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Polluters in Santa Barbara County, California
979 Obispo St2828181.69
All American Pipeline, L.P.103201,965.88
Ballard Canyon Road2828181.69
Bell Pump Station660.00
Betteravia Road2828181.69
Blair Lease - Oilwell Tech.130.00
Boyne Ranch - Otec101612,363.38
Bradley Canyon Farms28284,814.82
Breck Property / Buellton, Hwy 1012828834.91
Breck Ranch2828181.69
Buellflat Rock Company7869,477.69
Calle Andalucia28284,814.82
Calmat - Goleta729193.95
Calmat - Santa Barbara631160.12
Carpinteria City Dump282822,038.27
Casmalia Resources2828181.69
Cat Canyon2422902,524,780.22
Cathedral Oaks Dump282822,038.27
Celite Corporation322530285,355,309.17
Celite Products Corp23235,345.70
Channel Inds. Inc.1212.00
Chevron U.S.A. - Cat Canyon85752,513.28
City Of Guadalupe Water Tank2828181.69
City Of Lompoc - Maintenance Operations14881,205.90
City Of Lompoc - Wwt Plant249132,059.58
City Of Lompoc-Landfill2626641.71
City Of Santa Barbara - El Estero Wwtp279013,433.00
City Of Santa Maria Landfill131312,708.86
City Of Santa Maria Wastewater Plant1344206.00
Clark Avenue Landfill2828181.69
Clark Avenue Source24795466,270.71
Conway - Brooking245219,946.73
Conway - Enos19897,399.16
Conway - Goodwin6480.00
Conway - Newhall Lease15701,256.87
Conway - Union Sugar24282333,309.09
Conway - Waite Bradley Lease16671,434.62
Conway Oil, Inc. - Hancock165562,675.83
Conway Oil, Inc. - Magenheimer24296202,790.06
County Of Santa Barbara - Courthouse1530837.41
County Of Santa Barbara - Foxen Canyon131316,755.87
County Of Santa Barbara - Jail15421,566.37
County Of Santa Barbara-Tajiguas Landfil3678379,967.82
County Of Santa Barbara/Laguna Sant.Dst15271,909.01
County Road Yard / Santa Ynez Airport2828834.91
Cuyama River Site2828181.69
Drum Canyon / West Side282822,038.27
Early Santa Maria Landfill2828181.69
Easter Rents631364.92
El Capitan Field110.00
Ellwood Generating Station72639,460.95
Engel & Gray, Incorporated251622,212.38
Erg- Orcutt Hill2430284,598,636.76
Exxon - Syu Project3010563,308,018.90
Exxon - Syu Project2914662,066,396.53
Fagerdala Usa Lompoc189124,873.47
Federal Correctional Institution1511334,855.11
Foothill Dump2828834.91
Foxen Canyon Sanitary Landfill28282,897.34
Garl Ranch282822,038.27
Gato Corporation24603836,284.52
Gato Ridge24531431,980.03
Gitte-Ten - Careaga247522,526.57
Goleta Sanitary District28119917.81
Gordon Sand - Guadalupe Division9603,885.45
Gps River Rock Products3488,753.61
Granite - Buellton1727580,153.59
Granite - Portable Rock Crushing Plant25588,290.43
Granite Construction Company71477,308.48
Grayson Service - Cat Canyon16761,107.62
Grayson Service - Tompkins2447199,646.79
Guadalupe - Wastewater Plant1534361.94
Hallador - South Cuyama246921,912,972.02
Hanson Aggregates Mid-Pacific - Various660.00
Hanson Aggregates-Goleta Batch Plant611712,174.46
Health Sanitation Service26521,928.11
Hunter - Careaga960751.44
Hunter Resources - Cat & White Fee6860.00
Innovative Micro Technology, Inc. (Imt)5126,940.00
Irving E Jenson Property282822,038.27
J.P. Oil24422100,003.05
Jem Degassing6120.00
Laguna Park2828834.91
Las Manos Lane2828834.91
Lash Construction25747,989.36
Livio Bognuda Ranch Dump282822,038.27
Lompoc Burn Dump2828181.69
Lompoc Federal Prison Wwds / Lf28284,814.82
Lompoc Hospital District26500.08
Lompoc Sanitary Landfill28283,371.25
Lompoc Warehouse2382,748.00
Los Alamos Energy, L.L.C.6120.00
Los Alamos Fee Waste Disposal Site2828834.91
Los Flores24381232,978.15
Los Positas Landfill2828834.91
Lynch Ready Mix Concrete Company, Inc.10495,984.02
Marian Medical Center15786,735.74
Mary C Hayes Property2828181.69
Mcghan Medical - 1160 Mark Avenue194010,900.82
Mcghan Medical - 600 Pine Avenue555,040.13
Mcghan Medical - 700 Ward Drive1992169,324.20
Mcghan Medical - Los Carneros17412,710.09
Mcghan Medical Corp.11250.00
Midstate Concrete Products, Inc.31525.86
Mission Hills2828834.91
Mission Linen Service15152,154.51
Mission Linen Supply15157,043.16
Molino Energy Company2671277.34
Monighetti Ranch2828181.69
Montecito Valley Ranch Lf2828834.91
Mountain & Victoria282822,038.27
New Cuyama Sanitary Landfill282886.56
Nieto & Sons - Degassing660.00
Nuevo - Lompoc/Pt. Ped2936393,360.25
Nuevo - Lompoc/Pt. Ped361091887,974.66
Nuevo - Platform Habitat364051,322,438.61
Nuevo - South County Offshore291846488,242.07
Nusil Tech.22500.00
Nusil Technology124813,364.94
Ocean View Nursery2828834.91
Off Broadway Mineral16701,044.17
Old Fortuna Ranch Dump (Private)2828181.69
Old Guadalupe City Dump2828834.91
Old Santa Barbara City Dump / 130 Garden S282822,038.27
Orcutt Pump Station3313196,762.32
Pacific Operators - Carpinteria2669692,716.47
Pacific Pipeline -Cuyama Pump Station957230.28
Parks Land & Cattle - Las Varas Canyon25391,337.61
Peralta St2828181.69
Phoenix Energy, Inc.136015,289.74
Pictsweet Frozen Foods16461,786.00
Preisker Park2828834.91
Purisima Hills Llc - Blair Lease24381455,704.19
Purisima Hills Llc- Barham Ranch24232338,529.93
Pyramid - Delaney/Tunnel6490.00
R.M.R Inc. Degassing Various Locations680.00
R.M.R. Incorporated6500.00
Raytheon Systems Co- Building B-8223,480.00
Raytheon- Buildings B1/2/3/6224,560.00
Raytheon-Hollister (Electronic Warfare)7710,480.00
Richards Oil - Wickenden Lease6380.00
Robert Wilks Property2828834.91
Saint Francis Medical Center15420.00
Santa Barbara City Dump (Old Class Ii)2828834.91
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital15430.00
Santa Barbara Jr. High School2828834.91
Santa Barbara Sand & Top Soil - Ellwood25402,153.69
Santa Maria Cogen, Inc.7732,071.24
Santa Maria Concrete Batch Plant103811,096.64
Santa Maria Pump Station26711,866.57
Santa Maria Refining - Armelin24154274,748.73
Santa Maria Refuse Disposal Site282816,827.21
Sb Co Flood Control Disposal Site2828834.91
Shumates Sandblasting2626100.40
Sierra Resources, Incorporated159415,077.14
Sisquoc Area28284,814.82
Sisquoc Pipeline94115,896.42
Sisquoc Sand, Rock And Gravel Plant1719093,525.54
Slick Gardner Ranch28284,814.82
Smrc/Union Sugar248322,236,107.16
Smv East24586735,814.08
So Cal Gas - La Goleta33552278,935.29
Solvang Transit Mix10493,425.98
Tajiguas Sanitary Landfill282810,603.91
Texaco - Fugler110.00
Texaco - North Cat Canyon813689.76
The Jet Center @ Santa Barbara993,020.00
The Okonite Company1646657,105.26
The Point Arguello Project3020838,316,716.88
The Point Arguello Project2745070,840.55
Trisep Corp.113118,409.59
Turnpike Dump2828181.69
Union Asphalt167224,157.55
Union Asphalt - 1529 E. Donovan Rd107518,220.34
Union Asphalt - 1625 E. Donovan Rd441,779.85
Union Asphalt - A St, Lompoc1029990.53
Union Asphalt - Garey Area712029,493.33
United States Navy - Santa Cruz Island6300.00
University Of California - Santa Barbara151429,533.94
Valley Composting & Top Soil Manure Proc2828834.91
Vandenberg Afb #1 & 22828834.91
Vandenberg Afb #102828181.69
Vandenberg Afb #12282822,038.27
Vandenberg Afb #3 & 42828181.69
Vandenberg Afb #52828834.91
Vandenberg Afb #62828834.91
Vandenberg Afb #7282822,038.27
Vandenberg Afb #828284,814.82
Vandenberg Afb #928284,814.82
Vandenberg Air Force Base3083236,479.79
Various Locations - American Coatings6120.00
Venoco - Carpinteria335371,621,602.89
Venoco - Ellwood358891,185,786.40
Venoco - Ellwood Marine Terminal2630019,833.49
Ventucopa Sanitary Landfill282876.23
Vulcan Materials Co. Santa Barbara120.08
West Main St28284,814.82
West Main Street Flood Plain28284,814.82
Wilcox Property (Aka Cypress Point)282822,038.27
Zaca Field24742186,863.21