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Polluters in Shasta County, California
A&A Prestige Cleaners22732.52
Accurate Body & Frame44497.76
Aggregate Products (Jfs-Ccr)203459,430.69
Allen & Dahl Funeral Chapel2323770.71
Allen & Dahl Funeral Chapel2626628.76
American Truck & Auto66635.65
Anderson Disposal Site Landfill28286,772.49
Anderson Petroleum116,040.00
Anderson-Cottonwood Concrete681,198.80
Aramark Uniform Services661,869.06
Art Hild Body Shop141,463.91
Artistic Body & Paint121,868.41
Aubrey Ridge Landfill28282,051.99
Bechelli Cleaners77803.90
Bernardi'S Collision Center11134.83
Big Bend Disposal Site2828248.32
Boulevard Body Shop131,329.08
Buckeye Disposal Site2828380.42
Buddie'S Auto Body11192.62
Burney Disposal Site2828248.32
Burney Fabricare77357.57
Burney Forest Products2020452,615,399.90
Burney Mountain Power19191,144,529.51
California Body & Frame11115.57
City Of Redding Benton Landfill2828380.42
Clear Creek Disposal Site2828248.32
Coachmaster Auto Body12577.86
Coca-Cola Bottling Company117,041.89
Columbia Analytical Services33959.12
Contech Construction Products11111,011.39
Cook Concrete Products22770.00
Creative Commerce, Inc.222,620.24
Cross Petroleum111,740.00
Crystal Creek Aggregate, Inc.61617,247.80
Dan Laughlin Customs11134.83
Del Mar Cleaners22888.27
Diablo Timber2615,119.08
Dicalite Minerals Corporation2729207,457.71
Fawndale Rock & Asphalt (Jfs)202921,238.81
French Gulch Disposal Site2828380.42
Harrison Gulch Disposal Site2828380.42
Hat Creek Disposal Site28282,051.99
Hobbs Auto Body11481.55
Igo / Ono Disposal Site28282,051.99
Inter Mountain Body Works12539.34
Intermountain Landfill2828297.54
Kenyon Body Repair1119.26
Kevin Kay Restorations1177.05
Kj'S Truck Repair11481.55
Kms Research, Inc.681,154.94
Knauf Fiber Glass Gmbh3669,641.00
Lake Boulevard Cleaners221,557.99
Lakehead Disposal Site28282,051.99
Larry'S Truck And Auto Body11404.50
Lehigh Southwest Cement Co.251263,729,910.70
Maaco Auto Painting114,622.88
Magic Auto Painting112,215.13
Mathews Readymix, Inc.229,363.20
Mel'S Auto Body11250.41
Mercy Medical Center63126,092.50
Mike'S Body Shop13943.84
Miller Auto Center12269.67
Mountain Gate Quarry62070,458.70
Nor-Cal Motor Rewinding5101,697.59
Northern Lights Energy, Inc.224,020.58
Northstate Asphalt6838,674.26
Northstate Readymix223,234.00
Old Shasta Disposal Site282815,117.89
Old Station Disposal Site2828380.42
Pacific Gas & Electric2346706,413.65
Packway Materials, Inc.6184,211.96
Phil-Tite Enterprises334,255.32
Phoenix Spas3320,101.04
Phoenix Spas1210,814.53
Platina Disposal Site28282,051.99
Precision Auto Body11500.81
Precision Moulding Company223,005.20
Pro Auto Body11500.81
Redding Freightliner1177.05
Redding French Bakery662,689.20
Redding Kenworth11231.14
Redding Medical Center63010,977.10
Redding Memorial Park26321,150.54
Redding Power Plant173316,902.98
Round Mountain Disposal Site282815,117.89
S.J. Denham, Inc.121,964.72
Shasta Cascade Forest Ind.244,425.84
Shasta Lake Auto Body11231.14
Shasta Redi-Mix (Jfs-Cc)2211,180.40
Shasta Redi-Mix (Jfs-Pf)220.00
Shea Sand & Gravel (Jfs-Sr)273376,377.68
Shingletown Disposal Site2828380.42
Sierra Pacific Ind. - Anderson1921427,353.29
Sierra Pacific Ind. - Burney21252,862,522.94
Sierra Pacific Ind. - Shasta L2030405,825.13
Sierra Pacific Indust. Woodwaste Lf2828380.42
Siller Bros, Inc.688,914.00
Simpson Paper Co / Dersch Road Landfill2828248.32
Siskiyou Forest Products241,789.46
Sleepy Hollow Pet Memorial Pk66430.00
Smf, Inc.11499.50
Staub Energy111,060.00
Steve & Gordies Rod Shop1119.26
Sunset Cleaners221,802.28
Taylor Made Plating220.00
Thunderbird Moulding Company3516,001.20
Tuxedo Den, Inc.22675.03
V.S.S. Emultech6619,614.20
Venture Ii1157.79
Village Plaza Cleaners221,072.71
Walker'S Custom Chrome220.00
West Central Landfill28282,286.16
Westside Aggregate24130.00
Wheelabrator Hudson E.C.I.2323796,336.77
Wheelabrator Lassen, Inc.66498,280.82
Wheelabrator Shasta E.C.I.1416103,811,878.53
Whiskeytown Disposal Site2828248.32
Whitmore Disposal Site28282,051.99
Wright'S Auto Frame1177.05