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Polluters in Madera County, California
7-Eleven, Inc41651.30
Almond Tree Hulling Co363,852.80
American Forest Products Mill28282,051.99
Anderson Clayton Corp/Oil Mill2574366,361.49
Anderson Pump Co151,676.30
Arco Mini Mart111,506.60
Baltimore Aircoil Of Cal5137,182.15
Bass Lake Dump2828248.32
Blech Corp3610,978.00
Brake Parts Inc627785.35
Bullet Fiberglass14440.52
California Olive Growers63411,086.83
Canandaigua West, Inc73148,635.18
Canandaigua Wine Company73128,478.88
Central Cal Women'S Facility6431,696.95
Certainteed Corporation1364690,955.66
Chowchilla City West282815,117.89
Chowchilla Dump Site East28282,051.99
Chowchilla Illegal Dump Site282815,117.89
Chowchilla Shell (Tesei Petro)416228.25
City Of Madera612604.07
City Of Madera66541.00
Coarsegold Dump282815,117.89
Color-Box, Llc61415,425.63
Cottonwood Creek Dump28282,051.99
D.C. Cleaners11243.00
Devil'S Postpile282815,117.89
Dj Ultramart416291.65
Evapco West, Inc.13814.60
Export Import Associates, Inc.353,366.40
Fairmead Solid Waste Disposal Site (Mammoth Lf)28287,798.38
Farmers International Inc6158,515.98
Florestone Prods. Co. Inc.23103,059.00
Florestone Products Co, Inc3930,317.27
Fmc Corp. Food Processing Sys. Div.3313.40
Georgia Pacific Corporation6249,080.20
Greene'S Am-Pm Mini Mart #3416408.93
Greene'S Am-Pm Minimart #2416446.87
Jiffy Market Food Store41690.19
Johnny Quik Food Store #11941680.76
Johnny Quik Food Store #1315171,573.16
Kennedy Mine2828248.32
Kings Valley Industries, Inc.162,000.99
Lamoure'S Cleaners111,309.50
Lee'S Concrete Materials31524,123.97
M T Madera Beacon Ultramart Inc416202.67
Madera City Dump282815,117.89
Madera Cleaners & Laundry, Inc114,117.50
Madera Co-Op Gin, Inc.448,350.00
Madera Community Hospital6352,158.26
Madera Glass Company361441,593,051.07
Madera Power, Llc69675,971.33
Madera Self Service416119.60
Martin'S Chevron416501.95
Minturn Co-Op Gin674,369.92
Minturn Coop Red Top Gin5644,995.75
Moore Quality Galvanizing6339,831.96
Neo California Power Llc69642,245.60
North Fork Dump2828380.42
North Fork Energy, Inc.1217793.96
Oakhurst Cleaners111,080.00
One Hour Martinizing114,112.10
Outback Materials, Inc.393,172.40
P J Express Mart41659.49
Pilot Travel Centers Llc #365416449.60
Pima Gro2828380.42
Raymond Disposal Site2828380.42
Ripperdan Disposal Site2828380.42
Rosenbalm Rockery3922.23
Roy'S Liquor41653.85
Rs Inc Dba Oakhurst Chevron416343.65
S & K Mini Market41663.11
S & K Mini Mart41641.83
Saint-Gobain Containers11409.00
Sealed Air Corporation66953,061.84
Sunsweet Dryers61022,254.74
Thomas Prods. L.L.C.22255.00
Toro Agricultural Irrigation11238.00
U S Rentals371,236.50
Ultramar, Inc, #3784416261.84
Upright, Inc.6106,410.78
Valley Grain/Azteca Milling122647,101.63
Valley Grain/Azteca Milling62020,637.57
Vernon'S Chevron Station 897241636.76
Vintage Petroleum, Inc.28387.94
Western Cotton Services Corp.1147345.89
Western Grain And Milling Inc.39732.00
Yosemite Forks282815,117.89
Zoria Farms Inc6730,515.79