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Polluters in Sacramento County, California
1 Day Paint & Body Center7195,350.75
14th Avenue Landfill2828285.51
A & W Cleaners11886.60
A-1 Plating, Inc.110.01
A-Silk Dry Cleaners1110,095.00
A. Teichert & Son40308244,670.23
A. Teichert & Son Df#3551115544,833.37
Aaa Plating110.00
Aerojet Fine Chemical46984,337,557.42
Aerojet Lrc Landfill28281,715.36
Aerojet Plant 228287,906.20
Ag Containers Specialties, Inc3314,963.10
Air Products Mfg Corp5529,909.00
Alhambra Dry Cleaners114,845.60
Aloha Cleaners115,060.96
Alta Plating & Chemical, Corp.230.02
American Cleaner111,615.20
American Litho23898,896.51
American Plating110.00
American River Asphalt2450152,209.64
American River Soil Remediation2828285.51
Apollo Cleaners112,692.00
Apparatus Unlimited, Inc.111,831.80
Arden Fair Cleaners114,038.00
Arden Plaza Cleaners112,692.00
Argus Crematory4040260.04
B & C Disposal Site / Jackson Rd Lf28287,906.20
B&C Tractor28281,715.36
Bell (Old Sac City)28287,906.20
Belwin Cleaners112,422.80
Bertoluccis Body & Fender7299,020.14
Bestway Dry Cleaners11673.00
Bestway Drycleaners113,230.40
Bill'S Cleaners114,038.00
Blomberg Window Systems101415,340.07
Blue Cross Pet Hospital38380.71
Blue Diamond Growers50851,110,890.62
Broadway Tire28287,906.20
Broadway Tire Inc.33683.73
Buff & Plating Works110.00
Ca State University Sacramento251122,198.00
Cal West22756.00
California Cascade Indus332,279.72
Camellia Enterprises1112,598.60
Camellia Memorial Lawn3838126.04
Campbell Soup Company183014,632.13
Cannon (Old Sac City)28287,906.20
Capitol Iron Works, Inc.331,586.30
Carousel Cleaners111,938.24
Carson Energy/Smud305519,932,925.51
Chevron Usa84279,662.95
Chris Lin & Company114,845.60
Chrome Craft26663.76
City Of Galt Landfill28281,715.36
Clark'S Sandblasting6831,411.90
Classic Cabinet101225,101.63
Classic Cleaners111,009.50
Cleaners Plus112,140.14
Cleaning Circus112,692.00
Commerce Printing Service143,398.81
Conoco Inc11428.00
Consolidated Fabricators61044,223.59
Copperwood Cleaners11807.60
Country Club Cleaners111,615.20
Country Oaks Cleaners11969.12
Creekside Cleaners114,845.60
Crestview One Hour Mart113,230.40
Crown Cleaners111,615.20
Crystal Cream & Butter Co132711,247.75
Ctec Inc.112,903.40
Cuff & Collar Cleaners111,844.02
Cultured Marble Prods. Ltd.124,247.50
Curly'S Cleaners111,615.20
Curly'S Elite Cleaners111,346.00
Custom Made Packaging2613,321.10
D & L Cleaners112,422.80
D & L Cleaners111,615.20
D & T Fiberglass1211,656.00
D'Lynns Cleaners111,346.00
Decore-Ative Specialties33766.16
Del Paso Dump (Taylor)28281,715.36
Dome Printing & Lithograph61014,652.35
Dorris Lumber And Moulding225,640.78
Dry Clean Today1111,636.20
Dry Clean Today1126,812.30
Dryclean 4-U11673.00
Dryclean Usa111,346.00
Duffys Cleaners112,557.40
Earl Scheib Auto Paint Shop192332,606.00
Earl Scheib Auto Paint Shop337221,662.00
Earl Scheib Auto Paint Shop401332,312.00
East Lawn383857.99
Fair Oaks Blvd. Veterinary Hsp343412.96
Fair Oaks One Hour Mart114,845.60
Fairmont Cleaners111,346.00
Fashion Cleaners11740.30
Fitzgerald Ranch2828285.51
Florin Box & Lumber335,958.07
Florin Cleaners114,845.60
Folsom East Bidwell282863,237.99
Folsom State Prison Disposal Site28281,715.36
Foremost Interiors Inc.117,476.00
Foremost Superior Marble118,012.00
Freeport Cleaners112,019.00
Fruitridge Printing149,937.60
Galt 4th Avenue2828285.51
Galt Simmerhorn28281,715.36
Georgia Pacific Corp2510714,138.03
Gerber Road Landfill2828285.51
Goodyear Retread Plant551,207.36
Grafil Inc214236,085,970.17
Grand Oaks Sunshine Cntr114,845.60
Granite Construction Co285819,220.29
Granite Construction Co39213382,762.09
Graphic Center111618,882.87
Greenback Cleaners111,615.20
Gz Products (Fair Oaks Landfill)28281,715.36
H C Muddox Company2038199,675.83
H. C. Muddox1154.00
Hans Cleaners11538.40
Hazel Cleaners114,038.00
Hillsdale Cleaners11807.60
Huggins Cleaners119,422.00
Huhtamaki Foodservice, Inc5762,148.39
Hylers Cleaners11323.04
Hytone Cleaners111,615.20
Industrial Minerals Co2855,745.06
Intel Corporation11493.56
Interstate Brands Inc.167031,203.49
Irenes Foothill Cleaners111,076.80
J & J Cleaners114,038.00
Jb Radiator Specialties Inc.110.00
Jerrys Cleaners11807.60
Juvenile Hall Disposal Site28287,906.20
K & M Industries Inc222,185.60
Kaiser Permanente Medical Cntr117113.65
Kaiser Permanente Medical Ctr1337856.60
Kanowsky Furniture, Inc.25111.27
Karsten Company131537,887.95
Kiefer Landfill45132845,033.24
Kiefer Landfill & Recycling Site282849,434.99
Kilgore Dump2828285.51
Kings Cleaners11215.36
Kramer Carton Co94710,335.50
L Co Quality Cleaners114,387.96
La Riviera Cleaners112,422.80
Land Park Cleaners11538.40
Leibels Cleaners11646.08
Lennane (Old Sac City)28281,715.36
Lifetime Doors Inc441,099.31
Littles Cleaners111,884.40
Maaco Auto Painting553,141.93
Maaco Auto Painting995,703.08
Marks Cleaners113,230.40
Mather Afb Landfill28281,715.36
Mcclellan Air Force Base Landfill282863,237.99
Mckenry Drapery Service114,280.28
Mercury Cleaners113,028.50
Mercy American River Hospital41470.35
Mercy General Hospital3596.48
Mercy Hospital Of Folsom41039.55
Mercy San Juan Hospital411258.83
Methodist Hospital, Sacramento46184.08
Michaels Company9128,767.36
Miracle Auto Painting331,886.00
Miracle Auto Painting331,417.00
Miracle Auto Painting331,625.00
Miracle Auto Painting331,235.00
Monroe'S Landfill28287,906.20
Mt. Vernon Memorial Park383876.45
Nevada Cement Company2218,454.08
North Sacramento Memorial Crem3838112.16
O'Neil Park / Fire Station No. 52828285.51
Obie'S Dump28287,906.20
Orchid Cleaners11673.00
P G & E113369,555.54
Park Place Cleaners11201.90
Park Place Cleaners111,346.00
Pauls Cleaners114,038.00
Perkins Plant22206.60
Pine'S Commercial Vhcl. Painti474,934.00
Polyclad Laminates Inc.1143,474.00
Precision Plating & Grinding111.91
Prison Industry Authority11217,762.18
Procter & Gamble3186202,084.73
Puente Wood Products442,586.00
Purity Oil Sales282863,237.99
Radiator Specialties216018,899.22
Ramona Avenue Landfill28281,715.36
Rapid Clean Dry Cleaners111,615.20
Regional Sanitation Dist3897470,481,000.85
Ricos Drapery Cleaners112,772.76
Rio Cosumnes Correctional Facility2828285.51
Rio Linda Food Products282863,237.99
River City Cleaners11538.40
River Cleaners111,346.00
Riverside Elevators22254,346.87
Rmc Lonestar255510,739.71
Roy'S Custom Cabinets1319,320.79
Rytina Fine Cleaners112,019.00
Sacramento Animal Med Grp383818.71
Sacramento Bag Mfg Co134,621.62
Sacramento Bee17238,884.13
Sacramento City Landfill2828718.69
Sacramento City Landfill263323,304.18
Sacramento Cogeneration Authoy1972144,494,104.96
Sacramento County Crematory3737131.73
Sacramento Memorial Lawn Inc.3838139.82
Sacramento Pet Cemetery3838126.04
Sacramento Power Authority182019,685,095.22
Sacramento Rendering Co3838325.84
Save On Dry Cleaners1113,581.10
Save-On Cleaners117,604.90
Scollan (Old Sac City)2828285.51
Service Cleaners112,907.36
Setzer Forest Products3419,725.76
Sfpp, Lp94470,775.58
Shields Ash Site28281,715.36
Sierra Suede & Leather1127,552.60
Silgan Can Company204865,971.71
Sky Cleaners11646.08
Southgate Cleaners113,889.94
Sprr (Old Sac City)282863,237.99
Starr Cleaners114,307.20
State Of Cal Fish & Game37370.02
State Of Calif Gs203619,815.79
State Of Calif Printing112627,066.36
State Of Calif Prison111,426.76
Sterling Cleaners112,153.60
Stopwatch Cleaners114,845.60
Sun Cleaners113,405.38
Sunrise & Old Auburn Clnr111,076.80
Sunrise Cleaners114,307.20
Sutter General Hospital11224.00
Sutter Memorial Hospital11291.60
Swansons Cleaners111,884.40
Swansons Cleaners112,301.66
Swiss Cleaners111,615.20
Teledyne Mec213346.85
Texaco Refining & Marketing In331,203.06
The Palm Iron & Bridge Works9177,446.37
Tillett Cleaners111,346.00
Top Hat Cleaners114,038.00
Tosco Corporation73432,414.71
Triangle Rock Products, Inc.113731,444.07
Ucd Medical Center30108107,248.63
Urrutia Landfill28287,906.20
Veterans Cleaners114,038.00
Village Cleaners111,615.20
Village Cleaners112,692.00
Vogue Cleaners11740.40
Waring'S Dump28287,906.20
West 6th Street28281,715.36
Westwood Specialities, Inc.4525,751.01
White Rock Road Disposal Site28287,906.20
Willamette Industries, Inc.571,572.33
Woodmark Manufacturing474,950.00
Worthington Chev & Mitsubishi9143,107.19
Ww Hobbs Printing13402.22