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Polluters in Sierra County, California
Alleghany (Footes Crossing)28286,569.06
Alleghany Landfill28281,069.83
Cal / Ida Dump28286,569.06
Caltrans Rock And D S2828198.56
Downieville Dump Saddleback Road2828198.56
Downieville Lavezolla Road Dump28286,569.06
Downieville Town Dump2828198.56
Evans Ranch Illegal Dump #22828324.45
Forest Town Dump28286,569.06
Haskell Peak Logging Co6162,997.89
Independence Lake Project28281,069.83
Loyalton Dump28281,069.83
Loyalton Town (Cemetery) Dump2828324.45
Original Sixteen To One Mine3639.36
P.G. & E Downieville663,026.86
P.G.&E. Sierra City331,440.00
Pine Transfer Station2828198.56
Ramshorn Landfill2828198.56
Sattely Landfill / Sierraville Burn Dump2828324.45
Sierra City Landfill2828198.56
Sierra City Town Dump2828324.45
Sierra Pacific Industries21252,569,196.00