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Polluters in Orange County, California
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc10219,873.73
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc92010,671.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc11228,089.02
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9354,890.23
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc15279,710.09
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc8201,365.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc39835.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc8216,761.00
3m Co, Dental Products Div12632.80
3m Medical Products 83524,392.19
5 Day Business Forms Mfg Inc 145,780.00
7up/Rc Bottling Co Of Southern887.53
A. C. D. Inc 82325,442.33
Aa-One Lithograph Inc. 184,260.00
Aai/Acl Technologies 9192,542.01
Abc Custom Wood Shutters, Stah127,863.68
Ac Products Inc16338,319.51
Accessory Art Products Inc.12403.05
Accion Const Iron & Windows Mf6105,070.99
Accurate Metal Fabricators Inc6187,947.17
Acurex Refrigeration Pro Div-B11548.00
Adams Steel 3720,911.74
Advanced Ground Systems Engine695,398.77
Advanced Spa Designs 21168,946.40
Advantage Boats, Inc 130.00
Aera Energy Llc 6231739,758.31
Aera Energy Llc 35426103,061.33
Aera Energy Llc 2041784,285.40
Aera Energy Llc 1420720,911.79
Aero-Ddl, Anaheim, Plant 2776,859.00
Aero-Ddl, Anaheim, Plant 37719,941.00
Aerochem Inc102312,139.67
Aes Huntington Beach, Llc401771,739,937.41
Air Chem Sys Inc 133,720.00
Air Industries Corp2445102,874.47
Akzo Coatings Inc, Aerospace F1674912,811.65
Akzo Coatings Inc. 1743145,581.06
Akzo Coatings Inc.9929,068.42
Alamitos Company 1131,798.30
Alcoa Fastening Sys. Fullerton Ops.4690,292.28
Alcon Surgical Inc 6102,536.09
Aliso Water Management Agency 104266,668.14
Aliso Water Management Agency51910.48
All American Asphalt 131913,605.93
All Metals Processing Of Orang6417,117.60
All-Bann Enter. Inc133242,608.53
Allen Oldsmobile-Cadillac Inc 696,500.00
Allergan Inc 62226,587.44
Allergan Medical Optics45739.03
Alpha Beta Co./Ralph Grocery C85211,256.57
Alton Geoscience 445,070.03
Alum-A-Therm 61210,940.00
Aluminum Precision Prod Inc,Al61334,732.81
Aluminum Precision Prods Inc, 686,283.20
Aluminum Precision Products In62045,262.94
American Conform Industries In678,920.00
American Demolition Concrete C120.00
American Electronics Inc 13279,613.33
American Fabrication Corp 166,580.00
American Fuji Seal, Inc. 71414,686.81
Ameron Protective Coat Div (Eis&Nsr Use)814925,664.89
Amisub, Irvine Medical Ctr Dba62411,376.68
Amway Corp, Nutrilite Products74917,746.67
Anabolic Laboratories Inc 81219,553.00
Anaheim / Olive Blvd. Dump2828285.51
Anaheim Citrus Products Co717241.00
Anaheim City Dump #728281,715.36
Anaheim Dump #628281,715.36
Anaheim Gen Hosp, Engineering 6173,520.00
Anaheim Hills Auto Body Inc 688,617.14
Anaheim Hotel Partnership,Anah6624,521.26
Anaheim Memorial Hospital1122.00
Anaheim Mills Corp 62618,399.16
Anaheim No.12828285.51
Anderson, Aubrey28287,906.20
Angelica Textile Services 6918,559.20
Anodyne Inc 5817,217.50
Ansys, Inc 10231,603.75
Apec Corp331,917.00
Aqua Chinon Wash2828285.51
Aqua Chinon Wash Lf/Site 3/Original Lf282863,237.99
Arcadia Chair Co 61021,240.00
Architectural Response Kollect359,220.00
Ardco Manufacturing Inc221,616.83
Ardrox Incorporated191914,225.20
Arlon Adhesive System/Decorati102347,716.42
Arnold Circuits Inc 123,346.21
Artco Printers & Lithographers177,520.00
Artistic Plating & Metal Finis695,320.00
As / Con Landfill28281,715.36
Aspen Interiors Inc 135,980.00
Ast Research Inc226,753.60
Astech/Mci Manufacturing Inc 81349,762.53
Austin Plastic Inc 3516,467.60
Az Engineering Co Inc3346.40
Azusa Western Inc #128281,715.36
B & B Enameling Inc 102525,536.10
B & C Welding & Iron Works 131,042.69
B & Z Printing, Inc. 139,300.00
B Braun Medical Inc.96165,396.13
B E Aerospace Services Divisio6133,077.84
Babcock, Inc33752.00
Baf Ind 94916,928.04
Balboa Boat Yard Inc 1713.97
Balsamo Enterprise, Inc. 110.00
Bank Of America Nt & Sa, Brea 6341,837.72
Banner Sign Co Inc 181,651.42
Barcel/Cdt, Inc.2955,317.90
Basf Corp. Coatings/Colorants131315,400.24
Basf Corporation-Santa Ana Pla106331,265.69
Basf Structural Materials Inc12213,131.29
Bau Furniture Manufacturing, T187,540.00
Baxter Fenwal334,130.00
Baxter Health Care Corp,Bentle6176,540.00
Bay Ornamental Iron & Welding 691,731.64
Bazz-Houston Co 7840,507.50
Bbe Sound Inc, G & L Musical P144,720.00
Beach Billiards Mfg., Inc.6629,560.00
Beckman Instruments Inc (Eis &105240,788.00
Behr Process Corp 104014,527.20
Behr Process Corp 4118,574.00
Bell Industries116,928.00
Bertea Corp Logistics Div 61132,371.05
Bfm Energy Products Corp101025,054.54
Bi Technoligies Corporation64517,930.10
Bi Technologies, Corporation 6246,090.40
Black Oxide Ind Inc 6158,640.00
Bloomfield Dump282863,237.99
Bloomfield Dump282863,237.99
Blue Diamond28287,906.20
Blue Diamond Materials, Div Su91027.88
Bob Longpre Pontiac Inc26524.30
Body Pros 131,027.42
Boral Resources Inc, Irvine Pl3311.00
Boss Paint & Body 120.00
Boucher Site / Bolsa Chica Lf282863,237.99
Braun Corp221,011.90
Brea Canon Oil Co3325.96
Brea Canyon Oil Co Inc 8199,799.30
Brea City 95911,735.89
Brea City Dump #128287,906.20
Brea City Dump #228287,906.20
Brea Power Partners, L.P.920300,339.80
Breitburn Energy Corp 8964,779.25
Bridgemark Corporation 6267,075.20
Bristol Fiberlite Industries, Inc9199,620.17
Bronco Cleaners &Laundry 675,729.58
Brunswick Corp, Defense Div661,521.00
Buena Park City Dump28281,715.36
Burtin Corporation 115,588.80
Cal Aurum Ind 6182,510.40
Cal Tech Collision Center 13869.35
California Army National Guard6459,040.00
California Chassis, Inc 138,420.00
California Custom Shapes Inc 673,100.00
California Shirt Print Inc 6106,600.00
California State University, F4273102.32
Calsonic Climate Control Inc3311,877.76
Caltrans Route 73 Project2828285.51
Cambro Manufacturing Co 113732,953.96
Camelot Furniture Corp 127,500.00
Canal Street Disposal Station #428287,906.20
Cannery / Garden Grove28287,906.20
Cannery Street Disposal Station #162828285.51
Canon Business Machines Inc 134437,363.03
Capo Park District Del Obispo28287,906.20
Carey Sign Graphics 19521.69
Cartwright Electronics Inc22815.29
Catalina Pacific Concrete Co. Irvine Plant110.00
Catalinia Pacific Concrete Co. San Juan Plant110.00
Celltech Mfg. Ca Inc.12122.00
Century Laminators Inc 51018,520.00
Ceradyne Inc 92929,391.61
Cerro Villa Heights Disposal Station #728287,906.20
Chad Industries 15464.03
Chandler/Chase Corp 668,690.45
Cheek Engineering & Stamping 613794.49
Cherokee International Inc 675,000.00
Chevron Products Company 121,486.50
Chevron U.S.A. Inc Unit No.013140586.09
Chevron U.S.A. Inc Unit No.0212448,411.98
Chevron Usa Inc 348.45
Chevron Usa Inc.88147,174.00
Chevron Usa Inc.778,316.00
Chevron West Coyote Hills Site 10028287,906.20
Childrens Hospital Of Orange C6206,769.73
Chroma Systems Partners 62425,257.08
Cimco, Cal Injection Molding C11740.00
City Of Huntington Beach2828285.51
City Of Huntington Beach Landfill28287,906.20
City Of Laguna Beach Disposal Site28287,906.20
Clark Foam Prod. Gordon Clark 243,435.64
Classic Custom Finishing Inc82412,911.04
Classic Furnishings 175,003.12
Coastline Metal Finishing Corp6118,617.64
Coastline Metal Finishing Corp6211,493.67
Coatings Resource Corp 81141,905.00
Coca-Cola Company81530.99
Coit Drapery & Carpet Cleaners674,170.47
Color West Graphics, Inc. 153,480.00
Color Wheels 138,456.42
Commercial Custom Seating & Up111,160.00
Compliant Spray Painting, Faci6102,401.92
Computer Finishing Inc. 7167,840.66
Cone Chevrolet Co Inc 6128,329.38
Conexant Systems Inc 1511952,307.55
Container Supply Co Inc 63115,840.00
Continuous Coating Corp. 6132,768.63
Control Data Corporation111,843.00
Cooper & Brain - Brea 12336,724.74
Corona Dump28287,906.20
Corru-Kraft Iv12132.88
Corwin Ind Corp, Automotive In685,186.33
Cosmotronics Corp.7122,919.47
Cote Enterprise Inc,Western Sa6869,440.19
Couch & Philippi Inc353,949.41
Country Affaire, Inc 1619,040.00
Coyote Canyon Sanitary Landfill2828718.69
Cr & R Inc 41051,071.46
Crane Rental Service Inc 6612,073.46
Creative Finisning 113,931.84
Creel Printing Company Of California, Inc.81524,285.36
Crest Coating Inc 93931,008.61
Crossroads Cleaners 671,687.28
Crown Cleaners 6131,068.18
Cundiff Steel Fab & Erecting664,347.89
Curti Dump28287,906.20
Custom Enamelers Inc10169,802.57
Cyber Systems Inc11384.06
Cypress City331.31
Cypress Dump / Stanton Station #828281,715.36
Cytec Engineered Materials Inc.3514,452.00
Cytec Fiberite Inc135279,518.60
Cytec Fiberite, Inc.103546,156.97
D & E Precision Sheet Metal In6135,640.00
D Aircraft Products Inc1694.06
D J Wagner Touch Of Class 3231,261.48
Dan & Bob'S Equip,D J & R J Mc6123,424.22
Dan Copp Crushing Corp. 6815,644.04
Dana Corp, Fluid Drives Div44150.00
Dana Creath Designs Inc 1121,320.00
Davis Dump (Aka Davis Jl)28281,715.36
Day Star Industries 180.00
Dec Associates 153,700.00
Deft Inc 82817,215.32
Del Mar Window Coverings,Div O5161,854.28
Del Obispo Disposal Station #328281,715.36
Deltronics Corp. 6106,220.00
Derlan Inc 62610,250.05
Designing Mfg Installation 162210,695.85
Designs Alive Inc 102019,713.86
Details Inc 51115,128.79
Disneyland Resort 44363476,056.16
Disposal Waste System / Kraft2828285.51
Ditty Drum 121560,586.79
Dnr Industries, Inc. 133,700.00
Dow Chemical Dump28287,906.20
Downey Auto Cntr, Santa Margar141,791.30
Drown News Agency, Inc. 6147,693.18
Dual Graphics, Inc6624,460.00
Dukesolutions Huntington Beach6614,159.20
Dynacast, Inc.6643,422.40
Earl Scheib Of Cal Inc 134,620.00
Earl Scheib Of Cal Inc 144,800.00
Eatin Metals No. 2282863,237.99
Eaton Corporation, Msc Product668,417.05
Econolite Control Products, In71917,212.58
Edwards Lifesciences Llc 73536,900.00
El Toro66806,748.18
El Toro / Santa Ana Marine Air Facility28281,715.36
El Toro Marine Air Station #1282863,237.99
El Toro Marine Air Station #22828285.51
El Toro Materials Co. 313111,275.97
El Toro Mcas #4/Site 17/Ou / 22828285.51
El Toro Water Dist77966.82
Electro Metal Finishing Corpor102535,838.01
Electro-Rack Prod. Inc241,187.26
Electrolurgy Inc 610640.00
Electronic Contract Services C111,288.00
Elpac Electronics Inc446,324.56
Embee Inc13418,143.62
Enthone Inc.12823.00
Epe Technologies, Inc22146.60
Equistar Chemicals, Lp 3496,260.21
Essex Electric Inc.2233.00
Everest, A Division Of Wright 126257,704.09
Exec-U-Lift Inc4429.26
Expo Dyeing & Finishing, Inc. 6614,520.00
Express Mfg Inc348,821.30
Fairchild Fastener Group,Rosan444,814.00
Fairchild Holding Corp, Fairchild Fasten1212184,356.07
Fairview Developmental Center 62831,038.86
Featureline Manufacturing Co.226,279.00
Fence Menders 132,180.00
Filter Concepts Inc 334,984.66
Fire Place Mfg Inc672,599.30
Flat & Vertical Inc. 6182,316.15
Fletcher Engineering Inc11111,509.92
Fletcher Jones Management Grou6107,764.59
Flexible Metal Hose Mfg Co 610417.60
Foamex International Inc 8291,791,904.51
Foamex International, Inc1777.45
Forms Engineering Co 6139,720.00
Forster Canyon Landfill2828285.51
Fortner'S Custom Doors 69574.92
Foster Sand & Gravel2828285.51
Fountain Valley Body Works Inc6105,340.00
Fountain Valley Regional Hosp,65810,983.80
Fowler Equipment Aka Orange City Dump #628287,906.20
Fox Hills Inds.124.00
Frank R Bowerman Landfill282838,222.01
Freedom Communications Inc 1116,020.00
Frye & Smith4195,805.39
Full Force Inc, New Age Graphi13140.17
Fullerton Muni612608,692.13
Fullerton School Dist. Buena P6103,400.00
Fullerton Union Hi Sch Dist, F6202,760.00
Furniture Traditions Inc 1584,500.00
Furon Co1215,959.89
Furon Company Mechanical Seal111,739.93
G. W. Maintenance, Inc. 11140.00
Garden Grove City, Pub. Wks De4918,320.00
Garden Grove Disposal Station #1528287,906.20
Garrison Manufacturing Inc.1195.00
Gas Recovery Systems, Inc 4564123,869.25
Gateway Chevrolet Motor Co Inc68504.85
Gateway Sandblasting 6810,565.17
Gaylan Ind Inc334,643.80
General Construction Co. 62426,188.49
General Electric Company 6112,748.56
General Motors Corp., Delco Re105639,910.99
Gensiasicor Pharmaceuticals 62079,640.00
Georgia-Pacific Corp 63242,827.40
Ggc Inc235,529.48
Ghn Neon Inc.115.00
Ghn Neon, Incorporated 686,005.44
Giannico Inc 6151,907.94
Giltspur/Los Angeles5133,597.41
Gish Biomedical Inc 6128,558.16
Gold Coast Biomass28281,715.36
Golden Kraft Inc 6215,547.58
Golden West Frame Inc.2262,847.00
Golden West No. 1028287,906.20
Golden West Ref Co (Eis Use On205710.42
Golden West Tech.120.20
Goldenwest Laundry And Valet S6710,369.35
Goodwin Co.36332.00
Granite Construction Company 614428.45
Graphic Packaging Corp/ Fort James Opr C82055,486.25
Graphic Ways Inc,Grdnr Litho&A1914,960.00
Great Amer Corp, The Great Ame181,560.00
Great Western Carpet Cushion C225,077.45
Greif Bros Corp 6161,200.00
Greka Energy6645,600.00
Griswold Industries56307.36
Grondorf Field Black & Co 191,700.00
Gsf Energy Inc;Olinda Landfill1840294,141.55
Guaranty Chevrolet/Motors 693,600.00
Guardian Industries Corp. 99208,991.95
Gulton Statham Transducers 92723,957.23
H & W Mfg333,824.80
Hambarian Properties234,769.24
Hamilton Materials Inc 61313,702.74
Handbill Printers Dba American61411,418.88
Harbor Truck Bodies Inc 1716,740.00
Hardin Marine222,164.50
Hardin Oldsmobile/Gmc Trucks 693,438.80
Hartley Co.11300.00
Hellman Properties 67638,554.52
Hessco Ind Inc13234,975.80
Hexcel Corporation 124763,577.40
Hi-Tech Collision & Painting S694,769.37
High-Tech Coatings223,495.00
Hixson Metal Finishing 6202,800.00
Hoag Mem Hosp Presbyterian 64423,874.79
Holly E. Davidson Dump#22828285.51
Holly W. Davidson Dump #12828285.51
Homexx International Corp11213.00
Hood Mfg Inc 2825,962.68
Host Marriot Corp, Newport Bch6194,905.56
Hughes Aerospace & Electronics2917314,065.32
Hughes Aircraft Co991,157.06
Hughes Aircraft Co, Microelect139622,186.97
Hunt-Wesson Inc 115739,461.19
Huntington Beach City 6111,820.00
Huntington Beach City 6202,530.24
Huntington Beach City, Water D440.00
Huntington Beach City, Water D4328,020.00
Huntington Beach City, Water D4421,120.00
Huntington Beach City, Water D42444,360.00
Huntington Beach City, Water D4415,720.00
Huntington Beach City, Water D440.00
Huntington Beach City, Water D4416,960.00
Huntington Beach Medical Cente613541.57
Huntington Beach Rock28281,715.36
Hyatt Die Cast & Engineering C118.85
Iac Industries 81528,548.22
In & Out Paint & Body Centers 124,040.00
Industrial Asphalt, Coast Asph21211,676.70
Industrial Asphalt,J/V/P,Huntm152311,687.00
Industrial Printers Of Califor1125,360.00
Inland Litho, Inc 11529,320.00
Intercem Corp771,135.00
Intersection Dev Corp/Detector451,285.84
Interstate Electronics Corp8213,400.61
Interstate Engineering, A Div729258.86
Irvine Park Station #5 Orange, Ca28281,715.36
Irvine Park Station #6, Orange,Ca2828285.51
Irvine Ranch Water Dist 1113.97
Irvine Valencia Growers11435.00
Itt Cannon 83942,580.53
J & H Deburring, Inc 612360.00
J & J Coating 123,616.01
J E M Industries, Inc 66287.64
J R Elliott Ent Inc 1176,160.00
J. D. Lincoln Inc.249,806.00
J. G. & T. Quality Spray Painting, J. V.9153,060.04
J.L. Wingert Company 6112,835.98
J.L. Wood Optical Sys 8173,047.93
Jack K. Bryant & Assoc Inc28287,906.20
Jaco Printing Corp, Business F167,980.00
Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath 310212,155.00
Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath Inc 2951,938.00
Jasco Chem Corp., Inc 8134,309.00
Jefferson Smurfit Corp 102768,828.20
Jeffery Road Rock Plant282863,237.99
Jenson Custom Furniture Inc, I6110.00
Joe Macpherson Chevrolet 8307,667.09
Joe Macpherson Oldsmobile/Auto114,460.00
Joel Oviatt2828285.51
John Wayne-Orange County6243,802,524.87
Johnson Controls Battery Group1010223,793.35
Joseph S. Fern2828285.51
K & D Graphics 1149,191.21
Kaga (U.S.A.) Inc.115.00
Kaga Inc2218,340.44
Kaiser Electroprecision 92876,955.02
Kaiser Foundation Hospital (An6209,676.18
Kanstul Musical Instruments In612200.00
Karandan Enterprises Inc 680.00
Karcher Environmental Inc510220.97
Kca Electronics Inc 62631,600.00
Kellog Terrace2828285.51
Kenlen Specialties Inc 6144,731.31
Kenwood Furniture Manufacturin15102,940.00
Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corp66142.95
Kerr/Dental Materials Center1220,813.00
Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Inc.-1586308,528.88
Kirkhill Rubber Co 144442,843.52
Knott'S Berry Farm132312,624.79
Knott'S Berry Farm 6614,620.95
Kosakura And Associates 61011,596.91
Kraaco Automotive Inc 693,220.80
Kraemer Auto Collison, J. Cuev683,020.00
Kraemer Ii Llc, A Calif Ltd Pa62320,882.98
Kraft Foods N.A. Inc. Nabisco Div.1164,351.00
Kraft General Foods221,603.60
Kryler Corp 613860.00
Krystal Koach, Inc.6618,105.60
Kwikset Corp11502,240.34
Kyowa America Corp 111969,265.40
Kyowa America Corp 6143,380.00
L & L Custom Shutters 51379,335.00
L&R Inc285,895.00
L-3 Communications-Power Paragon120.43
L.A. Auto Center Body And Pain131,304.33
La Habra Disposal Station #1128281,715.36
La Habra High School 6103,260.00
La Habra Plating Co Inc331,484.19
La Palma City, Dept Of Public 4819,820.00
La Palma Dump28287,906.20
La Veta Station #2282863,237.99
Lacor Wicker 124,800.00
Laguna Beach City Dump2828285.51
Laguna Hills Carwash, B Scherr1110,900.00
Laminating Co Of America (Lcoa44142,777.35
Lane Road Disposal Station #212828285.51
Lasco Bathware Inc.12577,491.00
Lea Ronal Inc 635924.30
Leach Corp 252,463.17
Leach Int'L Corp 131612,208.92
Leiner Health Products6611,540.00
Leisure World28287,906.20
Leonard'S Carpet Service Inc415656.51
Lester Lithograph Inc 62216,360.00
Levitz Furniture Co Of The Pac2241,904.00
Lew Webb'S Irvine Nissan, Lew 132,420.00
Liberty Park282863,237.99
Linfinity Microelectronics Inc128,330.00
Linfinity Microelectronics Inc62311,230.98
Ling Electronics Inc, Subs Mec7101,596.95
Lionel S. Peck28281,715.36
Lite Ctr Of Cal12241.40
Litton Sys Inc, Kester Solder7733,468.20
Livingston-Graham/Blue Diamond685,272.51
Lnp Engineering Plastics Inc19197.03
Loma Vista Mem Park3535135.00
Longsdon Pit Ds North / Garden Grove282863,237.99
Longsdon Pit South / Alicante / Buaro Pit2828285.51
Longston Pit28281,715.36
Los Alamitos6672,044.40
Los Alamitos Afrc Landfill28281,715.36
Los Alamitos Medical Center1010757.39
Los Angeles Times153720,307.89
Lucas #12828285.51
Lucas Western Inc. Electro Sys11620,193.69
Lucky Stores Inc, #952 6792,440.00
Luminar Products, Inc. 150.00
Lynette Decor Prod.6179,621.58
M & M Tooling Inc 1411,245.25
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodywork1210,888.79
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodywork137,120.00
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodywork156,263.18
Mac Gregor Yacht Corp713100,020.10
Macpherson Enter Inc,J Macpher6146,800.00
Malcolm Rorty28287,906.20
Mallinckrodt Medical, Inc.11210.00
Marco Foam Products, Inc.44136.60
Mark Drapery Hardware Co4712,605.40
Mark Industries6614,576.90
Mark Optics Inc.227,625.00
Mark Window Products 71322,718.46
Markland Manufacturing Inc 666,106.40
Maruchan Inc 64014,881.22
Matrix Circuits Inc 121,385.72
Matthews Intl Corp23528.90
Mazda North America Inc2130613.75
Mccoll Site28287,906.20
Mcdonnell Douglas Corp, Sub Of Boeing Co1810516,870.97
Mclaren Unibody Inc 693,980.00
Mcp Foods Inc 738787,988.06
Mcr Printing And Packaging Cor165,840.00
Mcwhoter & Sons Huntington282863,237.99
Md Pharmaceutical Inc445,142.30
Mediterranean Yachts1212,609.00
Mediterranean Yatch Corp, Int'6616,580.00
Memory Garden Mem Park & Mortu26260.08
Mesa Consolidated Water Distri4824,760.00
Mesa Consolidated Water Distri4815,700.00
Metropolitan Life Ins Co,Doubl6152,797.23
Mica Industries Inc 6114,477.65
Micro West Inc 152,386.71
Microgon, Inc. 69500.00
Micrometals Inc358,448.08
Micrometals, Inc 61946,580.00
Microsemi Corp 121665,844.80
Midway Collision & Repair, L. 131,699.91
Milford Rivet2261,607.00
Mission Custom Shutters Inc129,238.00
Mission Custom Shutters Inc123,787.00
Mission Viejo Med Dev Co,Missi11516.00
Mobil Chemical Company3310,118.00
Mobil Oil Corp (Nsr Use Only) 115235,884.84
Modular Systems Services, Inc 126,940.00
Moffet Trenches / Tustin Mcas Lf282863,237.99
Monsanto Company11610.50
Morrison & Burke Inc 129,460.00
Motorola Corporation173913.85
Motorola Inc 6614,286.88
Mr. Crane Inc 662,730.15
Mud Disposal Plant2828285.51
Multilayer Tech. Inc.2210,600.00
Mybar Printing Inc 6124,040.00
N.C.R. Corp41210,351.08
N.I. Industries Inc. Automotiv62540,242.04
Nabisco Brands Inc 73430,501.30
National Semiconductor Co.110.02
Nbty Manufacturing, Llc161770,140.69
Nbty Manufacturing,Llc3336,560.00
Nelco Prod. Inc 9145,111.18
Nelco Prod. Inc 92310,176.21
Neutron Plating Inc 6232,626.40
Neville Chem Co 1217721,389.04
New Age Graphics L.P., Full Fo26922.00
Newport Adhesive Inc4617,600.00
Newport Adhesives & Composites18960.00
Newport Avenue Station #1282863,237.99
Newport Beach City - Utilities11721,480.00
Newport Beach City Dump #228287,906.20
Newport Beach City Yard Dump282863,237.99
Newport Beach City, City Yard 824828.59
Newport Corp667,141.30
Newport Corp3324,337.00
Newport Fab L.L.C. (Dba Jazz Semiconductor243,322.00
Newport Laminates51053,249.00
Newport Terrace Lf28287,906.20
Newport Terrace Lf / Newport City Dump #128281,715.36
Newporter & Sons282863,237.99
Nick Rudd28287,906.20
Nordstrom Inc 67220.00
O C Alphanetics Inc 240.00
O'Neil Park2828285.51
Oakley Corporation 61910,258.86
Oakley Inc.12500.00
Oca Applied Optics Inc 82911,200.52
Ocpc, Inc. 6207,119.07
Odetics Inc 6131,280.00
Oglebay Norton Industrial Sand61537,781.59
Olinda Alpha Sanitary Landfill282865,941.40
Olinda Sanitary Landfill2828119.62
Omni Metal Finishing Inc 62416,240.00
Omni Metal Finishing Inc, 6145,184.67
Omohundro Co 6151,355.39
On Line Graphics Inc 6254,722.22
One Way Mfg 248,537.61
Or. Co. Painting 112358,805.01
Or. Co. Plating Co Inc 69540.00
Or.Co,Integrated Waste Mgmt De63812,475.78
Orange #4/Canal St/Newkirk Lf28281,715.36
Orange City Dump #10282863,237.99
Orange City Dump #11282863,237.99
Orange City Dump #2 Santa Ana River28287,906.20
Orange City Dump #3282863,237.99
Orange City Dump #42828285.51
Orange City Dump #5282863,237.99
Orange City Dump #6282863,237.99
Orange City Dump #9282863,237.99
Orange City Landfill28287,906.20
Orange Cnty-Int Wst Mgt-Santia61570,320.00
Orange Co, Central Utility Fac71740,771.93
Orange County Chemical Company124.38
Orange County Color Graphics 11219,124.24
Orange County Disposal Site 19 / Reeve'S Pit28281,715.36
Orange County Metal Processing113,040.00
Orange County Water District 123721,596.82
Orange, County Of - Ingt Wst M617104,140.00
Orange, County Of - Sanitation1582470,830.88
Orange, Countyof - Sanitation 17272911,174.84
Ortega Rock Quarry 680.00
Ossur N.A.1116,800.00
P S Stix Inc 126,475.34
Pacific Auto Body 683,080.00
Pacific Coast Printing 11510,692.00
Pacific Color Connection 121,200.00
Pacific Finishing 6135,609.01
Pacific Miniatures, Trileen In61512,780.00
Pacific Patio & Fence 332,500.00
Pacific Scientific Htl/Kin-Tec44301.54
Pacific Seacraft Corp 2939,451.48
Pacific T-Top, Inc., Pacific A124,899.98
Pacific Transformer Corp 1519,840.14
Pacific Truck Equipment Co Inc1418,383.03
Pacific West Litho Inc 61520,560.00
Packard Hughes Interconnect 196516,381.00
Parker Brothers Dump2828285.51
Parker Hannifin Aerospace Corp183893,713.01
Parkinson Enterprises Inc 1525,117.19
Parmar Industries, Inc Alco Ba11133.50
Patti Port228,158.67
Paul'S Custom Shutters, Paul T114,880.00
Pca Metal Finishing, Inc 102196,865.46
Penhall Company 662,234.30
Pepsi Bottling Group L.L.C.115.00
Performance Catamarans, Inc. 274,864.00
Perimeter Road Lf28281,715.36
Permalite Plastics1181.01
Pgm Metal Finishing 615720.00
Pierce Bros, Pacific View Memo181856.87
Pilkington Aerospace Inc158224,883.58
Pinecraft Custom Shutters Inc 1213,180.00
Plan Hold Corp 133413,203.58
Plastic Tops Inc 11360.00
Plasticolor Molded Prod. Inc 6729,799.20
Platt'S Private Dump28287,906.20
Plegel Oil Co, Emil & Ruby Ple6216,057.68
Plegel Oil Co,(Joe J Lease)E &62216,992.80
Pleion Corp 11908.18
Polara Engineering Inc 12553.22
Polyclad Laminates Inc 6121,660.00
Polyclad Laminates Inc 153040,463.91
Powdercoat Services Inc 62015,038.29
Powdercoat Services, Inc.143760.70
Power Fabricating Inc 61221,237.91
Power Paragon Inc 6234,108.69
Power Trim Co 615604.84
Precision Anodizing & Plating 6114,333.17
Precision Auto Collision Inc 6106,240.00
Precision Custom Finishing 133,256.85
Precision Offset Inc 149,374.19
Precision Optical 6102,700.00
Precision Painting 116613,696.30
Precision Preparation Inc 7133,254.69
Prestige Auto Collision 156,680.00
Prima Deshecha Sanitary Landfill282826,159.35
Primaclean Express Inc,Dryclea675,330.92
Prime Design Source 15506.49
Prime Energy Systems Store #346120.00
Printing Service Bureau, Willi144,540.00
Printronix Inc228,273.33
Pro-Skate Laminants, 1st Class11396.65
Program Data Inc23298.35
Prototype Concepts Inc 61519,200.00
Prototype Concepts Inc.128,270.00
Provincial Properties28287,906.20
Prudential Overall Supply 7929,870.80
Pyramid Optical Corp 163,260.00
Qb Management Co., South Coast61880.00
Qed Inc.223,070.80
Quality Aluminum Forge Inc 688,100.00
Quest Diagnostics Inc 62238,380.00
Quick Manufacturing Co 6158,535.02
Quong Enterprises28281,715.36
R C Designs International 111,860.00
R D Z Corp, Rodriguez Picture 12678.43
R D Z Corp, Rodriquez Picture 111,620.16
R J Noble Company 182228,326.64
R Morris Inn At The Pk, S Manf613420.00
R W Mcclellan & Sons2828285.51
R W Wood Products Inc 1111,479.40
R&S Trading Co./Nyala Screenpr683,744.45
R. J. Noble Co 66396.43
R. J. Noble Co 68104.06
Racal Dana Instruments Inc220.00
Rainbow Disposal Co Inc33370.27
Ralph Gray Trucking Company28287,906.20
Raytheon Service Co 1534361.88
Rbc Transport Dynamics Corp 6141,360.00
Recycled Office Solutions Inc 130.00
Regal Beloit Corp, Electra-Gea6113,940.00
Regal Cultured Marble Inc.1212,113.00
Renaissance Doors And Windows 61226,542.39
Renkus-Heinz, Inc 6182,574.57
Resinart Corp 6936,885.99
Revco Products Inc11300.64
Rickenbacker International Cor159,580.00
Ricoh Electronics Inc 103557,108.92
Ricoh Electronics Inc 104822,013.15
Ricoh Electronics Inc. 614895.20
Ridgewood/Cal Power Partners L245,640.00
Ridgewood/Cal Power Partners L240.00
Riston Keller Inc,The Stocklan92061,586.72
Rls Enter., Del-Craft Plastics1310,000.00
Rm Custom Wood Finishing, Ramo141,680.00
Robertson Ready Mix 331,594.56
Robertson'S Ready Mix 35448.00
Robertson'S Ready Mix 23286,756.89
Rockwell International Collins9153,263.00
Roger Cleveland Golf Inc 1610,520.00
Roi Development Corp222,295.00
Roll-A-Long Vans Inc 131,020.00
Rosemount Inc/Varec Div12127.16
Roto-Industries, Inc346,262.16
Royalty Carpet Mills Inc 73841,303.56
Rse-Sierra Switchgear & Transf11562.00
S & H Rubber Inc22914.00
S.R. Bray Development Corp 61233,047.66
Saba Petroleum Inc 276124.54
Saddleback Memorial Medical Ce71710,515.59
Saddleback Valley Uni Sch Dist6128,625.60
Saint Joseph Hospital 62542,012.28
Salman Inc6620,362.00
San Clemente Dump2828285.51
San Clemente Island Range661,074,031.15
San Diego Shutter Co Ron&Royce81723,189.84
San Joaquin Road Disposal Station #13282863,237.99
Sandblasting Unlimited Co, T. 6814,790.15
Sanmina Corporation142523,781.70
Santa Ana City Dump28281,715.36
Santa Ana Electric Motors27217.41
Santa Ana Plating Inc775,907.85
Santa Ana Valley Irrigation Dump #1 & 228287,906.20
Santa Fe Fixtures, Inc 152,420.00
Santa Margarita Water District481,440.00
Santiago Canyon Sanitary Landfill282839,890.97
Saturn Paint & Body Repair 125,278.29
Scantron Corp 6235,154.19
Scientific Spray Finishes Inc 102623,440.00
Scotts Company2828285.51
Sdc Coatings Inc 671,305.00
Seal Beach City 4816,697.02
Sechrist Industries, Inc331,959.12
Second Source 11612.50
Second Source Inc 128,036.33
Security & Detection Sys. Cypress110.01
Seeley Bros 176,280.00
Seeley Brothers 144,980.00
Sempra Energy Fac Mgmt/Central97815,505.92
Sempra Energy Fac Mgmt/Central118484,592.52
Sentinel Cremation Societies I3978245.40
Setco Inc 82314,640.54
Sfpp, L.P. Unit No. 111834,540.00
Sheldahl Inc/Orange County 0591111370.89
Shell Oil Products Company 66661,340.62
Shell Western E&P Inc157248,850.48
Sherwood Shutter Corp 41666,640.30
Shiley, Inc.22258.00
Shipley'S Rentals Inc 61411,145.97
Shoumaker Custom Finishing 154,220.00
Shur-Lok Corp1173.94
Silverado Canyon Diposal Station #92828285.51
Silverado Constructors 656832.72
Site 1 / Explosive Ordinance Disposal28281,715.36
Site 6382828285.51
Site 63828281,715.36
Skill Craft Enter Inc 1510,037.77
Skill-Craft Body Shop Inc 137,274.75
Sks Inc, Anaheim Division2212.97
Smith Lithographic Arts 1113,160.00
So Cal Edison Co (Eis Use) 136340,058.78
So Cal Lithographics Inc Frank6174,900.00
Solder Station One Inc 126,420.00
Solderworks Corp.1210.00
Solid Waste Salvaging Facility Olinda Sl2828285.51
Solutions Unlimited, Wilson'S 61112,356.00
Son'S Auto Care Centre,Luck Jo131,200.00
Sonfarrel Inc22783.04
Sony Site282863,237.99
Sorin Biomedical Inc5149,947.48
Soundcoat Co. Inc.111.00
South Coast Medical Center 613790.43
South Street / Anaheim282863,237.99
Southeast Regional Reclamation2214.00
Southern California Carton1173,200.00
Southern California Edison / La Habra2828285.51
Southwest Aerospace Corporatio66441.08
Sparks / Rains Lf / Lincoln Beach28281,715.36
Specialty Body Works 154,800.00
Spectrum Business Forms Inc 6100.00
Speedway Metal Finishing 24812.23
Spiveco Inc 660.00
Sps Technologies Inc93114,354.59
St Jude Medical Center 7269,344.49
Standard Concrete Products, In222,299.76
Standard Oil Company Of California #128281,715.36
Standard Oil Company Of California #228287,906.20
Standard Oil Of Calif. #1 Aka Chevron #128281,715.36
Stanton City 6151,184.17
Star Custom Industries Inc 150.00
Statek Corporation8912,519.00
Steelcase Inc, Western Div 959285,288.43
Stepan Co10121,411.87
Sterling Electric Inc9931.29
Steve P. Rados Inc 61211,143.03
Steverson Brothrs / Bolsa Disposal Site2828285.51
Stone Container Corp 61113,700.00
Storopack/Foam Pac 73521,882.20
Stremicks Heritage Foods Llc 62213,014.62
Sully Miller 6140.00
Sully Miller Constr. Co.#1 Aka S.M. Lake28287,906.20
Sully Miller Constr.Co#2 / Blue Diamond282863,237.99
Sully-Miller Contracting Co 696,302.65
Sully-Miller Contracting Compa614318.50
Sunclipse Inc, Corru-Kraft Iv 14158,068.18
Sundance Litho Inc 6129,867.31
Sundstrand Aerospace Corp333,933.00
Sunny Hills High School 6103,640.00
Sunset Ford Inc 6144,940.00
Sunset Strip Furniture Strippi121,340.00
Superior Fireplace Co355,580.00
Superior Fireplace Co333,664.40
Superior Manufacturing Co225,520.00
Superior Mfg Co229.44
Survivair, A Div Of Comasec In11600.00
System Bio-Industries, Anaheim193326,039.45
T S Spray112012,117.75
Ta Industries Inc 154845,773.54
Tank & Refinery Services Compa666,840.62
Tapmatic Corp15402.00
Taylor Street Station #4282863,237.99
Taylor-Dunn Mfg Co 164738,201.38
Tdi Custom Packaging Inc 14220.00
Tech Spray Inc41910,013.50
Techno Coatings Inc 6181,372.78
Techno Coatings Inc 167,760.00
Tekform Prod Div, General Cera1156.43
Telonic Berkeley Inc451,161.00
Texaco Exploration & Prod Inc,71752,960.32
Texaco Exploration And Product1010220.69
Texaco Refining And Marketing339.70
Textron Aerospace Fasteners8119,921.08
Texture Design Furniture Inc 4927,403.15
The Boeing Company 1327759,414.35
The Boeing Company 264351,537.34
The Creative Press, Inc 113524,915.01
The Dot Printer Inc 103154,643.03
The Foster Printing Co 11017,400.00
The Hartley Co, Div Frawley Co4862,225.00
The Hartwell Corp 30666,744.87
The Mead Corp, Mead Packaging 92065,573.00
The Orange County Register 114017,352.00
The Orman Grubb Co 42134,878.76
The Sutton Place Hotel 6254,794.93
Thermco Systems Corp 22323,669.11
Thermech Eng Corp 6184,420.00
Thrifty Drug Stores Inc11100.00
Timbercrest 1324,420.00
Tiodize Inc 4612,422.00
Tomkins Industries Inc-Lasco P724778,963.67
Tonner Canyon Private Dump28287,906.20
Torch Operating Co 6614,615.82
Torch Operating Company 6131,776.58
Torch Operating Company 6276,584.04
Torch Operating Company 11611,556.24
Torch Operating Company 1141,562.30
Torch Operating Company 6140250,701.76
Toshiba America Information Sy134,940.00
Trail Rite Inc 3619,534.00
Travis Industries Inc117,146.00
Travis Industries, Llc111471,800.00
Trend Offset Printing Services728134,659.00
Tri County Disposal28281,715.36
Tri-County Sanblasting Inc 6878,728.46
Tri-L Distributors Inc 61812,577.74
Trico Converting, Inc 693,320.00
Triple A Graphics 1512,380.00
Troy Systems Inc 7155,125.85
Trw Inc 93024,249.59
Tustin Rehab Hospital - Wester614462.65
Tuttle-Click Inc 6860.00
U S Govt Post Office331,193.00
U.S. Dyeing & Finishing Inc. 67837,322.48
U.S. Govt, Dept Of Navy 6334305,753.86
Ucar Composites2226.77
Ulmans Truck Lines28287,906.20
Ultra Wheel Co 7744,501.00
Union Oil Co Of Cal83215.51
Union Oil Co Of Cal.,No.Amer.O198.38
Union Oil Co Of California 55519,970.95
Union Oil Co Of California7934,630.06
Union Oil Co Of California158.92
Union Oil Co Of California11231.10
Union Oil Co Of California1714.59
Union Oil Co Of California1614.68
Union Oil Co Of California2162,485.98
Union Oil Co Of California1109.09
Union Oil Co Of California11010.60
Union Oil Co Of California (Si436755.25
Union Oil Co Of California, Un63820,336.99
Union Oil Co Of California; (S198.88
Union Oil Dump #1 & 22828285.51
Union Oil Dump #328281,715.36
Unisys Corp44210.08
United Can Co2229,786.30
United Western Medical Center 6175,079.48
Univ Cal Irvine Medical Ctr 63550,874.11
Universal Forms, Labels & Syst6243,720.00
Universal Painting Co 6108,419.70
Uniweb Inc 6210.00
Unknown #1282863,237.99
Unknown #2282863,237.99
Unknown #328281,715.36
Unknown #528281,715.36
Unknown #628287,906.20
Unknown #72828285.51
Unknown #828287,906.20
Unocal Chemicals Div, Corp999,601.01
Unocal Corp., Hartley Center 9842,985.04
Unocal Corporation/Oil&Gas Div994,387.86
Unocal Oil Co Of Cal, Oil & Ga345218.43
Unocal, Oil & Gas Div; Coyote11124.53
Uop Separex Membrane Sys.12114.00
Us Army Reserves-63d Regnl Sup130.00
Us Govt, Marine Corps Air Sta 771954.16
Us Govt, Navy Dept,Naval Weapo3715417,840.08
Us Govt,Marine Corps Air Stati11668776.25
Valentec Wells 680.00
Vans Inc582,551.90
Varco Intl Inc. 193230,331.00
Velie Circuits Inc 1310,780.00
Veneman Collection4628,577.02
Venus Crafts 238,016.97
Verizon Wireless 66534.00
Vesper Corp 103328,394.83
Villa Ford Inc 61010,898.25
Villa Park Ds #22 / Loma Ds2828285.51
Vip Rubber Inc11450.00
Vista Paint Corp 7956,700.00
Vitatech Intl Inc 610141,750.51
Vogel Peterson Furniture Co 61222,402.30
W.C. Richards Company101038,571.02
Walton Manufacturing Inc 244,082.00
Waste Water Disposal Company2828285.51
Watt Homes, Incorporated2828285.51
Wco Hotels Inc 1160647.81
Webb-Massey Co Inc 111334,941.00
Weber Aircraft Inc 162733,229.56
Weller-White Chem Inc.334,130.00
West American Rubber Co., Inc 930107,924.14
West Newport Oil Co 144925,788.00
Western Digital Corp1161.58
Western Medical Ctr (Eis Use) 62614,785.26
Western Medical Ctr/Bartlett 6261,740.67
Westline Manufacturing Co. Inc3615,395.00
Westminster Press 147,800.00
Weyerhaeuser Company 96360,810.49
Wilard Marine, Inc. 6136,360.00
Wilbur / Ellis28281,715.36
Wilbur E. Metzler28281,715.36
Willard Marine Inc.123,321.00
Wilson & Hampton Painting Cont551,853.52
Winonics Inc55140.90
Wood Products Inc 1210,333.43
Woodcrest Manufacturing Inc221,200.00
Woodcrest Mfg. Inc.224,190.00
Woodridge Press Inc 61422,200.00
Wrecon Industries, Inc.282863,237.99
X-L Cleaners 671,760.00
Xerox Corp6611.36
Xerxes Corporation918573,495.30
Yorba Street Disposal Station #1228287,906.20