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Polluters in San Francisco County, California
1010 Full Service Dry Cleaner221,158.57
19th Avenue Auto Body Center352,517.08
19th Avenue Cleaner22786.45
20th Avenue Cleaner221,080.50
Aa Auto Garage Repair227.57
Aa Auto Garage Repair12567.53
Aart Marble Company 126,505.48
Accurate Auto Body, Inc11950.10
Advanced Litho Systems, Inc195,370.53
Aircraft Service International2670.03
Ajc Autobody34432.84
Al'S Body Shop 46252.53
Alioto'S Garage Inc382,438.14
All Car Collision Center 3344.11
America'S Best Coffee Roasting55800.09
American Auto Repair & Paintin1129.40
American Linen886,919.51
Anchor Brewing Company883,015.31
Anderson Enterprises Inc231,482.45
Annabelle'S French Cleaner22725.45
Aristocrat Cleaners11586.85
Arlene'S Cleaners221,226.34
Asap Cleaners, Inc 11917.37
Astoria Metal Corporation349,878.70
Astro Cleaners11533.73
Astro Cleaners 11324.74
At&T Broadband66382.67
Auto Analysts11410.78
Auto Body Experts2497.33
Aux Provencaux11704.00
Avenue Body Shop36688.87
Azteca Body Shop & Auto Recons4436.31
Bank Of America10546,850.79
Bay Area Auto Spa, Inc572,214.52
Bay Breeze Cleaners11800.60
Bayview Dryclean & Laundry Ser115,811.82
Bedrock Ready Mix Service Inc263,948.08
Bell Cleaners221,390.51
Blue Bird Cleaners22787.43
Bode Gravel Co21448,650.13
Body Master Usa23191.93
Borden Decal Company4313,723.32
Borello'S Cleaners 112,590.23
Botta'S Auto Body 1159.08
Brizuela'S Body Shop1219.17
Bruno'S Auto Body Shop11203.99
Bryant Auto Body, Llc59703.72
Buchanan Cleaners221,557.44
Buchanan Cleaners221,993.27
Budget Cleaners221,135.44
Burns Cleaners 11323.78
Business Cards Tomorrow111,019.96
C & P Auto Body Shop264,815.32
Cable & Wireless Usa C/O Stear66184.22
Caffe Classico, Inc220.86
Caffe Roma Coffee Co66182.00
Caffe Roma Coffee Roasting Co220.10
Caffe Trieste224.65
Caffe Trieste 331.07
Caffe Trieste, Inc55686.73
California Highway Patrol440.34
California Model & Design Grou1178.24
California Oak Cleaners223,394.27
California Pacific Med Ctr, Pa156710,674.91
California Pacific Medical Cen145016,594.66
California Pacific Medical Cen12648,874.15
Cameo Cleaners 111,150.09
Cameo Cleaners 111,254.64
Campero'S Corporation132,481.97
Campton Place Hotel221,590.09
Carlos Arroyo & Sons 22198.42
Cars Dawydiak8115,664.30
Casella Lighting Co 243,007.44
Castro Cleaners11607.50
Cb Mill, Inc126,401.59
Central City Auto Body & Paint4598.34
Central Concrete Supply2128,228.99
Central Shops/City & County Of27434.03
Champion Auto Body, Inc 2235.91
Champion Auto Body, Inc 3332.89
Charles Henry Company4133,339.39
Chestnut Street Cleaners222,170.40
Chevron Prods. Co. San Francisco Terminal51013,201.00
Chevron Products Company 113.64
Chevron Products Company52394,850.02
Chinese Hospital662,963.59
Circa Corporation 22383.04
City And County Of San Francis134414,747.36
City Cabinetmakers248,642.43
City Overhead Doors11313.63
Clean N' Save223,123.97
Clean Wash Center221,515.96
Clearwater Group11120.16
Clift Hotel22545.69
Coach Specialties, Inc 11305.87
Cole Cleaners22886.78
Colorgraphics Inc102168,536.58
Columbus Auto Body221,745.68
Comet Cleaners222,394.00
Consumers Auto Body Repair 44200.62
Cornerstone Evangelical Baptis220.13
Cortland 1 Hr Cleaners22800.95
County Line Cleaners 113,955.49
County Line Cleaners11518.36
Creative Auto Body Shop, Inc34214.24
Crown Cleaners111,080.00
Custom Cabinet & Counter Top145,722.29
Custom Motorcycle Painting1181.04
D/D Auto Body Repair 1116.64
Dan'S Auto Service C/O Secor111.87
Darling International8817,383.80
Darling International32993,525.59
Davis Cleaners22773.97
Delancey Street Foundation 2335.94
Delta Air Lines, Inc23166.35
Delta C/O Environmental Cost M110.20
Diamond Height Cleaners22458.36
Don'S Auto Body2811,714.14
Don'S Auto Body366,189.48
Dri Clean Expert22459.24
Dri Clean Express 11947.15
Dri Clean Express11373.05
Earl Scheib Auto Paint Shop135,532.99
Earl Scheib Inc Of California248,261.71
Ed Arroyo Auto Body35654.61
Emerald City Auto Body342,008.02
Equilon Enterprises C/O Cambri111.30
Equity Office Properties8183,958.67
Equiva Services C/O Secor Inte119.45
Erm West11143.91
Esrik Cleaners 111,357.07
Eur-Asia Motors253,408.66
Eureka Coffee220.16
Europa Malvina Coffee220.41
European Cleaners22913.55
Excellent Cleaners221,995.79
Express Cleaner221,719.52
F & J Auto Body 1227.90
F Lofrano & Son Inc1190.82
F Lofrano And Son Inc463,260.17
F Lofrano And Son Inc481,189.12
Fabricare Cleaners242,264.55
Fabricare Dry Cleaners221,403.61
Fairmont Hotel 11383.14
Fairway Cleaners22472.53
Family Cleaners11674.54
Fanta Cleaners 11991.57
Fay Cleaners221,806.19
Federal Aviation Administratio612753.09
Fernando'S Auto Body & Paint351,176.34
Fine Arts Cleaners 122,394.61
First California Press152,418.00
Flora Crane282813,179.82
Flying Dutchman Auto Body23545.24
Forderer Cornice Works 23509.19
Fortune Cleaners11270.62
Four Mile Cleaners221,402.29
Fox Marble & Granite 11315.39
Francisco Bay Cleaners & Laund221,979.98
Franco & Son23235.78
Franklin Auto Body132,946.86
Franklin Auto Body Shop141,010.13
Fulton Fabricare Center 11337.27
Gary'S For Professional Drycle11269.82
General Graphic Services Inc23229.74
General Services Administratio8243,970.69
George Olsen Cadillac Inc4142,202.51
German Motors Corp8194,625.22
Gigler'S Auto Body3337.92
Glen Park Cleaners 11930.86
Golden City Auto Body3377.61
Golden Express Auto Body & Pai34979.41
Golden Gate Bridge, Highway &384,159.06
Golden Gate Disposal Co56764.47
Golden Hanger Cleaners 111,828.00
Golden State Cleaners22566.12
Gonzalez Steel Drum Co7127,565.18
Graffeo Coffee Roasting Compan225.26
Grand Star Cleaners11364.25
Grant Cleaners111,362.57
Grant Printing184,066.00
Graphic Sportswear 120.00
Graphic Sportswear111,460.00
Hamada Coffee Roastery & Cafe220.49
Handa Auto2231.23
Hayes Auto Repair25621.15
Hilton Hotel 11573.36
Holiday Cleaners 11811.47
Howard Quinn Company167,774.00
Hunter'S Point2828313.63
Ideal Auto Rebuilders Inc 22183.72
Imperial Auto Painting121,626.08
Industrial Auto Body Shop451,372.97
International Sport Motors131,843.83
Interstate Brands Corporation84019,418.02
J & A Folsom Auto Body 3340.59
James Benjamin Quality Finishi23279.81
Jeremiah'S Pick Coffee Company710918.63
Kaiser French Campus16342,605.01
Kaiser Permanente Medical Cent9221,917.89
Kent Cleaners 11991.57
Kent Cleaners11923.55
Kgo Television Abc Inc661,131.28
Kim'S Auto Body & Paint Center23522.25
Korea Auto Body 2210.65
Kqed Inc66509.12
Laguna Honda Hospital153124,917.66
Laidlaw Transit Inc330.01
Lakeside French Cleaners221,749.29
Lason, A Lason Company 25323.86
Lee Auto Body And Mechanic, In571,003.88
Lee Loy Cleaners 11404.72
Leewood Press Inc163,434.00
Leland Cleaners222,343.03
Level 3 Communications66337.53
Liberty Press111,250.00
Locust Cleaners221,684.21
Lombard Dry Cleaners221,851.91
Lou'S English & European Auto24489.67
Louis Roesch Company258,349.44
Lucky Cleaners221,159.13
Luxor Cab Company241,353.02
M-B Body Shop Of San Francisco1175.45
Mack'S Valet Cleaners221,048.12
Mae Cleaners11113.92
Major Auto Body Repair56492.33
Manila Auto & Body 22121.35
Marble Maker244,876.91
Marco Fine Furniture, Inc 1151.67
Marco Lucero Auto Body Shop 45196.03
Marina Auto Body351,109.53
Mark Hopkins Hotel 11555.82
Martinelli Environmental Graph11227.74
Martini Cleaners221,202.63
Marvel Cleaners22947.53
Matt'S Auto Body Inc122,431.62
Maxicare Cleaner11445.20
Maximum Auto Body33144.93
Mcguire Furniture Company93087,205.29
Meaders Cleaners221,468.92
Mel Gotelli Body Shop Inc35827.12
Mercedes Benz Of San Francisco136,192.65
Meyers Sheet Metal Box, Inc242,351.99
Michael'S Cleaners221,826.72
Miracle Cleaners221,744.70
Miraloma Cleaners221,452.69
Mirant Potrero, Llc3991697,758.51
Mission Auto Body44552.13
Mission Quick Cleaners 111,295.11
Mission/Peerless Linen Service885,168.26
Monaco Film Labs &Video Servic31028,661.70
N & S Auto Body Shop 46191.81
National Park Service6126,074.56
Nelson'S Auto Body13808.02
Network Access Center663,138.21
New Best Cleaners 11960.54
New City Auto 3378.13
New Franklin Auto Body, Llc 1127.98
New Franklin Auto Body, Llc 115.06
New Golden Hanger Cleaners11758.68
New Union Quality Cleaners221,722.50
Norcal Waste Systems Inc66196.37
Norman Cleaners221,340.30
North Point Cleaner11134.91
O'Neill Inc 4163,768.02
Ocean Beach 1 Hour Dry Cleaner22653.52
Olson'S Cleaners #2 111,578.42
Olson'S Cleaners #211947.30
On Time Cleaners 11836.43
One Embarcadero Center/Boston8161,373.06
One Hour Cleaners221,589.13
One Hour Cleaners11141.12
One Hour Martinizing 11337.27
One Hour Martinizing 22980.32
One Hour Martinizing22431.46
Oyster Bed Sleep Shop3107,974.19
Pacific Bell66206.80
Pacific Bell663,992.23
Pacific Bell662,993.64
Pacific Bell66259.62
Pacific Bell66758.73
Pacific Bell66247.62
Pacific Bell66540.87
Pacific Bell6122,920.35
Pacific Bell Corporation66763.34
Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Hunters Point Power Plant3329.36
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa10291,006.89
Pan-Glo Services,Inc93760,839.95
Parc Fifty-Five221,689.36
Parisian Bakeries, Inc82616,295.39
Parkside Cleaners11175.38
Parkside Paint & Body Shop34477.81
Pascual'S Furniture121,644.45
Pasqua Inc332.84
Perez Auto & Truck Painting22200.99
Perfect Cleaners221,358.75
Pg & E Co, Hunters Point Power3962501,660.88
Pierre'S Auto Body Inc242,106.31
Pierre'S Auto Body Inc142,954.72
Pinecrest Cleaners221,752.23
Plant Architectural Woodwork396,834.65
Portal Cleaners222,093.50
Portola One Hour Cleaner 11188.87
Presedio Main Installation Remedial28281,650.36
Presidio Of San Francisco282846,695.66
Press Works 1143.04
Printime Corporation233,021.23
Proclean One221,706.76
Progress Cleaners22983.08
Prosperity Cleaners221,196.86
Q Q Printing11229.14
Qube Auto Body391,798.18
Qwest Communications Corporati662,472.99
R & M Auto Body45191.55
R A Jenson Manufacturing Compa82626,533.96
R J Mcglennon Company, Inc12080,182.08
R&W Cleaners11622.62
Rainbow Cleaners222,220.15
Rcn Telecom Services Inc66850.02
Realenergy Inc612766.03
Regent Cleaners 111,038.79
Reiss-Craft Press46632.15
Reliable Auto Body 2249.59
Restoration Finishing253,889.60
Restoration Period Inc122,268.61
Ricardo Salazar12486.27
Rich'S Auto Body Shop56910.25
Ridgewood/California Power Par61225,329.66
Rmc Pacific Materials Inc, A D21248,413.12
Rmr Construction Co243,442.67
Robb Murray & Company124,636.38
Rocket Science 1170.66
Royal Cleaners 11876.90
Royal Cleaners11433.13
Russ Cleaners221,355.32
S & C Ford Inc1278.40
S & C Motors Inc472,262.10
Sagan Cleaners233,269.34
San Francisco Art Institute14578.78
San Francisco Boatworks362,572.43
San Francisco Bureau Of Water55641.84
San Francisco Chronicle33410,856.82
San Francisco Cleaners22690.36
San Francisco Coffee Co220.49
San Francisco Community Distri15333,002.40
San Francisco Dry Dock142942,564.55
San Francisco General Hospital71457,938.87
San Francisco International Ai1315892,628.91
San Francisco Marriott Hotel6121,250.50
San Francisco Municipal Railwa12343.20
San Francisco Municipal Railwa22644.90
San Francisco Municipal Railwa392,271.74
San Francisco Municipal Railwa362,060.48
San Francisco Municipal Railwa12582.77
San Francisco Petroleum Co5213,589.58
San Francisco Presidio Transfer Station282846,695.66
San Francisco South East Treat175683,447.01
San Francisco Thermal, L P8173,113.14
San Francisco Thermal, L P840108,672.48
San Francisco, City & County7134,144.70
San Francisco, City & County,75632,964.28
Sandy'S Cleaners 11795.96
Sandy'S Cleaners11438.72
Sanitary Fill Company21017,910.74
Santiago'S Auto Body12194.60
Sasha Automotive2236.68
Scene 2 11331.17
Schlage Lock Company 2210.11
Schoenstein & Company111,592.49
Scott Cleaners22448.66
Sea Breeze Cleaners 111,686.35
Seaview Cleaners111,052.28
Selecta Auto Body Limited351,437.43
Serrano & Cone Inc 9935.52
Seven Worldwide Inc11108.98
Sf Auto Center/Don Shinazy Ent15131.08
Sf Candlestick Park2828313.63
Sf North Landfill282846,695.66
Sf Pier 94282846,695.66
Sf Pier 98 India Basin282813,179.82
Sf South Landfill282813,179.82
Sf State University, Main Camp83033,961.34
Sfsu Housing Facilities (Cogen86427,966.39
Sheraton Palace Hotel8164,381.01
Showplace Body Works Inc46768.31
Silk Tech Cleaners22912.66
Silvia Construction Inc1135,170.71
Snow White Cleaners22811.16
Southland Store C/O It Corpora1118.72
Specialty Crushing Inc1523201,389.10
Spinelli Coffee Company222.33
St Francis Memorial Hospital135310,148.29
St Luke'S Hospital8184,116.99
St Mary'S Medical Center122525,503.19
Stan Carlsen Body Shop24422.30
Stanford Cleaners111,197.31
Studio Tech Auto Body & Repair3432.05
Sundown Cleaners221,118.52
Sunny Auto Body226.77
Sunshine Cleaners221,260.55
Sunshine Cleaners221,484.45
Sunshine Express Cleaners11568.29
Superior Automotive582,143.64
Superior Furniture Stripping &123,244.26
Syn Mar Cultured Marble, Inc4716,495.83
Tam'S Auto Body Shop24305.98
Tgc Truck Repair 2227.50
Theo Defriese And Sons131,893.75
Thomas-Swan Sign Company476,334.74
Time Warner Telecom661,066.07
Tlc Auto Body Inc12325.81
Toni Cleaners22424.52
Tony'S Imported Body Shop Inc12457.37
Tosco C/O Gettler-Ryan, Inc111.07
Town Cleaners22727.89
Trayer Engineering Corp36944.77
Treasure Island810799.05
Trinis Body Shop117.30
U S Navy C/O Shaw Environmenta11122.95
Ucsf/Laurel Heights8243,843.74
Ucsf/Mt Zion9223,013.47
Union French Cleaners 111,349.08
Union French Cleaners12646.36
Union Street Coffee Roastery220.10
Unique Auto Body23317.06
Unique Cleaner 11728.50
Unique Laundry & Cleaners111,026.94
United Airlines Sfopv14826.84
United Airlines, Maintenance O126513,081.57
United Auto Repair351,053.56
United Body & Fender Shop23497.80
United Cabinet1414,948.90
United Cleaner11134.91
United Laundry Inc115,319.00
United States Mint9203,110.88
University Of San Francisco119817,301.54
Us Auto Body & Painting 1287.72
Us Coast Guard15333,975.54
Usda Aphis Ppq Plant Inspectio1120.76
V & M Autobody445.93
Van Ness Auto Body, Inc12721.72
Vel Cleaners221,361.00
Vermont Cleaners22541.01
Veteran'S Deluxe Cleaners222,701.89
Veterans Administration Medica15802,771.76
Vip Litho167,910.00
Vision Auto Body2217.70
Wagner'S Auto Body & Repair243,687.60
Walls 22nd Street Cleaners11269.82
Walnut Cleaners22902.42
Watermark Press1816,432.00
Wells Fargo & Company662,361.48
West Coast Industries1413,014.59
West Portal Clean Center22371.42
West Portal Quick Clean 11539.63
Western Printing Ink1124,154.85
Westwind Automotive351,020.76
Westwind Automotive 1189.37
White Cleaners 111,079.26
Y2k Testing Plant11257.08
Yellow Cab Co-Op341,931.80
Yip'S Auto World23915.21
Yips Collision Repair11110.35
Zephyr Cleaners222,483.52