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Column information
Polluters in San Luis Obispo County, California
7-11 Citgo (Atascadero)111.49
7-11/Citgo (Pismo Beach)111.25
Aero-Motion, Inc1184.96
Air-Vol Block682,390.56
American Eagle Airlines, Inc11234.61
Applied Technologies Assoc.111,580.97
Arco # 50741111.46
Arco # 5562 (Atascadero)119.17
Arco # 5779 1110.25
Arco # 58071112.72
Arco # 59061116.46
Arco # 60331113.64
Arco # 63511115.96
Arco Am/Pm1111.97
Arco, Quick Stuff # 7707119.56
Arroyo Grande Com. Hospital6184,548.18
Arroyo Grande Shell #135061115.55
Arroyo Valley Crematory1315136.76
Artesia Ready Mix22194.04
Atascadero Arco1112.82
Atascadero Marble Works111,352.11
Atascadero Mutual Water Co.694,991.47
Atascadero State Hospital91816,597.30
Atascadero State Hospital Landfill2828277.88
Auto Body Builders11270.16
B & B Body Shop112,183.39
Barnes Furniture11637.58
Beacon #515115.85
Belmonte Shutters111,215.89
Bemmy'S Auto Painting 11803.44
Benedict-Retty Crematory1315501.81
Big Boyz Autobody 11384.87
Blake Printing And Publishing116,612.00
Bodyman, The11192.40
Borzini Sand & Gravel683,037.38
Brisco Pit Landfill2828277.88
Brooks Woodcraft11564.56
C & N Auto Body111,846.97
Cal Army National Guard23120.16
Cal Coast Fuel12893.30
Cal Poly Landfill28283,514.27
Cal Poly State U115316,676.62
Calabel, Llc111,240.00
Calif Valley Comm Services District Lf2828277.88
California Fine Wire11193.77
California Mens Colony165854,332.57
California Mens Colony Landfill2828277.88
California Valley Landfill2828298.41
California Youth Authority282814,242.21
Cambria Auto Restoration111,119.79
Cambria General Store111.18
Cambria Rock/S&G610366.80
Cambria Solid Waste Disposal Site28283,514.27
Camp Roberts Inactive Landfill282814,242.21
Camp Roberts Landfill2828277.88
Camp Roberts Solid Waste Disposal Site2828319.58
Camp San Luis Obispo2332.08
Cbi Water61138,695.48
Chalk Mountain Liquor111.94
Chapala Market111.32
Chapel Of The Roses1315654.98
Chemron Corporation11197,038.78
Chevron # 917171114.79
Chevron # 958671114.46
Chevron # 98425118.97
Chevron #90750 (Benser#2)112.89
Chevron #91156 (Bewley'S)116.95
Chevron #98013 (Dorsey)116.18
Chevron (Hwy 41)115.64
Chevron (San Miguel)113.58
Chevron (Templeton)114.92
Chevron By The Sea111.52
Chevron Station #90150118.56
Chevron Station #93181114.15
Chevron Station #981691110.55
Chevron Station #99098113.15
Chicago Grade Landfill6138,241.31
Circle K #01232113.50
Circle K #1197111.44
Circle K Stores Inc #2705675113.63
Circle K Stores, Inc 113.87
Circle Z111.16
City Of Grover Beach660.00
City Of Paso Robles11296.60
City Of Pismo Beach342,319.33
City Of San Luis Obispo22461.89
Classic Coach Werks111,639.79
Cold Canyon Landfill, Inc61021,662.47
Conoco Phillips #252411 113.28
Conoco Phillips #254232113.18
Conoco Phillips #254717115.28
Conoco Phillips #255679115.73
Conoco Phillips #255798113.84
Conoco Phillips #256053110.73
Conoco Phillips #256293114.41
Conoco Phillips Santa Maria Fa232018,453,653.95
Conocophillips Santa Maria Facility17298,019.36
Conocophillips Santa Maria Facility Carbon Plant5710,964.65
County Engineer L.O.V Landfill671,008.13
Creston Disposal Site (Blm)2828277.88
Crockett Auto Body11908.98
Cslo Animal Regs282814,242.21
Cslo Pennington Creek Landfill2828970.67
Cslo Sutter Ave28283,514.27
Cuesta Cadillac & Olds110.00
Cuesta College Eng/Tech11416.02
Custom Woodcraft352,314.12
Darrel Twisselman681,338.54
Davis Autobody North 111,522.06
Davis Boats136,282.00
Davis Body Shop 111,542.99
Duke Energy Morro Bay381572,934,454.80
Dye Property / Old Cold Canyon Landfill2828970.67
Eagle Energy Cardlock110.66
Edna Road Dump2828970.67
El Paso De Robles Landfill28282,821.36
El Paso De Robles Youth Corr.685,881.32
Ennis Business Forms, Inc.115,958.00
Ernie Ball, Inc.118,260.74
Exxon Mobil #10659114.44
Exxonmobil #11407114.12
Failsafe Fiberglass246,045.87
Fashion Cleaners22387.31
Firestone Walker Llc671,155.00
Foothill Texaco #121063111.01
Frank Rrenteria11186.05
French Hospital6131,056.74
Golden Gate Exxon (Atascadero)112.50
Golden Gate Exxon (Los Osos)115.07
Golden Gate Exxon (Paso Robles115.76
Golden Gate Petroleum131,034.28
Golding Ranch Dump2828277.88
Gomer Ranch Landfill28283,514.27
Grover Beach 76113.20
Hanson Aggregates Mid-Pacific224,354.87
Hanson Aggregates, Morro Bay222,902.55
Hanson Aggregates, Paso Robles2211,159.92
Hanson Aggregates, S. Marg.626134,131.40
Heilman Ranch2828277.88
Henderson Petrol-Eagle Energy114.09
Higuera Auto Body111,199.08
Hinson Dump28283,514.27
Hobby Shop, The111,289.98
Hong'S Quality Auto Metal Work11363.82
Hunter Auto Body111,199.08
J. B. Dewar, Inc132,492.36
J. B. Dewar, Inc132,637.60
J.P. Oil Co., Inc.101287,974.62
Jaco Oil (Appy'S Liquor)110.85
Jaco Oil Co (Wayside Liq & Del111.99
Jefferis Auto Body11836.07
Jj'S Landscape Products222.58
John'S 76114.40
Joslyn Sunbank Co.9162,869.90
Just Finished11523.22
Katch-Go Petroleum1112.40
Ken'S Auto Body11353.92
Knowlton Brothers, Inc.112,714.25
Kritz Excavation And Trucking220.00
Laguna Cleaners22170.24
Laguna Shell #136023117.07
Lake Nacimiento Resort Landfill2828277.88
Larsons Body Shop11215.94
Lime Mountain Co626110,312.07
Lindamar Industries, Inc113,740.00
Los Osos Auto Body112,895.20
Los Osos Landfill28283,514.27
Los Osos Valley Mem. Park1315324.57
Los Osos Valley Shell #120570113.70
Mesa Autobody 111,995.04
Mesa View Market111.34
Mission Uniform Service661,590.77
Mobil (Spring St)113.10
Mobil Oil Corporation 18-G8k115.13
Monterey Beacon111.57
Morro Bay Body & Paint1176.64
Morro Bay Cabinets, Inc117,667.14
Morro Bay Sanitary District2828970.67
Morro Bay/Cayucos Wwtf11118.82
Mullahey Ford111,955.36
Mumford Ranch2828970.67
Navajo Rock & Block/Cement221.62
Navajo Rock And Block/Sand22839.80
Negranti Construction6149,268.16
Nella Oil Company114.39
Nipomo Community Services Dist6625,862.68
Nipomo Mesa Dump2828277.88
Nipomo Park Dump2828277.88
Nu-Way Cleaners221,668.16
Nunes Pristine Auto Body112,516.13
Nunno Corporation333,904.50
Oak Hills Mem. Pet Care1315191.36
Ocean Plaza Cleaners22359.46
Old Cambria Marketplace112.95
One Hour Angels Cleaner22327.91
One Hour Valley Cleaners11399.60
Orlando Cantu'S Custom Auto Bo11244.44
Otis Auto Body113,311.01
Pacific Waste Services676,753.20
Paris Precision Products6104,584.45
Paso Robles Jet Center1294.19
Paso Robles Truck Center11267.17
Paso Robles Truck Plaza110.73
Paso Robles Wwtp28283,514.27
Paso Robleswwtp / Old Paso Robles Dump282814,242.21
Paul'S Dry Cleaners221,112.21
Paul'S Mobile Metal Art11273.54
Perry Ford11264.96
Perry Ranch282814,242.21
Petro Grande Mobil1115.30
Pg&E Diablo Canyon Pp71548,331.34
Pintor'S Tire & Fuel111.28
Plains Exploration916140,598.85
Plaza Cleaners11219.36
Plaza Cleaners Ii22309.16
Precision Collision112,547.08
Pro Forms, Inc112,234.00
Progressive Auto Art111,046.29
Promega Biosciences89688.08
Quality Auto Body11549.26
Quinn Rental Services22224.55
R Corner Store111.34
R&B Auto Body112,187.35
R&R Rolloff660.00
Rainbow Auto Painting113,953.10
Rainbow Marine/Auto Paint.111,083.04
Reid'S Auto Body Works11696.24
Rivera'S Body/Paint113,158.22
Rod'S Auto Body11727.18
San Luis Autobody114,318.62
San Luis Autobody - Express111,208.62
San Luis Bay Estates28283,514.27
San Luis Chevron116.97
San Luis Customs11918.65
San Luis Garbage11696.00
San Luis Obispo Shell #136024115.09
San Luis Paints111,472.00
San Luis Sourdough6935,509.78
San Luisdowntown Shell #136026115.62
San Miguel Flouring Mill Co2422.65
Sebastian Oil Distributor112.64
Sebastian Oil Distributor111.40
Shell # 135063 114.75
Shell # 136025 (Madonna)115.12
Shell #587401 (Pioneer)113.89
Shell #687013 (Dn Tn San Luis)115.84
Shell (Nipomo)1163.45
Sheriff'S Dept. Animal Service1315635.79
Shields Site / Valenta'S Illegal Dump2828970.67
Shore'S Beacon112.41
Sierra Body Shop116,827.02
Sierra Vista Reg Med Center6125,325.47
South Sloc San Dist343,185.00
Sp Maintenance Services1156.00
Specialty Silicone Fabricators1111,109.00
Spyglass Shell #135769114.32
Stagecoach Liquor110.71
Story Park, Camp San Luis Obispo (Cslb)28283,514.27
Strasbaugh, Inc11736.78
Stuart'S Petroleum Station117.62
Sunbrite Cleaners22431.43
Sunset Honda11329.12
Team Collision Center11625.95
Templeton Feed & Grain6102,152.96
Templeton Market & Deli112.78
Templeton Steel Fab, Inc111,322.00
Texaco (J & J Service)111.71
Texaco California, Inc.23621.21
The Tribune114,808.00
Tosco Distrib. Co., S. Marg.101621,498.22
Tosco Refining Co., Creston6112,049.89
Tosco Refining Company101721,463.04
Tosco Refining, Summit130.00
Troesh Ready Mix Concrete2219,958.40
Troesh Ready Mix Sand/Gravel2213,817.49
True Tube Inc11116.00
Twin Cities Comm Hospital671,046.75
Two Bay Petroleum122,774.11
Ultramar Inc. #3556118.14
Ultramar Inc. #557119.08
Union Asphalt2837,407.23
Union Asphalt Inc614188,217.57
Union Asphalt Ready Mix228,633.24
Union Asphalt, Inc2215,746.40
Unocal, Guadalupe14789.56
Valley Convenience Stores #10113.33
Valley Liquor114.81
Valley Pacific Petroleum Servi116.45
Viborg Sand And Gravel681,443.16
Villa Automotive111,843.30
Village Center Dry Cleaners22791.52
Village Center Dry Cleaners22548.81
Vintage Autobody111,688.19
Vons-Safeway #4607 (Gdf)116.07
Wallace Computer Services118,560.00
Walter Warren Ranch28283,514.27
West Coast Industrial Coatings1112,780.00
Willis Warren Ranch2828277.88
Winsor Construction, Rock223,317.86
Winsor Construction, Sand22186.05
Woodland Chevron119.28
Woods Humane Society1315408.29
Zurn Inds. Wilkins Div.115.00