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Polluters in Adams County, Colorado
104th Just East Of Northglenn28284,814.82
156 West 56th Ave2828181.69
2800 60th Ave282822,038.27
3001 Walnut2828181.69
360 Networks552,220.00
400 Block W 62nd Ave282822,038.27
48th & Dahlia Lf282822,038.27
52nd Ave Dahlia East 50 & On28284,814.82
5571 E 84th Ave Henderson282822,038.27
56th & Fenton2828834.91
5800 Brighton Rd2828181.69
60 & Pecos28284,814.82
60th & Alcott2828181.69
62nd & Huron Pii282822,038.27
62nd Ave & Pecos2828181.69
64th & Huron2828834.91
64th & Monroe28284,814.82
64th & Platte282822,038.27
66th & Huron Ash Fill, Gravel28284,814.82
6900 N Broadway282822,038.27
6921 Colo Blvd282822,038.27
69th & York St282822,038.27
72nd & York Flyash Disposal2828181.69
74th Ave & Cherry St28284,814.82
76th & Dahlia (72nd Other Sid2828181.69
7801 No Washington St28284,814.82
78th & Hwy 852828181.69
95th & Gaylord2828181.69
A-B Petroleum, Inc. #322828,483.05
A-B Petroleum, Inc. #362820,452.06
Ab Petroleum Inc No 202811,594.88
Ab&T Carstar4115,484.27
Ab&T Shoppe Inc3311,055.80
Abitec Corporation72423,641.14
Accent Window Inc221,742.40
Ace Baking Co Inc117,020.00
Adams Cnty Animal Control Ctr443,474.00
Adams County Animal Control Center665,037.00
Adams County Landfill27274,632.90
Adams County School District #124190.49
Adams County Slf282822,038.27
Advance Foam Plastics Inc11193,000.00
Advanced Design Auto Body Too6157,996.56
Aggregate Industries281,764.60
Aggregate Industries - Wcr, Inc.26221,414.08
Aggregate Industries - Wcr, Inc.2872,590.00
Aggregate Industries - Wcr, Inc.1315256,352.73
Aggregate Industries - Wcr, Inc.9932,713.00
Aggregate Industries - Wcr, Inc.2432,100.00
Aggregate Industries - Wcr, Inc. - Sand2423,411.81
Albert Frei & Sons - Hazeltine Pit2839,092.20
Albert Frei & Sons : Fernald/Bromley2615,066.32
Albert Frei & Sons Inc M & G Pit2227,286.74
Albert Frei & Sons, Inc. - Worthing Pit2491,673.42
All Packaging Co1911,030.68
Allegro Coffee Co355,377.11
Allied Demolition227,550.68
Alpine Station #52815,348.48
Alpine Station #62818,307.84
Alpine Station #72815,609.73
Ambassador Cleaners11847.35
American Pride Coop2416,286.40
American Pride Coop - Brighton21140,000.67
Ames Construction Inc.2232,988.17
Amoco Gas Sta No 83392811,789.73
Amoco Oil Co. #133982815,719.64
Andesite Rock Co210190,840.00
Ansel Industrial Coatings4430,850.62
Asarco Inc Globe Plt72137,165.80
Ashland Chemical Co156,436.83
Asphalt Specialities Co Inc99172,199.30
Asphalt Specialties Company, Inc.2432,947.24
Atlas Roofing Corporation4475,384.54
Aurora Point Plaza Llc2216,723.00
Avaya Inc.72187,395.00
B&E Auto Svc297,397.73
Barnum Printing + Publishing Co.2123,788.08
Bennet Sand & Gravel222,499.03
Bennett Food & Gas394,344.70
Bennett Sand & Gravel Inc22146,549.70
Bennett Solid Waste Disposal Site Landfill28283,663.03
Berkeley Village2828181.69
Bfi Tower Ldfl79193,274.83
Bfi Waste Systems Of North America Inc688,328.32
Big R Const Co2220,314.73
Bip A Subsidiary Of Industrialex Mfg.6166,753.61
Birko Corp46593.19
Bj'S Auto Theft Repair338,101.80
Bke Inc Dba Camelot Clnrs11605.25
Bonanza Creek Oil - North Colorado No.1115,001.48
Boral Material Technologies Inc.2218,062.40
Boyer Coffee Co66559.34
Bp America Production Co. Wattenberg Plt101022,437,410.89
Bradley Petroleum Inc228,127.98
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 407289,034.34
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4232836,357.68
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 42421032,193.42
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 46321030,672.36
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4692829,047.57
Bradley Petroleum, Inc.2841,440.03
Brannan Sand & Gravel2828181.69
Brannan Sand & Gravel - Pit 1061260,471.45
Brannan Sand & Gravel - Pit 2922136,000.00
Brighton / Ft Lupton28284,814.82
Brighton Auto Body4153,480.09
Brighton Blvd Slf2828834.91
Brighton Dump2828834.91
Brighton Sinclair21011,125.41
Brighton Slf / Riverdale28284,814.82
Bromley Pit282822,038.27
C & K Food & Gas288,740.76
C W Elaborations5113,990.00
Camas Colorado - York St Mine24127,503.00
Camas Colorado Dba Aggregate Industries230403,718.11
Camas Colorado Dba Aggregate Industries24427,140.00
Camas Colorado, Inc, Dba Aggregate Ind.24104,720.00
Car Care Conoco284,388.40
Carder Concrete Products Company67132.40
Cascade Oil & Gas Inc8810,153.60
Ccw Products Inc112,634.80
Celerity Energy6677,991.99
Celerity Energy Wagner Equipment Co.71439,390.75
Central Products Co Dba Intertape Polymr813386,860.00
Chambers Square Clnrs111,560.20
Champion Boxed Beef Co66184.40
Chart Storage Systems - Denver, Inc225,130.00
Chase Transportation Co.-Aurora Terminal1148173,414.75
Chesrown Collision Center6617,138.00
Chons Auto Body Inc4155,754.08
City Of Aurora Animal Care Division666,561.36
City Of Brighton Wwtp112,000.07
City Of Northglenn - Wtp231,386.12
City Of Thornton - Recreation Center663,280.00
City Of Westminster, Big Dry Creek Wwtp4610,311.32
Clean Harbors Deer Trail, Llc71724,900.43
Clear Creek Dba Pecos Transfer Station2221,800.00
Clothesline Laundry111,009.00
Coblaco Services, Inc.41666,535.95
Colorado Asphalt Services24766.24
Colorado Brake & Supply Co6102,911.72
Colorado Contempo Ltd61129,655.84
Colorado Interstate Gas Co Watkins Sta10271,528,690.40
Colorado Refining Co Total Petroleum181522,865,669.31
Columbine Container Corp234,217.14
Columbine Swds2828834.91
Commerce City Grain21421,893.47
Commerce City Grain, Llc61630,607.25
Complete Auto Body & Paint Inc41516,198.24
Complete Fleet Inc1111,103.00
Conagra Flour Milling Company847298,441.50
Conoco Gas N Go297,244.06
Conoco Inc.118,594.00
Conoco Zuni Mart282,633.04
Conocophillips Company - 27063762810,672.93
Conocophillips Company - 27064912839,432.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065042832,749.25
Conocophillips Company - 27065152841,919.04
Conocophillips Company - 27065212816,390.57
Conocophillips Company - 27065222828,819.34
Conocophillips Company - 27065332834,059.22
Conocophillips Company - 27065362839,342.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065392826,288.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065422820,583.50
Conservation Services72051,256.05
Conservation Svc Inc3337,420.00
Construction Fill #1282822,038.27
Continental Clnrs115,380.00
Cooley Gravel Co24155,695.39
Correctional Products & Svcs5518,259.40
Csi / Bennett2828973.34
Csr Hydro Conduti249,834.90
Custom Furniture Finishing335,617.92
D'Muluye Enterprises Llc2813,508.58
D'Muluye Enterprises, Llc. Dba N Pecos2817,002.28
Dalkes Laundry & Dry Cleaning11484.20
David Lincoln Dba Bennett Sand & Gravel2217,119.66
Dba Advanced Collision Centers229,202.05
Degussa Construction Chemicals Operation53322,964.41
Delta Petroleum Corp. - Amoco Ampet 1-11110,274.99
Delta Rocky Mountain Petroleum794,957.24
Deno'S Country Store289,497.28
Denver Auto Auction4968,400.43
Denver Bulk Mail Cntr, Us Postal Svc6246,329.80
Denver Elec Motor362,376.00
Denver News Paper Agency61081,943.87
Denver Newspaper Agency, Llc3325,350.00
Denver Pet Cemetery61210,405.20
Denver Truck & Trailer3314,092.96
Derby Cleaners11726.30
Desco Truck Refinishing154,025.04
Design Fabricators, Inc.7747,447.00
Dext Co Of Co6956,264.92
Diamond Operating, - Co State C-1/C-42229,984.34
Diamond Shamrock #11152824,129.65
Diamond Shamrock #11162835,324.43
Diamond Shamrock #11202839,143.00
Diamond Shamrock #11392811,370.54
Diamond Shamrock #40512840,932.46
Diamond Shamrock #6232817,359.49
Diamond Shamrock #6482815,647.33
Diamond Shamrock No 110821021,869.23
Diamond Shamrock No 118321020,413.86
Diamond Shamrock No 6472813,099.70
Diamond Shamrock No 6692822,606.05
Diamond Shamrock Refining #11652826,090.28
Dillon Companies Inc., Dba King Soopers21026,205.21
Dillon Companies, Inc. Dba King Soopers21026,205.21
Diversified Body & Paint Shop Inc2210,808.27
Divine Coaches4157,975.27
E J Painting & Fiberglass Inc2818,031.02
East 68th & Co2828834.91
Elegance Dry Cleaners11968.40
Empire Truck & Equip Co4146,081.08
Encana - Lambertson K Unit #1-X1110,411.98
Encana - Newlander 'G' Unit #11119,714.30
Encana Bergman Battery1113,056.08
Encana Gathering Svc. (Usa) Inc. - Radar57271,860.00
Encana Oil & Gas (Usa) Inc. - Kallsen1114264,718.20
Encana Oil & Gas (Usa) Inc. - State C.S.511232,290.00
Encana Oil & Gas (Usa) Inc. - Taylor C.S57122,220.00
Encana State #11-161111,480.58
Energy Technologies Group, Inc.26209,702.01
Engineered Coating Application And Techn375,335.25
Equilon Enterprises Llc2214,972.96
Equilon Enterprises Llc21028,298.65
Equilon Enterprises Llc (Was Texaco 13152828,072.66
Equilon Enterprises Llc (Was Texaco 20)2813,885.68
Equilon Enterprises Llc (Was Texaco)2917,666.99
Equilon Enterprises Llc Sta No 0042810,833.45
Equilon Enterprises Llc Sta No 0112811,265.74
Equilon Enterprises Llc Sta No 0182816,112.63
Equilon Enterprises Llc.2315,761.84
Equilon Enterprises, Llc2816,416.86
Equilon Enterprises, Llc2830,520.37
Ethanol Mgmt Co - Henderson Terminal468,792.97
Excel Tops Inc71231,698.91
Fashion Rite Clnrs111,681.25
Feasterberg 62nd & Pecos2828181.69
Firestone Building Products69171,178.00
Five Star Collision Center Inc.4154,991.68
Fly Ash Disposal Site2828124.86
Fredee, Inc. Dba Dry Cleaning Station11807.00
Frederic Printing Company420110,410.50
Front Range Fabrications Inc264,814.80
Frontier Waste Transfer, Llc22576.60
Gasamat #1022828,819.34
Gasamat Oil Corp #103289,924.66
Gasamat Oil Corp #1072910,461.04
Gasamat Oil Corp #5373104,541.35
Gasamat Oil Corp #5432810,741.67
Gcc Dacotah, Inc., Dba Dacotah Cement2107,034.85
Gcc Of Denver, Inc.2612,200.00
Gold Plane Custom Cabinets3101,121.95
Gold Star Auto Body31010,877.90
Great Western Tortilla Co338,340.00
Gun Club Asphalt Plant120.70
Hagen Industries224,160.38
Hamilton Sundstrand Aerospace146640,661.34
Harpel Oil Co241,490.28
Hebert Environmental Inc.1530,076.49
Henderson Construction Landfill282822,038.27
Herb'S Texaco Service Agency281,248.68
Hermosa Veterinary Clinic66831.55
High Country Clnrs111,694.70
High Tech Cleaners11242.10
Highway 93 Swds28284,814.82
Holcim (Us) Inc., Denver Terminal242,040.00
Houston Pit28284,814.82
Humana Hospital61822,756.40
Hwy 85 & Bromley Ln28284,814.82
Hydro Gate Acquisition Corporation5910,999.24
Icc Depco Terminal11182.50
Ics - Co, Llc61032,373.31
Industrial Chemicals Corp5730,292.00
Inflow, Inc.664,840.00
Intermountain Wholesale Inc.282,759.81
Interstate Brands Corp Denver Bakery620144,352.02
Ironworks Restorations4154,261.54
Isg Resources Inc.2413,721.22
J&A Painting Inc4138,846.78
Jae Won Kim Enterprises, Inc. Dba Best P111,210.50
Jelina Llc Dba Jay Cleaners11847.35
Jenco Industries Dba Maaco Auto No 7077715,077.58
Jims Repair493,176.71
Joaquin Mfg Corp223,716.20
John Balistreri66850.75
Johnson Auto Plaza Inc173,150.01
Jones Fine Sand Co226,625.57
Jw Brewer Tire Co4522,871.72
Jwbsk Inc. Dba Weaver Electric Company3413,845.71
K.C. Asphalt Llc Dba Koch Performance As766199,584.21
Kaneb Pipe Line - Dupont Products Term.437274,050.00
Kaneb Pipeline Operating Partnership Lp2210,160.00
Karl'S Farm Dairy111,400.00
Kerr-Mcgee Rocky Mountain Corp.-Brighton9152,866,786.61
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #500901114,768.60
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #614501117,919.60
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #615881123,180.40
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #617461110,001.00
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #617531112,193.00
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #617541118,248.40
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #617861111,179.20
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #618141110,384.60
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #618451116,700.30
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #624211115,439.90
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #755001110,576.40
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #755101122,577.60
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #755131126,838.30
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #935671114,179.50
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #941271118,330.60
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #941751113,919.20
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #941791123,892.80
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #942141110,631.20
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #950501112,891.70
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #950591115,686.50
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #950811112,206.70
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #961112237,933.13
Kiewit Western Co1016229,725.00
Kims Clnrs & Shoe Repair11968.40
Knight Printing Co Inc292,207.05
Koppers Industries Inc102480,486.00
Krest Clnrs111,076.00
L / C Corp Land2828181.69
L&M Printing Inc41548,833.67
L.K. Cleaners11423.68
Lafarge West, Inc2473,364.09
Lafarge West, Inc.2458,175.00
Lafarge West, Inc. - Gordon Asphalt1331288,204.55
Lafarge West, Inc. - Howe Pit228945,473.79
Lafarge West, Inc. - Lowell Pit2219,536.72
Lafarge West, Inc. - Mann Lake Pit218355,075.80
Lafarge West, Inc. - Tani Pit24129,738.24
Laidlaw Transit Inc112,000.00
Lawrence Construction Co224,980.95
Ldk Enterprises, Llc2212,840.00
Little Tech Ctr Inc Dba Body Beautiful277,039.91
Lockheed Information Technology Co222,140.00
Lowell Auto Body152,886.05
Lowry Landfill Denver, Co2828834.91
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodyworks3321,090.68
Majestic Metals Inc2211,402.40
Majic & Sons484,000.08
Malley Clnrs111,210.50
Mark Vii Equipment7154,666.83
Marquis Dental Mfg Co Inc111.00
Martinizing Dry Cleaning11605.25
Mastercraft Cabinet Inc77454,658.00
Matrix Energy - Anderson Battery2240,924.91
Matrix Energy, Llc - Boxelder 27-11111,439.48
Matrix Energy, Llc - Boxelder 28-11117,111.28
Matrix Energy, Llc - State 5-361125,591.56
Mcconnells Welding Inc119,460.00
Medegen Medical Products, Llc51110,296.15
Merit Energy Company - Ambush A2263,940.02
Merit Energy Company - Ambush B1111,631.28
Merit Energy Company - Ehler1111,946.38
Merit Energy Company - Front Range1122,207.67
Merit Energy Company - Guthrie 11-21133,715.65
Merit Energy Company - Kelton A2231,729.84
Merit Energy Company - Marlatt2241,762.07
Merit Energy Company - Mcelwain 42-71111,220.28
Merit Energy Company - Nauman Greenlaugh1116,097.48
Merit Energy Company - Sack1120,508.87
Merit Energy Company - Stonechocker1110,987.38
Merit Energy Company - Wailes1112,809.48
Merritt Equipment Co51434,269.81
Metal Management West, Inc.228,840.00
Metal Packaging International1112,000.00
Metro Mix Llc (Was Roaring Fork Redi-Mix2435,749.96
Metro Wastewater Reclamation Dist/Trigen1142423,284.29
Mido Printing Co Inc41324,600.78
Midwest Haulers Inc2297,403.62
Mike Shaw Collision Ctr.5522,324.32
Mile Hi Metal Foundry6191,703.71
Miles Auto Svc14956.17
Mkk Constructors22247,459.50
Mkk Constructors24161,600.00
Modern Fixture Co7168,776.24
Monarch Cleaners113,228.00
Monarch Cleaners112,178.90
Monierlifetile, Llc351,485.85
Mountain Petroleum - Abbott 12-2133242,102.91
Mountain Steel & Supply Company4619,340.00
Mr Richard Atchison2429,500.86
N Federal Heights Texaco31224,594.28
N Of 52 W Of Sheridan2828834.91
N Of 56th & Cherse28284,814.82
National By-Products, Inc.728179,743.95
Natl Truck4115,416.81
Nelson Pipeline Constructors383,181.83
North American Galvanizing Company332,430.00
North Broadway Gardens2828181.69
North Federal Sunshine Cleanerse111,210.50
Northglenn Amoco62410,795.54
Northglenn Dodge4156,047.51
Northwest Pipe Co.1225179,533.22
Offen Petroleum, Inc. Dba Tartan Texaco284,899.29
Omeara Ford Isuzu11146.74
Omeara Paint & Body226,796.80
One Stop Automotive Dba Ralphs Auto Body4123,377.79
Onyx Environmental Services, Llc41335,197.12
Open Dumping282822,038.27
Open Dumping28284,814.82
Optima Batteries Inc72621,983.31
Owens Brothers Concrete Co61414,529.89
Owens Brothers Concrete Co.28102,300.59
Owens Corning Denver Roofing Plant1344220,235.20
Owens Corning Fiberglas Corp Trumbull1440188,402.24
Pachellos Printing112,000.00
Packaging Corporation Of America82092,572.79
Paladin Energy - Habel #3 And #41116,070.08
Paladin Energy - Habel #71119,933.47
Paladin Energy - May #32-61111,069.58
Paladin Energy - Shively #11-12 And 21-11128,126.06
Paladin Energy - State #4-301111,686.08
Palo Duro Hardwoods Inc24490.55
Park Centre Cleaners111,210.50
Patina Bydalek 2-111110,274.99
Patina Cooper 2-161115,152.18
Patina Ehler 2-42233,541.46
Patina Ehler 4-42228,834.12
Patina Hokr 20-11122,426.90
Patina Kallsen 15-1,81111,987.48
Patina O&G Seltzer G.U.1-4,4-71125,084.70
Patina Oil & Gas - Box Elder Hh 22-3j1110,384.58
Patina Oil & Gas - North Huron 1-221112,055.98
Patina Oil & Gas - Upv 25-8n31117,727.77
Patina Pergola 2-151110,411.98
Patina Seltzer Pp 4-82229,012.54
Patina Sharpe 1-101110,137.99
Pavestone Company2431,184.09
Pec Midwest Llc - Brighton55974.14
Peerless Tyre Co Inc No 8022912,839.45
Peerless Tyre Co Inc No 820282,072.01
Peerless Tyre Co Inc No 8232815,289.25
Peerless Tyre Co Inc No 842289,567.54
Peerless Tyre Co Inc No 9132813,824.27
Peerless Tyre Co Inc No 9162810,519.06
Peerless Tyre Co Inc No 9192812,625.51
Peerless Tyre Co Inc No 9302814,459.69
Perfecta Clnrs111,210.50
Perfection Unlimited Inc152,603.35
Petroleum Management Dba Get On The Go C2821,648.17
Petroleum Wholesale Inc Sunmart No 5162109,131.63
Phillips Pipeline Co1944415,876.96
Pii Old Site282822,038.27
Pillow Shoppe Inc Dba Colliers Of Colo3442,367.90
Ppg Ind.Cn468,666.11
Premier Industries Dba Western Insulfoam714195,240.18
Presto Gas & Convenience Store283,471.42
Prima Oil & Gas Co - 026523-Swnw-Batt33159,474.62
Public Service Co - Material Dist Cntr11260.00
Public Service Co - Wattenberg Blending918225,408.00
Public Service Co Cherokee Plt7845853,865,635.14
Purina Mills Inc73530,091.14
Purina Mills Inc62632,960.00
Pynergy Llc (Was Conoco No 6355)2819,649.55
Quikrete Of Denver Holdings Inc539358,949.91
Qwest - Thornton Data Proc Ctr6614,007.00
Qwest Communications Int. - Zuni D.P.C.636169,066.41
Qwest Communications International, Inc28692.11
Qwest Communications International, Inc28386.50
Qwest Communications International, Inc.281,154.02
R Goods Autoworks Inc113,600.00
Rainbow Cleaners11726.30
Ready Mixed Concrete Company - Bromley22075,197.49
Recuperos, L.L.C.289,984.97
Renegade Oil & Gas - Cpc 248 B1110,631.18
Renegade Oil & Gas - Cpc 248 C3371,648.53
Renegade Oil & Gas - Ferguson 21-91114,727.48
Renegade Oil & Gas - Ferguson 251110,781.88
Renegade Oil & Gas - State Webb #8-101116,946.88
Renegade Oil & Gas - Thornburg1115,371.38
Renegade Oil & Gas - Uprr Habel #1-351113,919.18
Rex Iron & Machine Products Inc117.24
Rex Oil Co21012,501.98
Rick Mitchell Mitchell Pit225,214.55
Riggi Oil Co_inc279,609.25
Rockustics Inc113,420.00
Rocky Mountain Arsenal Usarmy93910,100,077.89
Rocky Mountain Prestain, Llc2288,459.00
Rocky Mountain Prestress Architectural35567.42
Rocky Mountain Prestress Structural62272,119.03
Rocky Mountain Transload Inc.243,560.00
Ross Marketing & Consult. Dba Autoworks224,216.70
Ross Printing & Marketing Inc8167,654.96
Rpg Enterprises, Inc.41512,327.96
S&J Enterprises Dba Your Valet Cleaners111,210.50
Safeway Inc.2831,545.60
Safeway Inc.2846,881.60
Safeway Inc.2813,101.86
Sam Hill Oil Co42111,549.12
Sams Club312101,985.95
Sams Sinclair283,466.51
Sand Creek Energy Llc238,660.00
Sand Creek Farms Inc.226,419.98
Sandlin Oil Corp - Bullard 61115,124.78
Sandlin Oil Corp - Linnebur - Uprr 11123,974.97
Sapp Brothers Denver2820,265.24
Sashco, Inc57349.01
Sav O Mat2835,935.05
Sav O Mat21033,151.32
Schlumberger Technology Corporation243,591.60
Scott System Inc000.00
Serck Svcs Dba Denver Radiator & Shutter223,893.10
Setex Oil And Gas - Amoco State Tank Bat1114,343.88
Setex Oil And Gas - Everitt Tank Battery1119,193.67
Setex Oil And Gas - Habel1110,398.28
Setex Oil And Gas - Kalcevic1110,973.68
Setex Oil And Gas - Kissler1113,878.08
Setex Oil And Gas - Nordman Trust1110,891.48
Setex Oil And Gas - Unruh1129,717.21
Shoco Oil Inc2106,614.82
Siegrist Const Co11195.45
Siegrist Construction Company2828272.83
Silco Oil Co2101,310.55
Silco Oil Co21012,591.48
Sinclair #050282109,833.72
Sinclair Oil Denver Production Term1434282,001.10
So Adams Cnty Water & Sanitation Distrct5510,642.01
Son Haul, Inc. - Cherokee2473.92
Southland 7 11 No 13154285,487.09
Southland 7 11 No 13204288,043.23
Southland 7 11 No 15403143,529.36
Southland 7 11 No 18576286,708.97
Southland 7 11 No 23206285,062.99
Southland 7 11 No 24165285,790.45
Southland 7 11 No 248562810,165.61
Southland 7 11 No 25325285,191.08
Southland 7 11 No 258232814,954.95
Southland 7 11 No 262892811,540.30
Southland 7 11 No 27022288,728.34
Southland 7 11 No 27238289,858.00
Southland 7 11 No 293142812,044.89
Sproul Construction282822,038.27
St Anthony Hospital North81143,839.99
Stanley Aviation Corp51012,141.08
Sterling Autobody3317,397.48
Stewart & Stevenson Power Inc4510,089.15
Stewart & Stevenson Power Inc774,673.87
Stock Building Supply Inc - Franklin5722,722.92
Stokes - Ellis Foods61816,340.00
Strasburg Store Inc288,733.48
Streetside Wood Oven Eatery667,753.20
Suburban Reddi Mix Co242,625.00
Suburban Sand & Gravel Co24222,880.00
Suncor - 27061052821,025.02
Suncor - 27061232631,155.68
Suncor - 27061752817,151.34
Suncor - 27062082834,409.41
Suncor - 27062922829,366.98
Suncor Energy - Denver Refinery222087,859,661.33
Superior Mfg. Corp. Dba A-J Sales132,012.15
Supreme Autobody112,600.03
Supreme Cleaners11605.25
Surcore Inc221,750.00
The Earthgrains Companies, Inc. -Denver630110,069.17
The Southland Corp Store No 23990285,689.74
The Southland Store No 23829289,899.72
Thornburg Family Limited Partnership Ltd2235,000.55
Timminco Corp Magnesium Fab Prod Div61221,857.92
Timpte Inc235,739.00
Tomahawk Truck Stops2910,646.05
Tomahawk Truck Stops6614,220.00
Total Petroleum No 405421046,291.61
Total Petroleum No 409521027,881.60
Total Petroleum No 410121019,473.75
Total Petroleum Store No 407421034,989.05
Town Of Holly Landfill2828181.69
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #408821022,869.11
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #414421013,916.18
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #414521026,333.03
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #414621019,756.23
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #414721021,153.78
Tri-County Landfill282822,038.27
Tri-State Generation & Trans - F.Knutson81685,702.58
Trinity Energy Corp - Ann1116,439.98
Trinity Energy Corp - Cabin Creek1114,795.98
Trinity Energy Corp - Pan Am D1113,151.98
Trinity Energy Corp - Pan Am E1124,659.96
Trinity Energy Corp. - Beryl Field8934,493.18
Trinity Energy Corp. Juanita State #11116,439.98
Trinity Energy Corporation - Pard1111,507.98
Trustile Doors, Llc4454,158.00
Tudex Petroleums Inc. - Darlow North1114,371.28
Tudex Petroleums Inc. - Pulis1115,179.58
Tumbleweed Press41718,378.08
United Asphalts Inc4433,456.57
United Parcel Svc21016,742.03
United States Expl - Carlson 2 32-337720,751.98
United States Explor. Moorehead 1 41 97720,625.60
United States Explor.-Carlson 2 32-337719,755.81
United States Exploration - Down 2 44-27722,745.60
United States Exploration-Kallsen 1 24-97719,195.97
Univ Of Colo - Health Sciences Center6657,666.00
Us Exploration Box Elder7740,460.50
Us Exploration Box Elder 2 31-217720,767.83
Us Exploration Carlson 4 41-337716,560.04
Us Exploration Carson 1 42-337720,751.98
Us Exploration Hosmer 1 32-397720,767.83
Us Exploration Kalcevic 1 41-37720,767.83
Us Exploration Linnebur 1 41 197720,766.20
Us Exploration Trupp 2 32-357720,751.98
Us Exploration Wailes7720,820.96
Us Exploration Wailes 1x 41-337720,136.71
Valero Energy Corporation2108,905.23
Valero Logistics Operations, L.P.1272214,275.40
Wanco Inc41526,216.64
Ward Transport Inc1123.40
Waste Management Of Co Inc41220,010.32
Waste Transport Comp Property28284,814.82
Watersaver Co Inc1224,052.56
Welby Self Svc Inc289,169.79
Western Gas & Convenience #1052912,737.09
Western Gas & Convenience #1122821,245.58
Western Paving2828834.91
Western Paving2828181.69
Western Paving Experimental2828834.91
Whiting Oil & Gas Corp - Linnebur #12255,664.46
Whiting Oil & Gas Corp - Linnebur #32-82264,734.70
Whiting Oil & Gas Corp - Linnebur #6-133356,516.22
Whiting Oil & Gas Corp - Linnebur #6-4333122,256.74
Whiting Petroleum - Linnebur #6-237713,290.39
Windsor Cleaners111,331.55
Wise Recycling221,240.00
Wj Whatley Inc53082,446.97
Woodbury Chemical Co282822,038.27
Woodgrain Inc51615,589.92
Yogi Enterprises223,077.10
York Food & Gas Inc.2811,986.95
Zarco Equipment Inc.62219,282.92
Zimmerman Metals Inc91250,698.70