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Polluters in Riverside County, California
A-1 Aggregates Inc1818331.92
Acker-Stone Industries Inc 6161,334.80
Advance Business Graphics Inc 6135,320.00
All American Asphalt, Unit No.183751,000.14
Alpha/Owens Corning, L.L.C.11912.00
Alumax Mill Products Inc 1882135,619.59
American West B M D3722,144.08
Amr Corporation(Plm Sprngs Reg66648.09
An American Car Wash 11340.00
Anza Sanitary Landfill2828867.61
Aoc L.L.C.488,116.00
Armtec Defense Prod. Co 123755,804.59
Armtec Defense Products Co111614,881.83
Arvinyl, Div Arvin Ind Inc177720,719.57
Associated Plastics Inc 4981,849.84
Atkinson Brick Co15150.00
Atkinson Washington Zachry,Eas6200.00
Atkinson, Washington, Zachry, 242,853.76
Aurora Modular Industries Inc123943,053.08
Aurora Modular Industries, Inc62645,331.63
Austin Plastics Inc.129,850.00
Badlands Disposal Site Landfill28283,607.20
Bear Medical Sys Inc12156,902.88
Beaumont Lf282863,237.99
Belle Reve Furniture Manufactu1613,405.46
Belltown I28281,715.36
Bianchi International 6125,660.00
Bird Prod. Corp117,128.00
Blackhawk Furniture, Inc 1742,840.00
Blythe Airport Dumpsite282863,237.99
Blythe City28281,715.36
Blythe City, Regional Wastewat6102,408.32
Blythe Laundry & Cleaners, Inc112,654.68
Blythe Sanitary Landfill28282,351.14
Boral Resources Inc, Corona Pl66159.53
Bourns Inc489,118.59
Brudvik Inc 61214,003.03
Bundy Canyon282863,237.99
Bwd Corporation11130.40
Bythe Sanitation28281,715.36
C. Smith Transport Inc 6188,598.13
C.W.R. Mfg331,444.53
Ca, Dept Of Corrections6561,423.44
Cajoleben, Inc., Galasso'S Bak61351,139.20
Cal St, Inst For Women 142018,648.01
Calico Stripping 13990.94
Callan Oil District, Inc113,717.00
Calmat Co 61213,920.00
Cannon Fabrication Inc 124,940.00
Carpenter Co 1236840,192.57
Carrera Boats, Cpc/Victory Mar132,940.00
Cathedral Liquid Site2828285.51
Cemex Usa Construction Materia384,600.80
Cemex Usa Construction Materia3136,976.80
Ces Energy Corona, Ltd. 922155,384.59
Chairworld Inc5525,956.00
Circle Of Life, Marguerite C J660.00
City Of Corona - Utility Servi488,720.00
City Of Corona - Utility Servi333,800.00
City Of Corona - Utility Servi2220.00
City Of Corona - Utility Servi330.00
City Of Corona - Utility Servi11116,027.62
City Of Corona - Utility Servi330.00
City Of Perris Illegal Dump Site2828285.51
City Office Furniture Inc 6126,251.46
Clow Valve Co 123624,353.11
Coachella City2828362.52
Coachella Valley Disposal Site Landfill282817,791.46
Coachella Valley Water Dist104210,184.28
Coachella Valley Water Dist.(W1120.00
Colmac Energy Inc 66526,720.00
Connor Formed Metal Products 6204,664.72
Corona Auto Body 156,280.00
Corona City 33218.28
Corona City, Utilities Service362,480.00
Corona City, Utility Services 4160.00
Corona City, Utility Services 33780.00
Corona Disposal Site28283,312.48
Corona Energy Partners, Ltd 122488,568.80
Corona Industrial Sand Project6190.00
Corona Muni612466,596.18
Corona Products 61915,292.45
Corona Truck Salvage2828285.51
Corona Venture Ltd Inc, Choice135,640.00
Corona, City Of (Wastewater Tr489,829.05
Cr & R Inc 672,400.00
Creative Components Inc 127,745.14
Creative Ideas78149,911.40
Cresent Auto Wrecking Disposal28281,715.36
Crestmore Rd28287,906.20
Csr Hydro Conduit 82420,357.22
Dairy Farmers Of America55760.00
Dart Container Corp Of Califor1435423,380.00
David Cervantez Lf28287,906.20
Deleo Clay Tile Co Inc 6814,642.52
Desert Center Landfill2828157.37
Desert Cottonseed Products Inc61822,284.92
Desert Hosp 61520,262.86
Desert Hot Springs Aka Riverside Co Ds2828285.51
Designers Sash & Door 123,720.00
Deutsch Co, Electronic Compone20275,226.79
Devoe Coatings Co612155,548.18
Diamond Pacific Products Co 61412,417.13
Double Butte Disposal Site Landfill28281,139.59
Double D Enterprise Inc 1442,840.00
Dow Jones & Co Inc 6208,379.43
Downs Oil Co Inc 148,879.20
Dune Company Of Blythe372,067.20
Dunham-Bush Inc.4490,757.72
Dura Coat Products Inc 102517,765.33
Eagle Polyiso Corp.000.00
Earl Schieb Of California442,291.70
East County Line2828285.51
Eastern Mun Water Dist 88120,626.76
Eastern Mun Water Dist72038.80
Eastern Mun Water Dist 612298.86
Eastern Municipal Water Distri483.66
Eastern Municipal Water Distri4169,614.46
Eastern Municipal Water Distri4811,440.00
Eastern Municipal Water Distri4817,280.00
Eastern Municipal Water Distri484,495.72
Eastern Municipal Water Distri485,700.67
Eastern Municipal Water Distri482,200.00
Eastern Municipal Water Distri614700.00
Eastern Municipal Water Distri914544,619.19
Eastern Municipal Water Distri4816,620.00
Eastern Municipal Water Distri88323,621.98
Eastern Municipal Water Distri12165,207.83
Eastern Municipal Water Distri124816,267.16
Eastern Municipal Water Distri48495.06
Eastern Municipal Water Distri48200.22
Eastern Municipal Water Distri483.66
Eastern Municipal Water Distri6202,952.27
Eastern Municipal Water Distri481,499.79
Eastern Municipal Water Distri48920.00
Eastern Municipal Water Distri48145.59
Eastern Municipal Water Distri483,353.15
Eastern Municipal Water Distri4810,820.00
Edelbrock Foundry Corp 61031,614.04
Edom Hill Disposal Site Landfill28287,191.04
Eisenhower Medical Center 62920,443.36
El Sobrante Sanitary Landfill282822,236.66
Eliminator Custom Boats3612,768.36
Elsinore Ecology Center28287,906.20
Elsinore Ready Mix Co., Inc. 6813,751.62
Elsinore Ready-Mix Co Inc 15255,334.14
Elsinore Sanitary Landfill28287,906.20
Elsinore Valley Cemetary Dist282863,237.99
Esparanza Rd Illegal Dump Site282863,237.99
Extreme Engineering, E.R.. Inc111,126.21
F.S.T Sand & Gravel Inc. 684,135.96
Fender Musical Instruments Cor677,132.88
Fender Musical Instruments Corp.6623,206.40
Fleetwood Enterprises Inc4122,055.90
Fleetwood Homes Of Cal Inc 102264,564.00
Fleetwood Motor Homes Of Cal I1236163,870.00
Fleetwood Motor Homes Of Calif92428,493.12
Flexsteel Ind Inc 198,125.32
Flyer Graphics Inc, Wedco Grap61615,906.24
Foster Road Illegal Dump Site282863,237.99
Foster Sand & Gravel Co 34393.36
French Valley612559,931.01
Frontier Aluminum Corp.466,401.00
G E Railcar Repair1116.75
Gem Cabinets Inc111,614.23
Gold Shield Fiberglass Inc 6102,033.98
Golden West Homes 3939,061.62
Gosch Ford Linc/Merc 681,660.00
Granite Construction Company61225,665.34
Gs Creations Inc 1247,160.00
Guadalajara Imports Inc 68556.41
Guidant Inc 103729,534.90
Guy Evans Inc, See Id #111975 15575.16
Hanson Aggregates West Inc/Eag331,055.60
Harmon Industries 197,643.43
Harry J. Pouty28287,906.20
Harte Hanks Cal Cdm Inc,Harte 6163,820.00
Hayden Industrial Products2910452,569.01
Hemet Electric Motor Service551.53
Hemet Landfill2828285.51
Highgrove Sanitary Landfill28284,806.24
Hills Cabinet Mfg Inc 1233,460.00
Hoover Containment, Inc 164,545.55
House Of Agape Missions Ds28287,906.20
Howden Airdynamics 6191,760.00
Hudson Respiratery Care Inc111610,190.55
Idyllwild Disposal Site28287,906.20
Imco Recycling Of California Inc28281,715.36
Imperial Irrigation Dist1514.00
Imperial Irrigation District 61542,330.03
Indio City 131713,779.26
Indio City282863,237.99
Indio City 484,700.00
Indio City 447,960.00
Indio City 440.00
Indio City, Public Works Dept216583.48
Indio Landfill282863,237.99
Industrial Asphalt Co171751.70
Inland Concrete Enterprises28281,715.36
Inland Disposal Inc11228.89
Inland Empire Collision 135,364.90
Innovation Fiberglass Products1663,920.00
Intl Rectifier Corp. 115141,587.65
Ironwood State Prison6383,357.17
Isomedix Operations, Inc. 7167,506.41
Jack Fallucca441,008.00
Jack Stanfield Co Inc, Stanfie688,168.52
Joe Fernandes Paint & Body, J.696,506.93
John F. Kennedy Mem Hosp 6264,383.29
Johns Manville Corp 11176995,957.33
Johnson Power Systems 6636,615.27
Joor Bros Welding Inc221,141.30
Joseph'S Cleaners 672,349.99
Jurupa Comm Serv Dist;Indian H1187.69
K & N Engineering Inc 697,060.00
Kaiser Foundation Hospital 225814,410.15
Kessler Ranch South Illegal Dump Site28287,906.20
Ketema, Micrometer Div37581.72
Kmc Wheel Co Inc 61415,523.20
L To Z Ent, Inc118.25
La Sierra University 61939,100.00
Lakeview Landfill28287,906.20
Lamb Canyon Disposal Site Landfill28287,089.80
Lavey Craft Performance Boats111,985.00
Liston Brick Company Of Corona693,431.34
Logistics Rapid Response11790.50
Luxfer Usa Ltd 102719,753.57
M & S Enterprises 68358.18
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodywor135,300.00
March Afb Landfill28287,906.20
March Air Force Base665,734,024.00
March Field Museum Fndtn, B Pi120.00
Marko Foam Products Inc 61551,820.00
Marriott'S Desert Springs Reso64719,680.00
Maruhachi Ceramics Of America 61715,240.00
Massey Sand And Rock2828285.51
Materials Transport Services,4412.75
Matich Corp 6818,671.23
Matthews International Corp 73027,737.20
Mead Valley Disposal Site Landfill282818,300.12
Mecca Landfill28281,715.36
Mecca Landfill Ii28281,425.61
Menage Inc 1711,320.00
Menifee Valley Medical Center 6256,237.72
Metal Container Corp1784285,643.12
Metal Container Corp 51010,630.10
Metro Line Industries, Inc, R.10161,964.40
Miller'S Fab & Weld Corp 6103,166.36
Minnesota Mining & Mfg Co 863122,817.44
Mira Loma282863,237.99
Mission Clay Products 183972,341.18
Mission Hills Cleaners, Frank 111,886.22
Mm Corona Energy Llc 145223,486.25
Modern Ginning Co.61631,656.35
Modtech Inc 1527,900.00
Modtech Inc 1214,920.00
Modular Structures Int'L Inc 31126,844.18
Moore Business Forms & Systems6111,560.00
Moreno Gas Compressor Station223.18
Moreno Valley Sch Dist39415.56
Mwd-Perris Power Plant11111.71
National Protein Corporation 6125,793.60
Natl Process Ind, Inc22687.60
Natl Rv Inc 61425,999.72
Navigator Yachts 166,840.00
Nutrilite Division Of Amway Co1567195,638.24
Old Eagle Mountain28287,906.20
Opto 22 Inc 124,120.00
Orco Block Co Inc8814.91
Pacific Clay Products Inc 1868422,843.94
Pacific Sun Casual Furn Div Of661,480.00
Pacific Western Extruded Plast11166.50
Palm Spring City, Waste Water 65625,234.68
Palm Springs282863,237.99
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway 6241,303.99
Palm Springs Cemetary District2828285.51
Palm Springs City (Municipal) 44539,600.00
Palm Springs City (Municipal)2236.00
Palm Springs City (Pavilion) 4439,391.04
Palm Springs Plating1165.74
Palm Springs Regional624904,229.80
Palo Verde Hospital30391,123.47
Palo Verde Irrigation District6375,107.10
Panorama Dump Site28281,715.36
Parkridge Dump28287,906.20
Passmore Gas & Oil, Inc612913.48
Paul Hubbs Const Co 6140.00
Paul Hubbs Const Co 6140.00
Pedley Dump2828285.51
Perris Valley612155,532.75
Pharris Sand & Gravel Dawson Canyon28287,906.20
Pierce Bros Crestlawn Mem Park1152.66
Pinon Flats28281,715.36
Predelivery Service Corp 155,200.00
Preproduction Plastics, Inc 1422,080.00
Press Enterprises Co 83718,399.10
Production Industries, Inc. 61111,215.85
Prudential Overall Supply1124,621.00
Qca Corp22106.00
Quaid Imports Inc 188,321.23
R Squared Scan Systems, Inc12278.30
Rainbow Cleaners, June Lee, Db67541.08
Renco Systems Inc 7254,115.99
Rgf Enterprises, Inc.6621,422.40
Ridgewood/Caldesert Pwr Ptnrs 247,040.00
Ridgewood/Caldesert Pwr Ptnrs 248,920.00
Ridgewood/Caldesert Pwr Ptnrs 243,280.00
Riv Co, Transportation Dept 61459,680.00
River Bottom Auto Body111,936.00
River Ranch Illegal Dump Site28287,906.20
Riverside Blueprint, R B Graph71918,500.00
Riverside Cement Co Unit No.04221771220,140.88
Riverside City, Public Utiliti481,340.00
Riverside City, Public Utiliti48860.00
Riverside City, Water Quality 639121,262.91
Riverside Comm Hosp 63321,923.52
Riverside County Waste Managem6616.50
Riverside Med Clinic, Surgery116.61
Riverside Muni612456,269.07
Riverside National Cemetary282863,237.99
Riverside Sand Company2828285.51
Riverside Transit Agency 6351,380.00
Riverside Unified School District6683,476.00
Road Runner Ranch28287,906.20
Road Systems Inc3343,330.00
Rohr Ind Inc6311,334.23
Rolo'S Collision Diagnostic113,291.20
Roofing Development Co Inc, & 62211,237.44
Rube Tucker Landfill28287,906.20
Sam Jones Landfill28287,906.20
San Diego Gas & Electric 1265191,959.03
San Gorgonio Pass Mem Hosp Dis626880.00
Santa Fe Industries Llc 1216,842.10
Seacor Proposed Excavation28281,715.36
Seacor Proposed Excavation28281,715.36
Shamrock Ranch Disposal Site282863,237.99
Sierra Aluminum Company 185942,790.99
Six Pac Industries6101,605.00
Sky Ranch28281,715.36
Skyline Homes Inc 3923,607.61
Skyline Ranch282863,237.99
So Cal Gas Co310221.02
So Cal Gas Co149.09
Southern California Auto Auction668,160.00
Southern California Gas Co.469024,396,426.85
Spaulding Equipment Co 196,080.00
Specialty Brands Inc 62461,389.61
St Calif Dept Corrections,Cal 141187,522.79
Standard Concrete Products Inc627138.05
Stanfield Shutter Co., Inc.5539,871.00
Star Milling Co 186910,537.74
Steelform Contracting Co 612315.14
Sterling Automotive Inc, Sterl135,878.95
Stits Aircraft2216,133.50
Stringfellow Quarry Acid Pits (State Of2828285.51
Sullivan'S Shutter Factory 117,725.19
Sun City Palm Springs Communit33812.20
Tequesquite Lf / City Of Riverside Slf28287,906.20
The Desert Sun Publishing Co 6137,500.00
The Salvation Army 67140.00
Thoro Packaging Inc 1913,860.00
Transchem, Jetronics Ind Inc D576,215.26
Ttx Company Calpro Div 102830,012.36
Twin Pines Ranch Disposal Site28287,906.20
Txi Riverside Cement Co. Crestmore Plant3328.00
U.S. Battery Mfg. Co.115.00
U.S. Composite 1215,668.09
Union Feed Yards Disposal Site28281,715.36
United Rubidoux, Inc.6623,840.00
United/ Rubidoux Printing Inc 6200.00
Univ Cal Riverside1010372.20
Univ Cal, Riverside 66030,255.40
Unlimited Performance Products4717,299.95
Upson Metal Fabricators 132,531.20
Us Govt, Af Dept, March Afb (N2787540,333.02
Us Govt, Naval Warfare Assessm6143,631.78
Us Tile Co 1866309,374.58
Valle Vista28281,715.36
Valley Printers Inc 81728,934.30
Valley Rock & Sand282863,237.99
Van'S Auto Body 692,840.00
Ventura Coastal Corp, Indio Di61827,773.60
Vertis Inc. Rns Riverside Div.125,168.00
Vertis, Inc.626306,358.52
Vulcan Materials Co. - Corona120.64
W. B. Powell Inc 164,220.00
Wade Landfill282863,237.99
Warren Anderson Ford Inc,Fritt6121,500.00
Weirick Road Illegal Dump Site282863,237.99
Western Homes Corp 102599,381.80
Western Polyform Corp 91617,123.80
William Hanmer Materials 61418,089.84
Wooden Images551,698.20
Wyroc 22416.00
Zieman Mfg Co Inc 3313,929.00