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Polluters in Merced County, California
7-Eleven, Inc41660.15
Ahlport Inc5582.89
Andersen'S Pea Soup1180.00
Anderson Clayton Corporation5544,371.43
Applegate Chevron416362.54
Arco Products Company5101,067.81
Arco, Garrison'S510854.50
B & W Petroleum41668.75
B&T Industries3411,116.93
Beatrice Cheese Inc51331.39
Becker Oil Company57168.08
Billy Wright Dump Site Landfill28282,352.00
Bloss Memorial Healthcare Dist62479.19
Bp Oil Co.515495.09
Bp, Atwater Gascard Inc.534192.01
Bp, Card Gas Inc.515780.43
Bp, Patrick'S5517.25
Bp, Pazin Bp Distributor544910.94
Brother'S Food Mart4161.85
Brothers Royal Crown41636.06
Bubble Clean Buggy Bath515515.43
Builders Concrete Inc.3927,997.20
Buy And Save Mart51090.96
C.L. Bryant510822.07
Calaveras Materials Inc.3636,595.46
Castle Afb Lf #1, 2, 3, 4, 52828248.32
Castle Vista Landfill A & B28282,051.99
Chevron Products Company416319.03
Chevron Station & Mini Mart111,500.00
Chevron Usa Products Company416500.49
Chevron, Century510834.86
Chevron, Merced Mall5152,645.61
Chevron, Nunes'55162.83
Chevron, Windecker Inc. Card L510562.50
Circle K55616.57
Circle K55465.50
Circle K55449.99
Circle K55408.14
Circle K #361441693.94
Circle K #5017416107.52
City Of Los Banos61814.39
City Of Los Banos666.11
City Of Los Banos6622.71
City Of Los Banos660.07
City Of Los Banos660.36
City Of Los Banos660.36
City Of Los Banos6618.10
City Of Los Banos Disposal Site282815,117.89
Conocophillips Company - 2611164416109.96
Conopco Dba Unilever Best Food66073,065.17
Costco Wholesale #142416885.63
Delhi Gas & Food Mart (Karmjit Singh)41682.49
Dom'S Electric6629.57
Donjean Cleaning & Restoration11675.00
Dos Palos Cooperative Gin Inc.122660,413.97
E & J Gallo Winery75324,681.78
Eagle Field Ginning Company6610.15
Earl Scheib Inc.11154.52
East Avenue Disposal Site282815,117.89
El Nido Disposal Site2828380.42
Exxon, Curtesy Oil Co.515532.01
Exxon, D&R Service51036.95
Exxon, M.G. Santos Inc.515308.78
Exxon, Silveira Petroleum Inc.5176.95
Exxon, Silveria Petroleum Inc.517492.87
Farm Management, Inc.358,803.20
Fnf Construction Inc330.00
Foster Food Products610596,905.94
Foster Poultry Farms61529.52
Foster Poultry Farms-Kopro348448,998.41
Gas Mart515307.03
Gasco, El Capitan Market51020.54
Gasco, Fuente'S Market510119.79
General Electric Company11125.75
Goodrich, Gustine Rocket Stati51266.26
Granite Construction Company6197,158.62
Greif Bros. Corporation852251,264.69
Gustine City Disposal Site2828380.42
Gustine Ingomar Disposal Site2828248.32
Highway 59 Disposal Site Landfill28281,596.00
Hilmar Cheese Company752113,987.14
Hilmar Disposal Site28282,051.99
International Inboard Marine125,200.00
J. Blasingame & Sons, Inc.367,842.44
Jaco Hill Company41687.07
James Mccarthy, Unocal #5179510575.90
Jrw & Associates Cogeneration661,545,605.12
Kings View Work Experience Ctr1132,007.96
Koda Farms, Inc.6275,360.67
Lamoure'S Cleaners111,053.00
Lamoure'S Cleaners11304.00
Lamoure'S Inc111,053.00
Le Grand Disposal Site282815,117.89
Leon Bartlett517713.95
Leon H. Bartlett11200.00
Lifetime Doors, Inc.512903.42
Livingston City Disposal Site28282,051.99
Los Banos Bottle Dump28282,051.99
Los Banos County Disposal Site2828380.42
Los Banos Foods, Inc63039,210.86
M & M Mini-Mart515168.04
Malibu Boats West Inc1439,346.55
Malibu Boats West Inc.1240,550.00
Malibu Boats West, Inc.3847,403.00
Merced City Municipal Dump28282,051.99
Merced Gas & Food Mart416140.50
Merced Laundry11405.00
Merced Mall Chevron416430.32
Merced Milling Co., Llc65131,364.74
Merced Wastewater Treatment Pl26138.01
Mission Trail Oil Co, Rotten R515784.11
Moh Assoc Inc, Dba Livingston Grocery41682.34
Morning Star Packing Company74349,853.51
Morningstar West Gustine6121,605.00
Nci Building Sys. L.P.111.00
Oasis Foods, Inc.6122,131.73
One Hour Martinizing11226.60
One Hour Martinizing111,309.50
Pacheco Chevron416300.24
Pea Soup Andersen'S512812.64
Pete'S Auto Body, Llc318638.38
Petro Stopping Centers416178.70
Planada Disposal Site28282,051.99
Quebecor World781127,915.98
Quick And Easy510232.84
Rick'S Auto Body331,224.95
Rose & Ramos Oil Co, Inc520249.25
Rts Packaging330.16
S & S Body Works11189.17
Safeway, Inc.62111,811.72
Sagar'S Gas N Save4161,236.55
Santa Fe Aggregates, Inc.6301,474.05
Santa Fe Pacific Pipeline, L.P36371.81
Santos, Texaco512247.60
Sensient Dehydrated Flavors Co690303,722.58
Sensient Dehydrated Flavors Co.124.20
Seven-Eleven #19541515105.14
Seven-Eleven #22736515317.09
Sfpp, L.P., Atwater Terminal140.00
Shaffer Road Landfill #3282815,117.89
Shaffer Road Lf #1 & 228282,051.99
Shell Oil Co., Smiley'S Self S515531.25
Shell Oil Company515581.92
Shell, Larry'S515680.41
Shell, Pacheco Shell Service515234.12
Shell, Paul Oil Co.515975.60
Shell, Santa Nella5151,203.59
Shell, Smiley'S515802.46
Simple Simon Mini Mart510153.19
Snelling Disposal Site2828248.32
Stevinson Disposal Site28282,051.99
Sun Garden-Gangi Canning Co61233,300.00
T S Mfg. Inc.120.07
Texaco, Mbp Truck\Auto Plaza57504.46
Thurman Distributors515275.78
Thurman'S Service51561.53
Tri-Valley Growers Plant 5103843,172.50
Triangle Rock Products Inc3122,248.08
Triangle Rock Products, Inc333,942.40
Ultramar Inc416480.64
Ultramar, Beacon Station57313.00
Union #5509, Paul Rose5101,565.07
Union Oil Company538678.75
Union, Johnny'S558.60
Union, Ron'S Union510273.80
Unocal, C.L. Bryant Inc.5101,204.16
Unocal, Forebay515567.25
Unocal, Mid Cal Auto/Truck Pla571,244.57
Vidler'S Cleaners11675.00
West Cotton Services-Santa Rit666.58
West Cotton Services:Los Banos10106.59
Western Stone Products Inc2289.00
Windecker Inc.416116.80
Woodys Cabinets & Furniture3310.65
World Oil Marketing Co.520471.44