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Polluters in Tulare County, California
99 Food Mart41629.99
A & A Food Mart4160.10
A & A Texaco #241616.48
A T & T Wireless Services6637.28
A T & T Wireless Services6629.48
A T & T Wireless Services6629.48
A T & T Wireless Services6633.37
A T & T Wireless Services6637.28
A T & T Wireless Services6631.52
A T & T Wireless Services6637.28
Advanced Food Products Llc61832,300.00
Applegate Market41651.53
Arco #06064 - Robert C Greene416566.68
Art'S Custom Cabinets Inc31615,193.02
Artesia Ready Mix Concrete33014,845.06
Baba Ram Deva Llc/Springville Food Mart41666.24
Balance Rock Mountain Landfill Ts Since 19972828175.98
Best Buy661,545.69
Betty Brite Cleaners113,694.95
Bixby Ranch Dump282822,038.27
Blue Anchor, Inc.11959.00
Bob'S Auto And Truck Stop416128.89
Bud Stokes Dump282822,038.27
Butler Manufacturing Company92238,860.81
C & L Mini Mart416123.66
California Box11140.00
California Dairies, Inc.69345,146.19
California Pretzel Co69645,913.83
Calmat Co (Dba) Industrial Asp183828,645.49
Caltrans Disposal Site, Exeter282822,038.27
Casa Blanca Disposal Site2828834.91
Champion Home Builders31913,873.37
Cheese & Protein International639265.19
Chevron Usa Inc4160.00
Cigna Health Care44650.30
Cisneros Fiberglass Co117,920.00
City Of Lindsay Dump2828181.69
City Of Tulare661,137.72
City Of Tulare14713,518.12
Conocophillips Company - 254318416132.02
Conocophillips Company - 255389416274.51
Conocophillips Company - 25609441639.85
Country Club Cleaners11569.70
Country Club Cleaners11162.00
County Of Tulare Resource Mngm612137,326.87
Cummings Wood Recycling28284,814.82
Dairymans Cooperative Creamery865527.56
Deer Creek Oil Company33560.72
Del Mesa Farms Porterville6428,429.98
Del Monte Foods #256126,130.61
Desert Aggregate, Inc5618,473.72
Diamond Crystal Brands, Inc.324508.17
Dinuba City Dump282822,038.27
Dinuba Energy Inc.1214742.56
Dinuba Forest Industries Inc6221,356.27
Dwelle Bros #81416249.05
E2c Remediation Llc111,200.00
E2c, Inc11448.79
Eagle Pacific Industries Dba P54522,365.49
Eagle Snacks, Inc.9547,519.61
Earlimart Landfill28281,580.34
Elbow Enterprises Inc152673,780.40
Equilon Enterprises Llc, Shell416165.26
Essie Haywood Illegal Dump282822,038.27
Exeter City Dump2828181.69
Exeter Dehydrator Inc6885,698.00
Express Mini Mart41687.75
Exter Disposal Site Landfill2828514.75
Fairview Disposal Site28284,814.82
Farmersville Git And Go41658.63
Fastrip Oil Company416136.88
Fisher Manufacturing Co311684.40
Fmc Technologies, Inc1111.28
Fms Manufacturing Company110.00
Foster Commodities61512,018.90
Gas Ranch Mini Mart41676.16
Gil Duyst Chevron416554.70
Glen Wells Construction Co717157,933.02
Grumman Olson175424,461.89
Heller Performance Polymers643433.80
International Paper Company6313,122.15
Ivex Corporation66715,406.08
J.D. Heiskell & Co., Inc.62110.44
Jack Griggs Inc41664.72
Jaco Oil Company416292.82
Jatt, Inc. Dba Caldwell Chevron416165.76
Joe'S Westside Market41667.70
John Benson Dump2828181.69
Jostens Inc61014,360.92
Jr Simplot Company3105.25
Kaweah Container Inc35194.22
Kaweah General Store4166.88
Kaweah River Rock Company104632,457.09
Kawneer Co. Inc.51013,608.00
Ken'S Chinowth Git & Go41660.83
Kennedy Meadows Mountain Landfill Ts Since 19972828112.13
Kraft Foods, Inc63929,835.98
Kraft General Foods (Knudsen)14661,394.81
Lamoure'S Inc112,646.00
Land O' Lakes, Inc.28174205,185.02
Le Cooke Inc4163.94
Le Cooke Inc.4160.70
Linnel Camp Dump282822,038.27
Linnell Camp Dump28284,814.82
Longbow, Llc661,024.52
Martinho Exxon416179.64
Mccollum Disposal Site28284,814.82
Mid-Valley Cotton Growers Inc6648,925.97
Mid-Valley Cotton Growers,Inc.142123,103.91
Mid-Valley Cotton Growers,Inc.152953,334.98
Miller'S Cleaners11992.25
Moore North America193214,081.69
Myers Fiberglass479,307.13
Nds Inc49141,397.55
Nella Oil - #89 Exxon One Stop416236.73
Neo Tulare Llc/Tulare County66537.94
Nestle Ice Cream Company6125,862.74
Nizar Karimi41666.61
Nutrius Div Of Bioproducts61715,730.80
Oak Opening Disposal Site2828181.69
One Hour Martinizing111,498.50
Orosi Disposal Site2828834.91
Pactiv Corporation6317,432.43
Pinkham Farms6631.55
Pixley Shell41637.56
Porterville City Dump2828181.69
Porterville Developmental Cen64912,473.72
Producer'S Cotton Oil Co.10104.91
Purmax Oil Co416253.82
Quality Cleaners (David Bergren)111,579.50
R M Parks Inc111,500.00
Rajpreet Investments Usa Inc41672.13
Rankin Field Disposal Site2828181.69
Richgrove Disposal Site282822,038.27
Rmc Pacific Materials1313471,564.97
Rouch Investments117.20
Royalty Carpet Mills Inc618137,613.00
Ruiz Food Products Inc66025,878.33
Saputo Cheese Usa, Inc.61810,320.00
Sarn L Lee41634.37
Screw Conveyor Pacific Corp13500.00
Sequoia Brick3734.74
Sequoia Home (Sequoia Field) Ds28284,814.82
Sequoia Swiss Cheese Company660.00
Setton Pistachio/Terra Bella63830,683.58
Shell Service5171,129.00
Shepherd'S Market416123.66
Sherwood Handy Market41656.26
Sierra Power Company962453,597.45
Sierra Sandblasting6203,137.32
Sierra View Local Hospital6246,265.86
Silgan Containers Manufac Corp67820.02
Silvas Oil Company41642.41
Spectrasite Broadcast Fabricat120.00
Spraying Devices14753.12
St. John'S River Debris Site2828834.91
Standard Register33603.04
Strathmore (Pit 19)2828181.69
Strathmore Handy Market41653.16
Styrotek Inc625534,256.40
Styrotek Inc.2130158.49
Sunkist Growers Inc61914,975.55
Sunkist Growers Inc.111,569.00
Super 7 Food Store416253.82
Taycal Press34141.49
Teapot Dome Disposal Site Lf28287,670.95
Terra Bella (South)28284,814.82
Terra Bella Disposal Site28284,814.82
Terrra Bella South2828834.91
Terry M & Michael J Bennett416489.83
Tipton Disposal Site28284,814.82
Tri-City Growers Inc5621,231.94
Tulare / Linder Landfill282822,038.27
Tulare City Dump2828181.69
Tulare City Wastewater Plant651142,731.60
Tulare District Hospital6131,596.58
Tule River Coop Gin Inc5614,949.18
Tule River Coop Gin Inc560.00
U S Mini Mart41619.99
Ultramar Inc416461.60
Ultramar Inc416276.56
Ultramar Inc.67502.99
University Of Cal Vet School61395.08
Us Forest Service / Woodward Creek282822,038.27
Usfs Woodward Creek282822,038.27
Valley Convenience Stores Inc416144.29
Valley Pacific Petroleum Services Inc416182.45
Valley Pacific Petroleum Services Inc416535.62
Valley Pacific Petroleum Services Inc416137.53
Valley Pacific Petroleum Services Inc416402.24
Valley Pacific Petroleum Services Inc41638.34
Ventura Coastal Corporation6125,828.54
Viking Ready-Mix Company64514,842.43
Viking Ready-Mix Company3121,908.26
Viking Ready-Mix Company360.62
Visalia Citrus Packing Group67565.22
Visalia Coop Cotton Gin699,544.58
Visalia Disposal Site Lf28286,962.93
Visalia Electric Motor Shop627563.52
Visalia Garbage & Disposal (Akers Site)2828834.91
Visalia Garbage & Disposal Co. A328 Site2828834.91
Visalia Powder Coating57597.53
Visalia Wastewater Treatment6252,449.52
Voltage Multipliers Inc.120.02
Warren & Baerge Manufacturing13274.44
Waterman Foundry147623,828.84
Waterman Industries Inc62113,845.63
Western Farm Services Inc6164,785.20
Western Milling, Llc62920,514.86
Wilbur-Ellis Company381,145.18
Woodlake City Dump28284,814.82
Woodlake Disposal Site2828834.91
Woodville (Bliss / Pit 21) Disposal Site2828181.69
Woodville Disposal Site Lf28284,561.38