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Polluters in Tehama County, California
7-11 Food Store #2005451987.58
Antelope Beacon520504.07
Antelope Liquors520117.71
Aspen Exploration Corp51652,002.74
Aspen Exploration Corp.3326,865.92
Aspen Exploration Corp.33265.54
Aspen Exploration Corp.367,037.59
Atlantic Oil Company51468,601.77
Atlantic Oil Company3911,905.01
Atlantic Oil Company3911,905.01
Atlantic Oil Company3611,805.01
Atlantic Oil Company33100.00
Bell-Carter Olive Co.4166,126.39
Ben'S Truck & Equipment Inc6246,670.36
Ben'S Truck & Equipment Inc62426,434.55
Bio Industries, Inc.3313,785.38
Bob'S Truck Painting111,792.00
Borden Manufacturing210546.40
Bowman Country Store52019.94
Brown Precision Inc.66274.40
Caltrans Earth And Rock2828198.56
Cardan Aircraft Painting116,911.52
Carl J. Woods Construction2102,182.64
Chuck Wolf Sand And Gravel6205,104.06
Circle 7 Days Food Mart52059.53
Corning 76 Station520337.30
Corning Collision & Color11272.00
Corning Disposal Service11208.00
Corning Shell520304.98
Cottonwood Creek Sand & Gravel62627,461.48
Crain Walnut Shelling2362,256.00
Cross Country Travel Center #1520372.51
Cross Country Travel Center #2520664.52
Crossland'S Country Store520168.55
Deer Creek Rock62419,826.37
Deer Valley Disposal Site28281,069.83
Diamond Landfill2828198.56
Dibble Creek Store5206.97
Dietz Equipment Sales111,952.00
Dye Creek2828198.56
Eco Shell21618,065.20
Endicott Trucking Inc.218824.39
Exxon Food Mart520299.70
Fast Track Gas And Food520326.71
Fiber Enterprises117,041.89
Fisher Oil Company520179.83
Five Star Gas And Food Store520314.14
Foothill Ready Mix2211,057.20
Fox'S Sand And Gravel2186,313.32
Gannon'S Body Paint & Auto Rep11496.00
Gary'S Auto Body11672.00
Gas 4 Less520171.26
Gerber Market52036.60
Gibbs Auto Body Repair11176.00
H. L. Rodney Cinder Screening214839.80
Hammar Associates, Llc31222,815.71
Hammar Associates, Llc44268.16
Heavy Metal1116.00
Inter-City Body And Paint113,184.00
Jackpot Food Mart520185.37
Jiffy Market/Stockton Market #520141.42
Key Production3922,465.66
Key Production3622,241.35
Key Production3614,710.38
Kirk'S Body Shop11208.00
Lario Oil & Gas3525,616.89
Lario Oil & Gas33268.45
Lario Oil & Gas61239,024.97
Lario Oil & Gas5838,904.97
Lario Oil & Gas33120.00
Lario Oil & Gas33825.34
Lario Oil & Gas33268.45
Lario Oil & Gas Co.3912,520.26
Lassen Forest Products64432,606.09
Liquor & Food52052.42
Long & Long Orchards, Inc.285,600.00
Louisiana Pacific Corp.71722,537.28
Lyndon Johnson Motors111,424.00
Main Street Chevron520502.53
Mendez Auto Body Repair11512.00
Mineral Gas Mart52039.01
Modern Cleaners110.41
More For Less #2552064.46
More For Less #2652062.88
Neo California Power Llc695165,768.74
Nordic Trucking Soil Amendment Site2828324.45
North State Asphalt Inc.622245,456.13
North State Sanitation Service28281,069.83
North Valley Crematory55120.80
North Valley Injection Service333,898.28
Northern Lights Energy520315.04
Northland Cedar661,107.12
Northstate Specialty Waste4440.35
Number One Stop551,520.00
Number One Stop520214.38
Oak Ridge Site28281,069.83
Old Red Bluff Landfill28281,069.83
Pactiv Corporation63739,892.64
Petro Truck Stop #9520503.81
Pg & E Gerber Compressor Sta6676,311.26
Pine Creek Rock62844,653.00
Pioneer Exploration Company6934,910.14
Premdor Wood Products Inc31124,123.87
Production Specialties Company33101.85
Red Bluff Am/Pm520862.53
Red Bluff Sanitary Landfill28282,418.31
Red Bluff Shell520330.51
Ron'S Auto Body111,280.00
Royale Energy696,399.74
Royale Energy Inc33166.16
Royale Energy Inc61225,933.53
Royale Energy Inc33268.45
Royale Energy Inc51116,275.22
Royale Energy Inc587,544.58
Royale Energy Inc5815,718.33
Royale Energy Inc33556.89
Royale Energy Inc5825,665.37
Royale Energy Inc583,592.30
Royale Energy Inc587,544.58
Royale Energy Inc33556.89
Royale Energy Inc51050,216.95
Royale Energy Inc6920,365.35
Rsg Woodworks, Inc.266,816.34
Sierra Pacific Industries62513,491.41
Sierra Pacific Industries63531,900.22
Sierra Pacific Windows1215,260.00
Soil Specialists & Company Inc2828198.56
Sunshine Cleaners110.24
Supermart Exxon520169.20
Tehama Asphalt Crushing6243,406.05
Tehama Asphalt Processing61811,397.01
The Termo Company4710,254.27
The Termo Company3513,069.14
Thomes Creek Rock2186,561.48
Top'S Mini Mart520283.76
Towne Exploration41017,775.80
Travel Centers Of America5201,150.64
U,S. Filter Westates131523,121.06
U.S. Filter Westates254056,601.64
Usa Gasoline #3679520732.65
Usa Station #203520376.53
Valley Rock Products21811,380.84
Vintage Petroleum (Dolan Dehy)66360.71
Vintage Petroleum (Malton 6-1)3324,540.65
Vintage Petroleum (Sage)5563,752.95
Vintage Petroleum (T-G 28-1)6916,352.46
Vintage Petroleum (Tolle 27-1)6917,009.19
Warner Petroleum Inc.6211,034.86
Western Ready Mix Concrete Co22739.20
Wilder Horse Pasture28286,569.06
Yumi'S Country Store52021.83