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Column information
Polluters in Stanislaus County, California
7- Eleven515243.79
7-11 #15883 (Southland)515198.49
7-11 #20912 (Southland)515123.81
7-11 #22814 (Southland)515101.49
7-11 #23108 (Southland)515129.39
7-Eleven, Inc #2115441637.98
7/11 Materials, Inc61825,073.58
A. L. Gilbert Company137825,724.23
Acme Cleaners111,350.00
Advanced Auto Body332,656.65
Agostini Petrol Dist512164.62
Alfred Matthews-Cads.,Olds.331,608.81
Arco #05489-Bp West Coast Products Llc416518.15
Arco #05493 - Sukhminder Singh Dosanjh416556.92
Arco #05505-Bp West Coast Products Llc416608.27
Arco #05565-Bp West Coast Products Llc416515.33
Arco #05566-Bp West Coast Products Llc416535.79
Arco #05627-Bp West Coast Products Llc416643.73
Arco #05818-Bp West Coast Products Llc416460.56
Arco #06322-Bp West Coast Products Llc416593.43
Arco #5489 Petroleum Prod.5101,693.41
Arco - Dean'S Mini Mart5101,504.99
Arco Am-Pm Mini Market5101,282.44
Arco Am/Pm5101,551.83
Arco Am/Pm #54935102,179.78
Arco Am/Pm #55655101,667.27
Arco Am/Pm #56275101,891.10
Arco Am/Pm Mini Market5101,729.66
Arco Am/Pm Mini Market #52585102,101.55
Arco Am/Pm Mini Market #52755101,444.51
Arco Am/Pm Mini Mart5101,211.49
Arco Am/Pm Mini-Market5101,262.50
Arco Am/Pm, David'S5101,285.62
Arco Gas, Sai Enterprises515454.37
Arco Products #54655101,296.76
Arco, North Tully5101,209.08
Arco, O & E5101,050.19
Arco-Am/Pm Mini5101,862.54
Associated Feed & Supply105138,533.63
B & W Petroleum (Bait Barn)416122.58
B And W Auto Body Shop11104.89
Ball Western Can Company, Llc914196,591.00
Barbour'S Save Center5172,446.30
Barrel Inn Liquors416371.16
Beacon Oil Company #3540 (Ultra)416578.70
Beacon Oil Company #540 (Ultra5151,830.89
Beacon Oil Company #633 (Ultra5171,518.35
Beacon Oil, Downtown Beacon41678.31
Berry Seed & Feed Company138734,624.34
Blue Diamond Growers64210,766.63
Bonzi Sanitary Landfill2828958.15
Boyett Petroleum416354.84
Boyett Petroleum416245.08
Boyett Petroleum416103.75
Bp Westley515766.75
Bright Cleaners11675.00
Bryant, C.L.534726.41
Bryant, C.L. Inc (Unocal)416219.36
Calaveras Materials Inc.61653,435.02
Campbell Soup Company315192.97
Carr'S Cleaners11539.00
Carr'S Cleaners114,398.30
Central Valley Cheese661,143.32
Century 1 Hr Martinizing11224.60
Ceres Body Shop11160.99
Ceres Cleaners11810.00
Ceres Gas Inc416175.09
Chevron Products Company416493.65
Chevron Usa5151,427.19
Chevron Usa Products Company416561.16
Chevron Usa Products Company416542.50
Chevron Usa Products Company416352.51
Chevron Usa Products Company416634.85
Chevron Usa Products Company416437.23
Chevron, Coffee & Floyd5151,032.09
Chevron, Dimis515979.14
Chevron, Hallmark5171,433.06
Chevron, Kansas Ave5151,571.57
Chevron, Mchenry Ave515817.42
Chevron, Paul Hughes Station5151,824.47
Chevron, Professional5151,583.74
Circle Aw Products Co102710,232.02
Circle K #884355396.37
Circle K Store #194055390.39
City Of Modesto7301,142.27
City Of Turlock Water Control6203,325.93
Coffee 1 Hr Martinizing11316.60
Coffee And Floyd Chevron416175.88
Colorcoat Powder Coating44220.62
Conagra Foods24113158,537.50
Conagra Turkey Company6144.94
Conocophillips Company - 257264416284.77
Continental P.E.T. Technologie339629.43
Covanta Stanislaus, Inc3570868,751.67
Curtesy Oil Co41669.56
Curtesy Oil Co41659.34
D And D Inc4168.59
D. D. Williamson & Co. Inc.12500.00
Dairy Farmers Of America62725,119.02
Dairy Farmers Of America667,880.00
Darling International, Inc.62313,387.78
Darpetro, Inc5152,571.90
Darpetro, Inc5152,595.68
Darpetro, Inc5151,931.16
Darpetro, Inc5151,058.46
Dave'S 6-Pak And Snacks5101,141.51
Dave'S Sixpacks & Snacks515600.59
Del Mesa Farms Turlock Feedmil62715,122.59
Del Monte Usa Plant #1184049,130.89
Denair Mart41666.10
Designed Mobile Systems Ind1222,612.13
Dickey Petroleum41680.35
Dickey Petroleum51570.88
Doctors Medical Center6608,862.52
Don Keesler Service515284.65
Du Rite Cleaners11241.00
Du Rite Cleaners114,033.80
Durham Body Shop442,572.86
Dw Dir Invest Inc Dba Willingers/Chevron416228.38
E & J Arco515540.94
E & J Gallo Winery64413,048.10
E & J Gallo Winery116.10
E.R. Vine & Sons416209.91
Earl Scheib Auto Painting22647.08
Eaton Road Disposal Site28281,235.73
Empire Liquors41692.57
F & A Dairy62784,224.51
Fabricated Extrusion Company32015,622.02
Family Ford22352.35
Fashion Cleaners11788.40
Filbin Ranch Disposal Site28281,235.73
Fink Road Landfill28285,719.56
Fireworks Custom Painting331,424.64
Five Minute Car Wash41630.61
Five Minute Car Wash416559.78
Foam Fabricators Ltd.685,966.46
Foam Fabricators, Inc.99324.30
Food & Fuel Mart517598.89
Foster Farms62432,730.23
Foster Farms Ceres Feedmill6363,243.91
Foster Farms/Env Affairs Mgr12460.00
Foster Turkey Prods. Plant 1115,400.00
Foster Turkey Products6241,295.30
Foster Turkey Products6121,141.52
Frank Marks & Son Inc.3629,573.88
Frank Pattern & Manufacturing41821,817.12
French Cleaner11405.00
Frias Union Service416137.40
Fruit Yard Produce Stand416238.86
Gallo Glass / Sisk Ranch Disposal Site2828348.04
Gallo Glass Company15801,073,827.54
Gas Plus- Mini Mart510294.05
Geer Road Sanitary Landfill28284,501.23
George Lowry Bulk Plant530953.26
George W. Lowry, Inc.416112.50
Golden State Body Shop33694.12
Gomes, Joe M & Sons Inc538646.89
Goodrich Oil Company5158.28
Goodrich Oil Company51221.71
Goodrich Oil Company5127.24
Goodrich Oil Company515175.80
Goodrich Oil Company51216.12
Greer Disposal Site282831,413.10
Griffin Shell Inc.5151,209.39
Haidlen Ford-Mercury Inc11162.36
Halford'S Cleaners12853.50
Hatch Milling Company146412,092.50
Heller Seasonings33124.14
Heritage Ford Paint & Body11255.75
Hershey Choc. & Confectionary2819973,586.92
Hi-Tech Body Shop22587.46
Holiday Cleaners11270.00
Horseshoe / Orange Blossom Disposal Site28281,235.73
Ideal Cleaners11180.00
International Paper Company75673,437.38
International Paper Company6305,553.26
Jackpot Food Mart515189.11
Jackpot Mini Mart515227.84
James River Corporation37660.75
Js West Milling Company932777.97
Kansas Shell515500.42
Keller, Exxon515698.74
Kraft Foods Inc67829,992.77
Kraft General Foods86150,095.74
Lactalis Usa Turlock, Inc.66178.66
Lamar Tool & Die Casting693,374.26
Leland Mini Mart51256.29
Lew-Mar Enterprises416325.15
Linclon Cleaners11105.00
Liquid Container L.P.318478.54
Loveladys Body And Paint11135.35
M & M Finishes521353.44
M J Ruddy & Sons Inc370.67
Mchenery 1 Hr Martinizing11105.80
Mchenry Cleaners11675.00
Mchenry Shell416278.90
Memorial Hospital North612022,459.11
Micawrap Moulding Company3613.66
Mid Cal Aluminum5157,212.73
Miracle Auto Paint554,412.60
Miracle Auto Painting554,714.10
Mistlin Honda331,622.39
Modesto City Disposal Site, Airport2828348.04
Modesto City Disposal Site,Muni Golf Cor2828348.04
Modesto City Ds, E / W Carpenter Road28286,549.97
Modesto Garbage Company Disposal Site282831,413.10
Modesto Irrigation District6891,557.70
Modesto Irrigation District1748313,592.52
Modesto Milling Company6185,205.51
Modesto Plating331.01
Modesto Sand & Gravel Disposal Site28281,235.73
Modesto Steam Laundry&Cleaners11544.00
Modesto Village Mart Enterprise Inc41669.05
Monschein Industries Inc1130,032.16
Moore Business Forms & Syste332,167.18
Mountain View Feed & Seed Co.445,312.00
Mussons Liquors515242.92
Nestle Food Company61823,400.00
Newman Disposal Site28281,235.73
Newman Mini Mart515303.61
Northern Refrigerated Transpor112.96
Nu-Way Cleaners11337.50
Oakdale Chevron Foodmart416177.00
Oakdale Disposal Site28281,235.73
Oakdale Dry Cleaners111,080.00
Oakdale Dry Cleaners11360.00
Oakmore Dry Cleaners111,350.00
Olsen Service Station/Steve Hezam Yehya41664.72
One Hour Martinizing113,142.80
One Hour Martinizing11785.70
One Hour Martinizing112,073.60
Overholtzer Church Furniture31734,778.78
Paradise Exxon51558.50
Paradise Gasoline416119.67
Patterson Arco416363.07
Patterson Disposal Site28286,549.97
Patterson Frozen Foods113,400.00
Patterson Frozen Foods63115,767.66
Paul Oil Company Inc512822.11
Paul Oil Company Inc55120.79
Paul Oil Company Inc.416246.36
Paul Oil Company, Inc.416200.80
Pelandale Cleaners112,025.00
Penny Wise Gas515669.27
Penny Wise Gas/Mini Mart515522.61
Prescott One Hour Martinizing11100.00
Pro-Discount Cleaners112,851.20
Prune Avenue Disposal Site28286,549.97
Quick Stop Market #156515534.22
Quik Food Store416107.14
Quik Stop #137515472.07
Quik Stop #142515541.60
Quik Stop #4551089.28
Quik Stop #71416118.97
Quik Stop #73510229.65
Quik Stop #79416112.64
Quik Stop #83416333.01
Quik Stop #87416124.46
Quik Stop Market512628.97
Quik Stop Market #155515514.33
R-Corner Store515233.95
Ray Starn Inc553,555.14
Refineries Service71613,720.79
Riverbank Army Ammunition Plt.6495,266.36
Rocha Truck & Auto Painting331,814.01
Rodgers Mini Market515418.97
Ruesga'S Arco515440.91
Santa Fe Aggregates, Inc.62211,566.88
Sarah'S Dry Cleaners11945.00
Scenic Auto Body & Paint22324.20
Sensient Dehydrated Flavors Co.124,600.00
Shell Oil510377.92
Shell Oil Co515861.46
Shell Oil, Geer Road515926.55
Shell Pipeline Company Lp6123,783.60
Sherwood Shell Service515620.79
Signature Fruit Company, Llc -61810,438.31
Silgan Container Corp.6216,205.48
Silgan Containers Mfr. Corp.62230,772.02
Silgan Containers Mfr. Corp.18185707,969.31
Silgan Containers Mfr. Corp.6141,037.85
Snider Lumber Products Co220.04
Stanislaus Partners Dba84680,007.28
Steves Chevrolet Buick Inc.1140.00
Stop N Save Liquors #151085.09
Stop N Save Liquors #10512220.62
Stop N Save Liquors #251097.51
Stop N Save Liquors #351052.83
Stop N Save Liquors #4515239.96
Stop N Save Liquors #441636.51
Stop N Save Liquors #5510138.82
Stop N Save Liquors #6515263.65
Stop N Save Liquors #7515566.66
Stop N Save Liquors #8517400.56
Superior Dry Cleaners112,025.00
Team Ent. Inc Dba Royal Cleanr11912.60
Texaco, Jack'S Auto Service51038.70
The Boucher Grp, Inc Dba Carr'S Cleaners11785.70
Tri Valley Growers Container D3211,578.92
Tri-Valley Growers Plant 7136973,225.56
Ttti Gustine Pump Station12174,147.63
Tulley 1 Hr Martinizing11167.80
Turlock 1 Hr Martinizing11180.00
Turlock Irrigation District285171,747.55
Turlock Irrigation District61263,704.55
Ultramar Inc.416881.56
Union Oil Company Of Ca442106.53
Union Oil, Evergreen510405.00
Unique Auto Body & Paint22273.37
Usa Gasoline Corporation416272.63
Usa Petroleum #615101,226.05
Usa Petroleum Corporation416363.44
Usa Petroleum Corporation416150.17
Usa Petroleum Corporation416494.02
Usa Petroleum Corporation416223.27
Usa Petroleum Corporation416255.14
Varco Pruden Buildings, Inc.91786,840.91
Vine Fuels Inc416385.98
W. H. Breshears, Inc.41689.47
Weiss Oil Co. Cardlock #2510334.07
Weiss Oil Company510477.96
Weiss Oil Company510319.36
West Coast Equipment61019,244.30
Western Stone Products Inc1011268.59
Western Truck And Corvette22338.92
Westland Technologies, Inc.11211,180.00
Westley Fuel Service55710.52
Wh Breshears Inc517269.07
Wh Breshears Inc5581,386.72
Wh Breshears Inc416149.40
Winchester Disposal Site2828348.04
Wood Colony Millworks334,376.00
Yosemite Boat And Design110235.66
Zack'S Auto Body22274.42