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Column information
Polluters in San Benito County, California
Granite Rock Co665368,072.75
Corbin Pacific, Inc.31186,830.91
Gaf Leatherback Corp.62153,801.84
Safety Storage-2301 Bert Dr1128,900.61
San Benito Foods93227,668.16
San Benito Aggregates, Inc.52026,610.32
Sunflower Finishing, Llc11425,263.82
Trical Inc.51014,328.97
Us Park Service / Pinnacles28286,569.06
San Juan Boutista Sewage Treatment Plant28286,569.06
Silva & Sanchez Cannery Dump Site28286,569.06
San Benito Shutter Company365,113.36
Stevens Creek Quarry684,855.82
Colonial Cleaners112,092.00
John Smith Road Solid Waste Disposal Site28281,531.36
Mccormick Selph, Inc.11211,471.09
Gaf Leatherback Corporation411551,368.26
Heritage Cleaners111,271.00
Costa Brothers Dairy28281,069.83
Harts Landfill28281,069.83
Old San Juan Dump28281,069.83
The Don Chapin Co22633.75
Fashion Cleaners11379.00
Industrial Waste Treatment Facility2828324.45
General Chemical Corp. Hollister Works24265.00
City Of San Juan Bautista2828198.56
Almaden Winery2828198.56
Perkins Ranch Site2828198.56
Safeway, Inc.1151.06
Dassel'S Petro. Inc.1216.03
Quik Stop Markets, Inc.1114.40
C.J. Chevron, Llc1113.36
Quik Stop Markets, Inc.1110.85
Global Oil Company119.45
Ranch Milk117.78
Ava Enterprise, Llc115.59
Toro Petroleum Corp.115.52
San Benito Petroleum114.35
Sturdy Oil Company114.05
Muhammad Jamil113.75
Toro Petro. Corp.123.64
Bob Cain112.66
Jeff & Kay Boyce112.59
Toan Cong Bui112.33
Conocophillips Company111.62
Wayne Pfeffer111.35
Gaf Leatherback Corp.110.04
Granite Rock Co.220.00