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Column information
Polluters in Nevada County, California
Teichert Aggregates713995,625.02
Hansen Bros. Greenhorn117888,257.52
Walt'S Concrete53384,541.40
Bj Rees'S Enterprise66680,778.96
Vulcan Materials62231,628.73
Furniture By Thurston Inc.3521,439.96
Hirschdale Cinder Quarry22218,103.46
Al Pombo, Inc63017,345.02
Martin-Marietta Materials66613,877.29
Pacific Crest Door Company3912,046.33
Grass Valley Ready Mix21411,947.48
Hansen Bros Ready Mix21211,707.48
Ridge Rock Quarry64010,620.30
Gene West Saw Mill28286,569.06
Caltrans Earth & Rock Disposal28286,569.06
Caltrans Maint Yd Donner Lake / I / 8028286,569.06
Coyote Street Dump Site28286,569.06
Mccourtney Landfill28286,569.06
Serra Corp.365,966.65
Truckee North Tahoe Materials2165,175.36
Bartholomew Enterprises2183,223.40
Merrill & Sons2163,040.80
Hansen Brothers Bear River2303,037.17
Grande Wood Design332,779.38
Chapel Of The Angels662,492.77
Hooper & Weaver661,394.53
Mr. Cabinet331,210.20
Grizzly Ridge Road28281,069.83
Candy Apple Construction28281,069.83
Soda Springs Ski Area28281,069.83
Arborgast Ranch Illegal Dump28281,069.83
Empire Mill Works331,046.87
Ballerina Cleaners11874.90
Grass Valley Steel Cast412471.63
Nevada City Municipal Dump2828324.45
Hirschdale Landfill2828324.45
49 / 00179 Unnamed2828324.45
Donner Ski Ranch2828324.45
Brunswick Timber Bark Disposal Site2828324.45
Grass Valley Burn Dump2828324.45
Grass Valley Group66223.97
Nevada County Dot Air Park2828198.56
Mccourtney Rd Landfill66149.68
Grass Valley Veterinary Hosp66123.46
Calif. Dept. Of Food & Ag.61263.36
Martis Rock Plant1129.00
Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospitl110.00