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Polluters in Marin County, California
Redwood Landfill Inc27811,016,477.18
Marin General Hospital8725,488.38
Central Marin Sanitation Agenc175280,984.10
Dutra Materials/San Rafael Roc74473,958.65
San Quentin State Prison134019,622.57
Lucas Digital Ltd Llc6362,471.93
Wincup Holdings, Lp932158,133.69
Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary D223221,388.71
Kaiser Permanente San Rafael M103017,073.47
Black John'S Slough2828970.67
Bolinas Landfill282814,242.21
Ghilotti Brothers Disposal Site2828277.88
Angel Island2828277.88
Central Marin28283,514.27
Edgewood Disposal Site28283,514.27
Chevron Usa / Robey28283,514.27
Montes Dump Aka Point Reyes Station282814,242.21
Larkspur Disposal Site28283,514.27
St. Vincent'S School28283,514.27
Stinson Beach Aka Bolinas Lagoon2828277.88
West Valley Disposal (Timbercove)28283,514.27
Bellam Blvd Lf Aka San Rafael Lf282814,242.21
Captains Cove Housing Development2828277.88
Franciso Landfill28283,514.27
City Of San Anselmo Corp Yard282814,242.21
Buck'S Launching2828277.88
Dunphy Park2828277.88
Horst Hanf Landfill / Bayview Park282814,242.21
San Quentin Disposal Site282814,242.21
Smith Ranch Road Landfill28283,514.27
Hamilton Afb Landfill #26282814,242.21
Circle Bar Ranch Illegal Dump Site28283,514.27
Halleck Creek2828970.67
Synanon Foundation, Inc.2828970.67
Binford Land Illegal Disposal Site2828970.67
Colliss Ranch Site Illegal Dump28283,514.27
Point Reyes Station2828277.88
West Marin Sanitary Landfill282811,433.86
Colliss Ranch28283,514.27
Mill Valley City Landfill Aka Edgewood282814,242.21
San Rafael Landfill2828277.88
Mill Valley Dump28283,514.27
Sausalito-Marin City Sanitary13253,003.46
L P Mcnear Brick Co Inc1919134,139.50
Dutra Materials161617,423.52
Daphne Fernwood Cemetery And M714287.38
Barsotti'S Auto Body, Inc7131,231.77
Blake'S Auto Body10138,892.43
Sewerage Agency Of South Marin11136,428.56
Honda/Acura Body Shop4126,604.58
Superior Body Fender Service711751.66
Gordon Graphics Inc2114,284.91
Novato Sanitary District10113,788.88
Marin County Sanitary Distr No1010653.31
Anthony'S Auto Craft Inc3104,889.12
Golden Gate Bridge & Transit D9101,620.23
Paris Printing1107,884.00
Classic Auto392,471.83
Skinner & Skinner Auto Body89555.47
Blake'S Auto Body583,157.69
Bertolli'S Auto Body Shop Inc2812,710.52
Academy Studio47279.07
Kitchen Works, Inc3715,996.67
Valley Memorial Park77537.98
Colonia Motors372,024.42
Triple T Auto Body & Paint372,566.05
Quality Auto Body372,700.53
Descalso Lithograph367,687.03
Whitman'S Auto Body362,610.86
Pacific Bell66681.45
Novato Community Hospital661,012.35
San Anselmo Autobody Inc361,076.72
Novato Unified School District5642.69
Thorsson'S Auto Center361,269.37
Complete Auto Body36665.32
City Of Mill Valley66173.67
Performance Printing Center36675.30
Marin Sanitary Service2680,208.66
Nazareth House 550.92
Orlandi'S Body & Fender Inc252,710.99
Anderson'S Boat Yard Inc454,161.13
Nave Motors Inc351,309.88
Auto Body Rebuilders35829.16
Miracle Auto Painting Of San R243,677.68
Blake'S Auto Body Inc142,055.35
American Soil Products24644.71
L Lofrano And Son Inc341,191.96
Mobile Auto Body Solutions 2483.53
Lucas Digital Ltd Llc14831.96
Regalia'S Auto Body13714.10
Maxwell The Cleaner233,483.46
Maxwell The Cleaners Inc231,869.27
Good Body23151.31
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa337.03
Steve Zappetini & Son Inc23222.28
Royal Auto Body 232,098.46
Craft Auto Body33142.03
Affordable Auto Body13944.33
Crebassa'S Auto Body Inc131,284.05
Marin Independent Journal1312,642.58
Alex'S Drycleaning Valet131,071.29
D & S Garage, Inc23128.96
Marin Towing23204.87
Hughes Body & Fender Service 2349.95
Landry Service Co Inc130.01
Jack L Hunt Inc 3342.79
J R Auto Body23523.43
Top Hat Cleaners222,928.55
Magnificent Cleaners22310.71
Spotless Cleaners222,016.26
Kerns And Walker Cleaners221,375.31
Model A Rebuilders 227.10
Clayland Brothers Auto Body1246.98
Quality Cleaners221,888.54
Custom Cleaners221,098.71
J R Muggs220.87
Northgate Cleaners22744.24
European Tailoring & Cleaners22497.83
S & Z California Pacific Coffe220.12
Pasticceria Rulli220.06
Lappert'S Coffee220.09
M&R Cleaners221,913.87
One Hour Superfine Cleaners221,103.71
Mill Valley Coffee Roastery220.10
Naval Fac Engn Command -Code 022430.50
Vlado'S Collision Works12221.27
Marin Cleaners121,736.72
Clean Look Cleaners121,697.60
Campbell'S Auto Body12362.19
Redhill Towing & Auto Body, In2219.27
Classico San Francisco Inc 1251.41
Loch Lomond Cleaners22234.11
Pacheco Plaza One Hour Cleaner221,777.29
Modulus Guitars Llc22749.87
Apollo Cleaners22713.46
Novato Sanitary District 22169.15
Montecito Cleaners, Inc221,248.73
Shoreline Cleaners224,490.85
Clean Look222,589.48
Wardrobe Cleaners22750.74
L & M One Hour Cleaners221,060.74
Cafe Reyes220.04
Orchid French Cleaners221,613.15
Vogue Cleaners, Inc221,626.68
Bianco Cadillac Inc 123.61
Now & Then Antiques12962.49
Joe Ray Auto Body2281.91
Sanitary District #1111,051.64
Prosperity Cleaners11227.74
Jerry Thompson & Sons Painting11853.78
Marin Cleaners Inc 111,599.70
York Cleaners 11539.63
North Bay Cleaners 112,698.15
Milanis Autocraft 1120.62
Equator Estate Coffees & Teas1110.00
Frank'S Dry Cleaners11263.07
L M One Hour Cleaners 111,349.08
Marin Cleaners Inc 111,834.74
Heritage Cleaners 11296.80
Down The Road Bodyworks 11112.12
Holiday Cleaners 11377.74
Red Hill Holiday Cleaners11526.14
Weiland Industries, Inc 1122.04
San Anselmo Coffee Roasters110.34
Fairfax French Cleaners 11251.83
Terra Linda Cleaners, Inc11593.81
York Cleaners1193.61
Sunshine Cleaners11106.19
G & C Autobody11383.33
Shea Homes C/O West112,077.64
L M One Hour Cleaners11301.80
Sunshine Cleaners 111,530.33
Locke Bros Body & Fender 1131.24
Morrison Lighting1192.22
Orchid Cleaners 112,617.21
Victor'S Ironworks111.63
Pacific Polytech, Inc110.01
Terra Linda Cleaners And Tailo11492.41
Prosperity Deluxe Cleaners11581.45
Novato Cleaners11135.31
Larkspur Cleaners11269.82
Fairfax Quick Clean11148.40
Guide Dogs For The Blind110.00
Think Clean Cleaners11411.47
Mount Tamalpais Cemetery And M110.00
Alex'S Dry Cleaning And Valet 112,934.24
Northgate Auto Body/Appliance 11115.18
Paradise Cleaners11404.72
K & L'S Western Plating110.00
John'S Auto Body 112.39
Fairfax French Laundry & Clean11903.88
Marin Square Cleaners 111,727.82
Corte Madera Cleaners 111,282.92
Picaroto Cleaners 11890.39
Marin County Boat Works Inc117.26