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Column information
Polluters in San Diego County, California
Usmc Base / Camp Pendleton59410205,138.85
Usn North Island54381270,146.33
Rohr Industries.51183103,719.73
Duke Energy-South Bay Power Pl511664,727,059.07
Cabrillo Power I Llc Encina Po502346,104,626.64
Oceanside City Of Water Utilit501101,279,709.94
Usn 32nd St Nav Station49289219,284.32
S. D. City - Miramar Landfills481222,397,442.62
S. D. City - Metro Biosolids C481026,364,110.69
National Steel & Shipbuilding47241479,157.73
S. D. City Pt. Loma Waste Wate4714011,628,654.33
Usn Submarine Base4222451,271.55
Southwest Marine Inc.41214186,061.23
Rcp Block & Brick40132119,848.27
Ucsd Campus4017348,045.75
Usn Amphibious Base3914723,265.65
Union-Tribune Publishing3910382,038.96
Usmc Air Station / Miramar38122175,274.59
North Star Propeller, Inc.385513,845.79
Southbay Boat Yard38544,500.72
Zoological Society Of San Dieg37779,916.99
Ca St Dept. Of Corrections3710498,744.10
Marine Service Commercial Divi3761577.74
S. D. State University3714685,522.29
Sea World Inc.3710279,181.21
Kyocera America Inc.3668182,991.57
Hanson Aggregates - Carroll Ca36223343,641.31
Solar Turbines - Pacific Hwy3614783,855.80
Continental Maritime3615927,527.47
Wyroc - Vista369140,599.90
Napp Systems Inc.366128,799.89
Otay Landfill Inc.3678418,399.54
Sycamore Landfill Inc.3678475,303.74
Callaway Golf364663,985.76
Ramona Landfill Inc.367831,395.98
Survival Systems Inc356514,816.74
Pacific Bell - Trade St35784,432.40
Gkn Aerospace Chemtronics Inc3510240,296.27
Veterans Admins. Hospital3583133,181.28
Hawthorne Power Systems35448,803.23
Southern Calif. Edison3511366,292.58
Space & Naval Warfare Systems 35615,041.51
Costco Wholesale343832,674.23
Salk Institute349145,372.37
Ca St Of 22nd District Agric A34671,004.27
Pomerado Hospital - Poway345817,429.99
Usmc Recruit Depot346914,188.08
Usn Hospital34151128,557.18
Usn Weapons Station34384,069.78
Hanson Aggregates - Twin Oaks34189410,281.42
Calmat - Black Mtn Road34229171,536.09
S. D. Metro Pumping Station #234411,513,380.35
S. D. Unified Port District34787,898.97
Hyatt Regency Hotel Sd3372491.28
Hanson Aggregates - Harris Pla3395121,284.12
Qualcomm, Inc. - Morehouse Dr336899,448.65
Ucsd Medical Center338812,221.43
Palomar Medical Center339427,555.19
Pacific Gas Turbine336825,254.62
Sup. Ready Mix(Canyon Rock)- M33173175,832.99
Solar Turbines - Ruffin Rd33106278,918.82
Hotel Del Coronado33463,633.86
Sony Corp. Of America3385382,621.03
Callaway Golf Co336015,053.55
Hanson Aggregates - Lakeside (325154,252.19
Otay Water District - Singer L324316,527.18
Scripps Clinic3210055,143.10
Jimsair Aviation Services Inc3241798.29
Paradise Valley Hospital32564,091.28
Grossmont District Hospital328891,069.23
Hanson Aggregates - Pala3261145,927.53
Applied Energy - N T C3257199,178.74
Cp Kelco3277345,024.15
Superior Ready Mix - Mission R329465,947.60
Hanson Aggregates - 7th & Main3213587,111.18
Applied Energy - Naval Station3257299,176.05
Calmat - Mission Ctr Rd32187243,635.01
Encina Waste Water Authority321152,630,810.32
Applied Energy - N O R I S3263267,883.19
Hanson Aggregates - Hy 67 Lake3212792,596.41
Borrego Landfill Inc.32523,854.35
Enniss Enterprises Inc.32624,206.40
Sloan Canyon Sand Co315034,241.23
Ucsd Thornton Hospital31968,701.42
Cabrillo Power Ii Llc Kearny M316626,982.09
Sharp Chula Vista Medical Cent31996,861.80
Calmat - Pala31160337,347.54
Escondido, City Of318311,841,336.98
Cabrillo Power Ii Llc Miramar 31468,747.37
General Atomics3161891.41
Cabrillo Power Ii Llc El Cajon31663,850.02
Ca Commercial Asphalt- Carrol 31102107,532.64
Alvarado Hospital Medical Cent31695,992.51
Scripps Memorial Hospital317010,989.35
Hewlett Packard Co.31796,645.35
Kaiser Hospital314216,391.05
Scripps Mercy Hospital 31874,246.08
Agri Service317954,581.90
Organic Recycling West, Inc.319810,158.26
Sdg&E - Century Park Ct.130302,041.72
Sdg&E - Century Park Ct.230301,174.47
Otay Water District - Otay Lak30301,048.00
American Airlines Inc303018,378.14
Southwest Airlines Co30307,590.19
Delta Airlines Inc303114,594.09
Federal Express30303,013.43
United Airlines303015,515.69
Otay Water District - Buena Vi303068.47
Legoland California3059799.62
Sharp Memorial Hospital30739,517.80
Tri City Medical Center30955,935.99
S. D. Marriott Hotel304116,722.74
Hanson Aggregates / Asphalt I305077,154.59
Cabrillo Power Ii Llc Division30505,037.90
Sdg&E - Mission Switching Ctr3059880.38
Hanson Aggregates - Carlsbad3011319,634.36
Staite R E Engineering303041,343.57
Sd Co Of Mental Health Service3059947.93
S. D. County - East Mesa Deten306614,965.56
General Construction Co30301,016.47
Computer Science Corporation3059455.28
Manson Construction29367,760.73
Sempra Energy29292,104.63
Otay Water District - Vista Di2929703.56
Otay Water District - Otay Lak292926.04
Otay Water District - Hy 942929703.61
National City Dump Aka Davies Dump282863,237.99
Paradise Park Landfill / Sweetwater Iii28281,715.36
Refuse Burning Area28281,715.36
Street Properties Dump28287,906.20
Mountain Meadow Mushroom Farm28281,715.36
San Elijo Landfill28287,906.20
Sanitary City Disposal Co28287,906.20
San Luis Rey Mushroom Farm28287,906.20
Tierrasanta Community Area28287,906.20
Jacumba Street Burnsite282863,237.99
Tierra Del Sol282863,237.99
Campo Burnsite28287,906.20
Julian Ii Burnsite2828285.51
Jacumba Burnsite 1 & 2282863,237.99
Butterfield Ranch28287,906.20
Julian I Burnsite28281,715.36
Lake Henshaw Resort28287,906.20
Oak Grove / Warner Springs28281,715.36
Pine Valley Burnsite2828285.51
Sere Camp28281,715.36
Alpine Burnsite 22828285.51
Descanso Sanitary Landfill28281,715.36
Palomar Mtn Burnsite28287,906.20
Viejas Sanitary Landfill282863,237.99
Warner Springs Ranch2828285.51
Alpine Burnsite 1282863,237.99
Matthews Dump282863,237.99
Jamacha Sanitary Landfill28287,906.20
Nelson & Sloan (Cays)28281,715.36
Jamul Burnsite2828285.51
Lakeside Burnsite282863,237.99
Cactus Road / Aka Tripp Salvage282863,237.99
Horse Stables (Cays)28281,715.36
La Mesa Dump / Burnsite282863,237.99
Poway Landfill (Inactive)28287,906.20
Bayscene Mh Park (Cays)28281,715.36
Benton Dump28281,715.36
Dixon Dam28281,715.36
Gunpowder Point282863,237.99
Mayhevy Dump282863,237.99
Valley Center Landfill2828285.51
Duck Pond Landfill Excavation28281,715.36
East Escondido Dump28287,906.20
N Street Landfill282863,237.99
Shinohara Property Burnsite 1 & 22828285.51
Hofer Property (Cays)2828285.51
Dexter Canyon Disposal Site2828285.51
Admiral Baker Golf Course2828285.51
Sweetwater / Paradise Park Slf Iii28287,906.20
26th Street Landfill28281,715.36
8th Avenue Tideland Dump28287,906.20
Balboa Park Landfill28287,906.20
Balboa Park Nursery2828285.51
City Farm Dump28281,715.36
Clairemont H.S. Burnsite28287,906.20
Fairmount Burnsite28287,906.20
Federal Boulevard Burnsite2828285.51
Arizona Street Slf28287,906.20
Hillsborough / Sweetwater I Ds2828285.51
Dillion Trail2828285.51
Holy Spirit School2828285.51
Ins Shooting Range (Cays)28287,906.20
Kelly Street Burnsite28287,906.20
La Jolla Dump282863,237.99
Murray Canyon Burnsite282863,237.99
Nccosc San Diego282863,237.99
Mission Bay Landfill #128287,906.20
Murphy / Shepard Canyon Landfill28287,906.20
North Miramar Landfill2828285.51
Old Mcrd Refuse Disposal Area282863,237.99
Quince Street2828285.51
Rose Canyon / Camp Kearney Mesa2828285.51
San Clemente Cyn Disposal Site28287,906.20
San Ysidro Burnsite28287,906.20
North Chollas Burn Site28281,715.36
South Bay Burnsite28281,715.36
Tidelands Dump / Convention Cntr Expansion282863,237.99
S H Perlmutter28281,715.36
South Miramar Sanitary Landfill28281,715.36
Sunset Cliffs Burnsite282863,237.99
Golf Course Garbage Disp Area2828285.51
Grand Caribe Isle Stockpiles28281,715.36
South Chollas Sanitary Landfill282826,494.97
Tourmaline Beach Burnsite282863,237.99
Old San Marcos Landfill28287,906.20
Old Spanish Bight Landfill2828285.51
San Diego Convention Center Expansion282863,237.99
Gregory Canyon Landfill28287,906.20
Rancho Carillo Burnsite28287,906.20
Fallbrook Burnsite28287,906.20
Del Mar Dump282863,237.99
Solana Beach Burnsite282863,237.99
Old Refuse Disposal / Burn Area282863,237.99
Bonsall Sanitary Landfill28287,906.20
Olympus Road Burnsite282863,237.99
Wilshire Rd. Illegal Dump28281,715.36
Carlsbad Burnsite282863,237.99
Palomar Airport Landfill2828285.51
The Green House / Herb Farm28281,715.36
Usmc / San Onofre Landfill2828430.27
Maxson Street Landfill2828285.51
Messhall Grease Disposal Pits28287,906.20
Mission Avenue Slf28287,906.20
Vista Burnsite28287,906.20
Box Canyon Landfill28281,715.36
Usmc / Las Pulgas Landfill282810,326.43
Mount Laguna Landfill / Camp Ole28281,715.36
Allred Collins Site282863,237.99
Bell Jr High / Sweetwater Slf Ii282863,237.99
Montgomery Demolition Landfill28287,906.20
Camp Kearney Mesa2828285.51
Mission Valley Disposal Area2828285.51
Gillespie Slf / Burnsite282863,237.99
Ca Commercial Asphalt - Hollis284825,007.98
S. D. County - Hillsborough La27473,215.89
Oceanside City/Mission Landfil27475,240.85
Landfill Gen. - Sycamore L.F.272770,585.56
S. D. County - Bonsall Landfil274714,008.71
Landfill Gen. - San Marcos L.F272771,890.35
Oceanside City/Maxson St. Land27472,389.04
Cv Ventures - Duckpond Landfil2747906.24
S. D. City - South Chollas Lan274734,373.12
S. D. County - San Marcos 2 La274778,848.72
S. D. County - Palomar Airport27476,108.65
S. D. County - Valley Center L2747965.85
S. D. County - Jamacha Landfil274716,493.15
S. D. County - Encinitas Landf27474,928.17
S. D. County - Poway Landfill27471,439.76
S. D. County - Gillespie Landf27474,089.36
S. D. County - Bell Jhs Landfi27472,762.47
S. D. City - Arizona St. Land274712,520.76
Eternal Hills Cemetary2731906.97
Greenwood Memorial Park27311,755.09
Minnesota Methane - Miramar L.2763474,633.36
Minnesota Methane - No. City W2626347,056.17
Sdg&E - Electrical Maint Shop2639912.22
Pacific Recovery Corp2626211,869.99
Hamilton Sundstrand Power Syst243019,073.00
Neptune Of San Diego23231,265.17
S. D. Pet Memorial Park2323873.51
North City Water Reclamation P2323540,867.42
S. D. City - Metro Wastewater 23233,374.86
Aaa Sorrento Valley2323375.80
Knight & Carver Yacht Ctr - Na236730,834.87
Cremation Services Inc2323992.68
Cypress View Mausoleum23231,811.36
Frazee Paint222672,257.15
S. D. City - Metro Wastewater 212152,304.74
S. D. City - Metro Wastewater 21214,611.25
S. D. County - San Marcos 1 La21211,097.61
S. D. County - Fallbrook Landf2121418.06
S. D. County - Viejas Landfill2121744.39
Ketema / A & E Division213911,358.43
Pacific Ship Repair & Fabricat20792,722.42
Hunter Industries203011,788,157.40
Ridgewood Calif Power - Corona202036,476.60
Hanson Aggregates - El Cajon2013640,583.84
Wrought Iron Fence Supply2033212,509.70
Pratt & Whitney Composites19256,511.04
Montes Metal Finishing1924869.47
Otay Mesa Border Station1919210.92
Cleator Corporation192229,089.71
Usda Animal & Plant Health Ins1919208.51
Univ. Of San Diego184737,213.46
Sdg&E - Rainbow Engines18361,041.59
Valley Center Municipal Water 1819109,606.98
Valley Center Municipal Water 18181,251.30
Valley Center Municipal Water 18182,337.30
Vision Systems Inc172020,433.60
Goal Line Lp - Escondido1727284,612.43
Composite Optics Inc16194,328.25
General Atomics Energy Product162235,177.98
Bekaert Specialty Films162031,188.60
Hobie Cat16246,791.52
Caspian, Inc.163110,141.58
Pro-Line Paints161721,204.17
Watkins Mfg. Corp.162972,350.82
Triumph Components San Diego I1623336.84
Stillman Seal Corp.16198,283.02
Precision Metal Products1526112.80
Koch Fluid Systems152033,603.57
Trw Military Electronics151727,912.11
El Dorado Sandblasting15163,365.88
Cubic Corporation152127,896.93
General Atomics15318,044.74
Childrens Hospital And Health 1415153,521.04
Spray Art Finishers141910,956.73
Lithographix Inc14212,924.17
San Diego Power & Cooling131321,837.13
American Tool & Engineering132317,217.14
Chromalloy San Diego132064.12
Signet Armorlite131412,690.54
Norms Service13251,473.14
Allied Castings Inc.1315475.58
Otay Water District - Alta Roa131346,106.32
National City Foundry1315112.61
Ortiz & Allds121214,038.80
Specialized Processing Co., In12173,568.21
Palomar Plating12231,840.17
Palomar Transit Mix - Escondid127525,348.29
Microwave Specialty Corp1216359.41
Decco Castings Inc.12142,130.23
Superior Ready Mix - Carroll C127511,798.66
Bimbo Bakeries Usa12138,167.87
Hanson Aggregates - Otay Valle12141157,179.42
Millbrook Baking Co - San Dieg121341,724.17
Darrow Painting, Inc.12123,092.68
Superior Ready Mix - Oceanside11437,412.42
Sd Transit Corp11161,156.24
Bardon Enterprises111465,993.93
Taylor Guitars111619,472.85
Superior Ready Mix - Miramar L1196205,333.22
Driscoll Custom Boats11146,874.92
Flame Spray, Inc.11301,131.34
Buck Knives, Inc11124,118.06
Quality Cabinet & Fixtures111119,581.50
Palomar Transit Mix - Oceansid115317,289.00
Hanson Aggregates - Tulip114311,513.63
Little R W Coatings Co.11125,111.21
Calmat - Poway11438,178.37
Nemos Bakery11126,925.79
Hanson Aggregates - Twin Oaks 115337,803.69
Freeberg Industrial Fabricatio113020,347.48
Cosmed Of California1112458.03
Sherwin Williams11135,211.86
Walker Wood Products, Inc.101029,727.97
Daves Custom Boats10121,822.32
Santa Fe Pacific Pipeline103993,088.58
Weldrite Mfg10274,634.56
Shutter Mart Of California101030,070.72
Mission Linen Supply10102,005.68
Ca Furniture Collections101044,716.40
Drisscoll Boat Works10133,699.93
Western Lift Inc.10176,888.44
Sanyo E & E Corporation10113,177.65
Little R W Coatings Co.10182,757.34
Blackmans Don Boat Service10141,872.80
Walker Wood Products Inc101035,588.74
Wilson & Hampton Refinishing I9143,376.90
Pennysaver Southern Comprint C9135,927.15
California Products91326,019.98
Oceanside Marine Centre, Inc.9131,437.09
Shelter Island Yacht Ways995,861.03
Dimension One Spas91351,916.71
Martin Furniture91082,517.19
Scheib Earl Of Ca / El Cajon B883,501.66
Southland / Aero Dr883,756.92
Frank & Sons88266.83
Brecht Bmw881,350.58
Arco / Lake Jennings8813,741.38
Acacia Gas & Carwash8812,067.06
Allpro Paint & Body881,453.21
1st Class Collision Inc882,508.23
Midway Auto Body881,551.73
Baker Bob Ford88514.66
Greenwalds Autobody & Framewor883,664.64
Southland / Business Park Dr884,173.69
Costco Gasoline Facility #4058814,737.83
Remi Collections8927,423.96
Costco Gasoline Facility #4038822,668.58
Chevron / Scripps Poway Pkwy886,983.21
Costco Station #4838813,412.58
South Bay Collision Center88369.46
Luxury Auto Body88740.97
Johnson Milo Automotive Svc881,703.62
Toyota Of Oceanside Inc885,710.22
Dealer Service Auto Body882,023.82
Costco Wholesale8818,993.77
Mobil / Fairbanks Ranch884,408.15
Tag Collision Repair Center888,797.26
Southland / Otay Mesa Rd887,092.54
New Life Auto Body & Paint88213.47
Macs Desert Auto Service881,121.04
Arco #6376889,941.31
Basels Body And Frame88697.87
Texaco / Alpine883,948.67
Rc Truck Bodies881,215.11
Arco / Home Ave886,897.15
Mobil / La Jolla Shores889,444.89
Car Image88201.15
Texaco #128022884,391.47
Heritage Truck Painting & Weld882,627.27
Chevron / San Marcos888,743.82
Vn Auto Repair Body & Paint881,354.69
Alse Auto88821.02
Metro Volkswagon Audi881,264.38
In Line Collision Specialists882,216.76
Texaco / Carmel Mountain Rd887,568.29
Chevron / Dennery Rd888,443.24
Lakes Auto Center88570.61
Paintex Services8836.95
Shell Oil / Murphy Canyon Rd889,078.66
Arco #6315886,723.32
Bucks Auto Body88648.61
Marck Motors Body Shop883,165.04
Mobil / Clairemont Mesa Blvd889,871.68
Texaco #121715886,581.12
Fuller Ford882,582.36
Carcoa / El Cajon884,581.31
Lakeside Auto Body & Paint88410.51
Dion International Trucksinc88830.55
Sutherland Enterprises Inc88730.71
Cyclesmiths The88397.79
Arco / El Cajon886,369.62
Jocsons Auto Body & Paint Shop881,169.96
Oceanside City Of88172.41
Carlson & Beauloye Inc.811122.70
Arco / Carmel Valley Rd888,020.66
Texaco / Sweetwater Rd883,494.24
Civic Center Auto Body88718.40
Spring Valley Auto Body88160.10
Texaco / Spring Valley882,796.98
Chevron / Melrose Dr Vista886,165.90
Sunsett Paint & Body Works883,945.02
Aj Usa Inc88845.65
Aldila - Poway8117,579.31
Crazy Horse Auto Body88816.92
Trick Shot88170.36
Best Auto Wholesaler881,046.80
Collision 2000 Center88611.66
Sks / Poway881,035.89
Arco / Palm Ave8813,859.63
Texaco #120655886,581.12
Scheib Earl Of Ca / Spring Val883,969.65
Costco Wholesale8831,534.44
Costco Wholesale8833,134.28
Middle East Auto Dismantling8841.05
G&M Oil / El Cajon8817,798.98
Westcott Mazda88402.30
Drew Ford8811,621.58
Cheaper Auto Body8865.68
Texaco / Mission Rd E886,581.12
Performance Auto Body881,761.09
Tins Auto Body88135.47
Chevron / Vista Wy888,226.40
Chevron / Oceanside8815,963.61
Mobil / Otay Lakes Rd Chula Vi885,716.48
Chevron / 888,831.86
Qualtech Auto Body882,298.86
Central Automotive88595.24
Scheib Earl Of Ca Inc / Rosecr884,363.74
La Mesa Rv Center / Rv Center 88648.61
Shell Oil / Lakeside888,706.98
Arco / Main Av S885,062.02
Caliber Collision / Classic Eu88500.82
Romans Truck Body & Paint882,976.21
Heritage Auto Body88336.62
Davids Auto Body Shop88628.08
Neimans Collision Center / Sto881,851.41
Rector Equipment & Truck Bodie88422.83
Southland / Gold Coast Dr882,362.23
Imperials Auto Body & Paint8875.94
Amatos Auto Body Inc881,358.79
Shell / Encinitas Town Center8819,553.01
Texaco #121634885,330.71
Noble Concepts Inc.81026,503.72
Unocal Tosco / Waring Rd883,568.66
Texaco #120425887,650.55
Chevron / Plaza Ct Chula Vista888,730.82
Ultramar / Santo Rd8810,072.51
Hawthorne Lift Systems881,888.35
Costco Wholesale883,560.54
Brinks Designs88595.24
Toyota Of Escondido Collision 883,776.71
Unocal / 3361 Mission Ave Ocea887,734.76
Old Town Collision Center88221.68
Caliber Collision Centers / Ch882,380.97
Maaco / Kearny Villa Rd884,392.47
A&C Paint & Body88882.60
Sd City Police88841.55
Quality Chevrolet884,983.61
Padillas Collision Repair88108.79
Busseys Automotive Services88443.35
Southland / Elkelton Blvd Spri882,378.26
Southland / Camino Ruiz883,663.18
Carl Burger Dodge World882,524.65
D & H Truck Equipment8810,090.37
Unocal / Spring Valley884,975.51
Southland / Mission Av881,334.72
Southland / Cardiff882,301.04
Southland / Broadway Chula Vis88927.65
Unocal / Escondido Avenue Vist883,618.40
Southland / Sanrock Rd882,660.62
Southland / Jamacha Rd El Cajo881,373.26
Caliber Collision Centers / Ch881,958.14
U Rent Paint Booth / U Do It88554.19
Unocal / Palm Avenue883,899.24
Southland / Encinitas882,499.37
Carcoa Quality Body & Paint / 883,271.78
Scheib Earl Of Ca / Oceanside885,931.89
Texaco #121369885,133.27
Mobil Oil / Del Mar8810,548.69
Custom Auto Body Shop Inc881,423.04
Magic Auto Body881,030.38
Dannys Paint & Body Shop88648.61
Sams Autobody & Paint881,711.83
Shell Oil / 7647 Balboa Avenue884,277.73
Mossy Nissan886,658.50
Davis Auto Body88205.26
Scheib Earl Of Ca / National C884,979.51
Sd Collision Center88644.50
Mobil Oil / Tierrasanta Blvd884,123.50
Scheib Earl Of Ca / El Cajon887,742.25
Scheib Earl Of Ca / Chula Vist888,062.45
City Chevrolet884,798.88
Southland / Picador Blvd881,272.75
Elite Fleet Auto Body88587.03
Southland / Hill Street Oceans88809.58
Shell Oil / Bonita Rd884,260.62
Allpro Paint & Body88985.23
G A Coachworks88118.02
Grove Auto Body882,085.40
Courtesy Chevrolet Center881,055.01
Hidden Valley Auto8869.79
Williams Jack Auto Body & Pain881,896.56
Baja Collision Repair88410.51
Rush Press Inc81314,432.23
One Day Paint & Body / Nationa8816,709.87
Plavan Petroleum, Inc.881,911.64
Mobil / Fallbrook8810,354.52
Unocal / Rancho Penasquitos888,816.75
All Pro Paint882,512.33
Mr Goodwash 76883,076.90
Chrysler Pacifica88467.98
Southland / Palm Avenue881,225.79
Cart Mart Inc881,012.94
Southland / 9th Avenue Escondi88989.67
G&M Oil / Carlsbad8811,636.25
A Aability Auto Body & Paint88443.35
Southland / Broadway El Cajon881,233.13
Unocal / Alta View Dr883,758.54
Shell Oil / 8345 Mira Mesa Blv8811,187.90
Mendez Jessie Auto Body88993.44
Sks Inc / E St881,087.39
La Jolla Auto Body881,375.21
Unocal / Valley Pkwy Escondido884,423.00
Carrillos Auto Body881,022.17
Southland / Imperial Beach Blv881,801.23
Southland / Hilltop Dr Chula V881,844.92
Southland / Lemon Grove88920.54
Days Market88862.14
Unocal / Encinitas887,809.83
Harloff Chevrolet Bmw88866.18
Brown Marvin K Cadillac881,577.35
Southland / Jamul884,274.08
Auto Body Excellence Inc882,023.82
Pine Valley Store881,398.93
C&M Chevrolet88870.28
United Auto Body & Paint88623.98
Southland / 900 N Santa Fe Dr 881,862.47
Southland / Mission Ave Escond88997.36
Auto Body Excellence Inc88533.67
European Auto Body / Vineyard 883,029.58
Scripps Miramar Car Wash883,554.39
Pacific Pride881,166.56
Southland / Rosecrans88994.66
Scheib Earl Of Ca / Escondido885,431.07
Union 76887,909.80
Abacor Inc883,727.44
Apex Auto Body887,175.74
One Day Paint & Body / San Mar8812,818.63
Southland / Broadway Escondido881,828.74
Circle K #2964881,598.17
Soco Group / Barnicle Oil8818,145.17
Parkway Express886,581.12
C&H Auto Body & Paint88956.49
Shuster Oil & Chemical Co.884,297.31
San Marcos Autobody / Grand Av886,724.18
Poway Chevrolet Oldsmobile884,864.56
Fender Mender881,984.21
Bottle Shop The88444.28
Black Mountain Body And Paint88254.52
Townsend Lincoln Mercury881,276.69
Southland / Fern St El Cajon881,550.40
Usa Gas / Spring Valley888,669.92
Southland / Ramona883,674.76
Southland / Lake Jennings Park882,665.59
Leucadia Auto Body88157.64
Mountain Top Market88368.62
Southland / La Mesa88749.99
So Cal Truck Stop88868.71
Unocal / Ingraham Street882,739.52
Unocal / Mira Mesa Blvd885,946.83
Unocal / Clairemont Drive883,829.12
Unocal / 7415 Clairemont Mesa 884,050.61
Sd Commumnity College Skill Ce88152.92
Cosby Oil / Apollo Oil882,210.80
Alpine Gas & Diesel883,257.65
One Day Paint & Body8813,073.41
Moore Street Auto Body88993.44
Valley Casework8857,069.73
Uhaul / Poway8841.05
Alden Farris Inc881,196.64
Circle K #2987882,948.15
Arco / Carlsbad889,623.46
Shell Oil / Carmel Mountain Rd8811,365.15
Pasha Services882,317.75
Exxon #1022884,947.68
European Auto Body / State Pla88948.28
Caliber Collision Centers / Ch88725.37
Texaco / Vista881,513.66
Arco #52978810,083.05
Euro Pacific Restorations882,083.35
S&T Auto Body & Paint88377.67
Rancho Auto Body / Spring Vall88164.20
Arco / Carroll Centre Rd887,388.55
Arco #53658810,390.91
Shell Oil / 9490 Mira Mesa Blv8813,162.24
Fallbrook Auto Body & Paint881,091.96
Hjeltness Restoration Inc88287.36
Sd Auto Auction884,470.47
Del Mar Highlands Car Wash889,504.12
Capacity Construction Inc88870.28
Bodyworks By Jerry88792.29
Ltm Auto Body & Paint884,646.99
Carlsbad Village Auto Body & P88857.97
Texaco #120987885,725.57
Carlos Body Shop88147.78
Rancho Auto Body / Encinitas881,559.94
Caliber Collision Centers / Ch882,629.33
West Coast Specialties Inc881,954.03
Clairemont Equipment Rental882,073.08
Perfection Auto Body881,601.00
Vcm Sunshine Summit88367.54
Auto Art Paint & Body882,270.13
Shell Oil / Chula Vista886,910.18
Mobil / San Marcos885,356.78
Chevron / Sorrento Plaza887,861.15
Body Kraft88373.57
Arco #5263887,661.23
Brinke Jan88233.99
Sids Auto Body Inc / West Coas8820.03
Graphic Solutions812636.55
Renu Auto Body88324.30
Western Sports Car88246.31
Olhausen Billiards8921,922.24
Unocal / H Street Chula Vista885,883.15
Caliber Collision Centers / Ch881,217.17
E&E Industries Inc88151.89
Arco #5367887,556.08
Abels Auto Body & Paint882,385.07
Unocal / Carmel Street San Mar882,438.90
Auto Park Touchless Car Wash881,943.43
Arco / Murphy Canyon Rd887,461.21
Arco / San Marcos887,766.63
Jz Auto Body88295.57
Hawthorne Machinery Co885,131.39
Mobil / Pomerado Rd Poway8812,800.26
Rauls Auto Body & Paint88184.73
Sheens Auto Care88102.63
Circle K #5095882,627.41
Gvs Systems / Ramona Day N Nit888,106.98
Nams Auto Body Paint & Repair88467.98
Arco #5296888,274.81
Clarklift Of San Diego88155.99
Carmel Mtn Ranch Car Wash885,799.33
Plavan Petroleum881,253.05
Arco / Otay Center Dr887,904.19
Southland / Carlsbad882,518.19
Circle K #5213888,050.43
Shell Oil / H St East886,252.06
Unocal / El Norte Pkwy Escondi885,173.83
Auto Tech Service Center88529.56
Supreme Auto Paint & Body881,334.16
Sd Petroleum881,734.22
Circle K #7953884,000.44
Circle K #5246883,096.08
Custom Printing Inks Ltd8818,521.76
Bobar Market & Gas881,184.60
Circle K #1984881,903.92
Southland / Oro Vista Rd882,636.79
Southland / Mission Gorge Rd881,083.64
Brights 24 Hr Fuel881,180.57
Ca National Guard8859.52
Shell Oil / El Norte Pkwy888,588.30
Miramar Ford Truck Sales Inc881,555.84
Henson & Son883,064.84
Psm Truck Equipment Inc / Dena884,507.42
Southland / Riverford Rd Lakes882,720.15
Pepin Deli881,763.58
Southland / Escondido Blvd Esc881,960.41
Dalton & Son Paint & Body88537.77
Exxon #1039885,873.40
Thearles Philip Autowerks884,148.71
Southland / Linda Vista Rd882,153.90
Greenwalds Auto Body & Frame W885,203.64
Mobil / 3945 Mission Ave Ocean885,006.23
Chula Vista Auto Body88599.35
Vista Auto Body & Paint88443.35
Arco #5350886,414.67
A&A Auto Body & Paint88435.14
Balboa Auto Body88879.81
Circle K #1787881,730.00
Anthonys Auto Center88168.31
Unocal / Sycamore Ave Vista883,480.77
Miramar Pontiac & Gmc Truck 88993.44
Southland / Poway Rd Poway882,472.96
Caliber Collision Centers / Ch882,994.68
Advanced Collision Repair & To881,030.38
Arco #0765886,645.57
Shell Oil / 160 Encinitas Blvd889,213.57
Mobil / Sycamore Ave Vista886,153.89
Ideal Paint & Body881,055.01
Mobil / 10496 Clairemont Mesa 885,615.12
Pro Mex Automotive884,474.58
Exxon #1025884,759.05
Southland / Naples Street Chul882,887.82
Arco / Miramar Rd886,584.94
Circle K #8581883,461.80
Mobil / Paseo Montalban8811,789.72
Optimart / Best Mart884,935.84
Stroyers Brothers Auto Paintin881,030.38
Shell Oil / El Cajon88987.17
Circle K #8675884,792.70
Arco #9580884,558.89
Chevron / Roll Drive San Ysidr887,921.01
Chevron / Camino Santa Fe887,981.93
Body Beautiful Car Wash8811,401.73
Watson Laminates Inc886,545.17
Reflectshine Auto Wash881,649.37
Arco #5549887,418.35
Arco / Bonsall888,856.01
Circle K #8688882,279.70
Rancho Buena Vista 76 / Texaco883,347.79
World Auto Body881,555.84
Circle K #5250886,630.82
Texaco #120748885,495.24
Ameri Mex Grocery882,764.07
Flynns Patrick Collision Repai881,371.11
Costa Verde Car Wash889,702.57
Unocal / Oceanside Blvd Oceans886,774.02
La Mesa Paint & Body88194.99
Bond Bob Automotive881,998.05
Arco Smog Pros883,751.06
Chevron / Mission Village Dr882,488.89
Ultramar Bob Wheeler / Chevron883,010.20
Chevron / Cardiff886,449.41
Campo Mini Market882,369.20
Chevron / Leucadia886,778.40
Chevron / Del Cerro Blvd886,042.41
Chevron / W Washington St884,476.80
Chevron / University Ave La Me885,216.68
Chevron / Midway Dr889,603.80
Chevron / N Harbor Drive883,147.55
Mobil / Del Sol Blvd884,048.01
Mobil / Mission Center Rd884,074.62
Mobil / 7003 El Cajon Blvd885,078.49
Mobil / Santee887,599.77
Mobil / Ingraham Street883,242.87
Mobil / South Coast Hy Oceansi883,953.51
Arco Encinitas / Mobil883,776.31
Mobil / Sunset Cliffs Blvd884,224.95
Mobil / Solana Beach886,757.11
Mobil / Rancho Bernardo Rd8810,263.39
Mobil / East Valley Parkway886,361.87
Mobil / 1407 Mission Ave Ocean883,972.04
Mobil / Rancho Santa Fe881,773.41
Express Gas / Calle Primero883,440.88
Circle K #5708884,524.80
Unocal / Lake Murray Blvd883,964.25
Unocal / Melrose Ave Chula Vis885,196.37
Unocal / Imperial Beach88929.02
Unocal / Bonita884,107.70
Unocal / S Coast Hy Oceanside883,381.38
Unocal / San Ysidro887,002.20
Unocal / Rosecrans Street884,517.83
Unocal / Gramercy Dr882,369.70
Unocal / Pearl Street885,435.24
Texaco #121557885,166.18
Texaco / Mission Center Rd884,606.78
Unocal / Fletcher Pkwy El Cajo884,524.81
Unocal / 2nd Street El Cajon884,345.41
Unocal / Linda Vista Rd884,124.30
Texaco / E San Ysidro Blvd887,722.12
Unocal / 3766 Clairemont Mesa 884,954.82
Unocal / Point Loma Blvd885,951.14
Unocal / 5790 Balboa Ave888,278.85
Unocal / Main Street El Cajon884,626.54
Chevron / Ramona884,161.14
Texaco #121435886,087.54
Chevron / El Camino Real Carls887,449.35
Texaco #121180887,107.61
Texaco / 8th St E884,061.54
Exxon #1023883,687.09
Texaco / Jamacha Rd883,461.81
Qwik Inc / C O D Gas & Oil883,356.37
Texaco #121655885,775.65
Texaco / Broadway884,939.04
Hans Us Petroleum & Service882,097.22
Texaco #121238885,429.42
Exxon #1028885,140.81
Exxon #1031885,592.66
Texaco / Main St88840.74
Exxon #1015883,530.97
Southland / Gateway Dr881,569.43
G&M Oil / Jackson Dr8813,305.48
Texaco / 3rd Av886,071.08
Carlsbad Oil881,316.22
Unocal / 2003 Mission Ave Ocea886,294.55
Unocal / Carlsbad884,816.34
Circle K #5703885,272.71
Unocal / Poway885,158.75
Unocal / Cardiff886,435.53
Unocal / El Camino Real Oceans884,892.92
Unocal / Broadway Chula Vista885,256.17
Unocal / Coronado882,057.16
Unocal / Governor Drive883,287.30
Texaco / Rancho Bernardo Rd888,555.46
Texaco / Rancho Santa Fe Rd884,066.05
Texaco / Poway884,999.91
Unocal / 3154 El Cajon Blvd883,887.35
Unocal / Market Street883,653.63
Mobil / Imperial Beach883,135.88
Mobil / Garnet Ave883,590.01
Coronado Island Ultramar / Mob883,730.44
Mobil / Governor Drive885,750.31
Mobil / W Washington St886,849.95
Mobil / Rancho Penasquitos Blv8811,417.15
Mobil / Miramar Rd8811,089.96
Mobil / Harbor Drive Oceanside884,172.44
Mobil / Osborn Street National886,013.59
Carcoa Quality Body And Paint 881,293.11
Mobil / Balboa Ave886,393.45
Arco #9749887,758.80
Southland / 4th Avenue88863.07
Chevron / E Via Rancho Pkwy888,115.03
Chevron / Fallbrook882,267.75
Mobil / Poway Rd Poway885,617.69
Mobil / Jackson Dr883,200.58
Ultramar / Texas St887,897.34
Chevron / 11th Avenue884,822.02
Mobil / Spring Valley885,555.13
Mobil / La Mesa884,306.14
Chevron / Carlsbad Village Dr883,974.98
Chevron / S Hotel Circle888,696.85
Mobil / Highland Ave National 886,546.05
Chevron / Mollison Ave El Cajo885,912.09
Chevron / Tamarack Ave Carlsba888,765.62
Chevron / H Street Chula Vista886,851.40
Southland / Graves Avenue El C882,886.87
Southland / San Marcos881,976.38
Chevron / San Ysidro Blvd889,871.68
Chevron / Bonita Rd Chula Vist887,600.21
Mira Costa College88270.94
Chevron / Sycamore Rd San Ysid8811,925.73
Chevron / Governor Dr882,636.31
Chevron / Lakeside885,351.46
Chevron / Ingraham Street884,229.66
Chevron / Otay Lakes Rd Chula 884,755.63
Chevron / Clairemont Mesa Blvd884,113.20
Del Mar Ultramar / Chevron882,767.59
Chevron / Spring Valley887,302.02
Chevron / Vista Way Vista886,572.96
Texaco / Lawrence Welk Dr882,277.07
Exxon #1043883,935.76
Chevron / India Street885,074.20
Chevron / Lemon Grove884,383.76
Chevron / Garnet Avenue886,319.02
Chevron / University Avenue883,906.85
Chevron / Poway883,337.66
Chevron / Camino Del Rio N885,078.29
Chevron / Rancho Santa Fe Rd889,871.68
Chevron / Lake Murray Blvd883,259.99
G&M Oil #94 / Chevron883,018.51
Chevron / N Broadway8810,889.07
Chevron / Park Blvd885,533.62
Kensington Auto Center882,632.45
Texaco / Waring Rd884,440.94
Texaco #120881884,935.84
Chevron / N Escondido Blvd884,255.98
Chevron / Balboa Avenue884,630.80
Chevron / N Coast Highway889,209.34
Chevron / La Jolla886,800.78
Chevron / Carmel Mountain Rd8810,968.85
Chevron / East Valley Pkwy885,141.49
Texaco / Orange Av883,254.96
Texaco / Via De La Valle885,923.01
Chevron / Coronado Ave888,521.40
Chevron / Magnolia Av N886,315.14
Allen Gas / Chevron883,290.56
Us Postal Service8825.66
Unocal / 5040 El Cajon Blvd887,844.52
Warner Ranch88157.95
Arco #703886,376.75
North Park Service Center / Te882,704.07
Texaco / Health Center Dr883,160.74
Texaco / Solana Beach883,948.67
Exxon #1020885,754.92
Arco Johns #1948885,313.37
Exxon #1034884,482.99
Exxon #1040885,567.28
Texaco / Del Mar Heights Rd885,795.20
Exxon #1016886,935.69
Arco #9752886,727.20
Townsend Gene Auto Body882,594.43
Arco #5218885,171.04
Mobil / Los Coches Rd El Cajon884,341.71
Mobil / Telegraph Cyn Rd Chula88621.46
Mobil / N Emerald Drive Vista883,461.33
Golden State Gas / Poway889,899.93
Optima / H Street Car Wash883,290.56
Mobil / South Santa Fe Ave883,806.30
Arco #9758884,257.17
Arco #6086885,261.29
Sd Volvo882,812.00
Mobil / 3rd Avenue Chula Vista883,473.33
Arco #9759884,820.33
Arco #9750886,235.22
Mobil / Carlsbad8811,088.17
Mobil / San Ysidro Blvd8811,818.63
Mobil / 8380 Clairemont Mesa B886,277.29
Mobil / 4505 Clairemont Mesa B883,169.19
Mobil / Greenfield Dr886,827.92
Mobil / 3927 El Cajon Blvd886,917.15
Mobil / Felicita Ave887,181.02
Circle K #5717885,217.53
Arco #604884,540.34
Rancho Bernardo Am Pm / Arco8812,359.77
Arco / Poway887,002.04
Arco #61958810,061.33
Exxon #1024885,367.79
Texaco / Carlsbad885,063.17
Texaco / Miramar Rd886,910.18
Arco #5141886,397.19
Golden State Gas / 9th Avenue 882,534.87
Arco #1783888,528.48
Arco #5007885,455.36
Arco / Oceanside888,166.95
Arco #1725885,299.35
Arco #1785886,762.16
Exxon #1038884,920.07
Texaco #121448885,411.07
Texaco / Rancho Bernardo Rd883,619.62
Texaco / Melrose Dr885,227.09
Exxon #1026884,560.93
Arco #9755883,498.56
Texaco / Orpheus Ave885,867.48
Texaco / Oceanside885,010.57
Southland / Reynard Way88761.08
Texaco / Magnolia Av N883,432.59
Texaco / La Mesa883,920.46
Sks Pacific Pride88780.67
Arco #9756886,669.17
Arco #5408886,639.47
Arco #9760886,810.52
Arco #9761888,217.70
Arco #5216887,324.39
Arco #9757885,847.91
Arco #5214884,868.78
Igt Express Gas / Cardiff Stre88822.64
Arco #5217887,031.49
Arco #9751885,746.46
G&M Oil #73 / Ultramar / El Ca888,379.70
Ultramar / Morena Blvd8813,006.33
D&V Petroleum882,522.72
Daniels Liquor886,169.87
Shell Oil / 2008 Pacific Hy883,948.67
Chevron La Mesa Car Wash883,353.86
Mobil / La Jolla Village Dr8815,100.38
Ultramar / Ingraham Street8812,089.10
Ultramar / Home Ave887,328.68
7 Day Tire & Body88822.64
Skyline Convenience Store885,133.27
Ultramar / Spring Valley8811,701.99
San Diego Auto Auction / Linco882,315.29
Yellow Cab Co88459.77
G&M Oil / Main Street8810,956.64
Unocal / 6th Avenue885,316.33
Sd Community College District 88466.99
Otay Water District - Sweetwat88197.43
Sports & Classic Auto Body & P88738.92
High Desert Oil Co Inc / Arco887,446.54
Sundance Market881,184.60
Weseloh Chevrolet882,807.90
Arco #1712883,899.68
Arco #6075884,417.83
Arco #1758883,375.37
Arco #1790885,885.50
Arco #5137886,505.00
Arco #1664888,898.00
Arco #3037883,625.80
Arco #6138888,186.47
Arco #5132885,673.55
Arco #1754885,488.21
Texaco Birmingham / Arco #1754883,884.78
Tl Autoworks88615.77
Clarence Ochs Oil8161,907.94
Arco #616885,292.19
Arco #1710885,982.10
Arco #1058886,726.83
Pala Vista Gas883,505.10
Arco #1925886,317.68
Arco #0068885,435.34
Arco #5139887,334.54
Arco #0633888,432.16
Arco #6101884,792.44
Arco #3052885,551.08
Arco #1353883,612.45
Arco #1914885,677.12
Texaco / Alpine884,066.83
Arco #1014887,782.99
Arco #1677887,194.39
Arco #598885,890.04
Arco #704885,961.21
Arco Pdl Mini Market885,999.31
Arco #774887,398.49
Arco #6128886,588.81
Arco #5134883,493.18
Texaco / Jacumba882,237.58
Arco #5087882,881.99
Arco #3035885,959.44
Arco #6021885,192.15
Arco #5176886,159.10
Arco #1806885,260.90
Arco #640885,876.33
Arco #6200885,346.84
Orrs Jack Auto Body88665.03
Taylor Dykema Mfg Co.81110,735.09
Beaudrys Complete Auto Repair88476.19
Southland / Old Hy 80 El Cajon883,172.30
Ramona Body Shop88279.15
Sanchez Auto Body88607.56
Chuys Auto Boy88628.08
Southwest Paint & Body881,933.51
Southland / Fallbrook88687.89
Pacific Nissan884,221.74
Rose Auto Body88669.13
Mobil Oil82421,992.09
Escondido Paint & Bady881,908.88
Caliber Collision Centers / Ch881,440.90
Scheib Earl Of Calif Inc / Bal885,353.07
Mares Body Shop881,305.43
Rogers Auto Body88488.51
Darbys Paint & Auto Body881,309.53
Terrys Body Shop & Auto Glass 882,052.39
Tipton Enterprises Inc881,547.63
Carcoa Quality Body & Paint / 884,322.69
Grossmont Union School Distric8861.58
Kennys Kar Klinic881,670.78
Hollandia Dairy88599.35
Southland / Los Coches Rd Lake881,985.96
Southland / Mission Gorge Rd S882,740.37
Triple A Auto Body And Paint88205.26
Ocean Paint & Body Shop883,641.24
Southland / Carlton Hills Blvd881,872.60
Morena Market & Gas88180.98
Ultramar / Adams Ave886,363.12
Mikes Auto Body88615.77
Chevron / Friars Rd885,590.06
Chevron / Baltimore Dr La Mesa885,092.83
Mcgrath C W Inc88158.05
Unocal / Garnet Ave884,760.43
Ultramar / El Cajon887,253.75
Circle K #2971882,790.42
Circle K #2970881,479.36
Inland Oil88845.97
Unocal / 7807 Balboa Ave882,196.40
Southland / 1501 N Santa Fe Dr882,108.26
Baker Ron Chevrolet Geo Isuzu881,927.19
Chevron Olive / Vista883,024.02
Fallbrook Oil Company882,790.28
D&V Petroleum884,919.28
Kearny Mesa Ford883,715.01
North County Car Wash8813,491.30
Security Chevrolet88545.98
Stage Stop Liquor881,348.07
Southland / Avacado Blvd883,489.30
Colonial Dodge882,292.34
World Oil / El Cajon Blvd887,625.92
World Oil / Chula Vista8810,565.38
Super 7 / Del Mar887,284.39
Southland / University Ave882,451.95
Gas Stop / El Cajon88850.02
Gas Stop / Lemon Grove881,559.79
Texaco #120520884,554.86
Southland / San Ysidro881,440.46
Southland / Campo Rd Spring Va881,141.78
J St Liquor883,122.32
Chevron Usa Inc. - Harbor Dr E82939,910.27
Rorick Buick Inc882,171.61
Town Center Services882,831.86
Marquez Auto Body882,122.34
Inland Oil Co88693.69
Equilon Enterprises Llc81613,906.41
Southland / Clairemont Mesa Bl884,146.04
Super 7 / Garnet Ave881,932.03
Baker Bob Chevrolet & Geo881,559.94
Tierrasanta Arco / Chevron883,849.96
Maaco / Oceanside884,751.67
Caliber Collision Centers / Be885,874.42
Pearson Ford Co885,453.65
Mc Clellan Buick Inc88846.19
Southland / Cuyamaca Street Sa881,141.84
Southland / Vandergrift Blvd O882,391.76
Usa Gas / National Ave886,166.33
Rancho Car Wash887,380.79
Southland / Prospect Ave Sante881,157.59
Southland / Grand Avenue Sprin88907.67
Southland Auto Body & Painting881,358.79
Bowdens Auto Body88180.63
Russos Auto Body Inc881,256.17
Euro Tek Auto Collision88439.25
El Capitan Oil888,226.40
Collisions Plus882,188.03
Superior Auto Body883,620.71
Inland Oil Co882,238.63
Southland / Worthington St Spr883,699.55
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodywork882,799.69
Tims Paint & Body Shop88377.67
National City Auto Body88790.52
North County Auto Body881,756.99
Bradley Allen Auto Body & Pain882,992.63
Sks Inc / Inland Oil Co882,270.03
Southwestern College88533.67
Arco #9574887,598.41
Arco #9575886,233.49
Arco #9576886,617.97
Epoch Corp882,964.90
Apro #18 / Sanesco881,877.22
Food Source / Live Oak Spring88552.92
Rainbow Oaks Gas88523.70
Arco #9599885,564.56
Arco #9532885,696.06
Chevron / Euclid Ave884,511.08
Arco #5231883,830.63
Presidio Services Corp / Perki88510.94
All Star Service Station88679.19
Village 76 Carwash884,927.47
Sanesco / Valley Center881,839.94
Golden State Gas / Santa Fe Av886,357.44
Sanesco / 47th Street884,272.52
Apro #21 / Sanesco 885,312.67
Golden State Gas / Oceanside885,736.40
Apro #23 / Chiefs Regent881,174.73
Sanesco / Market Street885,614.21
Sanesco / Imperial Ave882,728.24
Arco #9533883,431.70
Circle K #8545882,642.86
Southland / Leucadia882,162.15
Southland / Pomerado Rd Poway88978.85
Southland / Escondido Bl S885,034.03
Southland / Riverside Dr Lakes882,226.93
Southland / Jamacha Bl881,484.13
Southland / Jamacha Blvd Sprin881,289.54
Texaco #121647884,892.24
Southland / Melrose Dr Vista882,319.14
Carrs Car Center882,870.64
Ann Auto Body & Paint88940.07
Valley Center Oil Co881,132.40
Elite Auto Body8861.58
Ram 9988866.84
Usa Gas / Escondido887,495.41
Usa Gas / Lemon Grove886,015.75
Arco #9543884,313.01
Arco #9560888,283.65
Arco #9561882,344.42
Arco #9562884,445.62
Arco #9563887,330.19
Arco #9564883,525.22
Mccune Chrysler Plymouth882,105.92
Arco #9559884,077.23
Arco #9566885,536.58
Arco #9567887,510.10
Arco #9568885,252.08
Arco #5393886,167.78
Arco #9577883,909.89
Arco #9578885,000.06
Arco #9596885,412.32
Arco #9597884,421.69
Arco #9598887,144.80
Hine John Pontiac Mazda885,217.60
Arco #5208886,229.14
Arco #9579884,567.56
Arco #9595886,808.74
Shell Oil / Coronado Ave886,879.57
Shell Oil / A Street885,923.01
Exxon #1017884,355.60
Arco #9570888,902.48
Arco #9569885,899.51
Arco #9571888,603.78
Arco #9572887,973.89
Arco #9573884,764.35
Gas Depot / Shell Oil883,126.03
Shell Oil / Mission Gorge Rd885,246.37
Shell Oil / Grand Avenue884,115.42
Shell Oil / Spring St882,362.62
Exxon #1018884,585.97
Shell Oil / Division St E883,853.90
Shell Oil / Division St885,923.01
Shell Oil / Moore Street883,948.67
Point Loma Gas & Market 881,950.87
Shell Oil / Miramar Rd889,871.68
Shell Oil / Washington St885,111.56
Exxon #1032884,990.03
Golden State Gas / El Cajon8810,728.49
Shell Oil / Palm Ave885,132.55
Mercedes Benz Of San Diego883,261.88
Baker Bob Volkswagon884,310.37
El Dorado Auto Body & Paint881,818.57
Homer Heller Inc881,798.04
Ramona Oil Co88852.13
Poway Valley Collision882,512.33
Hawley Auto Body & Paint Inc881,383.42
Hill Guy Cadillac Inc881,436.79
Cameron Corner Convenience881,036.53
Maaco Auto Painting Of Chula V884,355.53
Exxon #1029884,988.05
Shell Oil / Lakeside882,952.46
Shell Oil / West Bernardo Dr883,948.67
Shell Oil / Voltaire St884,600.81
Shell Oil / F Street884,898.66
Shell Oil / Rancho Bernardo Rd883,619.62
Shell Oil / Carlsbad884,935.84
Shell Oil / University Ave884,134.98
Shell Oil / 1355 Encinitas Blv887,897.34
Golden State Gasoline / Fuel D882,632.45
Ultramar / Shell Oil881,762.03
Exxon #1033885,682.27
Exxon #1041884,884.56
Exxon #1029883,672.84
Shell Oil / Emerald Dr88625.21
Qwik Korner882,159.55
Shell Oil / Jacumba883,140.35
Exxon #1036883,892.62
Exxon #1019883,822.36
Rancho Bernardo Carwash / Shel885,967.11
Exxon #1042888,466.75
Equilon Enterprises Llc82420,020.15
Circle K Corp #2981883,847.06
Golden State Gas / Washington 886,671.33
Cascar Inc8811,416.89
Collision Care / Carcoa882,586.22
Bettencourt Auto Body & Paint882,241.39
Circle K Corp #2955882,859.86
Ez Gas883,319.25
Arco - Balboa Station8813,598.44
Shell Oil / Clairemont Dr884,454.26
Shell Oil / Downtown Service887,107.61
Shell Oil / Alpine884,935.84
Shell Oil / Main Ave S885,923.01
Shell Oil / Via Rancho Pkwy887,688.39
Ultramar - Imperial Beach882,190.29
Southland / Shell Oil / El Caj88912.34
G&M Oil / Balboa Avenue8830,135.75
Shell Oil / Vista Way883,962.33
Jdl Properties88125.57
Golden State Gas / Lemon Grove884,606.78
Shell Oil / El Camino Real884,757.58
Shell Oil / La Mesa884,061.53
Carcoa Auto Body & Paint / Con884,281.64
Texaco - Lakeside881,908.52
Shell Oil / Garnet Ave883,072.44
Exxon #1037884,862.52
Shell Oil / Santa Fe Dr884,606.78
Shell Oil / Highland Ave88335.29
Shell Oil / National City885,923.01
Southland / Shell Oil / Colleg881,215.28
Exxon #1035883,471.78
Shell Oil / Poway883,719.99
Qwik Korner Deli885,771.19
Shell Oil / Leucadia884,606.78
Exxon #1027887,183.44
Exxon #1030885,587.75
Shell Oil / Morena Blvd885,264.90
Shell Oil / 2521 Pacific Hy884,935.84
G&M Oil #53 / Shell Oil889,549.29
Shell Oil / Carmel Valley Rd885,945.72
Ultramar / Kay883,581.53
Shell Oil / 2075 Balboa Avenue888,555.46
Shell Oil / Lake Murray Bl884,136.82
Signtech Electrical Advertisin773,378.09
All American Paint & Body7104,976.96
Caldera Spas71238,223.02
Motivational Systems71514,042.70
A&F Plastics Inc7112,012.69
Federal Signs786,114.63
Allpro Paint & Body77454.77
Exxonmobil Oil Corp. Mission Valley Terminal7145,161.03
Westcoast Wood Workers7117,186.02
Bordeaux Printers Inc7812,226.35
Hi Z Technology Inc771.40
Killion Industries674,654.96
Vanard Lithographers Inc6815,968.15
Carvin Corp678,901.42
Pacord Inc.610346.52
Bkm Inc.6646.41
Ca Plating615125.88
Performance Plastics Inc682,312.21
A&L Litho Inc6713,038.17
Wood Craft Co.61021,952.91
Moon Custom Woodwork Inc.662,722.65
Golden State Graphics69243,143.87
Neyenesch Printers Inc6649,066.47
Hues Metal Finishing Inc.685,184.56
American Metal Processing, Inc661,731.15
Ball Oldsmobile Inc.692,382.71
Advanced Electromagnet6712,163.77
Southern California Plating Co6812,376.72
Dopaco Inc671,085,424.11
S. D. Paper Box Co5912,999.48
L3 Communications Conic56434.30
Escondido Plating514103.81
International Marble & Onyx582,147.62
Moore Data Management Serv Div583,230.63
Wilclif Inc555,149.87
International Marble & Onyx582,063.86
Hernandez Miguel Yacht Refinis561,922.64
Krasnes Inc.5518,484.76
Cps Printing5613,022.91
Kreiss Enterprises Inc.5511,829.28
Taylor Made Golf Co467,460.57
Ultra Custom Boats Of Sd4724,405.30
Commercial Press Inc4688,454.38
Sanchez Polishing And Plating496.00
Strip Shop The4411,033.00
Aztec Technology Corp442,500.63
Iron Factory The4112.91
West Coast Plating4449.86
Strip Shop The446,820.40
Tri City Plating, Inc.49179.49
Inland Pacific Marble Inc4123,264.45
Isp Alginates Inc4564,733.53
Carpenter Special Products444,839.88
Graphic Converting452,513.39
Killion Industries45359.57
Nielsen Beaumont Marine463,171.55
Lemon Grove Plating Inc.44176.46
Equality Plating Co.4632.93
Kaylien Inc.4133,762.58
North County Plating & Polishi413141.71
Moonlight Glassing Co361,814.95
Custom Craft368,963.68
Sea World Inc381,115.24
Spa Centers, Inc.3943,298.73
Ekstrom Industries331,056.93
Waterdog Products Inc3134,150.72
Fiber Tech Engineering Inc3613,077.87
Stone Yard Inc31219,311.05
Isp San Diego3614,821.00
Gkn Aerospace Chem-Tronics Inc.355,370.00
Sulzer Dental Inc3317.16
Maxwell Electronic Component G3319.86
Bekaert Specialty Films L.L.C.2215,037.00
Page Boy Cleaners22106.65
Universal Cleaners22342.90
Poinsettia Cleaners22166.05
Suzy Cleaners22270.00
Vulcan Materials Co. Mission Valley241.63
Brenntag West Inc.241,531.00
Senior Flexonics Ketema Div.22756.80
Osmonics Desal222,554.00
Sherwin-Williams Co.231,467.01
San Dieguito Publishers233,151.01
Park Cleaners22149.85
Joys Cleaners22604.80
One Hour Martinizing22484.65
North Center City Cleaners22619.65
University Cleaners221,607.85
Bell Cleaners22299.70
Town Center North Martinizing22685.80
Pozeys Cleaners22299.70
Advanced Web Offset Inc244,988.74
All City Cleaners223,817.80
Mc Cleaners22193.05
Yes Cleaners22507.60
One Hour Martinizing / Poway22290.25
Arya Cleaners221,872.45
Day & Night Cleaners22164.70
Practical Cleaners22832.95
Empire Dry Cleaners2297.20
Crystal Cleaners22200.48
Quality Cleaners22656.10
Structron Corp2528,784.30
Marketplace Cleaners22676.35
Leles Tailoring & Cleaners22700.65
Hoover Dry Cleaners / Escondid22974.70
San Diego Fabric Care Cleaners221.35
One Hour Martinizing / Pearl S22950.40
Fashion Cleaners22216.00
One Hour Martinizing Dry Clean22984.15
Ogdens 1 Hour Cleaners / Poway22529.20
Rainbow Steel231,076.64
Distinctive Cleaners22503.55
Golden Cleaners22724.95
One Hour Martinizing / Chula V22433.35
Half Hour Perma Clean22344.25
Veribest Cleaners221,428.30
University Cleaners/Ashford St22719.55
Max Cleaners22302.40
Loews Coronado Bay Resort2252.65
One Hour Martinizing / Navajo 22552.15
Coit Services22900.45
El Cajon 1 Hour Drycleaning & 22500.85
Advantage Cleaners22488.70
Carmel Plaza Cleaners221,620.00
Superway Cleaners22373.95
Dry Clean Usa / Carmel Country22583.20
Ocean Cleaners2270.20
Braley Cleaners22108.00
Excellent Cleaners221,107.00
Fairlane Cleaners221,748.25
Klassic Drycleaners22742.50
Nancys Cleaners / Alpine22149.85
Liberty Cleaners22423.90
Deluxe Cleaners2283.70
Royal Dry Cleaning22292.95
Hoover Dry Cleaners / Vista22299.70
Mr Best Cleaners2212.15
Colony Cleaners / Regents Rd22592.65
West Village Cleaners22243.00
Arti Cleaners22259.20
Fairlane Cleaners / Clairemont221,050.30
Continental Cleaners / San Mar221,759.05
Mission Gorge Drycleaning22719.55
Best Dry Cleaners22326.70
Vista Way Cleaners22141.75
Speedy Clean Specialists Inc /22540.00
Mission Hill Fabric Care Cente224,843.80
University City Cleaners22557.55
Bans Cleaners Ii22264.60
Speedy Clean Specialists Inc /22784.35
Rocky Home Cleaners22199.80
Crown Cleaners22336.15
Quality Care Cleaners2251.30
Ultimate Fabricare22164.70
Pacific Surf Glass242,302.63
Coronado Island Marriott Resor2291.80
Windmill Cleaners220.41
Dry Clean World / Escondido22259.20
Rose Cleaners22252.45
Pacific Cleaners22981.45
Farahs Cleaners & Tailoring22220.05
One Hour Martinizing Dry Clean22679.05
Westside Cleaners22319.95
Margarets Cleaners221,104.30
Bestway Cleaners22232.20
Ogdens 1 Hour Cleaners / Unive22780.30
Antoines Cleaners22167.40
Heartland Cleaners Inc22240.30
Pacific Plaza Cleaners22260.55
Rainbow Cleaners22530.55
Plaza South Cleaners221,485.00
Paradise Cleaners221,879.20
Carsons Dry Cleaners22510.30
Carols Cleaners22722.25
Las Brisas Fabric Care Center22456.30
Broadway Cleaners22325.35
Fairlane Cleaners / Chula Vist222,500.20
Santa Fe Cleaners22183.60
Cal Custom Mfg2422,062.02
Willies 1 Day Cleaners22399.60
Peacock Cleaners22136.35
Avalon Cleaners222,592.00
D-Lux Cleaners / Boulevard Cle223,119.85
Superway Cleaners221,383.75
Apadana Cleaners22430.65
Casa De Oro Regal Cleaners22488.70
Plaza Cleaners22673.65
Plaza Cleaners22503.55
Four Seasons Resort22141.75
Palomar Laundry & Linen Inc222,189.70
Beasley Cleaners222,401.65
Nancys Cleaners / Ramona22121.50
Clean Touch222,513.70
Ocean Beach Cleaners22240.30
Sunny Fresh Cleaners / Chula V22384.75
Ranch Cleaners222,826.90
Plaza Real Cleaners221,000.35
Spring Valley Cleaners22513.00
Dry Clean Usa / El Cajon22529.20
Valley Cleaners22143.10
Sunny Fresh Cleaners / Carlsba22623.70
Cosmopolitan Cleaners22743.85
Your Cleaners22287.55
Mr Js Cleaners221,405.35
Melrose Dry Cleaners22255.15
Plaza Del Oro Cleaners22463.05
Stadium Cleaners22830.25
Shelter Island Village Cleaner22391.50
Presidio Cleaners22390.15
Expert Cleaners22194.40
Colony Cleaners / Carmel Mtn R22800.55
Us Grant Hotel2286.40
Sunny Fresh Cleaners / Garnet 22837.00
Tower Cleaners22206.55
Le Cleaners22172.80
Sorrento Cleaners22348.30
North Coast Cleaners Inc22776.25
South Santa Fe Cleaners22319.95
Douglass Square Cleaners22635.85
Tri City Cleaners22117.45
Temple Heights Cleaners22203.85
Island Cleaners22106.65
One Hour Martinizing / Rancho 22306.45
Uptown Cleaners22658.80
Plaza Ridge Cleaners2212.15
One Hour Martinizing / Mira Me22305.10
Clairmont Town Square Cleaners22528.53
Waste Management Of Sd221,768.62
Mart Cleaners22569.70
Omega Cleaners / Clairemont Me221,080.00
Crown Cleaners/Coronado22982.80
Manor Cleaners22182.25
Abj Cleaners Inc22344.25
A&D Cleaners & Laundry22585.90
Lovetts 1 Hour Cleaners22359.10
Lomas Santa Fe Cleaners22549.45
Precision Litho, Inc.239,289.73
Mathews Cleaners22697.95
Burns Bob Cleaners22411.75
Bonita Cleaners22368.55
Speedy Clean Specialists Inc /22954.45
Dry Clean Usa / Poway22101.25
Mr Best Cleaners222,230.20
Saturn Cleaners221,367.55
El Dorado Cleaners / Chula Vis2224,526.80
Snazzy Cleaners2247.25
Mission Cleaners22216.00
Alpine Cleaners22376.65
Ogdens 1 Hour Cleaners / Berna22105.30
One Hour Martinizing / Cass St22406.35
Ogdens Cleaners / Pearl Street223,240.00
Sugar Mill Glassing Co231,146.98
Village Square Cleaners22319.95
Power Ware239.23
Vip Cleaners22368.55
Velvet Touch Cleaners22545.40
Cascade Cleaners22452.25
Coronado Cleaners22510.30
Aztec Cleaners22294.30
Glen Cleaners22248.40
Dlite Cleaners & Laundry221.35
Classic Cleaners & Laundry226,999.75
University Cleaners / El Cajon222,057.40
Heritage Cleaners22519.75
Continental Cleaners / 10th Av222,079.00
Elegant Cleaners22449.55
Mission Gorge Dry Cleaning22556.47
Del Mar Cleaners22935.55
One Hour Cleaners/Clairemont M22739.80
Style Cleaners22356.40
Continental Cleaners/Duenda Rd22796.50
Mission San Luis Rey Cleaners22237.60
Balboa Crest Cleaners22216.00
Kleen Rite Cleaners22562.95
Canyon Plaza Cleaners22415.80
Carlton Classic Cleaners / Lau22526.50
Tierrasanta Cleaners22558.90
Carriage Cleaners22251.10
Boyds North Shore Cleaners22329.40
Leucadia Valet Cleaners22167.40
Sunny Fresh Cleaners2279.65
Tops 1 Hr Cleaners22476.55
Encinitas Cleaners22463.05
Pacific Electro221,324.20
Bonita Village Cleaners223,217.05
South Bay Cleaners221,761.75
Fiberglassing Shop, The2537.05
Palomar Cleaners221,039.50
La Costa Real Cleaners224,077.00
Daisy Dry Cleaners / Clairmont221,202.85
A&P Cleaners22839.70
Magic Cleaners22535.95
El Dorado Cleaners221,144.80
Seville Cleaners22249.75
Sunny Fresh Cleaners22463.05
Braleys Cleaners22207.90
Premiere Cleaners22456.30
San Carlos Cleaners22126.90
Town & Country Cleaners22534.60
Fairlane Cleaners222,295.00
Bans Cleaners22376.65
Continental Cleaners222,263.95
El Camino Cleaners22297.00
Town Center Cleaners22662.85
Gde Systems Inc26874.28
Ab Brite Cleaners22120.15
Heritage Cleaners22166.05
Dantes Parkway Cleaners221,039.50
Select Cleaners & Laundry221,008.45
Central Marble Supply252,656.02
Ramona Cleaners221,080.00
Tops Cleaners22576.45
Continental Cleaners/Mission A221,954.80
Bonded Cleaners22560.25
Embassy Cleaners22379.35
Sd Valet Service223,376.35
Jamacha Cleaners22874.80
Daisy Cleaners / Santee22976.05
Fallbrook Cleaners22904.50
Triumph Components San Diego Inc.112.02
Jankovich Co. San Diego Facility113,800.00
Ferro Electronic Material Sys.12500.00
Hanson Aggregates Psw Miramar1225.77
L-3 Communications Telemetry West110.00
Signet Armorlite Inc.1123,916.00
Biosite Inc.113,726.00
Palomar Transit Mix Oceanside Facility120.19
Cubic Defense Applications Inc.110.20
Pall Filtration & Separations Group Inc.1110.00
Palomar Transit Mix Escondido Facility120.27
Marble Works121,585.00
Calcustom Mfg.127,992.00
Cosmed Of California114.00
Deutsch Co. Ecd112.00
Varian Inc.110.30
Survival Sys. Intl. Inc.114,715.00
Toppan Electronics Inc.112.00
U.S. Marine Corps Mcb Camp Pendleton11293.00
Honeywell Electronic Materials Inc.115.00
Plexus Corp. Pca110.06
Corsair Marine Inc.123,020.00
Napp Sys. Inc.111,326.00
Osmonics Desal11738.00
Honeywell Inc. Home & Building Controls W. Coast Oper.1137.00
Cal Custom Mfg.111,532.00
Tyco Printed Circuit Group11216.00
Polese Co. Inc.115.00
Teradyne Circuits San Diego121,284.00
West Coast Furniture1229,977.45
Polese Co. Inc.126.00
Hallmark Circuits Inc.12500.00
J&D Laboratories, Inc.1215,406.03
Partner Press Llc1310,045.61
Precision Litho1216,457.32
Exponents Inc.125,534.28
Symcoat Metal Processing134,598.24