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Polluters in San Mateo County, California
3rd Ave Lf / San Mateo Composting Site2828318.39
A & J Auto Body 2292.32
A Silvestri Corp22605.32
A&A Ready Mixed Concrete Inc2610,167.08
A-1 Auto Body Shop341,754.77
A-1 Cleaners 11876.90
Abc Body Shop231,781.46
Abc Cleaners221,061.95
Advanced Surf Designs23866.91
Aesculap Inc1113.13
Airport City Auto Body113.67
Alameda Newspaper Group/San Ma2511,090.83
Alaska Airlines - San Francisc34289.58
Albertsons #712766266.68
All Action Autobody/Aki'S Auto34178.19
All Car Auto Painting & Body R811889.15
All Makes Auto Body Shop33528.26
Allen'S Auto Body8112,562.52
Almega Collision Center46550.62
Alpha Graphics #35812408.00
Alves Petroleum Inc7221,992.31
Alza Corp. - Evra Site12500.00
Alza Corporation271,778.63
American Airlines66156.57
Anchor'S Away Detailing121,286.54
Anderson Lithograph42431,483.01
Andreini Bros Inc15213,017.19
Applied Biosystems242,556.00
Applied Biosystems Inc66249.62
Arco Products Company C/O Seco1116.83
Arco Station No 515 C/O Urs22393.42
Arco'S Auto Body Shop10123,027.57
Artistic Cleaners11448.57
Atlantic Envelope Company 18938.97
Auto Axcess Collision - Blnp C2226.28
Auto Collision Center493,869.11
Auto Europa Auto Body22712.23
Auto Expert Body Shop1144.27
Auto Metal Service 112.15
Auto World Body Works, Inc 3381.75
Automotive Enterprise471,366.12
Autoplus Body Shop & Paint33148.47
Avenue Auto Service Inc231,114.46
B & B Furniture Restoration2252.21
B&P Auto Body22205.09
B-2 Auto Body24503.60
Barrango Inc495,097.49
Bartlett'S Auto Body & Paint S35312.83
Bay Area Circuits Inc2914,305.81
Bay Auto Body And Painting13360.02
Bay Cities Collision Center362,485.33
Bay Road28281,260.16
Bayshore Autobody11156.76
Bayshore International Trucks57927.92
Beach Cleaners231,536.30
Belmont Auto Collision Repair22255.02
Belmont Island Park Landfill28284,438.89
Belmont Village Cleaners 111,349.08
Benz Auto Body45153.76
Benz Collision Center 4436.52
Berkeley Farms, Inc 222.48
Best Of The Bay Auto Body12690.29
Best Of The Bay Collision Repa119.77
Bfi Waste Systems Of North Ame225,532.84
Bfi Waste Systems Of North Ame91335,761.78
Blu-White Cleaners231,817.80
Blue Bird Cleaners221,466.37
Blue Ribbon Cleaners221,164.94
Bofors-Lithographix, Incorpora21126,218.68
Boni'S Auto Body Shop462,212.24
Borel Cleaners11945.90
Borel Cleaners 11284.15
Brianz Auto Body131,139.66
Brisbane Lagoon282836,458.37
Brisbane Landfill282836,458.37
Brisbane Printing25762.81
Brisbane Recycling Co, Inc28259.39
Broadway Auto Body232,185.08
Broadway Cleaners221,452.40
Broadway Cleaners & Laundry 111,173.70
Broadway Fashion Cleaners221,658.72
Brodhead Steel Prod 11187.55
Browning-Ferris Industries Of2342460,013.43
Buck & Change Cleaners11493.76
Burlingame Collision Repair Ce45682.69
Burlingame Ford 11193.01
Burlingame One Hour Cleaners22928.05
Burlingame Refuse Disposal Area28283,962.98
C G & E Auto Body22163.98
Cadillac Of Menlo Park3138,528.93
Caines Cleaners 111,092.75
Cal Auto Body112.37
Cal Spray Inc281,834.52
California Automotive Concepts253,272.91
California Image Body & Paint242,523.08
California Rock & Asphalt Inc74143,146.74
California Water Service Compa683,607.28
California Water Service Compa481.25
Camilleri'S Auto Works, Inc12801.02
Carl'S Auto Body11143.26
Carl'S Fine Dry Cleaning221,930.28
Carlmont Village Cleaners 11310.29
Carlos Cleaners 112,954.21
Carrera Auto Body/ Tai Shing A471,007.11
Carriage Cleaners11644.18
Carter Industries 1179.27
Catalytica Bay View, Inc 76312,832.13
Cds Leopold, Inc111,566.26
Central Cleaners221,126.61
Central Concrete Supply , Inc285,195.68
Central Concrete Supply, Inc22428,930.40
Certified Auto Body341,027.88
Chakalian Holiday Cleaners 111,011.81
Charles Graphics31911,519.62
Charles Schwab Co Inc1105,364.00
Chestnut Cleaners22741.60
Chilton Autobody244,617.55
City Of Burlingame, Waste Wate264756,224.87
City Of Daly City35219.23
City Of Daly City66509.12
City Of Daly City66229.86
City Of Foster City/Estero Mun1313875.99
City Of Menlo Park163075,479.23
City Of Millbrae Wastewater Tr913729.54
City Of Pacifica 111.94
City Of Pacifica Calera Creek6133,280.31
Classic Auto Body & Towing3333.47
Clean & Press For You 11661.05
Cleaning By Albert11445.20
Cleaning By Eddie22559.66
Coast Auto Body357,980.43
Coastal Circuits Inc.115.00
Coen Company, Inc17375,775.22
Coit Drapery & Carpet Cleaners6615,286.30
Collision Specialist11102.02
Colma Auto Body Shop Inc1114.99
Cologne Auto Body23931.59
Color Copy Printing22520,728.36
Color Tech2231.47
Common'S Auto Parts Inc110.00
Communications & Power Industr114219,301.47
Connoisseur Coffee Co244.13
Continental Tool Company Inc339.08
Cook'S Auto Body342,564.75
Corporate Identity Systems343,759.71
Costelli & Pardini Auto Body262,903.96
Costers Furniture Refinishing341,437.72
Country Club Cleaners 111,133.22
County Body Shop & Paint24716.65
County Dump28281,260.16
Cray Cleaners 11944.35
Creative Litho299,941.44
Crest Cleaners, Inc22686.96
Crocker Cleaners121,879.23
Crown Cleaners221,794.88
Crystal Cleaning Center221,125.20
Curley & Red'S Auto Body Shop251,233.31
Custom Metal Manufacturing Com1244.04
Cypress Amloc Land Co , Inc263176,963.27
Cypress Lawn Cemetery Associat78128.01
D & R Auto Body And Paint1173.28
D J Simpson Company64112,040.59
D'Garcis Auto Body56958.23
Daland Body Shop23919.47
Dan'S Auto Body 4469.73
De Luxe Cleaners221,601.19
Dean'S Auto Body & Painting231,127.57
Delta Star, Inc138,857.51
Dentpro Auto Body24180.77
Devincenzi Metal Products913700.50
Diaged North America, Inc8161,962.71
Discovery Partners Intl. Chemrx Div.365,670.00
Dolby Laboratories Inc1149.60
Dot Printer154,666.00
Dry Clean Way222,157.67
Drybay, Inc222,343.16
Dryclean City22804.18
Dupont Kansai223.08
Dura Finish Of San Mateo3811,002.27
E & E Enterprise2331.89
E & S Auto Service Center & Au112.44
E R Porter Marble Products Co 11840.92
Earl Scheib Of California Inc185,305.48
Eci Painting, Inc3134,690.46
Edgewater Cleaners221,708.05
El Camino Auto Body22422.90
El Camino Radiator113.63
Environmental Support Technolo110.02
Equilon C/O Cambria110.46
Eric Pennington Body And Paint261,993.50
Eric'S Auto Body & Paint111.04
Eureka Cleaners 11530.86
Euro Auto Body35524.57
Euro Design351,695.81
Eurotech Collision1193.61
Excel Car Pros333.02
Exotic Auto Body131,221.32
Expert Woodworking361,142.03
Express Drapery Cleaners11610.58
Exxon C/O Etic110.01
Exxon Company C/O Environmenta117.22
Exxon Company Usa C/O Eri 111.83
Exxon Company Usa C/O Etic110.01
Fairmont Cleaners 111,079.26
Falcon Collision Repair Center12579.93
Fashion Cleaners & Shirt Laund111,320.75
Fiberglass Unlimited, Inc231,844.74
Fiesta Valet 11121.42
Fineline Carpentry Inc461,312.07
Fong Brothers Printing Inc510414,686.37
Franco Consolacion C/O Rrm112.40
Frank Chavez Auto Body Repairs241,873.66
Franklin Templeton Companies I618867.77
Free-Flow Packaging Internatio81628,230.46
Frontierland Park Landfill28281,260.16
G & M Auto Body131,246.15
G & M Auto Body 44284.48
G & M Auto Body 1247.12
G & M Auto Body362,255.51
G N Renn, Inc5143,102.86
Gas Recovery Systems, Inc2080580,573.38
Gava'S Auto Body351,776.46
Gene'S Auto & Paint111,386.67
Genentech, Inc136425,135.65
George Lithograph31131,973.19
Georgia-Pacific Corporation83044,479.12
Giant Horse Printing, Inc244,766.75
Gino'S Auto Body34795.02
Giustos Speciality Foods, Inc241,727.40
Golden Auto Body Shop121,057.66
Gomez Iron Works13377.38
Goodman Ball, Inc44311.99
Grace Body Shop Inc152,219.95
Grand Prix Automotive141,610.51
Granite Rock94882,547.25
Granite Rock Company725144,351.99
Green Valley2828318.39
Green Valley Old Burn Dumpsite28284,438.89
Greenhouse Cleaners 11516.70
Guidant Cardiac And Vascular S11716.80
Guittard Chocolate Company7112,317.75
H N Lockwood Inc123,307.79
Hack'S Auto Body Inc34507.65
Haga Auto Body 12307.66
Half Moon Bay Aero1220.83
Half Moon Bay Building And Gar267,329.94
Half Moon Bay Cleaners11943.11
Half Moon Bay Landfill28284,438.89
Half Moon Bay Mitigation Site282836,458.37
Hanson'S Auto Repair131,058.50
Harbor Printing 22141.68
Harbor Ready-Mix241,127.39
Harbor Sand And Gravel22015,280.36
Harold'S Machine Shop110.00
Harris & Crisafi C/O Rrm 116.66
Harris Brothers Auto Body36601.50
Harris Brothers Auto Body Work12392.20
Harry W Tracy120.00
Hatcher Trade Press Inc1738,028.29
Helens Cleaners221,034.53
Hidalgos Auto Body Works Inc56986.31
Hills Cleaners221,268.51
Hilltop Cleaners222,405.96
Holiday Cleaners11551.89
Holiday Cleaners221,750.50
Holiday Cleaners22680.50
Holiday Cleaners 11418.21
Holiday Cleaners 11539.63
Holiday Cleaners11117.36
Holiday Cleaners Belmont22882.57
Holiday Cleaners Of America 11607.08
Holly Auto Body 2377.85
Hoot N' Toot Cleaners22234.70
Ici Paints 1111,603.58
Icpc Etched Circuits493,309.41
Image Auto Body12338.53
Industrial Plating Co110.00
Inter-City Cleaners239,064.22
International Auto Body Servic131,094.03
Ipt Sri Cogeneration Inc1128103,152.51
It Corporation 115.18
J & C One Hour Cleaners 11202.36
J & M Auto Body Repair Shop1113.59
J & M Auto Body Shop25970.17
J C Paper, San Francisco Envel26531.19
J'S Product Painting Co, Inc261,084.72
Jdc Manufacturing 3342.11
Jenny'S Cleaners11337.27
Jiffy Cleaners221,558.22
Jim Griffin & Sons Auto Body 2385.86
Jin'S Cleaners11496.46
Joe'S Auto Body472,178.98
Jofran Cleaners22780.41
Jones Auto Body131,034.67
Jr'S Auto Body Specialists 1222.45
Junipero Serra Solid Waste Disposal Site28281,260.16
Kaiser Foundation Hospital120.60
Kelly-Moore Paint Co, Inc76330,387.15
Kemet Autoworks 23272.67
Kennedy Auto Body & Paint Shop441,017.15
Kent Cleaners222,677.81
Kin'S Cabinets1193.61
Kin'S Cabinets124.36
Kuhlman'S Craftsmen Shop131,665.60
L C Auto Polishing & Body Work113.00
L-3 Communication, Electron De2102,795.09
L-3 Communications Electron Device Div.112.31
La Bay Restoration492,045.47
La Honda2828318.39
La Loma Auto Body Shop56621.63
Label Art Inc, West Coast Divi292,805.17
Landec Corporation 14122.36
Langley Hill Quarry21457,175.43
Lawrence Graphics 22403.62
Leader Cleaners221,074.00
Lithotype Company7299,468.88
Lomita Cleaners22437.38
Los Prados Cleaners 11559.87
Lowe'S Htw Inc66251.62
Lux Cleaners11282.23
Lux Dry Cleaners221,028.57
M & M Finishing Technology4101,667.04
M C Auto Body13507.66
Maaco Auto Painting & Body Wor451,128.89
Magic Color Auto Body Shop24538.09
Magnussen Buick-Pontiac-Gmc 22286.02
Major Auto Body, Inc351,812.09
Major Cleaners11451.94
Maldonado'S Auto Body & Paint 119.69
Marine Systems 2290.89
Mark'S Body Shop11470.45
Marsh Manor Cleaners22997.85
Marsh Road Sanitary Landfill282815,275.05
Martinez Frame Auto Body24870.52
Masters Auto Body241,354.18
Maxygen Inc66250.39
Mci Worldcom551,884.01
Mcnevin Cleaning Specialists I11178.08
Membrane Technology & Research131,453.37
Menlo Art Cleaners 11944.35
Menlo Park Buick-Pontiac-Gmc C11644.11
Menlotech Inc 24183.51
Mentzer Electronics110.07
Merlex Auto Body5523.28
Mesfine Auto Body & Paint23402.44
Metal Fusion Inc2261.40
Metro Bay Centre 151510.45
Metro Cleaners 111,069.14
Metropolitan Furniture Corpora74483,049.30
Mic'S Auto Body Inc253,420.86
Midland Cabinet Co141,106.62
Mike Harvey Honda1179.20
Mills 1 Hour Cleaners221,202.68
Mills Health Center15256,214.22
Mills Park Cleaners222,912.93
Miracle Auto Painting 11611.40
Miracle Auto Painting 22328.99
Miracle Auto Painting188,000.36
Moderne Drapery Service113,332.22
Montara Sanitary District66192.22
Moquin Press Inc187,080.00
Motorized Auto Body Works4517.84
Mountanos Brothers Coffee9509,382.08
Muscat Auto Body12898.31
Mussel Rock Disposal Site28284,438.89
My Cleaners22610.06
National Cleaners223,737.98
Necktar Therapeutics111,147.20
New A-1 Cleaners11740.52
New Look Auto Body 2267.46
New Mode Cleaners, Inc113,165.60
New Star Cleaners11539.63
Nikon Precision Inc 111.98
North San Mateo County Sanitat205048,322.21
Nou Veau Cleaners 111,079.26
O'Brian Corp Site28284,438.89
Office Of The Sheriff6121,354.64
Olivet Memorial Park 110.01
Olsen Auto Body Repair232,104.25
One Hour Cleaner11457.94
One Hour Country Cleaners 11930.86
One Hour Dry Cleaning221,790.84
One Hour Dry Cleaning 11421.31
One Hour Drycleaning222,117.30
One Hour Martinizing22788.18
Oroweat Foods Company83425,196.40
Ortho Mcneil Pharmaceutical66217.97
Pacific Bell66608.16
Pacific Bell110.67
Pacific Bell66485.47
Pacific Bell66653.80
Pacific Bell66778.73
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa59188.91
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa481.93
Pacsci Quantic Llc11132.73
Palm Avenue Motors Inc8123,295.69
Par Auto Body Shop571,642.79
Paramount Collision Specialist22116.22
Park'S Wardrobe Cleaners22916.30
Parkside Plaza Cleaners 111,875.22
Parkwood 101 Ltd.28284,438.89
Paul'S Auto Body13438.38
Paul'S Auto Body116.43
Pe Biosystems3103,589.38
Peninou French Laundry232,752.38
Peninsula Auto Body 361,296.45
Peninsula Auto Body Inc172,135.19
Peninsula Body Works 111.67
Peninsula Cleaners224,220.79
Peninsula French Laundry, Inc222,009.87
Peninsula Laboratories Inc231,010.39
Peninsula Medical Center102210,687.64
Perclose Incorporated115,572.00
Perkinelmer Fluid Sciences121,044.00
Pescadero (Old)2828318.39
Pescadero Solid Waste Disposal2828318.39
Pet'S Rest Cemetery77355.98
Pete'S Auto Body Shop3354.48
Peter Pan Motors Inc141,348.00
Peterson Products, Inc31110,372.32
Pharmetrix, A Division Of Tcpi112.30
Pic Industries110.00
Pilarcitos Quarry282,400.54
Pillar Point Afs14534,218.03
Pioneer Motor Bearing Co120.14
Pks Cleaners 11120.74
Platinum Auto Specialist13815.95
Polhemus Cleaners And Laundry 11829.01
Poly Clean Center223,907.51
Port Of Redwood City24618.87
Porta'S Auto Body & Towing Inc131,079.98
Pr Body Shop461,961.90
Praxair, Inc 2293.31
Premier Roaster, Llc6166,803.40
Price Rite Cleaners, Inc 11984.83
Primrose Cleaners 11715.01
Priola Body Shop22211.43
Pro Auto Body2411.40
Pro Tech Auto Body13471.13
Pulido Auto Body & Paint Shop131,694.79
Putnam Buick,Pontiac & Gmc581,934.26
Pyramid Printing & Graphics111,008.78
Quality Auto Body & Painting35499.40
Quality Coachwork Ltd251,252.08
Quong Lee Laundry 222,785.98
R & M Classic Cars22166.13
R C & A, Inc3109,013.42
R&S Erection Of San Mateo126.97
Ramos Woodworking, Inc 22218.73
Randtron Systems27815.47
Raychem Corporation 10367,844.06
Raychem Corporation 2101,295.09
Raychemhts, Div Of Tyco Therma47325,914.02
Recon Unlimited 26530.80
Rector Motor Car Co34895.86
Redwood City Disposal Site282836,458.37
Redwood City Dodge, Inc11957.08
Redwood Shores Cleaners11957.84
Remediation Risk Management, I110.28
Richard'S Dry Cleaners221,007.20
Rmc Pacific Materials Inc2149,430.96
Rmc Pacific Materials Inc21020,692.49
Rmc Pacific Materials, Inc2101,225.58
Rod Mc Lellan Co.2828318.39
Rollin J Lobaugh, Inc124,304.00
Romic Environmental Technologi2514229,210.29
Roy'S Cleaners221,772.50
Royal Airline Linen Of San Fra111,884.82
Royal Auto Body Shop34949.98
Royal Cleaners11470.86
Royal Laundry233,162.74
Royalite Manufacturing Inc11185.73
Royalty Auto Collision Center34612.13
Rpm Steel Fabrication Inc231,469.59
S & A Auto Body Shop351,448.56
S & W Coffee Company 110.00
S F Bay Area Rapid Transit Dis11350.00
Samson Press 1212.34
San Bruno Auto Center Inc12374.91
San Bruno Auto Kraft34486.80
San Carlos Dry Cleaners22688.97
San Carlos Paint & Body Shop 2341.84
San Francisco Airport2828318.39
San Francisco Offset Printing156,381.86
San Mateo County General Hospi360.31
San Mateo County Memorial Park28281,260.16
San Mateo County Office Of Edu47821.43
San Mateo County Transit Distr171,405.60
San Mateo County Transit Distr111,543.91
San Mateo Water Quality Contro216413,289.81
Sanford Metal Processing Co 1210.80
Saronix Inc13699.42
Saturn Bay Body Shop Llc 575,276.36
Saturn Of Colma Body Shop1610,030.84
Scavenger Belmont Dump28284,438.89
Seaport Petroleum Corporation 51014.00
Seaport Refining And Environme6121,520.11
Sequoia Health Services 4127.95
Serramonte Auto Plaza Body Sho261,818.44
Serramonte Ford Body Shop8112,569.64
Seton Medical Center92010,978.06
Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside15323,552.11
Sfpp, Lp710811,703.20
Sharon Height Drycleaning Cent223,849.48
Shell Oil Co, Distribution Pla74715,263.88
Siebel Systems Inc66641.80
Silver Star Auto Body13909.62
Simsmetal America2211,017.50
Sing Tao Newspaper (Sf) Ltd1318,384.00
Skylawn Memorial Park 120.02
Skyline Cleaning Center233,109.08
Skyline Dump2828318.39
Smac Industries21417,258.63
Somerset Printing241,822.45
South Bay Body Shop23729.35
South Bay Marble Inc3829,394.96
South Bayside System Authority1525574.77
South Bayside System Authority166633,810.77
South San Francisco Municipal Dump28284,438.89
South San Francisco-San Bruno152250,023.35
Southgate Cleaners221,032.94
Specialty Auto Works & Towing13992.58
Sri International35956.24
Ss Manufacturing & Woodworking142,340.81
Stanford Lincoln Mercury362,283.01
Stanford Linear Accelerator103937,246.03
Steels Body Shop 1117.63
Stuttgart Motors110.26
Summit Auto Body Painting363,692.34
Sunquest Properties Inc1515116.06
Sunquest Properties Inc110.00
Sunrise Cleaners22808.37
Sunset Scavenger Company12211.94
Super Tech Body Shop131,010.07
Superior Aluminum Body Corpora492,897.02
Superior Body Shop9132,247.12
Swif Kleen Cleaners 11516.70
Sylvan Auto Body44456.04
Tara Cabinets121,754.51
Techcraft-Elgin Auto Supply &110.00
Technics Auto Body & Detailing1162.08
The Hawkins Co 110.09
The House Of Coffee220.14
The Printing Press112.54
The Sandal Factory Inc2230.01
Three Diamonds Auto Body & Pai3381.92
Tidy Cleaners22616.04
Tiger'S Autobody & Paint34361.51
Tommy'S Cleaners221,173.76
Tong Lee And Thomas Auto Body36624.00
Top Hat Cleaners221,294.23
Tosco Marketing Company11177.44
Town & Country Cleaners221,556.33
Towne Ford362,036.70
Toyota 1011139.20
Trade Mark Coffee Corp9283,253.43
Transcoast Envelope Company 192,161.78
Triple R Auto Body12685.10
Triple R Auto Body,Inc 33269.01
Troy'S Auto Body35443.50
Twin Cleaners11384.49
Tyco Electronics Corporation64568,903.65
Tyco Electronics Corporation32410,948.08
Tyco Thermal Controls L.L.C.2311,255.00
U S A Auto Body 2241.97
Unique Custom Auto Body & Deta241,120.30
United Airlines, Sf Maintenanc694514,291.31
United Auto Collision Center C1179.93
Us Airways6369,313.06
Us Auto Body 112.84
Vallejo'S Auto Body34245.97
Veterans Administration Medica154513,349.85
Vida,A Division Of Architectur3103,914.26
View Rite493,249.50
Vogue Cleaners222,179.97
Waldschmidt Automotive23410.56
Walsh'S Coffee Roaster220.11
Walter Jacobi And Sons, Inc13753.76
Wardrobe Cleaners22794.05
Warren'S Waller Press Inc11536,280.00
Wayne Dalton Of South San Fran11627.74
Wedemeyer Bakery47300.02
Wesgo Ceramics86713,117.19
West Bay Sanitary District11705.62
West Coast Collision25515.79
West Coast Valet Service, Inc235,014.32
Westlake French Cleaners221,191.93
Westport Landfill Site28281,260.16
White Oak Cleaners22572.82
Wickland Oil Company11634.33
Williams Autobody & Paint343,571.50
Wo Sing Cleaners22444.99
Woodlawn Cemetery7352,108.58
World Journal1210,238.00
Wright Cleaners221,020.27
Zak'S Auto Body25941.81