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Polluters in Monterey County, California
Duke Energy Moss Landing Llc421264,261,198.23
Granite Construction Co-Arroyo386661,020.67
Soledad Correctional Facility3420042,994.05
Pacific Recovery Corp3232171,377.25
Lewis Road Sanitary Landfill28281,095.74
Hunter Liggett Sanitary Landfill2828181.69
Laguna Seca Landfill28284,814.82
Lockwood Disposal Site282822,038.27
Fort Ord Sanitary Landfill2828181.69
Monterey Peninsula Landfill282817,761.12
Sand City Dumpsite2828834.91
Parkfield Disposal Site #128284,814.82
Bradley Sanitary Landfill2828349.81
San Antonio North Shore Disposal Site2828181.69
San Ardo Sanitary Landfill #22828834.91
Jolon Road Sanitary Landfill2828396.28
San Antonio South Shore Disposal Site28284,814.82
Chualar River Road Disposal Site28284,814.82
Mobil Oil Sanitary Landfill282822,038.27
San Ardo Disposal Site28284,814.82
Soledad Sanitary Landfill282822,038.27
Johnson Canyon Sanitary Landfill28282,096.21
Greenfield Disposal Site282822,038.27
Parkfield Disposal Site #2282822,038.27
Monterey Presidio Lf28284,814.82
Union Carbide Ds28284,814.82
Chevron U.S.A.25213249,418.62
Monterey Region Waste Mngmnt2498298,279.88
Calpine King City Cogen, Llc1649306,662.03
Sargent Canyon Cogeneration C1417143,746.81
Rmc Lonestar - Lapis, Marina148321,940.53
Aera Energy Llc13101329,697.77
Exxonmobil Corp1286138,324.64
Crazy Horse Sanitary Landfill1111735.23
Chemical Lime Company885432,335.87
Salinas River Cogeneration Com6682,580.00
Gilroy Foods610474,878.40
Monterey Regional Wpca65590,109.52
Salinas Valley Solid Waste Aut55107,497.06
Sensient Technologies51015,999.27
Sunnyside Cogeneration, L.P.5519,626.92
Granite Construction Co-Metz51345,540.24
Pacific Wine Partners52917,253.85
Long Beach Oil Development Co41316.74
Monterey Co. Petroleum2533,538.80
Arroyo Seco Rock22832.00
Growers Ice Co.11250.00
Fastrip Oil Co., Lp1111.85
Mike Kucher114.62
Eastside, Llc1118.62
7-Eleven, Inc.115.72
Economy Cleaners113,277.00
George Giem112.05
Gas N Save112.47
Monterey County Petroleum112.65
Cypress Cleaners111,328.00
Naft Petroleum, Inc.113.21
Naval Postgraduate School116.61
Payless Cleaners111,816.00
Karim Mehrabi & Gholam Baig115.67
Mused Mohsin113.05
Lynn'S Liquors, Inc.118.41
Naft Petroleum, Inc.117.26
7-Eleven, Inc.117.70
Quality Cleaners112,362.00
Mark J. & Carolyn A. Pappas112.56
Mike Kucher112.61
Monterey County Petroleum119.57
Jaco Hill Company111.23
Mehdi Shahbazi119.70
Greenfield Liquor Shop, Inc.110.22
Idris Mohssin113.37
Harts Cleaners11285.00
Larry Trevino, Inc.114.05
Monterey County Petroleum118.38
Ray Sanborn111.12
Naft Petroleum, Inc.118.59
Conocophillips Company113.86
Gary Zipperer110.81
Circle K Stores, Inc.1117.56
Clean Care11546.00
Bay Area/Diablo Petro.129.69
Floyd Owens116.48
Lex Allred Chevron Station112.49
Monterey County Petroleum112.31
Gilbert Shaw116.20
Evelyns Continental Cleaners11711.00
G. N. Reen, Inc.122.72
Conocophillips Company116.93
Kyung Ho Min112.78
Ft Hunter Liggett111.49
Harden Ranch Cleaners11569.00
Mansour K. Rahmatabadi113.84
Olympia Cleaners11949.00
Jaco Hill Company112.70
Lynn'S Liquors, Inc.114.82
Seaside Cleaners11371.00
John P. Church112.81
7-Eleven, Inc.115.02
Joshua A. Thomas110.75
Mehdi Shahbazi117.57
Modesto Gutierrez114.86
Hayon, Inc.1111.33
Master Cleaners-Prunedale11727.00
B & M Petroleum Corporation118.50
Monterey County Petroleum111.27
Lake San Antonio Resorts, Inc.110.12
Bay Area Diablo Petroleum112.16
West D, Inc.1120.51
Carmel Highlands Service, Inc.111.46
Department Of The Army - Pom112.68
Tni Couriers, Inc.114.05
Chevron Products Company1114.63
Sturdy Oil Co112.40
Chevron Products Company1118.96
Agm Enterprises Inc.116.75
Cecil'S Liquors & Delicatessen, Inc.116.58
Chevron Products Company1114.63
Sufyan Albarati112.64
Ultramar Inc.118.33
Villa Hand Car Wash, Llc113.71
Ultramar Inc.118.69
Valley Center Service, Inc.1119.08
Circle K Stores, Inc.114.41
Corner Store Co. (The)117.09
Carmel Cleaners11949.00
Alfredo Garcia, Jr.110.36
Conocophillips Company117.05
7-Eleven, Inc.114.70
Conocophillips Company116.11
Department Of The Army - Pom Annex1116.19
Dr. Sherwin & Mary Miller111.46
Chevron Products Company1119.76
Chevron Products Company1110.70
Conocophillips Company118.62
Del Rey Car Wash, Inc.112.58
Dale Grogan112.34
R & D Company1113.09
Pebble Beach Company113.04
Peninsula Petroleum, Llc116.75
Peninsula Petroleum, Llc116.75
Quik Stop Markets, Inc.117.68
Richard Lugo113.97
Pierce Central Llc110.64
Rafael Valdez117.72
R & D Company112.02
Dons One Hour Dry Clng-King Ci11360.00
Cleofe Elefante113.81
Conocophillips Company116.36
Corner Store Co. (The)112.19
Circle K Stores, Inc.116.85
7-Eleven, Inc.115.15
Carmel Pennisula Cleaners111,186.00
Conocophillips Company113.24
Conocophillips Company119.82
Ideal Cleaners11949.00
Bill Scyphers114.80
Peninsula Petroleum, Llc1114.17
Quik Stop Markets, Inc.116.05
Camino Cleaners Wash & Dry11379.00
Peninsula Petroleum, Llc1118.89
Quik Stop Markets, Inc.115.45
Bp West Coast Products Llc1114.17
Classic Cleaners111,091.00
Selby Petro. Inc121.92
Selby Petroleum Inc.114.94
Selby Petroleum Inc.119.22
Quik Stop Markets, Inc.114.97
Raymond C. Inman, Inc.118.10
Toro Petro. Corp.128.09
Toro Petroleum Corp.116.40
Big Sur Loma Vista Llc111.39
Pete Perez112.97
Big Sur River Inn Resort110.81
Mark & Debra Huff110.91
Peninsula Petroleum, Llc115.06
Peninsula Petroleum, Llc1118.22
Bp West Coast Products Llc1145.20
Bp West Coast Products Llc1119.57
7-Eleven, Inc.119.86
Peninsula Petroleum, Llc114.86
Pilot Travel Centers Llc1128.01
Rainbow Cleaners11901.00
Raymond C. Inman, Inc.1118.22
Raymond C. Inman, Inc.1114.57
Robinson Oil Corporation1125.63
7-Eleven, Inc.1111.03
Selby Petro. Inc128.49
Perry'S Dry Cleaners111,821.00
Usa Gasoline Corporation1120.96
Wm. Pierce Company Llc1120.33
Scotty Hayes Inc.113.21
Sturdy Oil Co113.05
Dimaggios Classic Cleaners111,487.00
Toan Cong Bui118.65
Abdo M. Alomari116.07
Country Club Cleaners111,138.00
Tni Couriers, Inc.114.05
Toro Petroleum Corp.117.74
Pacific Grove Cleaners11569.00
Selby Petroleum Inc.112.71
Forest Hill Plaza Cleaners11664.00
Selby Petroleum Inc.113.68
Roger Sawheny & Gita Sawheny115.31
7-Eleven, Inc.114.40
Peninsula Petroleum, Llc114.86
Peninsula Cleaners111,043.00
Toro Petroleum Corp.116.50
Ultramar Inc.117.53
Ultramar Inc.119.42
William A. Pierce, Inc.113.14
Sturdy Oil Company112.70
Toro Petro. Corp.113.20
Ultramar Inc.1114.28
Ultramar Inc.1123.27
Usa Gasoline Corporation1119.96
Sturdy Oil Company1118.35
One Hour Martinizing-Monterey111,457.00
Toro Petroleum Corp.114.22
Sturdy Oil Co127.40
Sturdy Oil Company112.33
Tommy Lee110.78
Ultramar Inc.1112.79
Carmel Center Cleaners12948.00
7-Eleven, Inc.113.99