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Column information
Polluters in Ventura County, California
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc993,254.19
101 Body Shop99115.62
A & A American Automotive55265.73
A & R Auto Body991,306.99
A-1 Body Shop12137,512.46
Aa Printing2228.71
Aera Energy Llc4222451,610,886.44
Aera Energy Llc17147258,509.65
Air Cooling Technology10266,173.20
Air National Guard 146 Aw/Em660.00
Al Innocenti9997.19
Alden V Johnson282813,179.82
Alphagraphics #1845557.78
American Furniture Restoration11584.00
American Gas55294.73
American Gas & Mini Mart55213.06
American Gas Mini-Mart55100.61
American Hawaiian #35282846,695.66
American Hawaiian Prudential / Westlake La2828313.63
American Lamp Co Inc.124,120.07
American Superior, Inc.992,959.24
Ameron Pole Products6215,220.63
Amgen Inc.2912296,367.97
Anacapa Berry Farms1184.00
Anacapa Marine Service2453322.36
Anchors Way Marine Inc.1015825.42
Angelus Block Company282,248.40
Anita Ultramar Gasoline55355.09
Anterra Energy Services Inc.6142,170.55
Aqua Creations126,986.00
Arco #3077-1155642.98
Arco #619255632.03
Arco - Zaitoon Am/Pm55892.73
Arco Facility #952955369.30
Arco Facility #961755542.08
Arco Facility #961855491.78
Arco Facility #961955444.44
Arcturus Manufacturing Co2510929,668.44
Arnaz Road2828313.63
Arnold Magnetics Corp131,861.28
Arnold Road Dump2828313.63
Aspen Helicopter171,640.00
Assoc. Ready Mix Concrete685,329.66
Astarta Oil Company6163,102.00
Astrofoam Molding Company Inc.142214,896.97
Auto Body International991,261.79
Auto Mall Collision Center Inc993,250.83
Automobile Exchange99100.50
B & B Auto Body66328.28
B&R Scenery11193.60
B.J. Services Co. Usa/Ventura66594.00
Bailard Landfill282811,401.02
Balcom Canyon Ii282813,179.82
Balcom Canyon Iii282846,695.66
Barber Ford Body Shop991,860.01
Barnett (C. R.) Tank Farm141,049.50
Basic Business Forms Inc.33799.95
Baxter Healthcare2737174.66
Beardsley D.S.282846,695.66
Bell Powder Coating10315,641.26
Bentley / Simonson Inc.6152,707.00
Bentley / Simonson Inc.612854.80
Bently / Simonson Inc.241558,430.73
Berry Petroleum Company3636614,631.61
Berry Petroleum Mcgrath 4 Pool6191,581.90
Best Rock Products Corporation6123,185.73
Bestforms Inc11450.00
Bj-Services 2261.60
Bldg 1393, Cargo Road2210011.02
Blue Star Materials Inc.680.00
Bmw - Vehicle Preparation2610025,679.02
Bob Beaty Ford99884.76
Body Craft99670.24
Bodymaster U.S.A.77105.72
Bodytech Ltd. (2)662.18
Brian'S Ventura Shell55534.38
Brue'S Body Shop99102.92
Buena Body Shop992.19
Buenaventura Lemon Co612128.45
Bump & Shine99259.73
Bundy & Bevilacqua, Inc.991,893.53
Bundy & Bevilacqua, Inc.99542.92
C&S Truck Bodies & Rv Supplies99802.65
C.I Composites57252.94
Cal / Lutheran282813,179.82
Calif. Collision Specialists991,206.50
Calmat Co. Conrock Division34174199,852.89
Calmat Company640122,612.88
Caltrans Commerce (Special Cr)114,356.00
Camarillo Auto Body991,307.04
Camarillo Car Wash55182.87
Camarillo Cleaners672,228.45
Camarillo Coachworks99784.22
Camarillo Dump282813,179.82
Camarillo Dump #5128281,650.36
Camarillo Sanitary District12941,351.42
Camrosa Wastewater Treatment P314359.32
Canyon Rock, Sand & Gravel25781,096.58
Cardlock Fuels5587.29
Carter Sandblasting & Painting6199,163.30
Carter Sandblasting & Painting226,699.00
Casitas Municipal Water Dist.6618,866.28
Castle Of Marble351,262.81
Cathedral Mortuary Associates39399.25
Cawelti'S Car Care55207.43
Cbase Corporation6164,603.60
Cecil Basenberg6225,273.79
Cemex, Concrete Prod Inc.22523.60
Cemex, Calif. Aggregates, Inc.281,149.88
Cemex, Concrete Production222,895.20
Channel Island Boat Yard7112,403.22
Channel Islands Aviation164,960.00
Chase Production Company2769583.80
Chevron #20203755406.25
Chevron #9-041555325.50
Chevron #9-252155374.92
Chevron #9-256155376.40
Chevron #9-292055361.31
Chevron #9-299155407.16
Chevron #9-351355292.36
Chevron #9-426755229.92
Chevron #9-527355361.90
Chevron #9-529855637.07
Chevron #9-570755325.21
Chevron #9-723655530.25
Chevron #9-725655409.52
Chevron #9-738255164.82
Chevron #9-769255480.85
Chevron #9-971255302.12
Chevron-Market Street Car Wash55568.13
Chhina'S Market & Gas Station55289.99
Circle K #104555203.29
Circle K #523655161.57
Circle K #523855205.66
Circle K Stores Site #0569655480.23
City Of Fillmore / Ventura County282816,316.76
City Of Simi Valley Public Ser6367,714.90
Clark Engineering Const61019,671.44
Clark'S Printing Company Inc.241,872.59
Cliff'S Auto Body & Paint991.97
Cmp One Limited Partnership6211,862.08
Coast Index Co. Inc.13767.13
Coastal Multichrome Co Inc350.38
Coastal Valley Plating Co. Inc1323312.19
Commander Naumann Drill Site618585.67
Commercial Auto Body Shop99251.35
Community Memorial Hospital301165,966.85
Concordia Resources Inc.181,353.70
Conde'S Auto Body & Paint6630.00
Condor Truck Service55141.15
Conejo Graphics351,214.57
Conejo Mtn. Memorial Park4851187.45
Conejo Valley Shell55299.76
Conocophillips Ventura Station2883170,699.04
Conrock Co.-Redi Mix222,094.40
Cook Composites & Polymers Co.135435,155.00
Cook Energy Inc.182,615.60
Corlund Electronics120.33
Costco Wholesale Inc.55153.58
County Yard Site 1962;Moorpark 118 / 23282846,695.66
Courtesy Chevrolet881.79
Coyote Canyon282813,179.82
Crazy 'J' Oil Company6110.00
Crc Fine Quality Printing331,230.19
Creative Woodworks12340.00
Crest Energy Corp.617579.50
Crockett Graphics1811,998.08
Croft Site2828313.63
Crown Dodge991,307.04
Csu - Channel Islands 624636.43
Custom Industrial Finishes355,519.52
Custom Printing135,460.00
Dan Copp Crushing Corp6140.00
Danny Terry Painting9992.16
Dave'S Marine Fuel5550.90
Dch (Oxnard), Inc.7716.01
Dee Fitzgerald6309,372.58
Diamond Litho Inc.341,536.30
Dip N Strip12448.00
Divecon Services Lp.6180.00
Diversified Minerals227,638.40
Don & Sons Body & Paint99504.38
E.F. Oxnard Inc.2649236,442.86
E.J. Harrison & Sons, Inc.995,487.88
Earl Scheib Auto Paint101210,086.74
Ed Palmer Restorations99259.64
Eldorado Auto Body, Inc.991,675.69
Elkins Ranch 1980282813,179.82
Ellwood Pipeline 12110.00
Ellwood Pipeline Ave. Meters1111.20
Ellwood Pipeline Union Marine1111.20
Enderle Fuel Injection22401.55
Energy West624568.30
Energy West611346.10
Equilon Pipeline Company120.00
Equilon Pipeline Company Llc47786.81
Equilon Ventura Terminal115544.10
Erg International20306,410.44
Everest & Jennings Inc10255,250.37
Fender Mender Body Shop991,407.58
Fillmore City 1968282813,179.82
Fillmore Texaco Star Mart55306.27
Fillmore Unocal 7655295.91
Fillmore Wastewater Treatment325184.49
Fine Line Precast Incorporated89380.72
Five Points Car Wash5542.91
Five Points Paint And Body991,571.98
Fluid Ink Technology3518,052.41
G & H Technology710578.92
Gas Buster Mart55177.55
General Magnaplate Calif.9125,043.69
General Optics, Inc.176,879.33
General Petroleum151,340.00
Geo Petroleum Inc.875522.19
George'S Auto Body99209.46
Gibbs International Truck Inc.991,861.69
Gold Coast Acura99770.82
Grade Road28281,650.36
Granite Construction Company21578.42
Graphic Reproductions Center5577.28
Great American Autobody77242.06
Green Valley Collision Center991,499.74
Gte Printing Services18931,105.47
Gts Customs99460.81
H.K. Canning Inc.6123,564.46
H.L. Hall & Sons69819.40
Haas Automation686,689.34
Halaco Eng. Co.12105.00
Halaco Engineering Company315143,616.20
Hammond Canyon #2, Inc.150.00
Hanson Aggregates El Rio Facil683,127.93
Hanson Aggregates West, Inc.2027136.87
Hanson Lab Frntr Indstrs Inc.381,825.87
Harbor Mobil Automotive Center55295.91
Hennis Enterprises713414.87
Hhg, Inc13141,470.87
Hill Cyn Wastewater Treatment165224,311.15
Hills Auto Service55125.17
Holden Color Inc.881,654.72
Holland / Richardson Ranch Lse17650.30
Hub Auto Body66100.48
Hueneme Boat Works381,773.86
Hueneme High School61222,338.68
Hueneme Paper Mill1218,382.00
Hydro Systems Inc.2721,740.69
I.T.G. Energy Corporation26712,001.15
Ibsen Resources Management Inc633381.50
Image Laboratories Inc.8161.01
Imation Corp.353,418.00
Imation Corporation94675,023.67
Impressions West33175.98
In & Out Paint & Body Center10138,903.49
Industrial Electric Motors61012.26
Intl Coffee & Tea Inc.610750.25
Irwin Industries, Inc.660.00
Ivy Lawn Memorial Park48981,313.67
J&J Auto Body & Paint991,178.59
J. Jazz Auto Body99196.06
Jack'S Craft Auto Works991,340.55
Jafra Cosmetics Inc.12525.99
James E. Clark Ii Cardlock55107.42
James E. Clark Ii Cardlock5555.34
Janss Mall Carwash5565.40
Jim'S Texaco55142.04
Joe'S Texaco55164.23
John Thomas Shutters Inc.1511,580.00
Joro Inc.6163,814.60
Joro Inc.33855,187.98
Jsum Gas & Food Mart5560.37
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical61768,325.81
Kavlico Corporation91835,717.12
Kemp Ford992,697.86
Kirby Oldsmobile-Jeep/Eagle991,307.04
La Bash Metals12100.00
La Conchita (By Co.) Unauthorized 19662828313.63
La Conchita Oil & Gas Plant1518376,572.27
Lagoon Landrill / Pt Mugu282846,695.66
Lander Company Inc.8195,752.71
Liminero Ranch 1959282813,179.82
Limoneira Company66705.34
Lincoln Mercury Of Oxnard555.33
Liquid Waste Treatment Fac #1151512.74
Llantera Rudy'S99361.90
M & J Auto Body99199.41
M-I Drilling Fluids Co. Oxnard20200.62
Maaco Auto Painting10108,153.31
Macvalley Oil Company153,620.00
Malabar International120.00
Mandalay Power Generation45118570,937.83
Maple Leaf Bakery-Pioneer Div.61919,730.27
Marble - N - More13978.04
Marc Hench Auto Repair99234.60
Marina Del Rey Bodycraft, Inc.991,307.04
Mason Construct & Engineer Co.3452356.07
Matau Flat2828313.63
Maverick Oil610275.30
Maverick Oil6172,698.48
Maverick Oil613890.20
Maverick Oil North Tapo Lease6144,814.90
Maxim Douglas14504.00
Megamedia Printing, Inc.7735.13
Metal Bellows Corporation6811.52
Michael E. Ply Mobil55342.66
Midland Color Ink Technology11112,191.78
Mike Wallace Ford991,415.96
Mike'S Auto Body991,256.77
Mirada Petroleum Inc.124,726.40
Mirada Petroleum Inc.6134,202.80
Mirada Petroleum Inc.33160577.30
Mirada Petroleum Inc.26784,188.44
Mirada Petroleum, Inc.184,645.80
Mission Linen Supply6245,126.69
Mission Linen Supply6121,473.78
Mobil (Lashkari'S)55295.91
Mobil Exploration & Producing288756.78
Mobil Exploration & Producing2762265.26
Mobil Oil 11-Gyr (College)55244.72
Mobil Oil 11-Jn155300.35
Mobil Oil 11-Jro (G&G)55629.10
Mobil Oil 11-Ked55357.76
Mobil Oil 11-Kyl(Tapo Canyon)55544.74
Mobil Oil 11-Ld355357.16
Mobil Oil 11-Llq55298.87
Mobil Oil 11-P6955374.62
Mobil Oil 11-P6y55397.08
Mobil Oil 18-Jar55489.70
Moorpark 118 / 2328281,650.36
Moorpark College6668.45
Moorpark Wastewater Treatment3135364.25
Nabisco Brands, Inc.20200.85
Natel Engineering4136,871.00
National Ready Mix225,975.20
Naval Air Weapons Station55318.70
Naval Base Ventura County4454467,065.92
Network Merchandising Inc11355.75
New Vehicle Auto Body & Paint99653.49
Newbury Park High School6181,559.12
Newhall Land And Investment282813,179.82
Northrop Gruman Corp.120.00
Nptest L.L.C.112.00
Nuevo Energy Company31419166,817.20
Nuevo Energy Company6405,671.67
O'Loughlin & Company (1)112.25
O.L.S. Energy726210,537.99
Occidental Chemical Corp.172536.16
Ocean Body Shop99670.24
Ogden Power Pacific - Oxnard3549305,175.02
Oilfield Electric Company610736.79
Ojai Fee Lease150.00
Ojai Oil Company6123,575.30
Ojai Oil Company6191,496.06
Ojai Printing & Publishing Co.3398.10
Ojai Valley Comm. Hospital1017260.26
Ojai Valley Texaco55195.30
Olivas Park282813,179.82
Optimum Optical Systems Inc11950.80
Original 22191,196.96
Otto Hopkins2828313.63
Oxnard 1962282813,179.82
Oxnard Building Materials2230.80
Oxnard Dump / Mandalay Bay282813,179.82
Oxnard High School64887,298.27
Oxnard Lemon Co.6125,851.15
Oxnard Self Serve55295.91
Oxnard Shell55278.16
Oxnard Ultramar Carwash55306.27
Oxnard Wastewater Trtmnt Plant54490288,446.43
Ozena 1967 Converted282846,695.66
Ozena Modified Sanitary Landfill2828313.63
P.W. Gillibrand Co.555.03
P.W. Gillibrand Company Sand62273,722.78
Pac Foundries33189.00
Pac Foundries125110,611.43
Pacific Coast Auto Body, Inc.99418.92
Pacific Coast Const.&Maint.552.05
Pacific Custom Materials33111195,611.82
Pacific Missile Test Center Landfill282839,100.83
Pacific Rock, Inc.642542.64
Paradise Chevrolet991,467.86
Paradise Sandblasting880.01
Park Lane Car Wash5551.78
Pentair Pool Products162611,483.84
Performance Collision991,290.28
Performance Materials Corp.118,539.60
Performance Materials Corpn689,004.45
Perkins Road / Port Hueneme282846,695.66
Pierda Blanca 19582828313.63
Piru County 19712828313.63
Piru Dump282813,179.82
Piru Lake Dump 196028281,650.36
Platform Gail6128284,360.38
Platform Gilda67661,536.49
Platform Gina66414,270.90
Platform Grace610488,113.15
Pleasant Valley Hospital271232,239.84
Polymer Engineering Resin Plnt111.50
Poole Oil Company55146.48
Port Hueneme Site44182522,079.66
Pre-Con Products Ltd24308.00
Premier Coach991,307.04
Prestige Auto Works991,097.58
Pride Of The West5522.19
Procter & Gamble Paper Prod.20150937,259.64
Professional Printing1170.45
Pt Of Hueneme/Oxnard Harbor660.00
Pti Technologies Inc.366716,318.07
Pti Techs. Inc.113,694.00
Quatal Canyon Gypsum Mine247,480.68
Queens Garden Rock Plant220.00
R And R Automotive99502.71
R.G. Wells & Co. Dry Cleaners682,120.00
Rancho Conejo Mobil55213.06
Rancho Del Tio282813,179.82
Rancho Simi Park Swimming Pool61814,924.90
Ransco Industries122,236.00
Res-Tech. Inc.162,031.50
Rhodia - Ventura9142,233.05
Rhodia Silicones11614.00
Rice Road County 194428281,650.36
Ridgeway Corporation181,356.60
Rincon Island Ltd. Partnership2917910,455.75
Rincon Pipeline Station134,117.60
Robert M. Hadley Co. Inc.481,841.55
Rockwell Area 1 & 2282813,179.82
Rockwell Int'L Science Center6122,651.10
Rockwell Scientific Co.110.00
Rose Katherine Stone6223,997.48
Roto Form880.34
Round Mountain County28281,650.36
Royal Coatings13217,292.62
Runway Landfill / Pt Mugu2828313.63
S K Egg City28281,650.36
Saif'S Food Mart55245.01
Salinas Auto Repair Paint&Body991,157.90
San Nicholas Island Landfill282846,695.66
Santa Barbara Applied Optics10141,879.42
Santa Clara 1982 / Wagon Wheel Site282819,564.19
Santa Clara Waste Water Co.424577.81
Santa Fe Ener Oper Part, L.P.2717925.08
Santa Fe Energy O.P., L.P.2814414.75
Santa Fe Energy O.P., L.P.9451,010.18
Santa Fe Eng Oper Partn, L.P.271451,898.20
Santa Paula 197128281,650.36
Santa Paula Airport Assoc161,520.00
Santa Paula Auto Body99113.95
Santa Paula Chevrolet, Inc.99988.66
Santa Paula City Class Iii282813,179.82
Santa Paula Class Iii 1979282813,179.82
Santa Paula Memorial Hospital6121,133.78
Santa Paula U.S.A. Gasoline5526.04
Santa Paula Wastewater Treatmt3383293.21
Santa Susana Field Lab.2920534,565.93
Santa Susana Field Laboratory26258601,943.34
Santa Susana Tapo Road 196228281,650.36
Saticoy Auto Body & Paint99423.93
Saticoy Coounty 1962282813,179.82
Saticoy County 196228281,650.36
Saticoy Foods Corp6185,215.14
Saticoy Lemon Assoc-Plt 2661,699.12
Saticoy Lemon Association671,510.68
Saticoy Lemon Association6121,859.12
Saticoy Lemon Association6132,476.01
Sce-Heat And Pump Station693,325.05
Sce-Ormond Beach Gen Station451671,507,160.13
Schlumberger Technologies12163,160.02
Scotty'S Body Shop99904.82
Seaward Shell55371.07
Semtech Corporation68685.96
Seneca Resources Corporation27106273.01
Seneca Resources Corp.3310211,977.78
Seneca Resources Corp.16171135,026.04
Seneca Resources Corp.3637728,499.54
Seneca Resources Corp.611257.60
Seneca Resources Corp.6266,123.14
Seneca Resources Corporation6366,393.37
Sespe Lease Inc Hamp Fee6123,317.70
Sespe Rock Co. Rock Quarry253315.09
Shamban / Polymer Technologies22248.00
Shell #634 (Airport)55254.19
Shell (Live Oak)55113.04
Shell California Pipeline32527,408.99
Shell Solar Industries L.P.226715,803.23
Shell Station55355.68
Sherwin D. Yoelin/Hill Lease6122,640.70
Signature Graphics2257.15
Silvas Oil Co. Inc.153,800.00
Silvas Oil Company Inc.55117.77
Silver Exploration Co. Inc.6202,709.22
Simi Valley Adventist Hospital27741,953.91
Simi Valley Auto Body99787.57
Simi Valley Car Wash5536.10
Simi Valley Landfill5081219,011.89
Simi Valley Royal Ave. 1962282813,179.82
Simi Vly Cnty Sanitation164033,129.59
Sk Egg City2828313.63
Skyworks Solutions Inc.111,650.00
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.103413,365.20
Smtek Inc.115.00
Somis Arroyo2828313.63
Somis Dump2828313.63
Somis Pipeline Terminal140.00
South Mountain Resources6121,389.86
Southern Calif Gas Company1712951,512.91
Southern California Edison Co.14280.00
Southern California Edison Co.171,260.00
Spartech Plastics24252.32
Spatz Laboratories333,999.00
Spragues' Rock And Sand Co222,525.60
St Joseph'S Convalescent Hspl6128,264.99
St. John'S Regional Medical Ct30508,792.13
Star Auto Body Shop99343.52
Steve'S Auto Service Ctr. Inc.5559.18
Stork Laundry/Pacific Linen6609,436.49
Studebaker Services Autobody991,652.82
Sully Miller Contracting Co.634171,968.68
Summit Energy Corp.55355.09
Summit Shell55110.97
Supertech Paint & Body99435.68
T. W. Brown Oil (La Conchita)5537.28
T. W. Brown Oil Co.55373.73
T.B. Properties6131,147.80
T.E. Adams Petroleum Corp.6142,781.75
T.H.W. Oil Company151,105.90
T.O. County #34 (Texaco Oil?)2828313.63
Tanks D' Art23105.68
Tapo Rock & Sand Products6321,522.58
Tax Forms Printing561,598.99
Technicolor Optical Media1213,112.00
Technicolor Video Services125,720.00
Ted Mayr Funeral Home424211.40
Telair International14315,747.23
Telair International110.00
Teledyne Electronics8123,914.82
Telephone Road Shell55215.69
Tenby Inc.34402122,860.42
Tencal Inc.6816.61
Terry'S Auto Craft99380.38
Texaco #106-00755230.22
Texaco #106-036355452.13
Texaco #106-118455488.82
Texaco #134255351.84
Texaco #25355134.93
Texaco Disposal Site "C"282846,695.66
Texaco E & P Inc.31115813.93
Texaco E&P Inc - Temescal Fee274424.80
Texaco Oil Disposal Site "C"2828313.63
Texaco Oil Ventura Ave Oilfield Waste Ds28281,650.36
Texaco Star Mart #21385546.16
Texaco Station55236.71
Texaco Station #027155142.33
The Body Shop992,513.53
The Hunter Living Trust184,194.20
The Termo Company61446,793.96
The Termo Company341858,080.05
The Termo Company15579.50
The Termo Company171,756.20
The Vintage Press2250.28
Theo E. Hammond - Anderson Lse15304.20
Thompson Oil Company614648.50
Thompson Oil Company Inc.612953.80
Thompson Oil Company Inc.171,703.10
Thompson Oil Company, Inc.11257.60
Thompson Oil Company, Inc.6303,252.30
Thousand Oaks American Gas55162.75
Thousand Oaks County 1962 / County #342828313.63
Thousand Oaks High School6301,450.68
Thousand Oaks Shell55309.23
Thousand Oaks Star33639.19
Thousand Oaks Toyota991,307.04
Thousand Oaks-City Public Wks99544.60
Tierra Rejada County 197128281,650.36
Tierra Rejada Landfill28281,650.36
Tip Top Body & Paint Shop991,209.85
Tns Auto Refinishing99382.06
Todd Ranch Jail6522,828.87
Todey Motor Company, Inc.99687.03
Toland Road Landfill61358,210.47
Tony'S American Gas & Minimart55158.02
Tony'S Body Shop991,568.39
Tosco #606755370.48
Tosco Corporation Site #3079255568.13
Tosco Corporation Site #3091055752.47
Tosco Corporation Site #3108755481.14
Tosco Corporation Site #3124455622.27
Tosco Distribution Co.135,120.00
Tosco Distribution Company6890,809.92
Tosco Station #5523 (Ves)660.00
Transco Products Inc.11137,637.44
Tri-County Auto Body & Paint99363.62
Tri-County Fiberglass249,434.60
Turtle Stoage Ltd.131,808.98
U-Rent Inc.2230.80
U-Rent Inc.2230.80
U.S. Color Graphics Corp22184.59
U.S. Navy-Naws682324,533.77
Ultramar #75455346.21
Unique Auto Works991,843.26
United States Postal Service555.92
Unocal #3030555163.05
Unocal #3050155355.09
Unocal #3071955295.91
Unocal #3074255349.17
Unocal #3075055375.51
Unocal #3077055337.93
Unocal #3082655190.57
Unocal #3082755311.30
Unocal #3092555262.77
Unocal #3097155163.64
Unocal #3097455329.94
Unocal #3113755265.14
Unocal #3115255251.82
Unocal #560955343.26
Unocal #563555343.55
Unocal #572055347.10
Us Navy / Usncbc2828313.63
Usa #8155742.12
Usfs Chucupate2828313.63
Usfs Reyes282813,179.82
Usfs Seymour Road28281,650.36
Utility Vault Company220.00
Valex Corp.1210.00
Vaquero Energy Inc.61135.40
Vaquero Energy Inc.331365,087.15
Venoco Inc.267310,086.92
Ventura 1939282813,179.82
Ventura Auto Body & Paint Shop99603.25
Ventura Channel Island Shell55291.15
Ventura Clarion6121,145.34
Ventura Co - County Complex743681.85
Ventura Co - Reg Med Center291072,762.22
Ventura Co - Reg Med Center311117,161.77
Ventura Co-Waterworks Dist. 1662,207.64
Ventura Co. - Fleet Services6302,455.01
Ventura Coastal Corporation64211,379.96
Ventura College6361,610.68
Ventura County Star1410,640.00
Ventura County-Gsa Fleetserv8860.30
Ventura Gascard5595.28
Ventura Gasoline55352.72
Ventura Harbor Boatyard Inc.277119,959.34
Ventura Pacific Company66328.45
Ventura Pacific Company67616.89
Ventura Port District29693,360.73
Ventura Printing61111,404.74
Ventura Refuse Disposal28281,650.36
Ventura Regional Sanitation Di111169,616.38
Ventura U-Cart2261.60
Ventura Walker Sears By The Sea 1962282846,695.66
Ventura Wastewater Plant4021286,610.86
Verizon Camarillo Plant Yard17320.00
Victor'S Body Shop99837.84
Village Car Wash5577.53
Vintage Omn First Joint Ventu32769200.76
Vintage Petroleum3528725,164.74
Vintage Petroleum3430723,780.33
Vintage Petroleum195,146.00
Vintage Petroleum2120552,468.90
Vintage Petroleum85518,801.35
Vintage Petroleum Inc1278.40
Vintage Petroleum Inc.152,451.70
Vintage Petroleum Inc.13526.40
Vintage Petroleum Inc.6105,530.77
Vintage Petroleum Inc.61346,933.02
Vintage Petroleum Inc.40732168,385.65
Vintage Petroleum Inc.3429533,817.98
Vintage Petroleum Inc.3417912,049.49
Vintage Petroleum Inc.3417529,270.84
Vintage Petroleum Inc.38416328,513.41
Vintage Petroleum Inc.29511105,464.23
Vintage Petroleum Inc.3449142,595.98
Virgil'S Auto Body992,612.40
Vista Landscape Lighting681,529.98
Vitesse Semiconductor Corp.8158,661.06
Vreeland Cadillac991,306.99
Vulcan Materials Co. Moorpark120.08
Vulcan Materials Co. Saticoy241.34
W.L. Rubottom Company Inc.692,985.41
Waterway Plastics333,300.17
Wayne J. Sand And Gravel Inc.451417,811.66
Weatherford Usa Inc.68832.86
Weldon Canyon Landfill2828313.63
West Montalvo Corp6201,230.90
West-States Energy, Inc.6132,639.64
Western Farm Service47503.51
Westlake American Gas & Auto55232.29
Westlake Village Dump282813,179.82
Westoaks Chrysler992,496.74
Weyerhaeuser Company6165,581.06
Weyerhaeuser, Hueneme Mill1560395,267.47
Wheeler Gorge282846,695.66
William L. Morris Chevrolet991,144.49
Wm.L. Morris-Fillmore991,307.04
Wooley Gas Faal Corporation55295.91
Wooley Mobil55118.36
World Class Paint & Body10113,384.08