estates Conoco281,571.96
Buckley Valet Cleaning11544.73
Bullock Mortuary66473.68
Burt Buick Pontiac Gmc41131,472.86
Burt Chevrolet6720,896.34
Cable And Wireless, Usa661,357.20
Caliber Auto Body & Paint143,651.60
Cargill, Inc. - Byers East28232,740.00
Carnival Pre Pay Clnrs111,700.00
Cars Collision 21771,931.17
Charter Cleaners11665.78
Chateau Shutter228,344.00
Cherrelyn Clnrs11484.20
Cherry Creek Corporate Center663,403.00
City Of Cherry Hills Village29253.99
City Of Englewood2101,266.36
City Of Glendale221,113.86
Classic Cleaners11490.93
Coastal Mart Inc No 12642813,178.30
Colorado Auto Body Inc51624,091.45
Colorado Interstate Gas Co Latigo C & S10251,005,015.42
Colorado Lace11968.40
Colorado Lace Cleaners Broadway11605.25
Colorado Molded Products Co4618,912.86
Colorado Sign Company2141,591.49
Coloradon Deluxe Cleaners11968.40
Columbia Swedish Medical Center72021,801.60
Columbine Copy And Printing152,413.10
Commercial Door & Woodwork Inc343,435.10
Concours Cars Of Denver278,085.55
Conocophillips Company - 27063802814,383.47
Conocophillips Company - 27064932832,860.00
Conocophillips Company - 27064952846,004.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065002819,650.28
Conocophillips Company - 27065022839,432.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065192839,432.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065452839,299.10
Conocophillips Company - 27065492826,199.40
Conocophillips Company - 27065502826,288.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065512839,299.10
Consolidated Steel Svc4420,696.72
Continental Clnrs115,326.20
Cool River Cafe66198,260.40
Costco Wholesale #43931249,354.35
Cottrell Printing11011,591.18
Dartmouth Ave Landfill28286,549.97
Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site & Recycling Center2828194,107.52
Denver Forms Company2914,524.09
Dependable Clnrs113,389.40
Dependable Clnrs & Shirt & Laundry No 711726.30
Dependable Clnrs & Shirt Laundry Inc113,631.50
Diamond Shamrock #404721019,595.27
Diamond Shamrock #404821011,680.53
Diamond Shamrock #40502911,963.07
Diamond Shamrock #110931133,237.36
Diamond Shamrock #11172830,209.66
Diamond Shamrock #11192817,723.90
Diamond Shamrock #11282827,642.12
Diamond Shamrock #11362739,663.42
Diamond Shamrock #11662830,519.74
Diamond Shamrock #6962819,422.52
Diamond Shamrock No 1101288,724.40
Diamond Shamrock No 1105243,519.06
Diamond Shamrock No 11402822,502.07
Diamond Shamrock No 62621021,725.47
Diamond Shamrock No 6652814,212.81
Diamond Shamrock No 6912820,612.43
Don Massey Collision Repair6637,966.54
Dow Jones & Co Inc227,696.48
Dugan Petroleum Co. - Cardlock244,136.04
Duggan Petroleum2102,158.95
Dun Rite Home Improvements Inc3312,437.00
E Colo Ave & S Syracuse St28281,235.73
East Colfax & Sand Creek28286,549.97
Ed Bozarth Chev Geo3109,466.50
Edward C Levy Corp Dba Centennial Mater28172,085.75
Elliott Clnrs_inc111,271.03
Encana Gathering Services - Dragoon79273,245.00
Encana Gathering Srv. (Usa) Inc. - Mitch916224,013.84
Englewood Auto Repair & Body Shop141,646.93
Englewood City Golf Course22759.40
Englewood Self Svc2810,479.76
Equilon Enterprises Llc6247,931.96
Equilon Enterprises Llc21031,441.74
Equilon Enterprises Llc62415,573.44
Equilon Enterprises Llc62418,512.40
Equilon Enterprises Llc62415,594.69
Equilon Enterprises Llc21028,298.65
Equilon Enterprises Llc21050,611.45
Equilon Enterprises Llc62412,905.95
Equilon Enterprises Llc2820,736.83
Equilon Enterprises Llc228,543.10
Equilon Enterprises Llc No 0382814,868.16
Equilon Enterprises Llc No 076289,628.28
Equilon Enterprises Llc No 0922823,579.46
Equilon Enterprises Llc No 13502842,076.24
Equilon Enterprises Llc Sta No 0132918,880.46
Equilon Enterprises Llc Sta No 0802817,815.59
Equilon Enterprises Llc Sta No 0892815,732.74
Equilon Enterprises, Llc2811,804.73
Equity Office Properties (Was Shorenstei6617,229.60
Excellent Cleaners11484.20
Express Auto Body31315,533.19
Ez Cleaners111,210.50
Farm Crest Milk Store No 172811,894.53
Farm Crest Milk Store No 182814,802.66
Fashion Care Pro Cleaners11181.58
Fast N Friendly Food Marts31230,804.19
Fox Cleaners11968.40
G & S Autobody Inc294,122.76
G&S Clnrs11807.00
Gasamat Oil Corp #10821619,872.60
Gasamat Oil Corp #5382920,123.70
Gateway Mazda Inc5125,481.46
Gem Cleaners111,452.60
Gigantic Clnrs111,183.60
Gigantic Clnrs No 3411726.30
Great Western Clnrs115,208.00
Harpel Oil Co Dba Parker Landing Total2412,473.50
Hartson Enterprises Inc3413,902.17
Havana Plaza Cleaners11968.40
Heights Clnrs11605.25
Herbetsons Pay Dump Sw Corner28286,549.97
Heritage Cleaners112,178.90
Heritage Cleaners Inc112,340.00
Heritage Clnrs112,542.05
High Country Dba Colorado Lace111,452.60
Highline Canal282831,413.10
Highwood Auto Body Inc4142,081.61
Hopps Auto Body3156,650.98
Hotel Valet Svc11129.28
Iliff Plaza Cleaners111,210.50
Imi Norgren Inc64714,730.93
Infinity Clnrs11242.10
Island Clnrs111,140.00
J Alexander'S Restaurant6635,202.40
J.C. Cleaners11726.30
J.W. Reffel Metals Foundry Inc693,846.70
Jh Cleaners Inc118,715.60
Jinco Inc (Was Usa Cleaners)11726.30
Jm Auto Svc Inc6167,430.87
Johns Cleaners111,561.55
Johns Collision Repair143,247.78
K&G Store2811,946.93
K&G Store287,859.82
Kens Auto Body41423,916.36
Keogh & Company267,452.84
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #941171111,042.20
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #950782243,463.91
Kiewit Western1214396,616.07
Kims Clnrs111,210.50
Kims Laventana_cleaners11484.20
Kloppenberg & Co112,700.00
Kumar & Singh, Llc - Mini Stop286,536.75
Kumpf Lincoln Mercury Inc41515,034.90
Kwik-Way, Inc Dba Kwik-Way Cleaners111,210.50
Kyung Yun Dba Carefree Cleaners111,210.50
Landrys Seafood House Colo Dba Joes Crab6627,446.40
Len Lyall Chevrolet157,837.52
Lithia Colorado Chrysler62324,503.20
Littleton & Englewood Wwtp1225389,510.19
Littleton Clnrs11781.26
Littleton Hospital/Porter666,678.00
Lowry Site Environmtl Prot/Cleanup Trust889,058.40
M & M Auto Reconditioning Inc41519,106.43
Macaroni Grill6622,089.97
Magic Cleaners11544.73
Martin J.C. Columbine Cleaners11726.30
Martin Plastic Converters Inc1130,640.00
Martin'S Cleaners11726.30
Mayfair Cleaners, Lymax Inc.11847.35
Mcdaniel Collision Inc164,065.33
Mcdonald Automotive (Was Monarch)1410,006.79
Mci Telecommunications Corp61232,120.00
Meke Cleaners Inc.11423.68
Meke Cleaners Inc.11423.68
Mi-Mi Cleaners (Was High Country)11605.25
Michael'S Auto Body226,872.02
Mikron Assembly Technology551,261.62
Mile Hi28281,235.73
Mile Hi Cleaners & Laundry11484.20
Miracle 8 Cleaners11605.25
Mississippi Ave Landfill28281,235.73
Moser Printing81524,126.00
Mr Bs Body Shop4147,101.74
New Look Cleaners11762.62
New Look Clnrs111,479.50
New Love Dry Cleaners111,452.60
New Valet Clnrs11726.30
No 1 Clnrs111,210.50
Nordstrom Incorporated6613,909.41
Norman'S Drapery Cleaners (Was Coit)113,093.50
Nylunds Automotive Refinishing484,791.92
Oakley Industries Inc Oakley Tube Div2211,844.00
Oea Inc3726,057.17
Oilfield Operating Co - Billings1127,701.36
One Hour Quality Clnrs11968.40
Opc Inc Dba One Price Cleaners115,568.30
Overland Resources - 1+2-20 Linnebur1121,851.47
Overland Resources - 2+4-16 State Craig1124,043.46
Oxford & S Platte28286,549.97
Oxford Clnrs11726.30
Oxford Recycling Inc21413,291.00
P&P Inc Dba Pump N Pop143,320.32
P/Sl Aurora Presbyterian Hospital662,638.00
Pacifica Hampden Ctr485,680.64
Pacifica Laredo Partnership559,851.14
Paint & Lacquer Co11491.00
Park'S Cleaners11242.10
Parker Cleaners111,210.50
Parker Hannifin Corporation, Wilkerson355,132.73
Pct Inc Dba Deer Trail Texaco6144,916.22
Pds Food & Gas2810,060.57
Pester Marketing Co2828,347.75
Pester Marketing Co2830,037.61
Petro Mat Inc284,134.79
Petro Stop Inc2815,392.15
Petroleum Wholesale Inc Sunmart No 528289,588.98
Pickens Tech Aurora Public Schools142,052.50
Pioneer Metal Finishing Inc4490,146.00
Pioneer Sand Company, Inc.24113,728.56
Porter Auto Body223,767.41
Precious Cat Inc.225,250.00
Precision Auto Body278,779.60
Preferred Unibody & Frame Inc116,000.00
Prime Time Auto Body114,700.00
Professional Auto Body6248,882.32
Quality Clnrs & Tailoring111,210.50
Qwest Communications - Nroc6615,400.00
Qwest Communications International, Inc281,466.30
Qwest Communications International, Inc28513.32
Qwest Communications International, Inc281,790.00
Qwest Communications International, Inc28345.98
R & M Colour Graphics Inc2222,973.30
R&R Millwork Inc222,226.03
Randall & Blake, Inc.3510,720.00
Rays Gas & Tire283,417.84
Red Rose Cleaners11524.55
Regatta Cleaners11726.30
Regional Transp District7834,602.80
Rodgers Motors, Inc.295,744.41
Ross Marketing Dba Autoworks Intl144,053.57
Royal Cleaners11484.20
S&H Concrete Co2414,320.00
Safety Kleen Corp Englewood Branch395,000.80
Safeway Inc.2830,862.93
Safeway Inc.2831,545.60
Safeway Inc.2831,545.60
Safeway Inc.2811,154.92
Safeway, Inc.2814,786.93
Sams Svc Co Inc41549,771.66
Service Uniform Rental662,835.85
Sewage Sludge Disposal2828348.04
Sheridan & Clear Creek28281,235.73
Silco Oil Co282,878.35
Silco Oil Co224,091.40
Silco Oil Co283,143.93
Silco Oil Co21018,136.73
Sinclair #0501221040,990.51
Sinclair #050272810,396.91
Sinclair Marketing Co No. 050172811,093.54
Sir Speedy Printing Ctr No 2043112,000.00
Snowflake Cleaners111,345.00
Southbridge Cleaners11726.30
Southland 7 11 No 13196287,941.36
Southland 7 11 No 13224143,869.36
Southland 7 11 No 20909143,235.61
Southland 7 11 No 212422815,827.11
Southland 7 11 No 214932812,921.33
Southland 7 11 No 21494144,197.23
Southland 7 11 No 215622811,583.22
Southland 7 11 No 22194285,163.87
Southland 7 11 No 22533288,594.65
Southland 7 11 No 234182812,363.79
Southland 7 11 No 25187285,739.03
Southland 7 11 No 25718286,893.44
Southland 7 11 No 25740288,374.66
Southland 7 11 No 27033289,729.95
Southland 7 11 No 27211289,313.84
Southland 7 11 No 27213288,123.54
Southland 7 11 No 290242812,789.13
Southland 7 11 No 295082812,472.21
Speedy Clnrs11726.30
Spinning Wheel112,000.00
Stanford'S Restaurant & Bar Inc6725,005.20
Starchys Clnrs11532.62
Stutgart Body Shop113,000.04
Summit Cleaners111,210.50
Suncor - 27060882819,140.68
Suncor - 27060962826,174.23
Suncor - 27061252818,817.15
Suncor - 27061382828,504.98
Suncor - 27061442821,396.02
Suncor - 27061712826,296.98
Suncor - 27062072817,647.25
Suncor - 27062272819,915.18
Suncor - 27062352817,907.12
Suncor - 27062412821,165.45
Suncor - 27062902822,447.32
Suncor - 270631021025,406.27
Suncor - 27063642818,290.93
Suncor - 270636521023,662.40
Sunlite Management Dba Sunlite Cleaners111,735.05
Super Clnrs111,140.00
Superior Sand And Gravel Co2813,391.56
Suss Pontiac Gmc497,453.28
Swan Clnrs11605.25
Talon Manufacturing2653,938.24
The Corner243,764.70
The Paint Booth3818,011.79
The Quincy Clnrs11968.40
The Southland Corporation Store # 19015143,707.11
Top Cleaners11484.20
Total Petroleum No 40522821,875.07
Total Petroleum No 405321026,097.76
Total Petroleum No 410021033,593.34
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #409421018,458.15
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #40972106,699.28
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #409821020,434.80
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #409921222,529.06
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #41232821,897.67
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #412721029,062.68
Trail Dust Steak House6659,579.97
Transpro Inc.118.00
Tri Valley Gas Co Inc2103,937.58
Trinity Energy Corp - See 001/14128810,127.00
Twk Enterprises Inc2423,594.66
U.S. Air Force - Buckley Air Force Base880565,851.36
Unicircuit Inc.126.00
Union Power Construction Co.24659.26
Us Dry Clnrs11672.50
Usa Clnrs111,210.50
Usa Clnrs111,681.25
Vana K Inc. Dba Crown Cleaners11968.40
Vasil'S Euro-Grille, Inc.6630,459.00
Village Dry Clnrs11605.40
Vintage Body Tech & Collision141,495.56
Von P Corp Dba Continental Clnrs.115,649.00
Wab Enterprises - Iliff Conoco289,313.89
Wallace Computer Services4429,614.10
Waste Management Of Colorado Den Arap Di28307,282,040.53
Waste Mgmt Of Co Denver Arapahoe17191,230,274.38
Waste Mgmt Of Denver South4845,601.28
Week'S D S28281,235.73
Western Gas & Convenience #1012819,232.29
Western Metals Recycling31942,997.95
Windsor Inds. Inc.111.00
Windsor Industries230.01
Winslow Construction Company2101,271.72
Winston Hills Ribs & Stuff663,946.50
Woodys Wood Fired Pizza6616,553.95
Y.C. Enterprises, Inc.11968.40
Your Valet Clnrs11726.30