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Polluters in Solano County, California
2045 Corporation660.00
7-Eleven, Inc.66526.00
7-Eleven, Inc.66523.00
A & W Auto Body Inc351,007.81
A 1 Collision Repair366,695.01
Aalba Dent, Inc490.11
Abel Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick333,715.93
Ace Cleaners221,547.29
Adams Grain Company91714,620.73
Adams Grain Company22974.10
Alamo Station, Llc1111.60
Alco Iron & Metal Co @ Mare Is220.02
Allegiance Healthcare1140.00
Allied Manufacturing Inc228,528.98
Alza Corporation1310450,342.40
American Port Services142,173.41
American Woodworks3414,896.26
Anderson Truss221,913.76
Anheuser-Busch, Inc1081367,122.42
Ani Holding Llc111,005.98
Apm, Inc362,045.35
Arco # 056301114.86
Arco #020671122.16
Ashland Chemical Company147018,726.14
Asta Construction684,149.20
Atlas Lift West22412.95
Auto Perfectionists Ltd23672.38
Autocraft Auto Body551,500.26
Avery Greene Motors372,562.68
Azevedo Hay & Grain24655.28
B & J Drop Box Sanitary Landfill28287,518.08
B.C.N. Truck & Auto Body363,537.08
Ball Metal Beverage Container11145719,497.12
Barber Dealer Group Body Shop2221.45
Bay Area Coffee Inc77262.00
Bay Automotive Collision Repai230.59
Bay Shore Systems, Inc111.60
Bdm Cultured Marble144,316.00
Bellingham Marine Industries22152.48
Benecia Cleaners 11647.56
Benicia Cabinetry22200.95
Benicia Industries Inc24676.85
Benicia Lf / Benicia State Park282822,038.27
Benicia State Rec Area / South Hampton2828181.69
Benson'S Body & Paint2495.49
Bernies City Garage33880.04
Best On Western Auto Body & Pa11102.87
Bill Lang Pont Cad Inc383,207.85
Bkd Holdings1120.00
Blair Sign Programs1138.72
Bp Solar Inc3410.57
Bp West Coast Products1121.32
Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpa121,468.61
Branco'S Vac Valley Shell114.56
Broadway Auto Body141,744.92
Brown Trout Publishing1126,140.00
Bubbling Well Pet Memorial Par7335,004.81
C E Toland & Son221,666.17
C. International1160.00
Cal Yee Farms11208.00
California Medical Facility2013033,490.30
California Newspaper Partners112,440.00
California Pipe Fabricators354,570.04
California State Prison-Solano65614,190.74
California Water Service110.00
California Water Service110.00
California Water Service Co.3680.00
Calpeak Power Llc667,277.77
Calpine Natural Gas California664,369.14
Calpine Natural Gas California665,283.50
Calpine Natural Gas California6637,739.85
Calpine Natural Gas California661,181.83
Calpine Natural Gas California56320.38
Calpine Natural Gas California446,792.80
Calpine Natural Gas California224,567.20
Calpine Natural Gas California6623,211.08
Calpine Natural Gas California6615,416.46
Calpine Natural Gas California66101,466.80
Calpine Natural Gas California6629,027.69
Calpine Natural Gas California6613,392.85
Calpine Natural Gas California666,467.46
Calpine Natural Gas California667,694.62
Calpine Natural Gas Company552,112.80
Calpine Natural Gas Company443,687.31
Calpine Natural Gas Company551,406.06
Calpine Natural Gas Company442,711.08
Calpine Natural Gas Company110.00
Calpine Natural Gas Company61013,527.15
Calpine Natural Gas Company667,863.50
Calpine Natural Gas Company668,503.50
Calpine Natural Gas Company6612,312.85
Calpine Natural Gas Company551,826.54
Calpine Natural Gas Company110.00
Calpine Natural Gas Company662,521.83
Calpine Natural Gas Company665,450.97
Calpine Natural Gas Company661,707.83
Calpine Natural Gas Company664,087.31
Campbell Soup Supply Co.93679,108.28
Capitol Oil Corporation6711,917.29
Carter & Company11581.24
Casex Company664,807.15
Castle & King Rock & Ready Mix22453.60
Castlewood Cabinets33314.87
Central Pump Station661,531.46
Chavez Auto Body333,197.33
Chevron Products Company1120.42
Chevron Usa116.50
Chevron Usa1118.41
Chiron Corporation6182,644.07
Cigarettes Cheaper292,460.24
Citizens Telecommunications55196.91
City Of Benicia19321,911.28
City Of Benicia Public Works D238.25
City Of Fairfield8826,483.86
City Of Vallejo243,744.00
Clorox Products Manufacturing36752.00
Cofab Corporation341,577.17
Commercial Auto Body330.00
Con Crush Inc15235,155.86
Concordia Resources, Inc.6610,045.16
Concordia Resources, Inc.6624,052.32
Concordia Resources, Inc.6616,048.82
Conoco Phillips119.90
Corby'S Collision361,499.07
Cordeiro Vault Company343,758.13
Coughran Brothers61517,891.40
Coughran Brothers6614,208.02
Coughran Brothers6620,803.98
Coughran Brothers669,749.68
Coughran Brothers668,551.02
Coughran Brothers664,704.25
Coughran Brothers6624,409.85
Coughran Brothers61233,157.76
Coughran Brothers331,974.73
Coughran Brothers332,809.14
Coughran Mechanical Services669,349.20
Coughran Mechanical Services6617,294.74
Coughran Mechanical Services6613,636.62
Coughran Mechanical Services6658,851.69
Coughran Mechanical Services699,647.69
Coughran Mechanical Services6622,729.47
Country Club Cleaners 11809.45
County Of Solano Airport111,947.00
Court Galvanizing, Inc.668,225.95
Csk Auto1140.00
D & F Autoshine36465.25
D.C.I. & B.S.I.361,193.89
Daily Republic1150,712.00
David Grant Medical Center65425,049.00
Delta Steel Erectors12755.41
Denverton Company2828834.91
Dependable Plastics And Patter1410,612.09
Dixon City28284,814.82
Dixon Liquor & Deli112.61
Dixon North282822,038.27
Dixon Unified School District Landfill28284,814.82
Dixon, City Of2260.00
Dixon, City Of55259.34
Donald C. Slawson Exploration11380.00
Doors And Drawers162,681.16
E Auto Body24784.43
Earl Scheib Of California Inc135,465.77
Eclipse Medical Imaging11140.00
Evers Site2828834.91
Evi Weatherford Corporation33183.38
Exxon Company Usa110.05
Exxon Company Usa (Benicia Ter2141362,323.59
Fairfield Cleaners11574.25
Fairfield Collision Center241,186.05
Fairfield Rental Service Inc67518.18
Fairfield Suisun Sewer Distric186459,898.06
Fiber Craft Company11395.73
Fibrebond West Inc347,338.19
First Northern Bank Of Dixon33121.83
Former Exxon Station C/O Eri11410.78
Free Distributors/City Racks111,142.97
Gateway Cleaners 11647.56
Genentech, Inc.6259,396.48
General Mills Inc2326,511.20
Gilroy Energy Center Llc For L661,389.20
Globe Wireless6620.00
Golden State Shutters352,486.65
Grand Rental22162.00
Graphic Auto Body341,654.73
Green Valley Ford581,766.62
Halliburton C/O Bbl Environmen110.20
Han'S Cleaners11188.62
Hanson Roof Tile51631,342.47
Harbor Tug & Barge Company2828834.91
Huntway Refining Company 52184.90
Insituform Technologies Inc123,328.87
Interstate Oil Company113.28
Inx International Ink Company1170.40
Ishaq Trading Corporation1119.51
It Corp / Montezuma Hills Facility2828181.69
It Corp / Panoche Facility282822,038.27
It Corporation, Panoche Facili6101,497.49
J P'S Auto Body24830.60
Jeevan Enterprises1118.23
Jeffco Painting/Abc Painting I41313,020.44
Jelly Belly Candy Company82247,677.57
Jerico Products, Inc7172,494.20
Jsj Electrical Display Corpora24602.18
Kaiser Foundation Hospital8441,070.66
Kaiser Permanente5181,562.91
Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals,2124,235.01
Klimisch'S Inc24893.51
L & R Truck Trailer & Bus Pain231,224.10
L & R Truck Trailer & Bus Pain131,709.91
Lamble Industrial Park282822,038.27
Large Scale Biology11100.00
Leisure Town Beacon119.90
Les Scarlett'S Body Shop243,000.39
Longs Drug Stores5126,363.22
Lucky'S Cleaners221,306.56
Lynch Canyon Sfl282822,038.27
M German & Son13720.00
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodywork4712,233.30
Magaruh Enterprises33707.88
Magic Cleaner 11411.47
Magnoli Inc 3ms Auto Body4446.34
Manuel'S Auto Body251,323.33
Mare Island Naval Shipyard Sanitary Lf282822,038.27
Mariani Packing Company697,980.95
Martin'S Metal Parts33898.26
Marzetta Signs110.00
Mccallum Cabinets, Inc.550.00
Metl-Saw Systems Inc241,348.40
Meyer Cookware Industries Inc 110.04
Micro Powders & Braig, Inc22637.24
Miller Signs 1111.62
Miracle Auto Painting & Body241,046.80
Modesto Tallow Company668,224.46
Monfort Company2828834.91
Nella Oil Company1114.11
Norcal Waste Systems Hay Rd La6153,359.51
Northbay Medical Center10231,655.05
Nurich Cabinets129,256.35
Oea Areospace Inc 36478.70
Old Uc Davis Landfill (Lehr)2828181.69
Onyx Industrial Services64811,458.71
Orchid Cleaners L L C222,820.79
Oxy Resources California Llc13689.92
Pacific Bell66818.37
Pacific Bell63013,473.69
Pacific Bell55619.34
Pacific Bell66158.57
Pacific Bell - Dixon22100.00
Pacific Gas & Electric/Pg&E120.00
Pacific Gas & Electric/Pg&E67143,337.11
Pacific Gas & Electric/Pg&E511452.32
Pacific Gas And Electric Co.2250.80
Palisades Gas & Wash114.63
Palisades Gas & Wash1111.50
Parisian Cleaners 11667.79
Park Place Cleaners222,261.10
Park Place Cleaners 111,759.00
Pat'S Auto Body & Frame 33150.53
Pauli Systems Inc22151.42
Pechiney Cork & Seal Of Califo21112,440.80
Pennsylvania Ave Lf / Cordelia Rd282822,038.27
Perfection Cleaners 11782.46
Petersen Production Co., Llc61294,821.18
Pilgrim Fireplace Equipment Co67770.05
Potrero Hills Landfill, Inc2021203,090.63
Ppg Industries342,072.92
Praxair, Inc1212,537.14
Predelivery Service Corporatio28586.10
Premier Industr. Dba Insulfoam924361,226.94
Production Specialties116.16
Professional Paint Finishing222,887.08
Quick Stop Markets, Inc.115.62
R & B Auto Body Shop12462.47
R & D Bodyworx Llc13758.91
R & M Energy Systems 553,409.35
Ralphs-Pugh Company Inc12877.90
Ramos Oil Co. Inc. - Dixon111,362.90
Ramos Oil Co., Inc527932.08
Ramos Oil Company117.69
Redwood Cleaners22990.29
Reeds Body And Fender221,375.28
Regal Collision Repair22226.94
Rexam Beverage Can Company95627,985.25
Richmar Cabinets110.00
Rick'S Body & Paint330.00
Rinker Materials2211,062.24
Rio Vista Chevron, Llc115.53
Rio Vista Ready Mix, Inc.22164.57
Rio Vista Sanitary Landfill2828271.68
Rio Vista, City Of1120.00
Rio Vista, City Of (Fire Stn)1120.00
Rio Vista, City Of (Well #11)1120.00
Rio Vista, City Of (Well #12)110.00
Rio Vista, City Of (Well #8)110.00
Rio Vista, City Of (Wwtp)11320.00
Rio Vista, City Of (Wwtp)110.00
Rio Vista, City Of-City Hall35835.14
Rio Vista, City Of-Ww Lift Stn33715.14
Rita'S Blastering225,940.00
Rmc Pacific Materials Inc264,413.64
Romara Energy, Inc.6612,014.68
Ron Dupratt Ford, Inc.331,369.77
Ron'S Auto Body331,211.71
Royale Operating Co14960.00
Rudy'S Auto Body & Frame10141,123.83
Ruszel Woodworks251,017.48
Ryco Metal Products12764.63
Santa Fe Pacific Pipeline Part110.62
Scotland Yard Bodyworks119.01
Scott Lamp Co Inc117,471.20
Scott Lamp Co. Inc.1111,500.00
Ser / Cl Garbage282822,038.27
Sfpp, L. P.510462.96
Sfpp, L.P./Kinder Morgan 12229.62
Shaw Power Services3108,056.55
Sierra Performance Mfg3174,511.88
Sierra Truck & Van67996.93
Simpkins Auto Care141,804.66
Simpson Dura-Vent, Inc5810,698.21
Slawson Exploration Co., Inc.667,380.16
Slawson Exploration Co., Inc.6813,545.59
Solano Auto Painters 11552.17
Solano Body Shop265,331.17
Solano Body Shop Ii122,787.68
Solano Community College10285,214.19
Solano Concrete Company Inc28983.71
Solano Concrete Company Inc22197.12
Solano County Facilities Opera81679,796.18
Solano County Slf Aka Braito Lf2828834.91
Solano Garbage Company282822,038.27
Solano Irrigation District1120.00
Solano Irrigation District1120.00
Solano Irrigation District12100.00
Solano Irrigation District1120.00
Sonoco Products Company2821,411.88
Southland Corporation114.36
Sparkle Cleaners22835.60
Sprig Circuits, Inc161,047.19
Star Auto Body141,600.27
Star Cleaners 11472.18
Star Cleaners22855.84
State Of California110.00
Steve 'N' Larry Custome Paint34262.97
Suba Mfg, Inc353,621.61
Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet12366.56
Sunpol Resins & Polymers, Inc88783.99
Super Store Industries/Fairfie92210,744.94
Superior Auto Body33469.88
Superior Packing Company6115,922.23
Superior Sign Systems110.00
Sutter Solano Medical Center9296,079.96
Syar Industries24573.65
Syar Industries, Inc198180,524.91
Syar Industries, Inc. (Dixon)223,048.30
Tartan Textile Services Inc665,923.39
Tekni Kolor Body & Paint11313.63
The Ideal Body Shop34136.22
The Sign Factory14786.73
Timet-North American Operation581,430.00
Totally Organized241,027.29
Tower Energy Group114.84
Tower Energy Group1113.52
Toyota Of Vallejo13800.00
Travis Afb2337919,762.52
Travis Afb Landfill2828181.69
Travis Auto Body152,914.32
Tremont Supply Inc2419,987.40
Tri-Valley Oil & Gas Co.61332,281.94
Trinity Auto Body 2297.72
Ultramar C/O Trc 122.03
Ultramar, Inc C/O Doulos Envir120.09
Unico Services Inc 4687.13
United States Naval Station614376.91
Universal Compression6675,362.44
Universal Propulsion Co. Inc.11177.30
Universal Propulsion Company,161,888.58
Usa Compression Corp.612106,116.97
Usa Petroleum #36821111.36
Vacavalley Hospital110.02
Vacaville Fruit Co., Inc.6633,665.78
Vacaville Landfill (Old)28284,814.82
Vacaville Unified School Dist.11403.66
Vacaville, City Of22100.00
Vacaville, City Of 56316.91
Vacaville, City Of 33297.57
Vacaville, City Of, Commun Ctr660.00
Vacaville, City Of, Eastr Wwtp62446,870.57
Vacaville, City Of, Haz Waste 110.00
Vacaville, City Of, Well #8110.00
Vacaville, Cty Of, Leis Twn Rd22100.00
Vacaville,City Of, City Hall360.00
Vacaville,City Of, Gb Ind Wwtp3440.00
Vacaville,City Of, Police Dept220.00
Valero Benicia Asphalt Plant668140,929.15
Valero Refining Company119.65
Valero Refining Company1331,023.28
Valero Refining Company - Cali2579421,912,880.82
Vallejo Boat Works377,388.74
Vallejo Coffee Roasting Co110.02
Vallejo Corners Cleaners22223.17
Vallejo Garbage Service2216.93
Vallejo One Hour Cleaners 111,153.46
Vallejo Sanitation & Flood Con14216,175.50
Vallejo Sanitation & Flood Con6242,902.60
Vallejo Times - Herald134,204.40
Venoco, Inc7101,911.29
Vintage Petroleum6629,475.97
W R Meadows79839.69
Walton'S Marine Repair11464.64
Watson Auto Body Inc681,285.09
Wellco Manufacturing33190.93
West Sacramento, City Of1120.00
Western Compression6618,671.19
Willard'S Cleaners 111,193.93
Williams Communications110.00
Wilson-Cornelius Collision Rep2431.37
Woodard Chevrolet491,043.52
Xkt Engineering Inc, Railroad15241,332.75
Yla, Inc114,180.00
Young Products352,149.01
Your Cleaners22891.57