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Polluters in Napa County, California
Syar Industries Inc104525,402.24
Napa State Hospital840134,734.21
Cultured Stone Corporation93816,215.37
Napa Sanitation District - Sos133522,226.27
Veterans' Home Of California15343,225.43
Highway Safety Products/Div Of73027,258.19
Napa State Hospital Disposal Site2828248.32
American Canyon Levee Ds28282,051.99
American Canyon Sanitary Landfill28283,981.39
Napa Sanitation District Landfill2828248.32
Lake Berryessa Estates Disposal Site28282,051.99
Bar 49 Ranch / Solid Waste Disposal Site282815,117.89
Hidden Glen Dump2828248.32
Mont La Salle Vineyard2828248.32
Veteran'S Home Disposal Site282815,117.89
Connor'S Ranch282815,117.89
Upper Valley Disposal Service Landfill28283,097.93
Priest Ranch Refuse Dump282815,117.89
Old Calistoga Dump2828248.32
Napa Valley College2828380.42
Hydro Conduit Corporation82612,648.42
Clover Flat Landfill Inc2025132,317.35
Pacific Union College15258,291.18
St Helena Hospital10242,825.68
Homestake Mining Company1619863.71
Harold Smith & Son, Inc218111,475.84
Midwestern Pipeline Services91819,321.51
Yountville Cogeneration81631,601.95
Napa-Vallejo Waste Management161661,815.32
Lito Auto Body Inc3167,064.41
Pokka Usa Inc61216,445.18
Napa Pipe Corporation10119,148.57
City Of Calistoga1011838.07
Yountville-California Vetera1010422.17
G L Mezzetta Inc7102,525.73
Gas Recovery Systems, Inc510194,327.33
City Of American Canyon 99329.64
Nova Group, Inc592,621.58
City Of St Helena99249.50
Napa Pipe Corporation68255.96
Soscol Auto Body Inc581,945.73
United Rentals Inc281,274.04
Napa Garbage Service/Disposal3812,953.61
Shamrock Materials Inc261,302.94
Marco Paper Products26105,993.06
Tulocay Cemetery Association 460.39
Jenson Motor Center463,547.67
Jensen'S Ornamental Inc36749.51
Byron Orris Inc364,749.45
Pacific Bell66188.22
City Of American Canyon661,057.72
Richard Pierce Funeral Service66265.31
Dey L P66632.00
Napa Valley Petroleum Inc152,136.00
Breaktime Coffee Service55341.35
Japan Airlines 5557.08
Estate Wine Label Company251,437.00
Industrial Property Ltd 251,729.49
Napa County Airport55169.60
Carl'S Body Shop253,115.53
Jonergin Pacific151,216.02
Apex Bulk Commodities Inc24960.65
Napa Valley Publishing Company242,496.27
Green'S Cleaners232,230.08
Napa Chrysler Inc23472.07
William Kreysler & Assoc Inc138,392.00
Morrow Crane Company231,129.83
Napa Valley Cast Stone Inc233,230.12
Lockshaws Custom Finishing 1354.12
Advanced Auto Body Center131,410.07
Nova Group Inc131,023.57
Napco Painting Contractors, In132,642.44
Napa Collision Center12709.33
Devlin Road Transfer & Recycli2210,752.00
Miracle Auto Painting121,189.74
Valley Auto Body 12128.76
Queen Of The Valley Hospital120.12
Upper Valley Disposal Service,120.00
Brown Valley Cleaners221,703.76
Shelton Cleaners22412.47
Pro Tones22143.66
Black Hawk Body Shop12982.12
Steel Construction Services12245.00
Advanced Auto Body Center 22234.51
Dow Cleaners221,307.36
Bel-Aire Cleaners221,139.36
Klass Cleaners22791.94
Chardonnay Cleaners221,855.43
Richard Schram Auto Body22187.07
Valley Cleaners 11791.66
Platinum Auto Body Shop 1183.76
Collotype Labels International11968.26
Anthony'S Auto Craft 1155.28
Burnseds Frame & Body Shop 11850.88
Fidel'S Auto Body110.00
Treadway & Wigger Funeral Chap110.00
River Park Cleaners11215.85
Eng Brothers Wood Products111,896.77
Napa Nissan Inc11803.20
Ace Cleaners11603.59