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Polluters in Yolo County, California
Welco Rice Milling282815,117.89
West Sacramento Demo2828380.42
West Sacramento Wastewater Treatment Pla2828248.32
Riverfront Development Corportation28282,051.99
Yolo County Central Landfill282810,229.65
Old City Of Woodland Landfill28282,051.99
Reiff Farms2828248.32
Davis Sanitary Landfill28282,051.99
University Of California At Davis Slf28281,339.52
Spreckles Woodland Landfill2828248.32
Collins Eddy282815,117.89
City Of Winters Lf (Old)28282,051.99
Esparto Landfill (Old)2828380.42
Demaria Landfill2828248.32
Knights Landing282815,117.89
Davis Transmitter Site282815,117.89
West Sacramento Bryte Landfill2828248.32
Delta Sugar Corp Landfill28282,051.99
Pacific Coast Producers1984141,847.01
Syar Industries, Inc., Madison188465,301.96
River Garden Farms Company1524513,453.87
Farmers' Rice Cooperative156263,153.53
Western Homes Corporation153050,602.02
W Sacramento, City Of, Wwtp142961,582.76
Spreckels Sugar Company1424189.98
Tyco Plastics1223832,928.49
Vertis, Inc.926580,654.80
Bp West Coast Products, Llc932241,869.16
Rinker Materials812111,995.47
Equilon Enterprises Llc75758,371.02
Lamson & Sessions Company73140,290.05
Nor-Cal Beverage Company, Inc.7136,271.45
Port Of Sacramento65733,707.91
Woodland Healthcare6313,802.91
Pacific Bell - West Sacramento611188.45
U. S. Postal Service6121,236.89
Watts Regulator Co66299.52
Associated Surface Prep., Inc.6626,455.28
Stl Sacramento61210,598.24
Mm Yolo Power Llc630183,556.08
American International Mfg68714.35
University Of California,Davis663,362.23
Woodland Biomass Power Ltd635464,192.35
Pacific Gas & Electric/Pg&E66160.00
University Of California,Davis6106,007.57
Sunsweet Dryers669,326.60
Western Env. Engineers Co.660.00
Neo Yolo Llc6643,775.36
Adams, Schwab And Adams6102,568.28
Mcclintock Metal Fabricators6117,009.62
Adams Grain Company61211,686.58
Ach Food Companies, Inc63115,310.42
Pacific Bell66176.91
Woodland Nut Inc.61426,363.46
Environmental Reclaiming Soln.6101,834.93
Hans Hilleby Farms62413,328.03
Pacific Gas & Electric/Pg&E61321,524.20
Teichert Aggregates62062,948.81
W Sacramento,City Of, Wtr Trmt66120.00
Button & Turkovich6114,039.01
Sutter Davis Hospital627277.57
University Of Calif., Davis64921,198,086.12
Valley Slurry/Morgan Emultech66728.45
Teichert Aggregates, Inc.62399,595.46
Davis, City Of Wwtp61937,654.29
Dade Behring62015,032.03
At&T Dunnigan Repeater6101,995.14
Woodland, City Of, (Well #19)55276.91
California Federal Bank5101,068.96
At&T Wireless5560.00
Radial Tire Center, Inc.5101,369.16
Davis, City Of513752.05
Woodland Body Works5111,380.92
Woodland, City Of, (Well #16)55157.57
Mobile Storage Group5817,388.13
Bsk Associates558,705.92
Usa Waste Of California, Inc.55956.91
Hayrico Incorporated52283,284.89
G & R Automotive553,848.25
Shf Acquisition Corporation5119,638.53
Tesoro Refining5512,105.80
County Fair Mall55476.91
Izzies Tri-C Body & Paint551,978.86
Woodland, City Of, (Well #3)56140.00
Woodland, City Of, (Well #1)5520.00
Pacific Bell55256.91
Oakland Bean Cleaning & Storag5110.00
U.S. Postal Service561,352.69
California Engineering Co553,620.00
At&T Wireless550.00
Pavestone Co513569.82
Teichert Aggregates554,374.58
Woodland, City Of, (Well #11)55239.34
Woodland, City Of, Well #1755236.91
Leer West, Inc.516109,987.12
A-1 Body Shop441,734.92
Forsyth Marble Inc4615,831.55
Idexx Veterinary Services44179.34
Adams Grain Co.4187,443.94
Skyline Corporation4430,280.90
Zieman Manufacturing Company331,509.46
Lindstrom'S Auto Body345,120.77
Arnez Electro-Finishing, Inc.33562.82
Johnson Farm Machinery332,434.50
Dooley Tire Center332,162.59
Sign Technology33328.50
Lodi Equipment330.00
Kay'S Body Shop33463.18
Pacific Gas & Electric/Pg&E330.00
Access Manufacturing, Inc.361,516.13
Woodland, City Of, (Well #22)3380.00
The Wood Guys3412,994.82
Cottonwood Health Care3397.57
Davis Autobody334,230.96
Coen Company, Incorporated331,611.76
Nor-Cal Beverage3396.80
Woodland, City Of 330.00
W Sacramento, City Of Pump Stn3320.00
Pacific Gas & Electric/Pg&E34512.69
Woodland Welding Works331,205.00
Woodland, City Of, (Well #14)33140.00
Lauten'S Auto Body33680.51
Davis Truck Painting357,291.18
Ge Capital Modular Space332,986.85
Zieman Manufacturing Company3911,802.59
Superior Classic Custom334,623.36
G & C Wood Finishing, Inc.33965.07
Parquette Industries, Inc.361,989.57
Zen'S Body Shop33728.77
Sierra Detroit Diesel Allison331,398.27
Quality Painting331,614.35
Putah Creek Auto Body33195.31
Sacramento Kenworth33463.18
Colombara'S Cabinet & Millwork33423.30
Classic Marble339,511.94
Kergel Autobody33296.37
Pacific Cryogenics33433.03
Hardwood Creations354,823.06
Lopez Quality Autobody & Paint395,220.79
Woodland, City Of3320.00
Fleming Company35140.00
We'Re Tops336,214.22
Doan'S Autobody & Paint33581.14
Millenium Auto Body33928.20
Fleetwood Homes Of N.Ca, Inc338,834.19
Dc Trailer Service, Inc.331,694.64
Sacramento Plating35976.40
Gayle Manufacturing Company33166.18
Econo Body Works332,145.43
Impressionistic Auto Body331,284.74
Affymetrix, Inc36200.00
Construction Fasteners, Inc.331,230.17
Truck Accessories Group (Dba Leer West)36112,864.00
Ralph Hayes & Son, Inc.22747.02
Penny Newman Grain22913.04
Halliburton Energy Services22292.80
Supply Hardware222,292.70
Level (3) Communications, Llc22220.00
Gold River Mills220125,912.99
Clark Pacific2102,431.54
Pacific Bell22320.00
E.L. Wallace & Sons223,026.40
Rmc Pacific Materials2641,562.84
Five Rivers Hulling224,680.00
Pacific Bell2280.00
Syar Industries, Inc.2416,583.26
R.H. Dyck, Inc.224,060.20
Nor-Cal Wild Rice2234.74
Cache Creek Dairy22140.00
Davis, City Of2240.00
Inter-State Oil/Norcal Petrole2212,946.94
Nella/Exxon Co228.82
Yolo Lumber221,265.92
Mezger Brothers2417,236.30
Curlew Six2420.20
C. L. Smith Trucking22235.60
Syngenta Seeds, Inc.220.00
Granite Construction Company2210,438.13
Farmers Grain Elevator222,378.00
Adams, Schwab & Adams22890.00
Charter Communications2240.00
Farmers Grain Elevator2616,332.52
Marie'S Quality Food2240.00
Calif. Oils Corp- Seedtec Div.2220.40
River City Stadium- River Cats2240.00
Teichert Readymix221,309.64
Siskiyou Forest Products223,118.50
Farmers Grain Elevator24768.46
Rent- All Center22358.40
Mariani Nut Co2211,428.76
Vertis, Inc.222,385.60
Johnston Trading, Inc.221,089.54
Pioneer Hi-Bred International2413.54
Dumars Landscaping246,739.20
Adams, Schwab And Adams281,899.32
Syar Industries, Inc.22537.78
Teichert Aggregates (Woodland)2453,864.40
Schwarzgruber And Sons, Inc.244,097.30
Central Valley Builders Supply224,683.84
Farmers Grain Elevator24853.40
Penny Newman Grain Company265,673.34
Mariani Nut Company281,177.62
Mariani Nut2610,186.64
Sacramento Stucco Company283,090.00
Nor-Cal Produce, Inc.22181.83
Elm Ford Mercury, Inc.11405.19
Pacific Gas & Electric/Pg&E110.00
Jackson Laboratory1140.00
The Undresser11256.85
Elite Fleet11702.00
De Sousa'S Furniture Restoring116,045.95
Slawson Exploration Co., Inc.1112.32
Davis, City Of1160.00
West Sacramento, City Of1120.00
Truck Accessories Group, Inc110.00
Flint Ink Corp111,998.00
Cpn Pipeline Company116.16
Frank C. Ramos1120.00
Horizon Glass110.00
Fruehauf Trailer Services119.24
Agra Quest, Inc110.00
Cingular Wireless110.00
Yolo Fliers Club11123.90
Rfm Manufacturing1198.79
Esparto Comm. Services Dist.110.00
Electric Lightwave110.00
Davis Enterprise11500.00
At&T Wireless Services110.00
Verizon California1120.00
Ram Printing112,060.00
Ramos Oil1112,142.20
Stan Lester Dba Lester Farms1134,380.00
Double M Trucking110.00
Delta Web Printing, Inc11620.00
Orchard Supply Hardware1120.00
Woodland Aviation124,787.90
Best Auto1158.08
Yolo County Central Services1120.00
Woodland, City Of1120.00
Calgene, Llc1140.00
Mci Telecommunications Corp110.00
Fed Ex Freight West110.00
Geocon Environ. Consultant1140.00
Pacific Bell1140.00
Mts Incorporated111,440.00
Equity Oil Company1120.00
Yolo Pipeline Corp.1173.92
California Highway Patrol1120.00
Century Buick- Pontiac, Inc111.52
At&T Wireless Services110.00
Anderson Bros. Auto & Paint11696.96
Ancon Marine110.00
Calif. Dept. Of Water Resource1160.00
Sacto/Yolo Mosquito Abatement1119.76
Ricky'S Chevron Station1111.22
Relles Oil110.71
Conoco Phillips Company115.34
Interstate Oil Company112.69
Quick Stop Markets, Inc.1111.36
Norman O. Williams114.93
Fast & Easy #541112.01
Dunnigan Shell113.26
Chevron Products Company1115.76
Sanghera'S Chevron112.83
Davis Shell1110.73
Chevron Usa1122.00
Tower Energy Group1111.61
Circle A Food Stores114.33
Usa Petroleum119.88
Interstate Oil Company112.04
Winters Store111.88
Circle K Food Stores115.34
All American Gas119.31
Pardehsa Store110.86
Usa Gasoline Corporation1113.69
West Sacramento 76116.80
Kang Chevron118.21
Pacific Gas114.33
Arco (Riverpoint, Llc)1118.36
Ramos Oil115.46
Shawn Corporation1114.78
Robert'S Mini Mart1126.44
El Macero Beacon1111.02
Sbbj, Inc.1110.15
Yates, Inc116.24
Ricky'S Gas Station115.45
Evergreen Ave. 76117.63
Interstate Oil Company118.51
Tower Energy Group118.55
Woodland Shell117.78
Rinehart Distributing113.39
Sheffield'S Plug & Jug110.26
Southland Corporation (7-11)111.97
Usa Petroleum114.80
Ijaz Corporation111.42
Ramos Oil111.01
Usa Petroleum Corporation116.99
West Sacramento Truck Stop115.52
University Shell117.68
Interstate Oil Company114.46
Pilot Corp1118.93
Nella Oil1111.51
Quick Stop Markets, Inc.1113.04
Time Oil Company116.46
Sukh Nal, Inc.119.04
Chevron Usa1113.48
West Capitol Shell116.80
Poplar Food & Liquor115.22
Chevron Usa1111.09
Pisani'S Service112.83
Berryessa Sporting Goods112.69
Univar Usa, Inc1144.12
Dade Behring, Inc.1140.00
Citizens Telecommunications1120.00
Ripper'S Body Shop1179.03
Volume Press111,120.00
Farallon Boats1169.86
Sfpp, L. P.110.00
California Casuality110.00
Calgene, Llc1120.00
Bola Market112.17
Davis Exxon114.47
Agrium U.S. Inc.121,010.00
Level 311140.00
K2m Mobile Treatment Services110.00
Conoco Phillips Company115.34
Usa Petroleum1117.91