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Polluters in Sonoma County, California
3m Industrial Optics131,061.84
A & L Fairfax French Cleaners 11519.39
Abc Cleaners22670.05
Able Auto Body 2227.85
Ace Cleaners11628.67
Ace Cleaners 11546.38
Advance Tech Collision121,295.55
Advanced Course2828348.04
Advanced Tech Collision151,597.92
Agilent Technologies, Inc8104,990.13
Agilent Technologies, Inc155020,829.30
Agilent Technologies, Inc 1135.09
Aidlin A / 22828348.04
Aidlin Geothermal Project3430482,994.32
Air Monitor Corporation 111.10
Airport Disposal Site282831,413.10
Aladdin Cleaners111,544.40
Albertsons #703566266.68
All-Coast Forest Products245,737.20
Alltech Group Inc23152.65
Amoruso Printing11589.00
Andersons Auto Body231,354.04
Angelo Giusti Disposal Site28286,549.97
Annadel Dry Cleaners 11392.99
Annapolis Landfill282829.72
Annapolis Milling Annapolis2410,245.00
Anthony'S Auto Craft North392,472.19
Anthony'S North Inc8133,514.30
Apex Aviation Corporation12124.00
Apogee Sound International131,995.71
Applied Industrial Coatings132,434.19
Aquageosciences, Inc113.84
Arcturus Marine Systems2213.70
Arnold Birky'S Body & Paint 2277.47
Bace Environmental111,236.52
Bartelt Design & Manufacturing1119.31
Bay Bridge Garage Inc33215.50
Bepex Corporation141,076.72
Best Cleaners22228.52
Big 4 Rents242,043.34
Big Ed'S Auto Body2532.49
Bisso Brothers Disposal Site28281,235.73
Blake'S Auto Body577,005.19
Blue Rock Co223,759.72
Bohemian Grove282831,413.10
Bolling & Finke Ltd2107,836.29
Boomer'S Fabricare Ctr Inc23993.29
Boyes Springs / Ultramar28281,235.73
Briggs & Sons 24121.53
Brite Cleaners111,053.00
C A R, Inc4466.23
C Street Auto Body45446.30
California Marble Products 127,952.35
Caltrans Austin Cr River Rd=Hy 116(Arch)282831,413.10
Caltrans Austin Creek, Cazadero2828348.04
Caltrans Austin Creek,Monte Rio (Archiv)28281,235.73
Canyon Rock Co Inc2411,847.64
Capitol Bodyshop231,350.79
Carl'S Ready Mix2812,538.68
Carpenter Parmatech21037,293.67
Carreras Auto Body Inc.22430.00
Casa Grande Site2828348.04
Catholic Youth Camp Disposal Site2828348.04
Central Auto Body2210.67
Chapel Of The Chimes714389.99
Cierra Photonics Inc672,185.29
City Of Cloverdale Potw44203.88
City Of Petaluma472,649.97
City Of Petaluma551,366.98
City Of Santa Rosa Wastewater1010254.36
City Of Santa Rosa Wastewater1462225,676.05
City Of Sonoma282831,413.10
Classic Mill & Cabinet3116,331.29
Cleaners 2000221,691.93
Clover Stornetta Farms Inc.115.00
Coach Kraft Body Shop1138.96
Coast Auto Body11117.00
Coit Services Of North Bay Inc11254.29
Community Hospital 241.97
Complete Collision Center, Llc12585.34
Corby Auto Body24370.56
Costco Wholesale66334.12
Cotati Corp Yard282831,413.10
Cotati Dump Site2828348.04
Creative Concepts12348.99
Crown Cleaners11688.03
Crown Cleaners22346.51
Custom Design Counter Tops Inc113,942.00
Cypress Hill Memorial Park 110.00
Dairy Farmers Of America82320,624.35
Daniele'S Classic Auto Body &222,018.02
Daves Autobody & Towing12124.08
Deaf Dog Coffee Roastery220.12
Deas Custom Wood Finishing2526,979.96
Deegan Woodworks 2497.98
Defont'S Auto Body1112.04
Deposition Sciences Inc12528.00
Design In Wood12214.00
Dewitt Sand And Gravel221,049.10
Dibble'S Auto Body, The Collis35963.67
Dion'S Downtown Autobody12997.46
Dowling Miner Magnetics Corp12697.46
Down Town Auto Body23434.90
Dr Dryclean Inc221,549.38
Dura Glass Products, Inc238,282.80
Dutra Materials/San Rafael Roc103715,078.33
Eagle Mfg & Engineering, Inc7121,350.77
Emery'S Auto Restoration116.57
Empire Cleaners 11532.89
Empire Cleaners11287.82
Empire Waste Management221,614.53
Environmental Resolutions Inc1197.80
Equilon C/O Cambria22629.35
Espinosa Auto Body 22188.61
Espostis Boby Paint22324.00
Eugine Inc, Dba Country Washbo11229.34
Eurocal Autocraft241,257.41
Express Cleaners 11539.63
Express Cleaners1193.61
Exxon Company Usa1172.65
Fairfax French Cleaners222,230.73
Family Cleaners11195.62
Faught Dump28281,235.73
Feed Sources, Inc44561.65
Final Touch Finishing4113,666.94
Fireman'S Fund Insurance Compa1568.76
Fischer'S Auto Body4556.84
Flex Products Inc1323,925.44
Flex Weigh Corporation12869.35
Forestville Potw4415.10
Freeman Collision Center181,522.41
Full Dress Cleaners11135.00
G & C Auto Body3158,217.65
G & C Autobody132,244.70
Gabe'S Custom Auto Body25394.62
Geysers Power Co Unit 101616920.13
Geysers Power Co Unit 11171739,441.93
Geysers Power Co Unit 121717146,823.99
Geysers Power Co Unit 14172513,463.12
Geysers Power Co Unit 171726143,345.92
Geysers Power Co Unit 18172510,027.40
Geysers Power Co Unit 2017257,608.92
Geysers Power Co Unit 5161647,545.12
Geysers Power Co Unit 6161643,037.15
Geysers Power Co Unit 7171773,660.20
Geysers Power Co Unit 8171776,404.97
Geysers Power Co Unit 9220.00
Geyserville Potw4423.26
Gong, Fulton Property2828348.04
Grab'N Grow Soil Products15303,724.34
Greenhouse Cleaners 11944.35
Group Environmental Services, Inc.2828348.04
Gualala Aggregates Inc24646.00
Guanella Auto Body 25294.85
Guerneville Landfill28281,235.73
Guisti Ranch Disposal Site2828348.04
Gulick'S Auto Body251,872.01
Hale Silacci Properties Landfill28286,549.97
Hansel Prestige Imports4102,724.68
Hanson Aggregate228,629.27
Harding Lawson Associates1130,389.39
Healdsburg Disposal Site282831,413.10
Healdsburg Potw44443.00
Hendrix Auto Body3382.44
Hot Rodz141,917.90
Hunt And Behrens, Inc163018,680.91
Hurst Disposal Site28281,235.73
Identity Services Inc126,357.62
Interior Finishing1926,065.58
It Corporation113.64
Itt Industries, Inc12250.80
J & M Precision Sheetmetal253,653.26
Jerald Marquis Auto Body3103,391.63
Jerico Products Inc771,928.04
Joe Torvick Jeep-Eagle22296.00
John F Cunha 412185.27
John'S Formica Shop112,117.98
John'S Truck Repair136,292.29
Kaiser Foundation Hospital8303,929.35
Kaiser Sand & Gravel Company 110.13
Key Auto Body 22322.71
King Cleaners222,259.74
Koller'S Town & Country Cleane221,103.00
Korbel Maintenance Disposal Site28281,235.73
La Blue Fiesta Cleaners221,393.20
Lakeside Cleaners11349.30
Lakeville Autobody & Paint361,579.64
Lakewood Cleaners 111,578.42
Larkfield Body & Paint4135,529.84
Larry'S Auto Body Shop 23103.99
Lasercraft Inc 254,422.75
Lazzareschi'S Body Shop231,776.46
Lazzinis Autobody Shop35637.76
Lee'S Body Shop452,101.20
Lithocraft, Inc11022,909.04
London Pride Cleaners11664.42
Lorry Autocarro Inc 1166.60
Lorry Autocarro Painting Inc145,145.30
Lou Saare Body Shop482,556.68
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodywork2613,991.70
Mac'S Auto Body1134.00
Mack Wallbed Systems 25809.93
Maddocks Disposal Site282831,413.10
Maestro Pedestals 1163.47
Major Cleaners 11439.75
Major Cleaners111,318.96
Mark West Aggregates6259,281.20
Mark West Quarry21862,301.53
Marshall'S Body Shop34499.05
Martin'S Truck Repair 227.24
Materwork Electronics Inc.110.45
Maxwell Village Cleaners 11786.51
Medtronic Ave112,728.00
Mesa Boogie12445.26
Microsource, Inc3534.70
Mission Trail Oil Company110.00
Monarch Cleaners 111,199.33
Morgan Med Design146,033.32
Mrs Grossman'S Paper Company1149,612.29
Ncpa Unit 1332,143.93
Ncpa Unit 2325565,752.55
Ncpa Unit 3339,261.28
Ncpa Unit 416928,671.79
New Albion Restorations23675.77
Nor Bay Ironcraft1212.21
Nor-Cal Truckbodys12649.15
North Bay Autobody & Paint25176.34
North Bay Truckworks 11261.90
Northbay Industrial Coatings,1121.92
Northern California Power Agcy282985,424.91
Nu Forest Products246,010.40
Ny Tailors And Cleaners 11593.59
O'Dell Printing Co Inc183,628.62
Occidental Disposal Site2828348.04
Occidental Ds28286,549.97
Occidental Potw448.13
Of 27 / 228281,235.73
Off Broadway Cleaners Inc231,330.45
Old Cloverdale City Dump2828348.04
Old Healdsburg Dump282831,413.10
One Stop Cleaners22516.40
Opperman & Son Inc.441,056.00
Pacific Bell66196.22
Pacific Bell66219.97
Pacific Bell66307.14
Pacific Bell66838.02
Pacific Bell66227.86
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa552,781.38
Palms Dry Cleaners221,711.76
Parent-Sorensen Mortuary66157.99
Park Avenue Cleaners 112,151.39
Petaluma Auto Body Shop, Inc2103,417.51
Petaluma Car Wash C/O Brunsing112.39
Petaluma French Cleaners22934.73
Petaluma Quick Cleaners22533.83
Peter Pan Cleaners 111,177.74
Pine Mountain Burn Dump2828348.04
Pine Mountain Dump2828348.04
Plaza Cleaners11149.75
Pleasant Hill Cemetery120.01
Precision Frame & Body Shop391,426.20
Press Democrat1118,300.00
Price Pump Company 1175.96
Prism Auto Body362,320.17
Pundts Auto Body251,356.16
Randal Nutritional Products, I1213,235.45
Randy Hanson Auto Body261,638.84
Redwood Ag Management28281,235.73
Redwood Auto Body22467.00
Redwood Cleaners222,085.54
Redwood Empire Inc2422,402.40
Redwood Oil C/O Delta Environm11171.86
Redwood Oil Company11926.34
Redwood Oil Company5215,062.88
Redwood Reliance Peterbilt Gmc261,316.17
Redwood Veterinary Clinic66221.31
Reed Bros273,567.66
Reliance Trailer Manufacturing399,511.26
Replacon Inc.117,444.00
Rhyne Design331,279.76
Rich'S Auto Paint & Body Repai361,319.26
Rincon Valley Cleaners22525.22
Robert Maddocks Disposal Site28281,235.73
Robert Waller Property C/O Bac112.59
Roblar Road Dump Site2828348.04
Robler Road2828348.04
Rock Recycle Company22616.00
Rotork Controls Inc1113.20
Round-To-It Tire Pile28286,549.97
Royal Petroleum Co 424199.32
Royal Petroleum Company57870.24
Russian River Potw44143.24
Santa Rosa Auto Body241,443.13
Santa Rosa Chrysler Jeep, Inc13444.57
Santa Rosa Geothermal Co. L.P.31538565.66
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital781,723.75
Schollmann Enterprises, Llc33157.39
Scott Architectural Graphics I141,611.96
Sea Ranch Central Potw441.63
Sea Ranch Dump Site28281,235.73
Sea Ranch North Potw4411.83
Sebastopol Auto Body Inc7141,825.04
Sebastopol Burn Dump28281,235.73
Sebastopol City Dump282831,413.10
Shamrock Materials Inc28535.32
Shamrock Materials-Cloverdale226,718.40
Shiloh Disposal Site Faught Road28281,235.73
Shotwell'S Auto Body472,761.51
Sichel'S Auto Body231,961.39
Silveira Pontiac-Buick331,301.00
Skaggs Island Former Lf2828348.04
Small Precision Tools131,134.00
Sola Optical Usa Inc 1217.07
Sola Optical Usa, Inc 22917,059.64
Sonoma Airport Aka Windsor28281,235.73
Sonoma City Disposal Site28281,235.73
Sonoma Compost152815,724.40
Sonoma County Department Of Pu20115774,616.19
Sonoma County Facilities Opera8206,880.53
Sonoma County Sheriff Departme24993.99
Sonoma County Water Agency22829.10
Sonoma County Water Agency28623.72
Sonoma Developemental Center154432,374.87
Sonoma French Cleaners11675.00
Sonoma Garbage Collector2828348.04
Sonoma Landfill2828348.04
Sonoma Photonics Inc1190.40
Sonoma Power Plant181823,299.99
Sonoma Rock Company152943,098.12
Sonoma State University8203,883.95
Sonoma Valley Hospital Distric10232,296.85
Sonoma Valley, Inc.282831,413.10
Sonoma Wood Finishing241,576.95
Sonomawest Holdings Inc 253.27
Southland Corporation110.00
Srm Alliance Hospital Services330.20
St Francis Cleaners221,994.30
Standard Structures Inc121660,806.18
Standard Structures Inc.22500.00
State Farm Insurance Company66551.51
State Parks, Camp Royanek Burn Dump28286,549.97
State Parks, Fort Ross282831,413.10
State Parks, Sonoma Coast28286,549.97
Steve Pacheco Auto Body57547.81
Stony Point Cleaners22618.83
Stony Point Rock Quarry Inc262,598.07
Stony Point Rock Quarry, Inc163080,040.38
Sun Car Rentals11162.40
Sunset Line & Twine Co 336.22
Superior Cleaners221,415.78
Superior Supplies Inc21282,864.32
Sweetheart Cabinet Makers Inc181,966.38
Swift'S Finishing 1166.77
Syar Industries102272,851.25
Syar Industries Inc73470,140.06
Taylor Maid Farms226.83
Tegal Corporation 1230.14
The Stero Company 1116.38
Thompson Cleaners234,051.73
Tierra Cast 110.00
Tip Top Cleaners22624.75
Town & Country Auto Body3326.90
Triangle Body Shop551,067.62
Trinity Engineering23816.21
U-Save Cleaners 11101.18
U.S. Coast Guard Training Center12175.70
Union Pacific Railroad Company22419.10
Unocal Geothermal 27 / 228286,549.97
Unocal Geothermal Division1333401,378.56
Uscg Training Center1650975.68
Vaillette'S Paint & Body Shop1311,071.36
Warrack Hospital110.04
Weigh-Tronix Inc 2235.60
West College Disposal Site Santa Rosa2828348.04
Western Autobody, Inc341,204.18
Western Fiberglass, Inc3729,681.11
William Kreysler & Associates,133,391.58
Willowbrook Feeds63668,260.32
Windsor Cleaners221,789.67
Windsor Mill224,465.45
Windsor Water District692,187.08
Wohler Road Disposal Site28286,549.97
Wood Pontiac Cadillac Mazda 55126.90
Wyatt'S Tire Service11231.94
Zappelli'S Body Shop373,669.08
Zelco Cabinet Manufacturing12522.83
Zumwalt Magrini Chrysler 11122.02