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Polluters in Los Angeles County, California
1$ Cleaner, C Chen, E Lee Et A673,549.67
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9232,164.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc155313,323.23
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9261,445.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc8177,967.66
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9217,985.40
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9198,985.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc11218,036.13
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc15287,523.24
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9217,297.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc15286,080.12
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc15277,607.31
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc8156,816.26
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc11258,477.98
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9215,705.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9203,686.95
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc371,056.77
101 Disposal Company2828285.51
10960 Property Corp 62553,537.34
155th Street Disposal Site282863,237.99
20th Century Fox Film Corp 116716,143.36
2nd & Juanita Dump28287,906.20
35th Street E, Pump Station404027.72
3m Company 94157,056.95
3m Pharmaceuticals177219,630.13
4mc-Burbank, Inc. 13544.91
54th St And Paramount Blvd. D.S.28281,715.36
70 Mm Inc 151,341.31
75th St East & Little Rock Disposal Site28281,715.36
7th Ave Cleaners 672,539.57
7th Street & Anderson Street28287,906.20
A & F Finishing 124,333.38
A & M Bandag Inc 142,158.15
A & T Woodworking 123,236.54
A And B Auto Body And Fender W6466,469.24
A C E Rentals 63021,472.04
A G Layne Inc88971.08
A J Electronics Inc113,774.00
A-1 Coast Rentals Inc 6173,862.14
A-1 Plank Inc 111,620.00
A-16clutch Co Inc 6155,643.67
A-H Plating, Inc 1730180.82
A/C Folding Gates 6111,940.00
Aaa Advance Finishing, Inc 103930,606.75
Aaa Glass Corp 81922,524.84
Aaa Partitions Inc 6123,140.00
Aaa Plating & Inspection Inc 6147,900.00
Aai/California Carshell, Inc 61930,236.26
Abacus Printing & Graphics Inc6122,760.00
Abbott Transistor Laboratories52216,573.72
Ablestik Laboratories 162719,961.02
Abrasive Finishing Co 3920,415.00
Academy Films Inc 153,037.95
Academy Tent Inc 671,243.06
Accuforms, Inc. 6114,314.18
Accurate Metal Fabricators Inc335,976.06
Ace Clearwater Enter. 81815,600.97
Ace Clearwater Enterprises 243,493.96
Ace Merchandise Corp., Akg Ind112,820.00
Ace Plating Co Inc9182,579.01
Ace Sandblasting Corp 61039,504.02
Acorn Engineering Co 111540,059.55
Acro-Coat, Inc 693,338.83
Action Iron Works Inc 6117,223.58
Action Painting Service Inc 61010,115.17
Action Point Inc 67220.00
Active Magnetic Inspection 220.00
Active Sandblasting Co 6812,301.18
Active Supply Co 71527,435.22
Adams And Coltrin2229,013.00
Adams Rite Sabre International112,228.00
Adm Milling Co, Centennial Mil331,666.53
Advance Paper Box Co 71734,754.00
Advance Truck Painting Inc 3818,060.27
Advanced Coating & Silkscreening Inc16328,445.09
Advanced Energy Sources Inc 6109,425.83
Advertisers Mailing Serv 6144,600.00
Aelco Corp91110,484.54
Aera Energy Llc 154,256.60
Aera Energy Llc 67376.43
Aero Engines Inc 184065,710.64
Aero Powder Coating Inc 675,740.00
Aerocraft Heat Treating Co Inc71946,686.75
Aerojet Gencorp, Aerojet Elect87113,942.30
Aerojet Ordnance Co464670,821.12
Aerosol Serv Co Inc 61428,557.81
Aerospace Aluminum Heat Treati91540,220.54
Aes Alamitos, Llc4128912,178,787.74
Aes Placerita Inc 154228,924.97
Aes Redondo Beach, Llc412189,506,077.45
Ag-Fume Services Inc 6722,180.00
Agrashell Inc 6140.00
Ahf Ducommun Inc3810,099.03
Ail Systems Inc. Eaton Corp.225,087.00
Aimcor,Applied Industrial Mate24372.78
Air Liquide America L.P.1122,660.00
Air Liquide American Corp332,084.25
Air Logistics Corp 225,804.00
Air Nail Company 11790.32
Air Prod & Chem Inc12539,788.28
Air Products Hycal Co L.P.,Air829226,936.60
Air Products Polymers Lp 7124,966.50
Airco Industrial Gases2231,893.27
Aircraft Cylinder & Turbine In7149,921.70
Aircraft X-Ray Labs Inc 118532,792.03
Airfoil Management Co11227.00
Airport Fabrication Corp 610480.00
Akzo Nobel Chem Inc, Filtrol C25756.27
Al Larson Boat Shop 61925,683.69
Al'S Iron Works 6109,081.51
Al'S Plating Co Inc10142,493.95
Alameda Street Landfill28281,715.36
Alba Industries Inc 91616,347.58
Alchem Plastics Inc.115.00
Alco Cad-Nickel Plating Corp 7151,484.12
Alert Plating Co.2420.00
Alex Stuart Design, Inc557,458.00
Alflex Corp.12755.00
Alfred'S Picture Frames, Inc 61649,807.53
Alhambra Dump28281,715.36
All Brite Auto Body 16428.61
All City Auto Body 123,380.00
All Interiors 143,500.00
All Metals Processing Co Inc 673,073.90
All Pure Chemical Co210937.80
Allen Foam Corporation22186.10
Allen'S Cleaners, Nora Ayvazia112,263.46
Allied Equipment Rentals Inc 123,757.92
Allied Record Co 145,505.45
Allied Signal Aerospace Co12135,381.15
Allied Signal Inc (Nsr Use Only)176412,848.76
Allied-Signal Aerospace Co.3351,119.54
Allied-Signal Inc,Garrett Gen586,617.12
Allied-Signal Ocean Systems 104860,294.60
Alliedsignal Aerospace Sys&Eq 91125,109.86
Alliedsignal Aerospace Systems7718,560.15
Alliedsignal Aerospace, W Coas222,575.79
Alloys Cleaning Inc.1210.00
Alpha Investment Associates282863,237.99
Alpha Therapeutic Corp 1110792,161.02
Alpine Vilage Soccer Fiel28281,715.36
Alta Dena Certified Dairy Inc 6610,860.00
Aluminex Finishing Inc4418,639.87
Aluminum Body Corp 196,413.02
Am Cabinets, Inc. 9133,390.14
Amada Mfg America, Inc 132432,963.71
Aman Bros Inc Engineers 6812,065.00
Aman Bros Inc Engineers 6816,587.84
Ambitech Inc.12388.00
Amc Colorgrafix 177,280.00
American Airlines Inc (Eis Use1420172,853.96
American Broadcasting Co 8138,648.80
American Caster Corp225,096.00
American Cyanamid / Azusa2828285.51
American Disposal Company28287,906.20
American Etching & Mfg Co 10153,259.26
American Excelsior Co 61921,961.46
American Fiber Industries 6181,976.89
American Furniture Systems Inc6241,800.00
American Magnetics Corp 6121,528.98
American Mobile Power Co 6124,088.60
American National Can Co33119.30
American National Can Co4469,341.00
American National Can Company66251,873.00
American Polystyrene Corp192,565.31
American Racing Equipment Inc 8157,607.91
American Racing Equipment Inc 64763,398.53
American Racing Equipment Inc,85710,305.43
American Remedial Technologies6687,364.00
American Standard Inc Lf28281,715.36
American United Products33230.73
American Warehouse Equipment I147,520.00
Americh Corp 3873,046.80
Amerigas Propane L.P.161634,213.73
Ameritone Paint Corp15157.96
Amkco Fabrication Co., Alan Ka689,334.31
Amp Incorporated685,730.21
Amvac Chemical Corp309114,966.74
Anadite Inc102219,621.42
Anaheim Street Liquid Disposal28281,715.36
Anaplex Corp 92117,570.89
Anatex Enterprises 134,761.68
Anchor Glass Container Corp662.26
Anco Metal Improvement Company4412,639.35
Ancon Marine Inc 62410,594.92
Anderson Graphics Inc 173,720.00
Anderson Lithograph Co 1459212,563.70
Anderson Printing 61211,360.00
Andre'S Auto Body & Paint, A. 141,462.73
Anemostat-West, A Mestek Co 92216,346.04
Angel'S Onyx Creations662,060.00
Angeles Abbey Mem Park Inc391565.35
Angelica Textile Services 697,779.20
Angelica Textile Services 66914,683.20
Angell & Giroux Inc 9153,252.94
Angelus Metal Finishing 680.00
Angelus Plating Wks 615160.00
Angelus Sanitary Can Machine C106123,263.55
Anheuser-Busch Inc., (La Brewe31655631,489.40
Antelope Valley Aggregate Inc11352,037,536.43
Antelope Valley Hospital Distr63116,686.28
Antelope Valley Public Landfill282812,298.11
Anthony International8942,824.80
Anthony Pools, Div Anthony Ind364,579.00
Antique Designs 152,620.00
Anvil Case Co.119,664.00
Anvil Cases, A Calzone Company91953,390.04
Anzalone & Associates, Inc. 612337.57
Apaulo Inc 6116,209.59
Apex Drum Co Inc 102444,979.80
Apex Metal Polishing Co 6103,632.72
Apple Plastics Inc 1614,440.00
Applied Graphics Tech, Gore Gr62418,535.33
Applied Graphics Technologies 62142,500.00
Applied Industrial Materials C24667.08
Applied Industrial Materials C220.00
Applied Powdercoat Inc 6153,434.89
Aramark Uniform Service 66210,561.17
Aranda'S Woodcraft Inc 12600.00
Arcadia City Dump28281,715.36
Arcadia Inc.5103,500.00
Architectural Woodworking Co 101916,825.00
Arco Cqc Kiln191241,058,394.03
Arco Pipe Line Co 2551448,593.91
Arco Products Co. Marine Termi1525864,793.23
Arco Products Company 1611654,259.43
Arco Products Company 6214,340.61
Arco Products Company 62024,333.93
Arco Terminal Services Corp,Fo7173,323.00
Arco Western Pipe Line Co 72524,346.61
Armorcast Prod. Co 31236,034.64
Armorcast Products Company 1667,640.00
Armstrong World Industries Inc1267123,192.43
Arnco 6232,620.00
Arrow Glen Body Shop Inc 12360.00
Arrowhead Brass Prod. Inc 92429,476.75
Arrowhead Mountain Spring Wate611240.00
Arrowhead Products6626,890.42
Art Ctr Col Of Design 6136,860.00
Artcrafters Cabinets Inc 6204,420.00
Artesia Manufacturing Company7710,997.91
Artisan House Inc16748.40
Artistic Brass4433,358.00
Artistic Polishing & Plating10108,669.52
Artmaster Studios Merchandise381,603.20
Ascon Construction / Long Beach2828285.51
Ascon Sanitary Landfill28287,906.20
Ashland Chemical Company 3513278,651.75
Ashland Chemical Inc 1312513,794.81
Ashland Distribution Co.1119933.00
Asia Auto Body Shop 14180.00
Asiana Textile Printing, Inc. 663,655.14
Asphalt Construction Co Inc141824,573.80
Assoc Spring Barnes Grp Inc,As111,164.00
Associated Power Inc 621250,933.21
Associated Ready Mix Concrete,2222.40
Astro Aluminum Treating Co Inc718102,978.40
Astro Pak Corporation 6178,000.00
Astro-Fab Inc 364,296.84
Athearn Inc 7114,648.56
Athens Disposal 492,552.33
Atkinson Brick Co 1823130,345.40
Atlantic Body Shop, Gabriel A 131,260.00
Atlantic Richfield Co/Arco Car138229,994.50
Atlantic Richfield Co/Arco Vin15168148,504.23
Atlantic/Pacific Shutter Co In1537,160.00
Atlantic/Pacific Shutter Compa147,904.41
Atlas Carpet Mills Inc 82422,105.63
Atlas Carpet Mills, Inc. 6113,085.60
Atofina Chemicals Inc 618460.00
Atsc East Hynes Terminal9161,159.00
Atwood & Pursel Landfill2828285.51
Austin Oil Co 67636.00
Auto Body Builders 14106.79
Auto Limar Inc 123,750.11
Auto Service Plus 61220.00
Auto Warehousing Of L A 161,760.00
Automation Printing 167,480.00
Autronics Corp 6131,840.00
Avalon Ford Inc553,451.00
Avenue L Pump Station404022.69
Avery Dennison63766,518.91
Avibank Mfg Inc223919,597.69
Avica Inc 16475.05
Avx Filters Corp258,070.00
Aydin Molded Devices 7158,582.84
Azusa City / Van Tassel Cyn28287,906.20
Azusa City Sierra Madre Landfill282863,237.99
Azusa Class Ii Disposal Site28287,906.20
Azusa Land Reclamation Co Inc Inert Lf282816,887.21
Azusa Street Dump / West Covina2828285.51
B & B Ind 68451.03
B & G House Of Printing, Inc. 165,860.00
B & H Auto Body Inc, 12296.37
B & S Enterprises Inc 113,141.52
B & W Tile Co Inc126.77
B .W. Hotel, L.L.C. 6209,906.38
B And R Finishing Co 687,587.43
B D & G Sandblasting Co (A Cor262,013.00
B J Services Co Usa, Santa Fe 61841,353.40
B&R Finishing Co 61311,380.26
B. F. Goodrich/Carbon Products8838.28
B.W./I.P. International, Inc.1188.96
Babcock Inc 6213,426.13
Bachem Inc.481,530.00
Bae Sys.110.81
Baker Commodities Inc 92548,196.02
Baker Commodities Inc420162.87
Baker Performance Chemicals, I231244.37
Baker Tanks Inc. 61202,657.72
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp.157689,207.54
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp.2429,888.00
Banner Pharmacaps Inc 62645,300.00
Bar-Lo Mfg, Inc 6144,880.00
Barksdale Inc4184,514.41
Barlow Specialty Advertising I103610,880.26
Barney'S Hole Digging Serv Inc666,840.62
Barry Ave Plating Co Inc 6147,720.00
Barry Controls6619,317.70
Barto-Signal Petroleum Inc. 1187,366.81
Barton Brands 6117,400.00
Basin By / Products Company28281,715.36
Bauchet Int'L Inc 72543,400.00
Baxter Healthcare Corp., Hylan73335,219.62
Baxter Healthcare Pharmaseal D4428,237.90
Bay Cities Container Corp 6102,880.00
Bay Harbor Hosp 6217,985.44
Beacon Laundry & Cleaners Inc 6812,448.04
Beagle Mfg Co Inc351,555.00
Bear Equip. Rental Inc. 663,543.01
Beeco (Distribution Auto Service)282863,237.99
Bei Systron Donner Co, Edcliff11245,428.70
Bell Foundry Co991,170.82
Bell Gardens, City Of (Com Svc1710,980.00
Bell Pontiac/Gmc Inc 684,926.13
Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Wtr6144,600.00
Bellwood Chevrolet 155,951.53
Belmont Shores Mobile Home Estates2828285.51
Ben-Wal Printing Inc 685,020.00
Bender Machine Inc312244.08
Benedetti Corporation3329,282.20
Benjamin Moore & Co.55144.93
Benmatt Ind Inc774,104.82
Bennett Murray Brine Sump28287,906.20
Bentley Mills Inc 93343,280.89
Berry Petroleum Company66288,769.60
Bert-Co Industries6656,300.00
Bert-Co Industries, Bert-Co Gr61217,020.00
Best Label Co Inc 11114,460.00
Best Roofing Company66123,822.40
Bestfoods Baking Co 65355,786.40
Bethlehem Steel Dump28281,715.36
Beverly Coachcraft 686,133.79
Beverly Hills Auto Body Inc 682,520.00
Beverly Hills Dump282863,237.99
Beverly Hospital 6177,534.30
Bfm Vaccum Met. Inc.5533,427.45
Big Canyon2828285.51
Big J Tire 69220.00
Big Tree Wood Products Inc 139,940.00
Biola University 65953,120.00
Bishops Canyon Landfill282863,237.99
Bixel Assoc C/O Transpacific D6720.00
Bkk Corporation, Landfill Divi1234238,354.89
Bkk Disposal Site #22828285.51
Blafer Woodfinishes 3617,258.96
Blair'S Metal Polishing 3356,039.06
Blanchard Street Dump28287,906.20
Blocksom & Co 1114,069.80
Blue Coral Inc. Mckay Chemical271,162.10
Blue Cross Of Cal 6191,695.61
Blue Diamond Materials, Garden81010,771.49
Blue Diamond Materials, Sun Va152738,237.21
Bluffside & Willowcrest282863,237.99
Board Ford Inc 14700.00
Bob Hill Hydraulic Crane Renta681,939.72
Bobrick Washroom Equip Inc 9221,584.37
Bodycote Thermal Processing121,400.00
Boeing Reusable Space Systems6217,221.75
Boeing Satellite Systems Inc1740118,156.68
Bon Voyage Body Shop 683,980.00
Bonded Cleaners 672,020.00
Bonded Fiber Products Inc 677,848.80
Borgia Furniture Finishing Inc168,440.00
Botanicals Intl Inc111.67
Boulevard Buick/Pontiac/Gmc Tr140.00
Bowman Plating Co Inc 6117,780.00
Bowne Of Los Angeles Inc 62116,480.00
Bowne Of Los Angeles Inc 92416,052.88
Box Master333,732.00
Boyd Furniture Mfg Company Inc.66113,262.40
Boys And Girls Club Of Pasaden664,800.26
Bp Exp & Oil Inc, Bp Marine Am221,461.00
Bradford Shredder Sanitary Landfill28287,906.20
Bradley East Landfill2828193.41
Bradley Landfill And Recycling646226,916.55
Brand Park Landfill28281,278.33
Branford Lf2828285.51
Braun Linen Service Inc 668,015.61
Braylor Corp 7914,536.00
Brea Canon Oil Co771,344.00
Brea Canon Oil Company Inc 47614,733.85
Brea Canon Oil Company-Albert 42225,175.04
Brea Canyon Oil Co,Albert Levi56018,464.98
Breitburn Energy Company Llc13043,940.00
Breitburn Energy Company Llc61096,306.40
Breitburn Energy Corp 63835,360.00
Breitburn Energy Corp 2318,373.96
Brenntag West Inc.242,806.00
Brite Plating Co. Inc.115.00
Bronze-Way Powder Coating, Inc63018,707.83
Bronzeway Plating Corp 6404,889.46
Brotman Partners Lp,Cal Ltd,Br6156,617.72
Brown Dump (Nissan Motor Corp)282863,237.99
Brown Intl Corp44613.00
Browning Ferris Industries (Bf143,260.00
Browning-Ferris Industries/Ca 610135,300.00
Bruce Eicher, Inc 175,260.00
Bruno'S Electric Motor Repair918899.45
Brunton Enterprises Inc,Plas T484,506.64
Bryan Enterprises Inc., Bryan 191,940.00
Bryan'S Cleaners & Dyers Inc 673,182.49
Bryant'S Inglewood Service Inc69220.00
Bsh Home Appliances Corp 81912,851.63
Bucks Body And Fender Inc 142,380.00
Bugle Boy Industries Inc 6116,439.46
Builders Brass Wks Corp (Eis U3371,719.50
Builders Fence Co Inc 91897,240.74
Bumper Shop Inc.341.53
Burbank City, Pub Serv Dept4313980,457.44
Burbank Coach Works Inc 69780.00
Burbank Landfill #1282863,237.99
Burbank Landfill Site #328284,774.61
Burbank Steel Treating Inc 71014,670.00
Burger King Corp.1414275.39
Burke Industries Inc, Sfs Divi61811,315.20
Burns Philp Food Inc,Fleishman61636,198.86
Burr Master Inc11737.18
Burton Medical Products Corpor69300.00
Burton Way Hotels,Llc 6306,319.10
Business Cards Tomorrow 122,264.00
Butcher Co. Inc.24623.00
Bw/Ip International Inc442,024.68
C & G Trailer Serv & Repair11328.41
C & R Printed Bag Co Inc103384,510.41
C&H Auto Body, Repairs, Radiat1359.52
C&R Cleaners 674,006.41
C-Brite Metal Finishing Inc 675,133.75
C. G. I. Sys 1323,680.00
C. J. Fiberglass Co. 132,573.88
Cabrac Mfg113,885.00
Cadillac / Fairview28287,906.20
Cal Bumper Co Inc3629.29
Cal Compact Lf / Metro 200028281,715.36
Cal Cotton Fumigating Co Inc112,496.00
Cal Electroplating Inc 6111,100.00
Cal Gasket Corp33234.90
Cal Green Auto Body 15720.00
Cal Hi-Grade Furniture Corp33661.30
Cal Lifestyles 61013,880.00
Cal Marble Furn Mfg., Corp441,974.30
Cal Metal Processing Co 6184,019.44
Cal Metal X222.00
Cal St Univ La 108022,444.69
Cal St Univ Long Beach Eh&S 1514982,586.99
Cal St Univ Northridge 117620,983.22
Cal St Univ, Dominguez Hills 22339,668.00
Cal St, Frank D. Lanterman St 61624,530.57
Cal St, Polytechnic Univ, Pomo826020,871.32
Cal Trans 31133,651.89
Cal Truck Equip Co 3616,199.28
Cal-Fiber Co 6135,816.62
Cal-Mode Furniture Mfg Co Inc 585,862.47
Cal-Pacific Dyeing & Finishing6127,902.21
Cal-Style Furniture Mfg Co121240,907.80
Cal-Swiss Mfg. Co., Inc.2211,929.26
Cal-Tron Plating Inc4531,655.00
Cal-Waste Industries Inc 6100.00
Cal-Western Paints Inc 6166,485.00
Calavar Corporation22339.00
Calcor Space Fac Inc4104,763.00
Cali-Blok/Eis Brake Parts227,312.00
Calif Sports Inc/Great Western63515,517.09
Califoria Mart 2280.00
California Amforge Corporation63311,560.00
California Carson282863,237.99
California Coasts Color Inc 6143,475.33
California Community News 128,720.00
California Corrugated Industri24617.73
California Cotton Fumigating C112,840.00
California Dairies, Inc 61354,374.99
California Decor 145,682.23
California Display 129,720.00
California Fiberloft Inc3212,230.48
California Industrial Products92130,807.58
California Institute Of Technology2033139,604.03
California Leather Finishers,58655.20
California Litho Co., Inc 6144,020.00
California Materials Company282863,237.99
California Millworks Corp 114,000.00
California Offset Printers 61818,320.00
California Polishing & Plating610282.40
California Portland Cement Co 3212,035.36
California Portland Cement Co.220512.80
California Portland Cement Co.3211,332.00
California Portland Cement Co.660.06
California Portland Cement Co.8183,834.51
California Pre Stain 120.00
California Salvage Company2828285.51
California Technical Plating C613860.00
Calmat Class Iii Disposal Site28281,533.36
Calmat Co 61413,380.00
Calmat Co. Dba Vulcan Mat.5314174,321.58
Calmat Co. Dba Vulcan Mat.47862,030,582.44
Calmat Company 2124,969.97
Calmat Disposal Site / Irwindale282863,237.99
Calmat Properties Co (Hewitt P6618,792.08
Caltrans Long Beach, San Gabriel Fwy2828285.51
Caltrans Long Beach, W La River282863,237.99
Calwest Galvanizing Corp 64821,680.92
Cameo Cleaners Inc 673,209.38
Canners Steam Co Inc 8201,465.01
Cannon Safe Co, Inc 112,548.78
Capco/Psa, California Art Prod91557,675.80
Capital Desk Co 6922,672.38
Capstran Pacific 6193,700.00
Car Aroma Supply23272.20
Carcoa Auto Painting 61211,169.92
Carcoa Auto Painting 6117,839.94
Carcoa Auto Painting 6116,574.15
Carcoa Auto Painting 61110,275.24
Carcoa Of La Inc 6117,973.67
Carcoa Of Northern Ca. Inc. 6125,374.91
Carcoa Of Southern California 6114,986.73
Carcoa Of Southern California 6115,580.00
Carcoaof Southern California 6115,522.99
Cardinal Church Furniture 91013,950.23
Cardinal Industrial Finishes Inc185016,824.34
Carlton Forge Works 141559,582.72
Carrier Corporation Bdp Compan33572.80
Carson Cogeneration Company3245103,524.96
Casablanca Fan Company466,831.03
Cassara Disposal Site2828285.51
Cast Alloys Inc 6130.00
Castaic Clay Mfg Co., Inc 1829382,452.46
Castaic Landfill (Archived)28281,715.36
Castrol Inc122.00
Castrol Industrial North Ameri6204,018.25
Casual Lamps Of California4242,247.60
Catalina Industries Inc. 556,687.60
Catalina Pacific Concrete Co. Alameda Plant110.00
Catalina Pacific Concrete Co. Sun Valley Plant110.01
Catalina Pacific Concrete Co. West La Plant110.01
Catalina Yachts Inc 930227,430.63
Cb&I Constructors,Inc. 6610,906.60
Cbs Inc 84111,894.87
Cbs Studios 4482,182.39
Cbs/Mtm Studios 9808,286.87
Ccl Label 151,864.00
Ce Adams / Arroyo High School2828285.51
Cedars-Sinai Medical Ctr 1257104,614.92
Ceilings Plus, Jv 6124,140.00
Centinela Hospital Medical Cen47152.00
Central Cabinet Co.51559,747.82
Central Electric/Central Furni1179.03
Central Plants Inc22323.00
Century Composites779,036.13
Century Marble 71260,045.00
Century Plastics Inc 102227,308.02
Cerritos City, Water Div 4813,840.00
Cerritos Community College 63613,174.34
Cerritos Dodge 6104,450.52
Cerritos Regional Park2828285.51
Certified Enameling Inc 162581,139.15
Certified Grocers Of Cal Ltd 6376,073.21
Cervitor Kitchens Inc 102510,129.57
Cet Environmental 6680.00
Chadwick Canyon 180282863,237.99
Chalet Prods. Co.122.00
Champ Frame Straightening Equi14573.22
Champllin Petroleum Company2828285.51
Chapel Of The Pines22255.90
Chapman Designs Inc. 115,966.92
Charles Caine Co Inc 123320,287.64
Charles Caine Company Inc 6102,492.39
Chase Bag Co33304,343.53
Chatsworth Plating Corp669,791.10
Chem Coatings Corp.11112.00
Chem Tech Labs, Inc, A Subs Ma331,153.60
Chemcentral La 175926,013.34
Chemoil Refining Corp.72426,302.77
Chemoil Terminals Corporation 412431,332.19
Chemoil Terminals Corporation 481496.25
Chemrite Corporation9931.17
Chemteo Pacific Services Inc28281,715.36
Cherokee Chemicals Inc. Dba Cci1210.00
Chevron Chemical Company115,750.00
Chevron Pipe Line Co, Cal Div24166.28
Chevron Pipe Line Co, Cal Div314616.06
Chevron Pipe Line Co, Cal Div2287.00
Chevron Products Co 91819,549.82
Chevron U.S.A. Inc111071,370.73
Chevron U.S.A. Inc (Eis Use) 1420116,010.46
Chevron U.S.A. Inc.660.20
Chevron U.S.A. Inc.33231612,148,763.28
Chevron Usa El Segundo Refinery282863,237.99
Chevron Usa Inc.881,289.00
Children'S Hospital Of Los Ang104338,867.38
Chiquita Canyon Slf282862,851.36
Choice Lithographics Inc 1811,280.00
Chromal Plating Co.111.00
Chromalloy Los Angeles 6258,419.27
Chromatic Inc Lithographers 6160.00
Church / Wilmington 1822828285.51
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corp 103911,125.74
Cigna Healthplans Of Californi6233,020.00
Circle Paint Co1166.45
Circle Printing Co., Inc. 143,000.00
Circuit Systems Company Inc55253.16
City Disposal Company2828285.51
City Disposal Dba Harbor Dump28287,906.20
City Dump & Salvage #1 & 3 Dump Site28281,715.36
City Dump & Salvage #2282863,237.99
City Dump & Salvage #42828285.51
City Dump And Salvage D.S.#2828285.51
City Dump Salvage #1 & 3 Dump Site282863,237.99
City Of Alhambra Landfill28281,715.36
City Of Burbank28129.17
City Of Cerritos - Water Divis4823,140.00
City Of Hermosa Beach, Finance69796.89
City Of Hope Medical Center9952,990.00
City Of La Harbor Department28287,906.20
City Of Los Angeles Bureau Of 620414,623.52
City Of Los Angeles-Bureau Of Sanitation6634,322.40
City Of Santa Monica Landfill #228287,906.20
City Of Signal Hill Landfill282863,237.99
Claremont Colleges2828285.51
Claremont Colleges 64250,976.88
Clark Lithograph Inc. 6121,680.00
Class Auto Center, Incorporate6105,831.14
Class Iii Disposal Site28287,906.20
Classic Bath Designs Inc 6128,300.00
Clayton Manufacturing Company 6312,300.00
Clean Steel Inc 3700.00
Cleland Dump28287,906.20
Clougherty Packing Co, Farmer 61244,840.00
Cmc Printed Bag Inc 6929,860.00
Coach & Colors 6860.00
Coast Coil Co333,586.34
Coast Converters Inc 71215,806.96
Coast Enameling Co338,539.00
Coast Fndy.123.00
Coast Industrial Supply Co Inc114,995.00
Coast Metal Craft Corp3310,022.00
Coast Mfg.111.00
Coast Plating Inc 6169,700.00
Coast Plating Inc 660.00
Coast To Coast Metal Finishing683,640.00
Coastal Wood Products Inc 111,620.00
Coastcast Corp 8269,619.41
Coastcast Inc162912,346.68
Coastcraft Rubber Co1315777.80
Coca-Cola Bottling Co, Adeco D6368,477.60
Cogen Dump28281,715.36
Colby Poster Printing Co 684,640.00
Color America Textile Processi6305,435.20
Color Coat Enameling & Applian8245,383.84
Color King Auto Paint 156,260.00
Color Master Printex, Inc 61911,031.95
Color West Lithography Inc Uni82543,116.74
Color-Tec Industrial Finishing123917,326.58
Colormax Industries Inc. 6139,418.49
Colornet Press 6217,172.34
Colton Metalex Co 61417,606.07
Columbia Lithograph, Inc. 1410,020.00
Columbia Showcase & Cabinet Co81470,244.80
Columbia West Hills Medical Ce7149,087.44
Commerce Refuse To Energy Faci5392409,360.53
Commercial Enameling Co 62411,312.87
Commercial Inspection Service110.99
Commercial Sandblast Co115,672.67
Commerical Clear Print, Inc. 6193,800.00
Commonwealth Aluminum - Torrance Coil Coating11217.70
Commonwealth Aluminum Concast 972139,365.03
Community Recycling & Resource61413,202.46
Competition Camper Shells 134,380.00
Complete Auto Center Co 13504.37
Compliant Spray Painting, Inc.6243,620.00
Component Research Co Inc 7112,874.61
Composite Structures Llc125910,949.62
Composites Horizons Inc 10184,609.21
Compte'S Inc. 6186,700.00
Compton Solid Waste Disposal Site2828285.51
Computer Image Systems, Inc 267,008.67
Condi,A Div.Of American Seatin7713,047.04
Condor Pacific Ind Inc233,942.48
Condor Pacific Ind Inc 1101,900.00
Confluence Fmc, Inc- Harden Industries112913,516.83
Connell Processing Inc 6274,320.00
Connolly-Pacific Co 6207,439.48
Conocophillips Co. La Refy. Wilmington Plant20321,067,905.70
Consol Controls Corp Plt No. 4121,678.00
Consol Fabricators Corp 5740,409.00
Consol Lauco Sys371,171.37
Consolidated Devices Inc334.84
Consolidated Drum Reconditioning Co Inc91211,940.50
Consolidated Equipment Corp. 117,120.00
Consolidated Fabricators Corp 41498,329.33
Consolidated Fabricators Corp 5730,070.00
Consolidated Film Industries 1130370,052.37
Consolidated Foundries - Pomona115.00
Consolidated Foundries-Pomona1711769,620.41
Construction Fasteners Inc.22149.00
Container Exchange Internation123,477.41
Container Serv. Co, Ifco Industries, Dba915238,580.99
Container-Care International I133659,772.27
Continental Airlines Inc (Nsr 1713767,495.33
Continental Auto & Truck12116.21
Continental Baking Co Inc2103.01
Continental Cleaners 111,732.53
Continental Colors Corp 669,476.56
Continental Forge Co 6813,000.00
Continental Graphics Inc 6115,213.20
Continental Heat Treating Corp674,540.00
Cook Induction Heating Co 6131,421.26
Cooper & Brain Inc 4108,038.70
Cooper Drum Company88985.68
Cooperheat 6181,356.58
Coral Chem Inc332,386.25
Coral Industries Inc441,341.00
Cormier Chevrolet Co 692,320.00
Coronet Mfg Co Inc 94437,251.00
Corsican Furniture, Inc 111716,850.01
Corsican Tables Co551,677.25
Cosmetic Laboratories Of Ameri71019,000.81
Cosmodyne Corp 11227,614.59
Costa Incorporated 111,168.00
Costello Brothers Inc 612620.00
Cosworth Engineering Inc 6104,749.48
Country Club Auto Body,P Sarde132,303.30
County Of Orange, Iwmd6664,641.60
Cover Street Stockpile28287,906.20
Covina City Landfill28287,906.20
Coyle Reproductions Inc 6714,200.00
Cr/Pl, L.L.C. 8111,782.01
Craftsman Office Furniture 103030,224.30
Cragar Industries6654,858.06
Crain Industries, Inc591,282.00
Crane Co, Hydro-Aire Div10351,042.61
Craneveyor Corp127,860.00
Creative Elegance, Inc 5713,540.00
Creative Laminating3320,605.00
Crescent Cranes Inc 664,384.15
Crest Graphics Inc 6213,360.00
Criterion Catalyst Co L.P. 106214,794.05
Criterion Gate & Mfg Co 124,346.76
Crockett Container Corp 61416,060.00
Crosby & Overton Inc28281,715.36
Crosby & Overton Transportation Co.28281,715.36
Crown Beverage Packaging Inc34188,980.00
Crown Chrome Plating Inc 72121,770.38
Crown City Furniture Mfg 6811,927.88
Crown City Plating Co.1211512,673.36
Crown Cork & Seal Co Inc83438,176.25
Crown Disposal Co Inc331,548.82
Crown Furniture Manufacturing,1115,500.00
Crushed Products, Inc 22993.20
Cushion Cut Inc33268.00
Cushion Cut Inc 5913,866.25
Custom Alloy Sales Inc 7118,584.82
Custom Chemical Formulators In22154.80
Custom Control Sensors Inc224,303.00
Custom Fiberglass Mfg Co/Custom Hardtop1223309,319.40
Custom Lithograph Inc 83023,402.67
Custom Rubber Mix Inc663.79
Customcraft 71867,504.81
Cv Intl Inc221,363.00
Cwmi - Azusa Facility115811,468.68
Cypress Auto Body 140.00
Cytec Engineered Materials, In6627,636.30
D & L Woodworking 110.00
D L Mayra Design Inc668,401.60
D&D Disposal Inc,West Coast Re4612415,834.08
Da/Pro Rubber Inc442,342.90
Daico Ind Inc783,115.55
Daico Industries55655.45
Daily Disposal Service 206282863,237.99
Dameron Alloy Foundries Inc 8194,344.71
Danfield Inc 61310,139.62
Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospit62311,394.71
Darigold-Los Angeles118,359.00
Darling International Inc 62550,240.00
Darnell Corp4103,273.05
Data Prod. Corp1114,580.00
Data Prod. Corp11324.00
Databyte Technology Inc221,285.40
Datametrics Corp C/L See441,589.26
Datametrics Corporation 3151,814.51
Dataproducts Corporation11151.20
Datatape Inc225,102.56
Davior Ind Inc11628.85
Davis Material Handling Co, In11941.00
Davis Wire Corp 111649,058.04
Day-Glo Color Corp104011,183.05
Dayton Superior Specialty Chem Ical Corp. Edoco241,000.00
De Garmo Pit Landfill28281,715.36
De La Rosa Repair Serv Inc446,523.00
De La Torre Corp 1117,090.67
Dealer Auto Body Service 6105,266.88
Decor Concepts51022,808.00
Decratrend Corp5261,703.84
Decter Mannequin Inc553,015.27
Dekel Construction And Develop351,202.10
Del Amo Financial Center11100.00
Del Mar Die Casting Co., Inc111,220.00
Delgado Bros. 1914,540.00
Delgado Brothers Co 175,820.00
Delgraphics, Inc. 14657.78
Delta Air Lines, Inc7292,603.97
Delta Elevator Co Inc 10152,395.80
Delta Folding Gates Inc 6101,360.00
Delta Scientific Corp 6140.00
Delta Technical Coatings Inc 22393.80
Deluxe Corp1220,659.76
Deluxe Laboratories Inc,Deluxe1033479,893.63
Deluxe Packages 71566,767.86
Demenno/Kerdoon 1575111,674.49
Department Of The Navy171726,890.54
Design I Mfg 134,720.00
Designs By West Coast Furnitur110.00
Desser (Pick Your Part)28281,715.36
Detrex Corp 1427.94
Deutsch American Pneumatic Too6103,221.83
Deutsch Co, Metal Components D134150,786.71
Deutsch Metal Components - Uni121239,810.24
Dev Co Sandblasting6641,185.60
Devin Co 4236,286.97
Dexol Ind Inc122.47
Dexter Axle Co.12500.00
Dexter Corp, Electronic Materi143,221.00
Dfc Company22468.00
Diamond B, Inc.333,233.68
Diamond Polyethylene Products 692,860.00
Diaz Container Repair3616,142.40
Diceon Electronics Inc5523,653.00
Die Cast Prod. Inc 133015,490.35
Diebold Inc., Campus Systems D6183,393.62
Dillano Auto Body 123,172.19
Diplomat Cleaners 67862.43
Directors Guild Of America 614565.82
Disc Graphics, Inc 1918,320.00
Displays Inc 152,680.00
Disposal Company282863,237.99
Disposal Gardens Aka Torrance Sand&Gvl2828285.51
Distribution & Auto Serv Inc 6147,097.60
Distributors Unlimited 129,760.00
Ditty Container Inc 6874,000.00
Div Mat Inc 681,989.92
Div Mat Inc 681,124.89
Diversey Corp3184,440.28
Diversey Corp.661,155.47
Diversified Materials, Div Mat688,798.45
Dixon Hard Chrome Inc 914138.75
Dk Environmental Inc.222.00
Dolores Street Disposal Site2828285.51
Dolphin Engineering 13140.00
Dominguez Energy Co 1140.00
Dominguez Energy,L.P,Carson Es4207,186.37
Dominguez Properties 6186,820.36
Dominic Castro Dump28281,715.36
Dominquez Golf Course2828285.51
Domtar Gypsum Co.131314.38
Domtar Gypsum Inc 5520.00
Don Dominguez Apartments282863,237.99
Don Knott Ford28281,715.36
Donahue Printing Co 62813,960.00
Dooling Bros Inc362,839.44
Dorfile Company3550,391.93
Doty Bros Equipment Co 62411,569.27
Douglas Products Division17970150,266.18
Douglas Products Division 1898381,900.47
Dow Chem U.S.A. (Nsr Use) 186054,758.76
Dow Chem U.S.A. (Nsr Use)208932,322.74
Dowell Schlumberger Inc.2236.53
Downey Comm Hosp 687,000.00
Downey Dump28281,715.36
Downey Glass Co.,Sdi Operating112519,335.52
Downtown Metal Center 6154,529.14
Dragon Valve Co Inc333,714.00
Dreyer'S Grand Ice Cream Inc.12610.00
Drilube Co 112927,953.43
Duarte City, Comm Redevelopmen61020.00
Ducommun Technologies Inc 61613,498.36
Dunn-Edwards Corp 951080,816.34
Dura Strip 11010,320.00
Durasteel Products Co.5557,651.00
Duray Inc 691,400.00
Dv Industries Inc 61844,260.00
Dvh Corporation22131.00
Dynair Corporation6624,600.80
E & J Furn Finishing 11770.56
E & J Textile Group, Inc 6618,992.00
E & M Custom Furniture, G. Mac172,040.00
E & T, Llc 62423,887.20
E J S Lighting Corp6726,014.64
E-Z Mix Inc 6815,037.00
E. L. Fleming Dump282863,237.99
E. W. Smith Chem Co12266.98
E.L.A. Inc 19264,642.27
E.M.E. Inc/Electro Machine & Engineering152714,862.75
E.T.C. Carpet Mills, Ltd.336,125.80
E/M, A Div Of Morgan Chemical Prod Inc105529,059.76
Eagle Metal Finishing Co Inc220.75
Earl Mfg Co Inc, Wudell Divisi791,943.89
Earl Scheib 134,260.00
Earl Scheib Incorporated 145,360.00
Earl Scheib Of Cal Inc 135,180.00
Earl Scheib Of Cal Inc 135,060.00
Earl Scheib Of Cal Inc, Bellfl143,453.75
Earl Scheib Of Cal Inc, Hollyw134,080.00
Earl Scheib Of Cal Inc, Van Nu132,646.53
East 55th Way2828285.51
East Hynes Terminal77938,037.84
East Los Angeles College 65317,897.97
East West Enterprise 66520.00
Eastern Electric Apparatus Rep8217,820.32
Eastman Chemical Company7553,940.02
Easton Sports Inc 83360,442.00
Eaton Corporation 92916,326.11
Ecolab Inc.1122.00
Ecology Auto Wrecking (Port Disposal)282863,237.99
Edgington Oil Company19267201,028.42
Edison Southern California Edison Pipeline Terminal Co.593,427.90
Edmiston Dump 119282863,237.99
Edmondson Enter. Inc4633,572.00
Eemco, Datron Inc Div 132715,454.79
Eemus Mfg Corp 6149,775.00
Eg & G Power Systems 92222,359.40
Ekco/Glaco Inc.553,409.53
El Camino College 62711,537.91
El Monte612752,139.95
El Monte City 613400.00
El Monte Ford Inc22514.00
El Monte Pit Disposal Site28287,906.20
El Monte Plating Co, Darrel Je68340.00
El Rancho Unified School Distr44460.00
El Segundo City 6151,667.90
El Segundo Cleaners & Laundry,678,214.19
El Segundo Power, Llc401612,848,316.45
Electrofilm Mfg Co.38560.14
Electronic Chrome Grinding Co Inc4110.54
Electronic Solutions, A Zero C22702.64
Electroply Inc 93345,760.00
Ellay Inc 71316,738.72
Elliott'S Designs Inc 92737,288.34
Ellis Ind Inc 671,659.67
Ellis Paint Co/Pacific Coast L8256,064.00
Elmer Teague28281,715.36
Elysion Park28281,715.36
Embrey Press Inc 1101,396.78
Emerson & Cuming, Inc.5524,175.00
Empire Chem Co Inc11220.48
Engineered Magnetics, Inc 291,568.36
Engineered Polymer Solution6746,072.60
Engineered Polymer Solutions I7251,569.74
Engineered Polymer Solutions I166552,735.94
Engineered Polymer Solutions Inc. (Dba Valspar Coatings)61120,128.00
Ensco West Corporation 118720.00
Entenmann'S Inc/Oroweat Foods 61238.00
Enterprise Sales Co.7754,014.00
Enviropur West Corp14814,288.30
Epoch Industries/Curtainair In41115,396.70
Eppink Of California 11111,940.00
Epsilon Foam Corp 61722,161.49
Equilon Carson Terminal142729,605.20
Equilon Enterprises Llc56838,927.95
Equilon Enterprises Llc253756,375.26
Equilon Enterprises, Llc1715085,224,500.35
Equilon Enterprises, Llc15254327,002.14
Equilon Enterprises,Llc1389441,323.01
Equilon Mormon Island Terminal6122,765.00
Equilon Signal Hill Terminal6127,700.00
Equilon Van Nuys Terminal6126,600.00
Eureka Lithograph 174,440.00
European Automobile Eng Inc, B686,140.00
Event Technical Services Inc 1387.03
Evergreen Memorialcare Inc, Ev3333128.16
Evr-Gard Coatings Co 2435.80
Excello Plating Co Inc 6182,366.00
Excellon Automation1314,461.00
Exclusive Auto Body Inc 6109,120.00
Executive Office Concepts 102042,570.80
Exhibit Crafts, Inc. 6141,680.00
Exide Corporation66287,910.40
Exide Techs.1249.23
Exide Techs.581,708.06
Exl Corporation 6815,472.07
Expert Auto Body Center 131,032.85
Exxon Co U.S.A., Tua, Tank Bat680.00
Exxon Co Usa, Castaic Junction331806.74
Exxon Mobil Corp 117614,749.79
Exxonmobil Oil Corp. Vernon Terminal71410,278.05
F & H Plating Co 6113,789.87
Faber Enter. Inc3313,666.72
Fabri Cote1134,120.00
Fabri-Cote,Div A & S Glass Fab61057,606.40
Fabri-Graphic Inc5304,957.29
Fair Line Furniture Mfg Inc 112,785.88
Fairchild Controls1117,812.00
Fairchild Ind Inc,Fairchild Ae783,081.02
Falcon Foam Plastics Inc35211.84
Falcon Foam, A Div Of Atlas Roofing61345,680.00
Falcon Manufacturing Of Califo1364.09
Falcon Prods. Inc.1212,250.00
Falcon Products, Inc 6105,219.30
Falcon Products, Inc.71640,234.00
Fansteel Inc. Precision Sheet9929,043.80
Fansteel/California Drop Forge95516,108.94
Fantasy Lighting Inc44280.29
Farmer Bros Co 93727,804.19
Fault Block Ii Unit, Wilmingto11236,561.02
Fazio Cleaners, Flair, Inc. 676,877.98
Federated Corporated Services 6293,563.98
Feit Electric Company, Inc22907.00
Fernal-Tec Inc3310,487.93
Ferro Corp. Composites Div.772,998.83
Ferro Union 6131,120.00
Fiber Resin Corp.000.00
Fibernetics Molded Products, Llc61993,425.40
Fibre Containers Company 61213,300.00
Fibre Glas Fin Co 137,960.00
Fine Finishing Furniture 1410,000.00
Fine Line Paint Corp 9166,732.18
First Interstate Bank Of Calif1291.76
First Interstate Tower A Joint671,537.72
Flair Cleaners 674,827.43
Flair Cleaners 6720,154.01
Flair Cleaners Inc 673,241.50
Flair Cleaners, Inc 676,683.16
Flair Inc, Flair Cleaners 674,261.46
Flair Inc., Fazio Cleaners Dba672,516.02
Flair, Inc 678,155.46
Flamaster Corp11409.00
Fleming Metal Fabricators Inc 685,962.15
Fletcher Dump28281,715.36
Fletcher Oil & Ref Co (Eis Use3507,791.53
Flewelling Div, Eck-Adams Corp71618,266.75
Flexfirm Products, Inc 92518,005.74
Flintkote Company282863,237.99
Flo-Kem, Inc.81412,273.22
Floyd Bunnel282863,237.99
Fmc Corp, Sweeper Div447,582.00
Foam Craft, Inc 1416,260.28
Foam Fabricators 152031,300.84
Foam Molders & Specialties Inc176,180.00
Foam Specialties1110,534.00
Foamex L.P.000.00
Foamex L.P.153340,395.12
Foasberg Laundry & Cleaners In6134,529.05
Folk'S Auto Body 125,462.58
Fong Bros Co 67980.00
Ford Auto Body Inc 127,590.83
Ford Leasing Dev Co113.00
Forecast Lighting Company8899,387.31
Foremost Enameling Co 6152,920.00
Forest Lawn Landfill2828285.51
Forest Lawn Mem Park Assoc 176312,896.12
Fortin Industries Inc1157,000.00
Fortin Industries Inc4432,400.00
Fortner Engineering & Mfg Inc221,494.08
Fortune Fashions Inc. 680.00
Fortune Fashions Industries6647,409.60
Foss Plating Co Inc.6618,490.90
Foto-Kem /Foto Tronics 81232,254.00
Four Media Laboratory82325,300.90
Four Seasons Cleaners & Laundr67900.00
Four Star Chem Inc6655.49
Four Teams Oil Prod And Exp, I44333,980.00
Fppi Investment, Inc 62534,273.86
Francis - Hankey Body Shop 151,040.00
Frank Barber Fine Cabinetry In153,648.82
Frank J. Zamboni Co., Inc 695,720.00
Frazee Paint & Wallcoverings7193,218.45
Fred K. Anderson & Sons Inc 6157,660.00
Fredrick Ramond, Inc 81619,515.00
Free Flow Packaging Internatio71481,380.00
Freeman Products 6100.00
Freeman Products, Div Avnet, I2723,004.45
Freemarc Designs 112959,454.38
Fresh Start Bakeries, Inc.6632,088.00
Freund Baking Co 62022,000.80
Friction Materials Co Of La4141,131.52
Friedman Bag Co Inc, Polyethyl91150,170.00
Futernick Dump28287,906.20
Fwy Port Motors Inc 137,813.66
G & C Generators, G E Clayton 66296.43
G & G Investments, Regal Clean671,278.26
G & H Technology Inc.224,560.20
G B Mfg Inc77253,025.60
G T X Inc111,350.00
G&G Manufacturing, Inc. 171,360.00
G-P Gypsum Corp 72013,140.89
G/O Furniture4419,731.00
Gage Avenue Dump282863,237.99
Gainey Ceramics Inc.1218.00
Gallaher & Gallaher 148,443.61
Gamma-F Corp4528,876.75
Gannett Outdoor Co562,462.02
Gannon Manufacturing Co., Inc.884,279.37
Gardena City Senior Citizen Home282863,237.99
Gardena Senior Housing28281,715.36
Gardena Valley #5 (Golden Eagle)282863,237.99
Gardena Valley #6 (Ford Center)282863,237.99
Gardena Valley 1 & 2282863,237.99
Gardena Valley Dump #4 / Alpine Village28287,906.20
Gardner Bellows Corp. 611698.10
Garner Glass Co111,565.00
Garrett Engine Boosting System234372,267.54
Gasket Mfg Co Inc117,193.00
Gasser Old Co Inc 24405.38
Gatx Rail Corp 195,194.56
Gatx Rail Corp 1026933.40
Gatx Rail Corp (Eis Use) 98414,035.39
Gatx Rail Corp (Nsr Use) 1639190,589.62
Gaylord Container Corp 6136,868.89
Gaylord'S Kustom Truck Lids 131,755.61
Gaylords Kustom Truck Lids 1759,960.00
Gb Mfg. Inc.24100,748.00
Gbd Graphics Inc 6918,348.45
Gdm Concepts 156,193.21
Ge Engine Services - Corp Aviation Inc,63414,659.09
Gebe Electronics Serv Inc 8197,576.21
Gemline Frame Co Inc 6125,214.10
Gene'S Plating Works Inc.22108.00
General America Foods Mfg Corp6187,471.70
General Dynamics13133,856.32
General Dynamics Ots (Downey) Inc123213,793.37
General Dynamics/Adsd77268.10
General Electric33700.00
General Felt Industries, Inc. 16428,272.35
General Inspection Labs Inc 115,910.16
General Mills Inc 61416,688.00
General Polymers West Inc221,930.00
General Pump Co Inc 6126,285.63
General Switchgear Inc 137,681.27
General Wax & Candle Co 127,200.00
General/Kiewit, Scott Hanson 6156,885.77
Genes Plating Works Inc.226.00
Genforms Corp 6125,300.00
Gennaro Rosetti 146,978.69
Gentry Brothers28287,906.20
George Industries 6275,918.46
George Kahn Operating Co Hass 1133,020.00
George P Johnson Co 1165,687.07
George P Johnson Co. 1165,905.18
George Rice & Sons, Div World 101950,234.16
Gerald L Crawford & Co 1610,880.00
Geron Furniture Inc 1222101,502.00
Giant Merchandising 6824,060.00
Gil'S Auto Body Paint & Trim 170.00
Gladding / Mcbean Dump282863,237.99
Glendale Adventist Medical Cen6125,964.04
Glendale Adventist Medical Ctr6196,204.26
Glendale City, Public Services Dept50176341,655.47
Glendale Memorial Hospital & H63816,631.49
Glendora City Dump2828285.51
Glenoaks Dump28281,715.36
Global Oil Production Co 64250,285.60
Global Processing Co110.24
Global Processing Company771.41
Globe Iron Foundry Inc 63620,757.37
Gm Russel28281,715.36
Gmad (Eis Use)771,090,800.00
Gmc Electro-Motive Div4184,841.36
Gnb Technologies432606.09
Gogos & Weber Contracting Inc 6815,456.29
Golden Auto Body & Paint 139,157.09
Golden Hammer Auto Body & Refi6104,800.00
Golden Plating Inc. 11533.47
Golden St Casket Co Inc 6163,440.00
Golden State Newsprint Co.Inc.33409.64
Golden West Ref Co8160271.40
Goldenhill Wood Prod.39254,623.04
Goldring Dump Landfill28281,715.36
Good Bedrooms44152,106.00
Good Tables44157,258.70
Goodrich Corp.22500.00
Goodwill Ind Of So Cal22195.10
Gordon Sand Co. 6657,025.43
Gorman Dump2828285.51
Gory Electric Service44142.75
Grana Industrial Finishers 227,241.00
Graner Oil Co 481,561.51
Graner Oil Co Rosemond Lease 41416,920.00
Graner Oil Co/Christenson #1& 1157,180.00
Graner Oil Co/Darby & Meader 42718,860.00
Graner Oil Co/Havenstrite-Mcke41911,760.00
Graner Oil Co/Mcevoy & O'Donne41911,656.76
Graner Oil Co/Ruchti 481,674.85
Graner Oil Co/Temple,Well#7,Co43313,100.00
Granite Cons. Inc/ Littlerock627770,570.42
Granny Goose Foods Inc,Bell Br332,048.95
Graphic Arts Center Inc 1619,460.00
Graphic Finishes Inc 92620,131.53
Graphic Press, Inc.122325,329.52
Graphic Press, Inc.6616,439.20
Graphic Research Inc 173713,753.69
Graphic Visions 6187,600.00
Graphxpress 14600.00
Gray'S Dump282863,237.99
Great American Finishing113440,953.06
Great American Picture Frame C6116,940.00
Great Lakes Carbon Corp151.22
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Comp667,363.59
Great Western Bank234292,812.15
Great Western Foam Products1170,800.00
Great Western Foam Products Co71711,220.81
Great Western Malting Co., Inc63645,939.35
Great Western Savings & Loan 64916,110.40
Greens Inc 1137,880.00
Greg'S Collision Center 6100.00
Gregg Industries Inc 163887,093.25
Greider Co 6122,280.00
Greyhound Exposition Services,192,400.12
Grier Mcguire Inc 6117,881.65
Griffin Printing & Lithograph19531,054.31
Griffith Micro Science Inc.13192.00
Griffith Micro Science, Inc 796,020.56
Griffith Micro Science, Inc 793,136.31
Griffith Microscience, Inc.117.15
Group One Label Inc 124,668.00
Grover Mfg Corp 67175,448.45
Grover Prod. Co (Eis Use) 131634,550.38
Grow Group Inc994,710.00
Grow Group Inc.1212407.65
Grow Group, Inc., Automotive D314594.31
Gruber Sys Inc 114985,166.40
Gsf Energy Inc334.60
Gte California 694,480.67
Gte Directories Press Inc 62230,254.40
Guardsman Products Inc5525,111.00
Guild Printing Co 166,180.00
Guirado Dump2828285.51
Guy Chaddock & Co1310,790.98
Guzman / Ortega28281,715.36
Gwf Power Systems;Orwig Lease228,064.07
H & C Disposal Inc T.S.28287,906.20
H & H Enameling Inc 103321,704.05
H & L Marine Inc 6147,200.72
H & M Body Shop, H Vera & M Re15180.00
H&L Tooth-'Precision Heat Trea994,011.44
H. W. Hull & Sons Inc41271,962.00
H.F. Coors China Co 62611,030.24
Hagelin Aircraft Motors Co Inc8208,536.77
Halison Company28287,906.20
Hallmark Mfg Co. Inc 6215,697.20
Hambro Ind 3413,747.82
Hamilton Street Dump / Carson 24828281,715.36
Hanjin Intl Corp,Omni La Hotel63410,856.83
Hanjin Terminal 6610,906.60
Hannemann Fiberglass Inc113,277.00
Hanson Aggregates West Inc/Irw345,307.80
Hansteg Sys. Inc 63217,010.41
Harbor Chevrolet Corp 6116,087.50
Harbor Cogeneration Co 772,024.00
Harbor Dock & Wharf Company282863,237.99
Harbor Dump282863,237.99
Harbor Fumigation Inc 6722,340.00
Harbor Fumigation Inc 11335.33
Harbor Street Maintenance Yard28287,906.20
Hardcast Enterprises, Inc.162198.29
Harden Industries339,531.60
Hardwick Disposal Pit #442828285.51
Harold Johnson Optical Laborat6105,992.07
Harris Hub Contract Metal Fabr224,173.80
Harrison Sports, Inc 692,880.00
Harry'S Auto Craft 14347.76
Harvard Sports Inc 72451,621.39
Hawker Pacific Inc913114,715.33
Hawthorne Canyon Landfill282863,237.99
Hayes - Lemmerz International 839127,667.00
Hayward Pool Products Inc 81331,192.70
Hci/Holchem 2201,945.11
Head West Inc 697,100.00
Hearte International 13949.47
Helms Antiques Inc 131,595.36
Henkel Corp., Emery Group131315,885.19
Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Ho71715,601.00
Heraeus Metal Processing Inc.487,184.10
Hercules Incorporated Plant #27715,950.88
Hercules Portable Power Co Inc667,618.34
Hermetic-Seal Corp 7165,128.45
Hewitt Pit Landfill28287,906.20
Hi-Grade Materials Co212435,832.13
Hi-Shear Corporation184314,226.89
Hi-Teck Auto Repair And Body C11280.00
Hickory Springs Of Cal Inc 8165,804.96
Higgins Brock & Tile Co West28281,715.36
High Line Auto Body, Don Hanke131,700.00
High Quality Alloys 6131,299.40
High Tech Auto Cntr/Volvo Davi15840.00
Highland Auto & Truck Supply 5114,819.92
Highland Design6652,880.00
Highland Design Inc.1112,300.00
Highland Park2828285.51
Highland Plating Co 6249,780.00
Hill Bros. Chemical Co.11250.00
Hill Brothers Chemical Co.11250.00
Hill'S Pet Nutrition, Inc. 63124,508.84
Hillcrest Beverly Oil Corp 2258,495.00
Hillcrest Beverly Oil Corp 22315,560.67
Hillerich & Bradsby Company, I4417,216.00
Hillside Oil Partners 62152,020.33
Hillside Oil Partners 6190.00
Hindt Creative Clay Sculpture55415,694.24
Hippopotamus 137,960.00
Hitco Carbon Composites Inc 23337252,083.27
Hkm Of California Krasne Mfg.556,716.39
Holga Inc 81730,300.00
Holiday Printing & Lithograph 6193,660.00
Hollywood Film Co 1619,871.59
Hollywood Park Inc 66129,889.48
Holmes Body Shop Alhambra Inc 694,420.00
Holmes Body Shop Inc 6107,460.00
Holmes Body Shop-Santa Monica-693,461.71
Holmes-Hally Ind 72822,840.31
Home Savings Of America 6241,608.45
Home Savings Of America/Envir 6167,366.35
Hon Co. South Gate Plant -Report Year 19991217,511.70
Honeycomb Products Inc 6117,773.98
Honeywell Cpg241,283.00
Honeywell International Inc1721350,635.99
Honeywell International Inc1118660.84
Hooter Bros Enameling Inc 81715,261.80
Hoover Street Dump28281,715.36
Horton Emergency Vehicles Co 172,200.00
Hotel Grande Associates 6177,747.53
House Of Packaging, Inc 71870,110.14
Houston Valve Sales 6243,250.35
Howard Custom Boats Inc111,387.00
Howmet Castings6674,158.40
Hr Textron Inc 107746,159.79
Hr Textron Inc44765.70
Hr Textron Inc. 92426,514.54
Hrl Laboratories, Llc 1311513,857.83
Huck International - Deutsch O204063,831.74
Huck International Inc330.36
Huck International, Inc101054,045.93
Hudson General Llc 13934.36
Hugh J. Resins Co Inc8160.00
Hughes Aircraft Co 1116830.91
Hughes Aircraft Co (Eis Use)36368,888.51
Hughes Aircraft Co (Microelect6299,414.80
Hughes Aircraft Co, Edsg1623732,126.25
Hughes Aircraft Co, Electron D4110741,191.24
Hughes Aircraft Co,Sp & Comm G44581.09
Hughes Missile Systems Co 882,338.32
Hughes Technical Services Comp7294,594.82
Hughes Training Inc12121,963.70
Hugo Neu-Proler Co3161,122.75
Huntington Hotel 6326,447.78
Huntington Memorial Hospital 65358,530.30
Huntington Memorial Hospital U1010120.00
Huntington Park City Dump28287,906.20
Hurst Graphics Inc770.94
Hyatt Corp, Hyatt Regency Long6222,763.73
Hydraulics Intl Inc 1314,640.68
Hydrel, Gty Ind Div22634.90
Hydro Rubber And Plastics, Inc10102,872.43
Hydro Tech Chem Corp51844,860.11
Hyer Inc, Ashphalt Products Oi25525,117.59
Hyster Co33872.00
Hytech Processing 6114,600.00
Hytrol Of California, Inc.5515,865.00
I. M. Ginsburg Furniture Co In7106,413.51
Ian Walmsley Design 120.00
Ici Paints Sinclair64637,376.00
Ics Services, Inc.8813,182.00
Ideal Engraving Co 12754.49
Ideal Metal Processing Co 137142,477.98
Imacc Corp 122,568.54
Image Transform Inc118,650.00
Imagine That 121,560.00
Imb Electronic Products Inc225,716.07
Imperial Norwalk Centre Partne613616.37
Imperial Shade & Venetian Blin332,549.00
Impress Communications Inc 62217,000.00
Impress Usa Inc.1319191,458.18
Impress Usa Inc.5934,000.00
Impulse Designs Inc 1121,970.90
Imtec - 2000 120.00
In & Out Paint & Body Centers 696,131.03
In & Out Paint & Body Centers 684,540.00
Indalex West110.90
Indalex West Inc.223246,527.20
Independent Ink Inc.361,500.00
Industrial Asphalt1111126.00
Industrial Asphalt162414,240.00
Industrial Asphalt14141,922.72
Industrial Asphalt,J/V/P,Huntm174211,073.50
Industrial Asphalt,J/V/P,Huntm91715,776.00
Industrial Battery Engineering661,445.91
Industrial Chem Prod./West Inc33130.56
Industrial Electronic Engineer6124,245.80
Industrial Enameling C0, Josep681,107.42
Industrial Finishing Co Inc 9328,040.63
Industrial Machine & Mfg Co 141,817.18
Industrial Polychemical Serv242,096.00
Industrial Polychemical Serv392,741.00
Industrial Polychemical Servic63047,580.00
Industrial Process & Chem Co486,044.50
Industrial Steel Treating Co, 1013120,920.86
Industrial Tectonics Inc 151710,746.70
Industry Compressor Co 1259.27
Industry Hills Conference2828718.69
Industry Hills Conservation28283,312.48
Ingersoll-Rand Co, Ingersoll R6198,590.45
Inglewood City 61638,757.60
Inglewood Park Cemetery 6146,365.33
Insync Media Inc 92849,884.04
Int'L Light Metals Corporation26265,968.00
Inter-Community Medical Center102813,758.47
Intermodal Serv Inc775,308.16
International Extrusion Corp 194365,682.97
International Medication Syste46409.71
International Paper Co 61517,560.00
International Paper Co.2828285.51
International Rectifier22109.00
International Rectifier Corp4107,666.86
International Walnut5526,571.00
Internationl Auto Body6582,039.68
Interplastic Corp53717,045.78
Interspace/Concord Battery Cor7105,270.53
Interstate Brands Corp 62050,356.95
Interstate Brands Corp 63116,749.01
Interstate Brands Corp 66565,934.58
Interstate Brands Corp. #23 61613,722.40
Interstate Brands Corp/Dicarlo62117,153.45
Intl Catalyst Inc. 662,712.02
Intl Coatings Co Inc91515,892.25
Intl Electronic Research Corp47335.00
Intl Rectifier Corp 62926,032.30
Intl Walnut 6914,747.50
Investment Enterprises Inc,Gre61516,160.00
Ip Inc 1311,946.06
Ips Corp.127,212.00
Iron City Mfg Inc335,800.93
It Corp / Los Angeles Facility28281,715.36
Ital Art Design Inc 127,870.70
Italiarte Corp 1724,080.00
Itt Aerospace Controls 6144,863.65
Itt Barton4147,807.37
Itt Gilfillan Unit No.0110473,644.70
Ivy Hill Corp 826166,817.10
Ivy Hill Graphics-Glendale 61720,100.00
J & L Press 6144,180.00
J L Manta Inc; Kenny Manta Ind151,286.80
J Pacific Inc, Delta Dyeing & 6619,940.00
J. B. I. Inc 71847,847.00
J. Coarasa Furniture & Interio193,760.00
J. P. Turgeon & Sons Inc 71051,644.13
J.B.I. Inc 81124,649.00
J.B.I. Inc.1220,477.54
J.H. Snyder Co Iii, L.P. 6371,440.00
J.M.R. Electronics Inc 6103,268.32
Jade Range Inc 6115,681.12
Jaguar Finishing Co 6811,261.00
James Jones Co.124.00
Jamy Motors Inc, Jamy Auto Bod69800.00
Jan Iv Corp11181.76
Jan-Al Innerprizes, Inc 362,869.28
Janco Corp797,287.60
Jankovich Co. - San Pedro Marine772,410.00
Jano Inc 128,335.71
Jbl Inc 143946,883.89
Jc Agajanian28287,906.20
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation 2684257,699.06
Jeffries Banknote Company8810,548.99
Jensen Gen Corp (Eis Use) 131842,396.49
Jerry Berman Enter Inc 6153,532.00
Jim & Jack Inc 121,400.00
Jimo Enterprises 122,766.12
Joe Stubblefields Polishing,J 115,658.66
Joe'S Body Shop 131,352.01
Joe'S Finishing, Joe Anguiano,111,521.37
Johanson Dielectrics Inc 72486,273.04
John Boyd Designs 11449,100.00
John H. Van Patten Co Inc 142525,020.19
John M Mccoy Printers Inc 145,200.00
Johnnies Paint & Body Shop, In691,660.00
Johnny'S Furniture Manufacturi112,667.33
Johnson & Johnson/Merck Consum11250.00
Johnson Aluminum Foundry 111,560.88
Johnson Laminating & Coating I1019169,987.40
Johnstone Dump2828285.51
Jon-L Inc 130.00
Jonathan Louis Intl 1746,880.00
Jones Chemicals Inc2212.71
Jsj Printing Corp 61224,400.00
Juma Ranch Illegal Dump28281,715.36
Junior Steel Co 61910,896.59
K & K Lighting 663,404.15
K & K Office Furniture Inc 1313,920.00
K & K Office Furniture Inc 113,220.55
K K Audio 121,300.38
K&S Rubbish28287,906.20
K. F. Fiberglass, Inc. 2589,210.00
K.M. Records, Incorporation22340.00
Kagel Canyon 26828281,715.36
Kahr Bearing, A Dover Diversif8842,834.00
Kairak Inc 13720.00
Kaiser Aluminum & Chem Corp 81143,308.10
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 1240.00
Kaiser Foundation Hosp 61812,027.42
Kaiser Foundation Hosp 112012,356.30
Kaiser Foundation Hospital 72143,161.71
Kaiser Foundation Hospital 72426,906.00
Kaiser Foundation Hospital 63119,301.54
Kaiser Foundation Hospital 62815,098.61
Kaiser Marquardt 1452178,029.49
Kal Gard Coating & Mfg Corp71629,400.01
Kal Kan Foods Inc 64454,492.96
Kal-Gard Coating & Mfg, E/M C73221,032.00
Kalico #1 & 3 / Neville Chemical28287,906.20
Kalico #2 / Neville Chemical282863,237.99
Kanaflex Corp 6143,031.51
Kar Machine Inc,Cal W Coast Pa113,740.00
Kaskanian Enterprises Inc 155,360.00
Kater-Crafts Bookbinders11693.00
Keene Corp, Reinhold Industrie93530,062.00
Kelly Dump28287,906.20
Kelt Oil & Gas Inc. 61714,710.40
Kenai Drilling Limited 61249,571.45
Kenai Drilling Limited 6628,420.96
Kenduco Inc, Paulee Body Shop 683,580.00
Kern Industries8824,207.25
Key Industries Inc/The Califor6107,200.00
Keysor-Century Corp197191,101.04
Keystone Engineering Co11463.66
Kiesling-Hess Finishing Co Of111,200.00
Kik-Socal Inc.23383.18
Kilroy Airport Associates 6193,757.52
Kincaid & Decker Inc, Dba Wood37111,419.00
King Wood Turning Co 92110,095.78
Kingsley / Olympic 277282863,237.99
Kion Printing Inc 1821,520.00
Kittrich Corp 125,420.00
Kittridge Dump2828285.51
Knudtson Refinishing 171,680.00
Koat-Pac Inc 256,451.80
Konigsberg Instruments Inc22122.50
Kop-Coat Inc241,930.01
Kosuga Furniture Inc102412,439.19
Kotoff & Co Inc332,332.02
Kraco Enterprises Inc 61820,557.86
Krieger Steel Prod. Co 9172,730.00
Kruger Rubbish Company2828285.51
Kt Furniture Corp 147,180.00
Kuhn Manufacturing Co, Inc661,275.22
Kustom Fit Mfg Co 91027,035.68
L & A Juice Co Inc 62411,980.00
L & F Ind11600.90
L & P Property Management Co 91619,622.24
L A Co.,Sanitation Dist, Compt6302,740.00
L A Co.,Sanitation Dist, San G618140.00
L A Dye & Print Works Inc 64923,778.88
L T 'Lee' Sawyer Inc 18400.00
L&S Lighting Fixture Co Inc7726,887.20
L-3 Communications Ocean Sys.110.00
L.A. Co. Central Heating Plant88108.14
L.A. County Dept. Of Public Wo138.28
L3 Communications Power Magnetics110.00
La Airport Marriott Hotel 6178,056.40
La Cemetary Assoc, Evergreen C393912.96
La Chem Co1177.00
La City College 12453.34
La City, Bureau Of Sanitation 213141,335.53
La City, Dept Gen. Services 661,049.29
La City, Dept Of Airports13331264,598.58
La City, Dept Of Gen Serv 61425,285.98
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 687,265.48
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 222411,110.71
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 6721,407.86
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 11180.00
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 61431,559.42
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 6125,029.07
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 624359.72
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 683,490.88
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 61427,154.16
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 61220.00
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 694,296.47
La City, Dept Of Gen Services,6286,396.59
La City, Dept Of Recreation & 12480.00
La City, Dwp 6278,160.58
La City, Dwp 6495,976.23
La City, Dwp 66107,688.70
La City, Dwp 11676,777.13
La City, Dwp 7372,421.00
La City, Dwp Harbor Generating Station9116211,657.30
La City, Dwp Haynes Generating Station432541,262,896.87
La City, Dwp Scattergood Generating Sta604301,262,589.47
La City, Dwp Valley Generating Station4016983,498.01
La City, Harbor Dept 3129632,252.96
La City, La-Glendale Water Rec13407,785.50
La City, Pub Works Dept 153926,276.75
La City, Sanitation Bureau (Ns6228157,585.06
La City, Street Maint Bureau D11149,448.29
La City, Trans Dept 6133,341.62
La City,Sanitation Bureau,Term67337,346.76
La Co Dept Health Srv,Ucla Har16244,614.00
La Co Harbor-Ucla Medical Cent65241,693.16
La Co Health Serv, King/Drew M103423,355.30
La Co Palmdale Water Reclamation Plant7529,493.64
La Co Sanitation Dist #14178610,962.30
La Co Sanitation District 6620.00
La Co Sanitation District 6620.00
La Co Sanitation District 67296.43
La Co, Sanitation District Uni216711,905.18
La Co, Sanitation Districts 146057,472.83
La Co, Sanitation Districts 6620.00
La Co, Sheriff'S Department 64812,807.46
La Co. - High Desert Hospital67315.85
La Co. Sanitation District 6680.00
La Co., Dept Of Public Works (22221.00
La Co., Dept. Of Public Works 6851,369.57
La Co., Dpss/Space Services Se6121,815.09
La Co., H. Humphrey Comprehens1264.56
La Co., Internal Service Dept 1157221,892.12
La Co., Its/Transmission Syste6125,510.23
La Co., Metropolitan Trans Aut6162,048.95
La Co., Metropolitan Trans Aut1658105,441.30
La Co., Metropolitan Trans Aut71060,841.00
La Co., Metropolitan Trans Aut163866,460.83
La Co., Metropolitan Trans Aut132755,635.06
La Co., Metropolitan Trans Aut81155,876.00
La Co., Metropolitan Trans Aut6112,652.17
La Co., Metropolitan Trans Aut6287,355.59
La Co., Olive View/Ucla Medica172370,861.14
La Co., Probation Dept 6125,538.67
La Co., Rancho Los Amigos Medi3010169,197.87
La Co., Sanitation Dist 1498111,157.15
La Co., Sanitation Dist 17442,214.51
La Co., Sanitation Dist 188829,407.79
La Co., Sanitation Dist 8292,318.75
La Co., Sanitation Dist No. 2 17445,892.24
La Co., Sanitation Dist No.2 17403,062.58
La Co., Sanitation Dist Unit N27322459,582.05
La Co., Sanitation Dist, Lb Pu67276.43
La Co., Sanitation Dist, Missi1525876.08
La Co., Sanitation Dist. Garde6620.00
La Co., Sanitation Dist., #27 6620.00
La Co., Sanitation District 6620.00
La Co., Sanitation District 66100.00
La Co., Sanitation District 6620.00
La Co., Sanitation District 6620.00
La Co., Sanitation District 6620.00
La Co., Sanitation District 43248843,478.53
La Co., Sanitation District 148526,353.15
La Co., Sanitation District 165116,069.41
La Co., Sheriff'S Dept 7475,457.50
La Co., Sheriff'S Dept 6304,177.72
La Co., Sheriff'S Dept. Hdqtrs619938.87
La Co.,Dept Hlh Srv,La Co.,Usc20277.96
La Co.,Dept Of Public Wrks,El 6141,480.00
La Co.,Sanitation Dist,Calabas2180223,909.33
La County, Dept Of Public Work68278.86
La Dye & Print Works Inc 6255,732.49
La Dye & Print Works Inc 61627,226.40
La Dye & Print Works Inc 63111,720.80
La Fleur Dairy282863,237.99
La Gard Inc11320.70
La Gauge Co Inc221,952.00
La Great Dane 6187,825.43
La Habra Welding 9217,501.00
La Harbor Department282863,237.99
La International Airport Along Sepulveda2828285.51
La Opinion 6159,320.00
La Paper Box & Board Mills 6616,580.00
La Pet Memorial Park39399.74
La Rock & Gravel28287,906.20
La Steelcraft Prod. 121947,982.96
La Terminals Inc335,985.00
La Trade Tech Coll, La Communi6335,460.00
La Uni Sch Dist, Harbor Occupa621620.00
Lac/Usc Medical Center 296183,665.67
Laco, Sheriff'S Dept6147,701.74
Lacy Street Dump28287,906.20
Ladish Company - Pacific Div.11102.00
Laidlaw / Washington Blvd28287,906.20
Laidlaw Environmental Services816473.91
Lakeside Cleaners 672,277.44
Lamirada-Laroche Inds. Inc.113,200.00
Lamps Plus, Inc. 776,095.07
Lancaster Landfill35497,834.12
Lane-Aire Mfg Corp 6134,000.00
Lansco Die Casting Inc/Industr4422,678.00
Larry Brown Lithographers, Inc19780.00
Laurel Canyon Blvd282863,237.99
Lavcon Inc.466,690.29
Lawson Hughes Co., Inc4510,532.45
Laxfuel Corp 64211,380.00
Lazar Industries Inc 118,337.88
Lazy Daze Inc 6129,240.00
Lbth Inc. 4189,956.99
Lbth, Inc./Sepulveda Lease 42311,760.00
Leach Corporation 91055,178.47
Leadway Plastics Corp 132,260.00
Lear Astronics Corporation6626,183.00
Lear Siegler221.15
Leavitt'S Metal Finishing, Inc612502.40
Leegin Creative Leather Prod. 6105,800.00
Lefiell Mfg Co10458,339.92
Leslie Locke Inc, General Stee61113,299.91
Lever Bros Co18181,545.60
Leviton Mfg. Pacific Electricord Co.1116.00
Lewis Industries Inc 23157,529.00
Lewis Visco / Valley Iron & Metal Compan28287,906.20
Lexus Of Santa Monica 697,400.00
Libbey Glass Inc 1499227,731.31
Liberty Container Co, Key Cont62010,673.12
Life Paint Co892,647.15
Life-Like Products Inc. 6746,580.00
Light Metals Inc 92674,757.35
Lightolier Inc5630,362.08
Lilly Industries Inc561,170.23
Lincoln Global Inc 6163,015.07
Linda Way Dump282863,237.99
Lintas Campbell Ewald 6121,460.86
Lithographix Inc 62959,215.35
Little Company Of Mary Hospita61529,960.00
Litton Data Sys4419,461.00
Litton Guidance & Control Sys113417,955.03
Litton Guidance And Control Sy6265,940.00
Litton Systems Inc Encoder Div111,579.00
Litton Systems Inc Encoder Div112,820.00
Live Oak Memorial Park33996.47
Livingston / Graham, Irwindale Live Oak Av28281,715.36
Livingston-Garham/Blue Diamond680.00
Livingston-Graham/Blue Diamond680.00
Llamas Plastics10111,481.18
Lockhart Furniture Mfg 112,469.75
Lockhart Ind Inc 71013,716.00
Lockheed Advanced Development21212,068.68
Lockheed Aeronautical Sys. Co.313184,397.73
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co81447794,140.26
Lockheed Martin Electro-Optica2416,048.09
Lockheed Martin Librascope8151,472.00
Lois Visco Landfill28287,906.20
Lomita & Frigate 3042828285.51
London Press Inc 16317,665.00
Long Beach6242,224,618.24
Long Beach City Col 6226,220.00
Long Beach City Fleet Srv Bure616418.86
Long Beach City Landfill2828285.51
Long Beach City Unified School159,940.00
Long Beach City, Auto Div 67923.51
Long Beach City, Convention Ce6463,979.13
Long Beach City, Pub Serv Dept121,035.92
Long Beach City, Serrf Project471401,022,948.93
Long Beach Comm Hosp 62710,390.55
Long Beach Disposal282863,237.99
Long Beach Generation Llc965380,926.67
Long Beach Memorial Medical Ce62752,319.48
Long Beach Public Tranportatio155410,416.51
Long Beach Shavings Co, Inc 6180.00
Longden Ave Disposal Site282863,237.99
Longo Toyota, D Longo Inc 6149,816.00
Lonnie Crane Service Inc 664,967.44
Lonza Inc 11257,846.64
Lonza Inc 93153,925.77
Lopez Canyon Landfill2828892.24
Loral Aeronutronic Corp121247,619.24
Loral Electro-Optical Systems113,430.00
Los Angeles Athletic Club 64216,529.12
Los Angeles By / Products / Slauson Ave Pit2828285.51
Los Angeles By / Products Hewitt Pit No 6282863,237.99
Los Angeles By / Products North Hollywood 2828281,715.36
Los Angeles By / Products, Norwalk Blvd Pit28287,906.20
Los Angeles Cellular Telephone6613,622.38
Los Angeles City Ave 26 & Figueroa28287,906.20
Los Angeles City Department Of Parks And Recreati282863,237.99
Los Angeles City Department Of Public Works28287,906.20
Los Angeles City Department Of Public Works2828285.51
Los Angeles City Department Of Public Works282863,237.99
Los Angeles City Energy Recovery Project2828285.51
Los Angeles City Transfer28281,715.36
Los Angeles City Washington Blvd2828285.51
Los Angeles Co / Dominguez Chan. (Strip) North28287,906.20
Los Angeles Co Dept Public Wrks Roads Dept282863,237.99
Los Angeles Co Dept Public Wrks Roads Dept #553282863,237.99
Los Angeles Co Dept Public Wrks Roads Dept #5562828285.51
Los Angeles Co Flood Control District28287,906.20
Los Angeles Co Metro Trans Aut65711,521.53
Los Angeles Co Road Dept / Dominguez South28287,906.20
Los Angeles Co Road Dept Artesia West282863,237.99
Los Angeles Co Sanitation Dist / Compton 2282863,237.99
Los Angeles Cold Storage Co 4240.00
Los Angeles County Philharmoni1467.76
Los Angeles County Sanitation 6720.00
Los Angeles County Sheriff'S Department6612,852.16
Los Angeles Dye & Denim Finish669,554.73
Los Angeles Fiber Company 241,087.74
Los Angeles International62225,853,201.26
Los Angeles Parkerizing Co Inc101477,217.98
Los Angeles Pump & Valve Produ452,171.60
Los Angeles Stripping & Finish1615,119.51
Los Angeles Times126137,300.05
Los Angeles West Terminal Fuel161,040.00
Lou Ehlers Cadillac5102,139.62
Loynes / Bixby Disposal Site2828285.51
Loyola Marymount Univ 63512,225.30
Lubeco Inc9272,586.09
Lubricating Specialties Co66199.00
Lucky Container Inc44271.00
Lunday-Thagard Oil Co 21227105,283.60
Luseaux Laboratories, Inc.440.20
Lyle Van Patten Co Inc333,280.00
Lynx Golf, Inc.443,841.50
M & M Productions, M & M Ellen157,360.00
M. A. Hanna Rubber, Inc 342,373.40
M. Stephens Mfg, Inc 6610,872.61
M.C. Gill Corp 165152,424.81
M.O. Dion And Sons, Inc4451.97
M/A-Com, A Divn. Of Amp Inc. 93080,295.44
Maccauley Instruments Corp 7117,773.08
Macdonald Carbide Co1112,748.00
Macklanburg-Duncan Co Of Calif44157,465.00
Madison Industries 8162,512.93
Madison-Graham Colorgraphics I103856,644.13
Madrid Inc 110.00
Magdesian Bros Inc 563,146.67
Maggie'S Shutters Inc. 139,286.26
Maggies Shutters Inc466,042.00
Magic Auto Body & Paint 131,983.29
Magic Ford 124,516.27
Magna Color272,032.12
Magnavox Electronic Systems Co41127,446.63
Magness Petroleum Company84351,987.58
Magnolia Electric Motors Co In220.84
Magparts Inc 62922,193.44
Maguire Thomas Partners Develo6227,499.77
Maguire Thomas Partners, Playa675438.44
Maguire Thomas Partners/Playa 6660.00
Main Street Dairy334,273.48
Maine Printers Inc 611300.00
Major Brass Fndy. Inc.127.00
Major Paint Co6162,344.53
Major Paint Company444,693.30
Mallasch Fence Supply, Steven 147,968.40
Maness Environmental Services 67893.78
Manhattan Beach City 6445,400.44
Manhattan Body Shop & Alignmen141,618.19
Manhole Adjusting Contractors 6244,210.88
Manning Brothers Class Iii Landfill28287,906.20
Manson Construction Co. 660.00
Manson Construction Co.6620,821.86
Manson Construction Co. 6621,579.58
Marble Makers Inc 7917,057.00
Marco'S Auto Body Inc 698,060.00
Marconi Astronics Inc 124645,474.88
Marge Carson Inc 92977,838.89
Marina Auto Body Shop Inc 6910,392.14
Marina Graphic Center Inc 185,072.00
Marina Security Gate & Iron Wo173,559.53
Mark Anthony Inc, Dino Of Cali71729,306.00
Marlee Manufacturing, Inc.451,893.10
Marrs Printing 1510,620.00
Martin Blair Rock Quarry282863,237.99
Martin Brass Fndy.124.00
Martin Cadillac Co Inc 3811,590.10
Martin Container Service 128,140.00
Martin Container Service Inc 1211,459.64
Martin Hallerman282863,237.99
Martin Litwin282863,237.99
Marty'S Village Cleaners 66328.45
Marvin Engineering Co Inc 1512,029.95
Mask-Off Co Inc 111943,136.50
Maskell Graphics 161,140.00
Masterwork Mfg 147,497.96
Matchmaster Dyeing & Finishing84268,972.32
Matra Electric Inc 6155,125.69
Mattel Toys Inc 126806.92
Matthews Truck Body Repair 141,700.00
Matthews Truck Body Repairs, I363,514.18
Maxim Lighting 12129,932.01
Maxon Industries, Inc1184.50
Mayoni Enterprises 103222,967.86
Mc Cann'S Engineering & Mfg Co249,815.00
Mc Carron Electric Co 151,672.40
Mc Connell Cabinets Inc 6732,400.00
Mc Dowell & Craig Mfg. Co. 61612,800.00
Mc Farland Energy Inc (Eis Use11612,009.45
Mcbride Chem3349.80
Mcconnell Cabinets Inc 1525330,791.30
Mcdonald'S Dump28281,715.36
Mcdonnell Douglas Aerospace 104825,109.50
Mcdonnell Douglas Helicopter C99216,800.10
Mcdonnell-Douglas 10314,937.59
Mcm Construction Inc 62236,053.16
Mcwhorter Technologies Inc 128715,358.87
Mech Metal Finishing Co 91091,700.88
Medallion California Propertie1311459,462.58
Media Aviation, L.P.2219.94
Media Lithographics Inc 6189,820.00
Mega Sound Inc,Magnetic Produc262,165.34
Mel Bernie & Co Inc 8234,224.40
Melin Enterprises, Direct Colo6218,640.00
Menasco Manufacturing Company101042,086.94
Menasco Mfg Co (Eis Use)51183,656.25
Menasco Mfg Co., Ca Division8883,668.52
Mentor Orc Inc 1868133,180.83
Mercado Latino Inc,Continental88119.57
Merchandise Sales Inc, Artmast6211,011.47
Merchandise Sales Inc, Artmast617573.44
Merchants Metals, Inc.2436.43
Mercury Plastics Inc 141723,280.74
Mercury Rentals/Gse 662,393.72
Merle Norman Cosmetics Inc995.51
Merrill Corp 171,200.00
Met Industries Inc 623459.00
Metal Briquitting2311.00
Metal Container Corp Of Califo82948,081.11
Metal Improvement Co. Inc. E/M Coating Services Div.1119,931.00
Metal Surfaces Inc 103243,905.00
Methodist Hospital Of So Cal 6306,884.57
Metric Machining11721.00
Metro St Hosp (Eis Use) 6198,536.89
Metromedia Technologies, Inc. 7933,690.00
Metropolitan Stevedore Co25428.72
Metropolitan Stevedore Company13187,698.49
Mgm Dump28287,906.20
Mgm Transformer Co 81911,226.97
Michael Hamilton Furniture Fin351,321.02
Michels & Co 134744,555.28
Micropolis Corp112,998.67
Mid Valley Athletic Club 6166,060.00
Mid Wilshire Assoc 6191,394.08
Midway Hospital Medical Center6157,099.99
Mike Fennel Auto Body 13920.00
Mikhail Darafeev Inc 3519,263.36
Millard Canyon Dump282863,237.99
Miller Brewing Co 161462,000,392.95
Miller Dial Corp 135439,434.86
Miller Graphics Inc 17900.00
Mills Iron Wks Inc 71433,442.63
Minarik Electric Co.11520.00
Minimed Technologies Limited 6101,893.97
Minson Corporation 61516,181.73
Miramar Hotel 6173,748.79
Mirra-Cote Co Inc 6153,766.46
Mirror Efx, Grand Glass Co. 1215,648.34
Mission Canyon #1 / 328281,715.36
Mission Engraving & Offset Pla160.00
Mission Kleensweep Prods. Inc.111,700.00
Mitsui Fudosan (Usa) Inc 6101,278.48
Mlm Pacific Apparel Inc 6121,409.95
Mm West Covina Llc910273,180.77
Mobil Exploration & Producing448,971.00
Mobil Exploration & Producing141416,278.84
Mobil Exploration & Producing214123.08
Mobil Oil Co (Eis Use) 114088,298.24
Mobil Oil Corp 1419129,006.36
Mobil Oil Corp, Marine Term (E1216940,961.82
Mobil Oil Corp, West Coast Pip61012,770.40
Mobil Oil Corp, West Coast Pip6915,651.20
Mobil Oil Corp, West Coast Pip83233.15
Mobil Oil Corp, West Coast Pip47215210,774,902.78
Mobil Oil Corp, West Coast Pip1522.87
Mobil Oil Corp, West Coast Pip132329,343.33
Mobil Oil Corp,(Term/Isco & Fo131357.18
Mobile Storage Group Inc 119,799.97
Model Plating Co Inc 44120.00
Modem Graphics, Inc. 1514,300.00
Modern Coverall221.26
Modern Faucet Mfg Company885.40
Modern Plating Co.115.00
Modern Plating, Alco Cad-Nickel Plating7241,352.28
Mohammad Toosinejed 14600.00
Molded Fiber Glass Co; Parabam33683.56
Mole-Richardson Co 63812,700.67
Molino Co 61512,440.00
Monarch Litho Inc 61619,060.00
Monico Alloys, Inc117,841.00
Monitor Polishing & Plating 61060.00
Monogram Aerospace Fasteners,11514.00
Monogram Ind, Peacock Engineer5616,063.95
Monrovia Nursery2828285.51
Monsanto / Long Beach282863,237.99
Monsanto Chemical Company442.06
Monte'S Dump / West Covina2828285.51
Montebello Land & Water Co 393,900.00
Montenay Pacific Power Corp 663,643.01
Monterey Resources Inc 1121,702.00
Moog, Inc 6415,072.44
Mor Glow Paint Co (Carson Tow)2828285.51
Morgan Services Inc 6184,756.03
Morton International Inc551,515.00
Motion Picture & Television Fu6326,620.00
Moto-Parts Exchange Co Inc127,182.00
Mountain High Ski Area East33309303,967.07
Mountain High Ski Area West29489112,096.29
Mountain View Cemetery3911735.14
Mpm Precision 693,065.00
Mpr Fleet Services, Inc. 13665.22
Mr Bill'S Auto Body/Paint Shop133,740.00
Mr Nissan 1740.00
Mt. San Antonio Community Coll6206,403.27
Multi-Chem Prod. Inc222,866.00
Murray'S Iron Works 61518,920.00
Musco Mobile Lighting Ltd 666,575.52
Museum Associates 11197.58
Mvp Graphics Inc 1716,380.00
Mws Wire Industries26286.50
Myers Container Corp, Imacc Corp Div102191,580.81
N-Dimensional Studios 691,620.00
Najarian Furniture 14142.55
Nalco Chemical Co105392.66
Nasa Jet Propulsion Lab 26153545,688.82
National Broadcasting Co Inc(N1515825,739.02
National Cleaners 675,715.61
National Drum Inc.3315,498.00
National Gypsum Co 1140153,493.90
National Land Clearing Terminal Is La /28287,906.20
National Medical Enter.,Garfie235.16
National O-Ring (Dba Hutchinson Seal Corp.)127,022.00
National Serv Ind Inc, Lithoni8126,315.82
National Wholesale Fence Suppl674,522.89
National Wire & Cable Corp.112.30
Natl Cleaners 675,114.81
Natl Tech Sys 81530,660.83
Natter Mfg Company7735,881.00
Naturalife Eco Vite Labs. Inc.1177,000.00
Naturalife Lab66198,272.80
Navcom Defense Electronics Inc125022,807.26
Navy Fuel Depot282863,237.99
Neely'S Mud Sump282863,237.99
Nekoosa Packaging551,748.20
Network Auto Body Inc 117,680.00
Networks Electronic Corp101721,512.32
Neutrogena Corp.110.06
New Ngc Inc.110.40
New Tech Auto Body 67494.68
Newark Pacific Paperboard Corp103111,028.88
Newmark Prod. Inc 10238,026.90
Ni Ind Inc, Norris Div (Vernon172365,380.04
Night Lights By Bebee 6137,540.02
Niklor Chemical Company Inc 102811,809.50
Nippondenso Of Los Angeles Inc111,446.00
Nissin Foods (Usa) Co., Inc. 73534,690.63
Nmb Corp111,320.00
Norac Inc.12100.00
Nordwins Corp 1712,500.00
Norman, Fox & Co. Unit No. 18932,643.29
Normansie Inactive Landfill28287,906.20
Norris Plumbing Fixtures112,385.60
North American Plastic Powder 683,555.14
North Star Minerals Inc, Acton6166,183.41
North Trail K Pump Station404022.69
North Yard448930.93
Northridge Equipment Rentals C13360.00
Northridge Equipment Rentals C44140.33
Northridge Hosp Medical Center6259,957.56
Northrop Corporation4360975,183.62
Northrop Grumman531274340,374.20
Northrop Grumman Co, Electroni4429110,484.01
Northrop Grumman Corp, Aircraf6210.00
Northrop Grumman Corp, Aircraft Div1718099,277.52
Northrop Grumman Corp, Northro62615,043.52
Northrop Grumman Corp.1213,796.00
Northrop Grumman Space Tech.333,141.00
Northwest Airlines Inc 62439,617.44
Northwestern Showcase & Fixtur6235,760.00
Norton & Son Of Cal Inc331,121.03
Norwalk Dump Company2828285.51
Novacap Inc 695,100.00
Np Cogen Inc15172,677.36
Nu-Way Inc, Owl Rock Site282863,237.99
Nu-Way Live Oak Landfill Inc 6180.00
Nupla Corp 3630,700.00
Nutro Products, Inc. 61414,732.39
O. E. Clark Paper Box Co 157,080.00
O.T.Y. Inc 668,496.06
Oakite Prods. Inc.12500.00
Oaklite Products (Brent America, Inc./ Leeder Ardox)46279.69
Occidental College 165112,009.06
Ockery & Jessup Dump2828285.51
Oem Plating And Mfg. Corp.44529.29
Office Chairs Inc 6113,840.00
Ogden Aviation Ground Services62620,860.00
Ogden Aviation Services 664,072.03
Ogden Power Pacific, Inc 23125629,996.30
Ogden Power Pacific, Inc 845310,093.94
Ohline 132630,328.73
Old Country Millwork Inc 61942,840.00
Old Quaker Paint Company552,250.40
Omega Chemical Corp,Omega Reco667,518.00
Ondeo Nalco Co.3561.27
Ondronical Group, Artistic Des62021,748.45
Oneil Data Systems Inc 61710,000.00
Ontario Aircraft Service Inc 66279,427.24
Ontic Engineering & Manufactur310498.02
Onxy Industrial Services 61551,774.08
Operating Industries, Inc28281,715.36
Optical Components 689,923.29
Orange Co. Name Plate Co Inc 83012,544.34
Orange County Container 112,120.00
Orange Plastics Inc 179,360.00
Orbit Testing Inc353,522.20
Orchard Dale Water District 4813,780.00
Organic Milling Company 62071,860.80
Ortel Corp, Unit No.03 123,840.00
Oskar & Sam Body Shop, O. Espi142,280.00
Otto Benedict Dump282863,237.99
Overland Printers Inc4473,828.39
Owens Corning 7140360,612.11
Owens Corning Fiberglass Corp,2211,571.27
Owens-Brockway Glass Container19113918,494.18
Owens-Brockway Glass Container10103,630.08
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc. Plant 232410,495.80
Oxnard & Van Nuys 4812828285.51
Oxnard Street Dump2828285.51
Oxy Usa Inc6686.66
Oxy Usa, Incorporated1118.99
P H I 151,738.70
P. B. Fiberglass Prod. Inc 2620,669.00
P. W. Gillibrand Co 253711,410.69
P.B. Fasteners121738,572.78
P.F.I. Inc4122,581.72
Pa/First Plaza Joint Venture #612208.45
Pac Foundries-Industry2420.00
Pace Lithographers Inc 157,180.00
Pacesetter Inc, A St Jude Medi62441,300.00
Pacific Airmotive Corp155724,915.57
Pacific Alloy Castings Inc 51912,484.91
Pacific Auto Body Corp. 693,120.00
Pacific Banana 118,160.00
Pacific Coast Auto Body & Rest121,244.87
Pacific Coast Bldg Prods Inc,P103266,178.61
Pacific Coast Drum Company121217,655.90
Pacific Coast Lighting, Inc. 6618,573.89
Pacific Collision Center Of Do112,620.00
Pacific Continental Textiles, 63622,768.57
Pacific Crest Cemetery393952.54
Pacific Design Ctr, Birren Cor66534.00
Pacific Electric Railroad / La28281,715.36
Pacific Energy Resources 1167,980.00
Pacific Energy Resources 11211,322.02
Pacific Energy Resources, R Yo4173,280.00
Pacific Fabric Finishing 62411,789.68
Pacific Film Laboratories Inc 143,003.98
Pacific Ford Inc 1109,200.00
Pacific Gateway General Truck 14200.00
Pacific Multigrain Foods Inc1158.00
Pacific Ocean Diaposal Company28281,715.36
Pacific Printing Ind 6102,400.00
Pacific Rattan Prod. Inc23190,543.00
Pacific Sandblasting Co Inc 62266,133.37
Pacific Scientific Co., Htl/Ki8169,351.51
Pacific Smelting28281,715.36
Pacific Steel Treating1176,294.00
Pacific Title And Art Studio 1439,219.40
Pacific Tube Co 64317,797.60
Pacific Valves12288.90
Pacific Video Inc 13180.00
Packaging Advantage Corp 895,200.20
Packet Printers, Inc 693,456.15
Pacquet Oneida Inc Vendor #311179,286.08
Pactiv Corp 71547,413.00
Pactiv Corp 669,594.40
Pactiv Corp 63982,111.23
Paesano Printing 6178,446.07
Paint Specialists 6912,402.94
Painting & Stripping Corp Of A6144,684.98
Palace Cleaners 673,226.40
Palace Plating1722769.72
Palos Verdes Estates City Landfill2828119.62
Palos Verdes Refinishing 162,320.78
Pan Metal Corporation119.90
Pan Pacific Fisheries22597.00
Pan Pacific Fisheries Holdings13279.90
Panorama Press, Inc. 6154,360.00
Paper Coating Co336,755.00
Paper Pak Prod. Inc 6199,760.00
Paramount Dump28287,906.20
Paramount Group Inc 6177,852.44
Paramount Mfg Co Inc 12138.31
Paramount Petr Corp41215.66
Paramount Petroleum Corp 19289593,884.26
Paramount Pictures Corp 1312950,593.44
Paramount Pictures Corp 669,877.31
Paramount Pictures Corp 6620.00
Park Ave School / Cudahy Dump282863,237.99
Park Cleaners 672,720.00
Park Intl Corp331,401.54
Park La Brea 621922,600.00
Park Steel Company Inc221,468.00
Parker Boiler Co. 6485,640.00
Parkhouse Tire Inc22403.00
Pasadena City College 64225,122.65
Pasadena City, Dwp45181224,161.30
Pasadena Refinishing & Enameli6138,753.04
Pass & Seymour Legrand, Inc.666,967.31
Patina V, A Devision Of Norline, Inc.66154,283.20
Paul Heinley Shutters Inc 3528,813.78
Pauly Inc61030,115.00
Paxton Ave Dump / Pacoima282863,237.99
Pca Electronics Inc125,950.00
Pdq Enterprises, Inc. 62650,764.92
Peacock Cleaners 67527.10
Pebbly Beach Disposal Site28281,054.42
Pechiney Cast Plate1126.00
Pechiney Cast Plate Inc.6640,662.40
Peck Road Gravel Pit Landfill2828298.41
Peen-Rite Inc 467,186.00
Pemaco Metal Processing Corp 613582.40
Penmar Golf Course28281,715.36
Pennoyer-Dodge Co11498.00
Penrose Pit2828718.69
Penske Toyota 686,460.00
Pentrate Metal Processing Inc8325.81
Pepperdine University 663250,170.47
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co.11250.00
Perception Laminates 7172,543.00
Performance Composites Inc, Fi2528,495.00
Perkin-Elmer Corp, Applied Sci880.46
Permalite Repromedia Corp 93190,994.00
Pervan Tooling Co., Inc 166,633.11
Pervo Paint Co Inc 326660.50
Peter Pepper Products 81822,114.60
Peterson Sys. Intl. Inc.000.00
Petro Diamond Terminal Co 174371,295.41
Petro Resources Inc. Track 6,888524.26
Petrolane-Lomita Gasoline Co.332,147.00
Petrominerals Corp(Mcgillivarr6162,287.61
Peyton Cramer Automotive,Peyto110.00
Pg Imtech Inc Of Cal 11181.64
Pgp Industries Inc 18394,682.42
Phaostron Instrument & Electro8252,115.00
Pharmavite Corp141478.30
Phenix Enterprise Inc 144,807.93
Phibro-Tech Inc23718.00
Philip Sicola Designs 15620.00
Philip West Industrial Service62435,477.84
Philips Components, Discrete P22137.61
Phoenix Printing & Design Inc.6117,720.00
Photo-Sonics Inc 8162,515.20
Phylrich International 121610,522.96
Pick Your Part Auto Wrecking6645,636.80
Pick Your Parts Landfill2828285.51
Pico Cleaning Cntr, S & S & B 673,402.72
Pico Metal Products Inc 671,800.00
Pico Rivera City 6120.00
Pico Rivera City 660.00
Pico Rivera Plating Inc918412.60
Pillowtex, Inc 881,042.55
Pilot Chemical Co4418.00
Pioneer Electronics Technology121918,569.28
Pioneer French Baking Inc,Pion6149,743.47
Pitchess Cogeneration Facility33471.90
Pitchess Honor Rancho Landfill2828196.21
Pitt-Des Moines Inc 662,094.30
Pj Akmadzich Dump2828285.51
Placerita Oil Co Inc951118.76
Plaskolite West Inc.241,536.00
Plasma Coating Corp 619344.00
Plasma Tech Inc 6212,588.00
Plasti Personalities Inc 69720.00
Plastic Dress-Up Co 102963,904.00
Plastics Paint Production Inc 6126,400.00
Plastics Research Corp77108,301.00
Plastolite Products 4716,148.43
Plastron, An Action Technology22113.48
Plato Prod Inc111,134.00
Pli Ent Inc, Gammalux Systems 1310,260.00
Plycraft Industries Inc 153,140.00
Polaris Plastics 6114,052.87
Poly Pak America Inc 81011,850.19
Polyone Corp.111.00
Polypure Inc.12550.00
Pomona Cemetery Assoc383825.22
Pomona Paper Co.66108,140.00
Pomona Title Company2828285.51
Pomona Uni Sch Dist 62027.94
Pomona Valley Comm Hosp (Eis U125867,820.08
Pool California Energy Service621177.72
Pool California Energy Service6614,863.61
Pool California Energy Service6616,150.47
Pool Company 6611,380.60
Port Disposal / Macco Pit282863,237.99
Port Land Reclamation Company2828285.51
Porter Ranch Cleaners 672,655.24
Portion Pac, Inc 6138,420.00
Power Paragon Inc 6209,874.77
Power Systems Associates 61814,543.80
Power-Controls Inc3321,523.64
Powerine Oil Co (Eis Use) 1736741,548.88
Powerine Oil Company3311.59
Prather Products Inc, Prather11108.00
Praxair Distribution Inc 3613,479.12
Praxair Distribution, Inc.23274.90
Praxair Inc265975,774.78
Praxair Inc.1132,885.00
Praxiar Surface Technologies,250.04
Prc-De Soto International624164,183.04
Precise Auto Body 112,740.00
Precise Auto Body 114,420.00
Precision Specialty Metals Inc104315,623.83
Precision Tube Bending101534,535.08
Precision Wire Products Inc 679,460.00
Premier Spring Water, Inc. 111,264.51
Premium Plastics Inc465,650.38
Presbyterian Intercommunity Ho236014,443.98
Press Forge Co 6732,740.00
Prestige Coach Craft 6115,860.00
Prestige Too Auto Body Inc 6115,320.00
Price Pfister Inc154218,446.58
Pride Collision Ctrs.,Inc, R S6111,760.00
Pride Enter. Inc 6121,020.00
Prime Plating Inc.1210.00
Prime Svc., Inc. Prime Equipme6622,921.20
Prime Wheel 61564,134.86
Prime Wheel Corp 6160.00
Prime Wheel Corporation 7174,519.99
Prime Wood Products Inc 1627,700.00
Printco 1112,800.00
Processes By Martin Inc4840.64
Professional Refinishing Organ93331,064.50
Profile Structures Inc 368,400.00
Prographics, Llc 158,500.00
Progressive Art Products Of Ca122,277.70
Prudential Lighting Corp 8147,297.92
Prudential Overall Supply2411,802.64
Prudential Overall Supply 7104,431.66
Prudential Overall Supply Co 8165,677.02
Ptm&W Ind Inc11719.99
Ptx Industries Inc 6142,702.50
Pulse Instruments11641.00
Purex Pool Systems Inc 91934,764.52
Puritan Bakery Inc 63516,713.50
Putzmeister, Inc. 6186,474.15
Pyramid Powder Coating113,048.00
Quaker City Plating & Silversm71243,546.72
Quality Aluminum Forge Inc 674,400.00
Quality Bumpers 165,352.67
Quality Car Care Products Inc61233,716.00
Quality Fabrication Inc 6819,885.94
Quality Finishing Inc 92323,441.11
Quality Hardware Mfg Co Inc2314,873.50
Quality Lithograph Inc 1108,580.00
Quality Powder Coating22285,332.00
Quartz Hill Decomposed Granite Pit28287,906.20
Queen Carpet Corp, Tuftex Carp81465,230.78
Queen Of Angels Hollywood Pres62314,218.83
Quemetco Inc 16101261,884.43
Quenell Enterprises Inc1233,866.92
R & B Aircraft Supply Inc11844.80
R & G Enameling 1238104,153.48
R & R Metal Painting & Finishe617852.29
R And K Metal Finishing 11360.00
R. A. Reed Electric Co5116,078.93
R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co, La 1475269,588.38
R.E. Atckinson Co. Inc.5541,782.80
R.J. Acquisition Corp, The Ad 6812,454.49
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co.-L.A.6127,606.40
Rack And Roll, Inc 123,660.00
Rahn Ind Inc 6912,683.44
Rahn'S Furniture Refinishing 5101,808.60
Raintree Buckles & Jewelry Inc61012,446.29
Ralphs Grocery Co 8332,048.65
Ralphs Grocery Co 96311,189.00
Ram Production Corp.6614,866.30
Ramcar Batteries Inc1010278.63
Ramco Metal Finishing Co, Inc.5125,827.20
Rancho La Ballona28287,906.20
Rancho San Antonio 6242,992.07
Rand Corp 6311,620.00
Rangers Die Casting Co 7157,109.80
Rantec Microwave & Electronics8312,642.08
Rapid Industries44287.79
Rapid Rack Industries Inc 82235,939.00
Rapid Transit Dist, Metro202043.20
Rasmussen Iron Works Inc 8203,346.50
Rattan Spec Inc 1510,480.00
Raypak Inc1186.00
Rca Fiberglass Mfg Inc 131,431.50
Re'Nu Office Systems Inc 1415,183.29
Recycled Base Materials Inc 6101,631.49
Redco Ii 61616,162.82
Redi Strip Co112,422.00
Redondo Beach Municipal Dump282863,237.99
Refuse Compactor Serv Inc3353,689.00
Regal Rents Inc343,506.37
Reichhold Inc 95015,530.16
Reinhold Inds.122,452.00
Reliable Metallurgical Process12444.00
Reliance Upholstery Supply Co34104,374.10
Reliance Upholstery Supply Co 61013,397.56
Remo Inc521173,707.00
Remo Inc 92618,173.40
Republic Services Of California I.L.L.C.225945,196.43
Retra Rentals 662,560.00
Reuland Electric Co, H.Britton128318,748.86
Revere Transducers Inc479,792.00
Rexam Plc, Rexam Beverage Can 9114501,282.30
Rho-Chem Corp 1512820,081.78
Rhodia Inc.643504,811.92
Rhone Poulenc Inc 7136,613.13
Rhs Carpet Mill Inc1196.00
Rich & Famous Auto Body & Upho121,240.00
Richard Young & Associates 4188,200.00
Richmark Wall Sys4137,504.04
Richwood Furniture 1110,787.87
Ridgewood/Cal Power Partners L147,040.00
Ridgewood/Cal Power Partners L24120.00
Ridgewood/Cal Power Partners L242,120.00
Ridgewood/Cal Power Partners L2415,680.00
Ridgewood/Cal Power Partners L28480.00
Ridgewood/California Power Par330.00
Rio Hondo Community College 133721,179.85
Rio La Ballona2828285.51
Rio San Gabriel Park282863,237.99
Rite Engineering & Mfg Corp 6181,321.02
Rittenhouse 122,060.00
Rms Foundation Inc 63411,321.76
Robert C. Worth Inc 134,780.00
Robert F Kennedy Medical Cente6347,335.44
Robert H. Peterson Co 9251,697.36
Robert M. Hadley Co Inc591,741.51
Robertshaw Controls Co, Grayso1132248,949.80
Robertson'S Ready Mix 686,891.71
Robinson Helicopter Co Inc 103039,262.56
Rocket Cleaners & Laundry 672,568.93
Rockwell International442,581.69
Rod'S Food Products 6125,362.70
Rodgers & Mcdonald Graphics 61117,000.00
Roger B. Phillips Inc 896,540.79
Rohm And Haas Company12195,487.79
Romac Supply Co 6135,096.00
Roman Empire Furniture Parts M9119,892.30
Ronan Engineering Co/Hs Enamel6203,120.00
Rooke Corp 6541,105.00
Roosevelt Bldg Ltd 618428.45
Ropak West Inc 132641,314.82
Rose Cleaners 672,571.63
Rose Hills Landfill282863,237.99
Rose Hills Mem Park Assoc7174,031.66
Rosen'S Electrical Equip Co In67851.53
Ross Auto Body 15194.55
Ross Name Plate Co 6227,287.85
Rotor Exchange Inc 388,600.00
Rowest Co 661,879.72
Rowland Water District 61717,178.86
Roy E. Hanson Jr Mfg Co 671,166.45
Roy E. Hanson Jr Mfg Co 81666,374.00
Roy E. Thomas Furniture Mfg In51232,759.31
Roy Thomas Furniture6614,226.40
Royal Airline Linen Inc 675,800.00
Royal Blvd Land Reclamation Site28281,715.36
Royal Paper Box Co 92942,480.72
Royal Truck Body Inc 71731,083.20
Rubber-Teck Inc6116,112.13
Rubber/Urethanes Incorporated464,249.87
Rubbermaid Inc 61129,042.40
Rullo, J282863,237.99
Rush Industrial Enameling Co I6163,379.51
Rush Painting4420,142.00
Rush Truck Center Of Ca Inc 6144,240.00
Russell & Miller Inc 194,360.00
Russell Moe Landfill28287,906.20
Ryder Aviall, Inc8857,488.60
S & C Oil Co Inc667,860.00
S & K Plating Inc 280.00
S & S Rentals 6122,338.43
S. G. Hauser Assoc Inc2454.26
S/M Printing Inc 6101,320.00
Sabema Corp 68756.66
Safety-Kleen (Los Angeles)., I620603.40
Safeway Sandblasting Co, Inc 6856,941.89
Safeway Stores 27, Inc225.68
Saint John'S Hospital & Health107088,661.73
Saint Mary Medical Center 6215,755.44
Saint-Gobain Containers Llc 1299403,424.49
Saint-Gobain Containers Llc 773322,950.32
Saman Inc 672,700.00
Samuelson, Eric2828285.51
San Carlos Dump282863,237.99
San Dimas 490282863,237.99
San Fernando And Brazil Landfill28287,906.20
San Fernando City Landfill28281,715.36
San Fernando Electric Div Of S2225,640.00
San Fernando Valley Diaposal Company 3528287,906.20
San Gabriel Cogeneration66172,620.00
San Gabriel Landfill28281,863.46
San Gabriel River Improvement28287,906.20
San Luis Tank Piping Construct661,899.72
San Marino Landfill282863,237.99
San Pedro Boat Wks 13296,860.59
San Pedro Boat Works 6224,080.00
San Pedro Disposal Har2828285.51
San Pedro Peninsula Hospital11151.00
Sanchez & Sons Cabinets Inc 1122,333.01
Sand Canyon Waste Disposal28281,715.36
Sandberg Furniture Mfg Co Inc 111878,702.00
Sani-Top Inc 685,299.90
Santa Fe Enameling & Metal Finishing Co132493,651.24
Santa Fe Printing & Converting1215,220.00
Santa Fe Springs City 6233,780.00
Santa Fe Springs City, Water D4435,562.10
Santa Monica Ford Inc 138,380.00
Santa Monica Hospital Inc1010476.92
Santa Monica Muni6121,317,441.43
Santee Dairies Inc 82214,805.39
Sanwa Foods Inc 64812,377.29
Sargent Fletcher Inc123937,976.14
Schaeffer Magnetics Inc12405.62
Schlobohm Company, Inc 142,320.00
Schuster Flexible Packaging, Inc.61518,900.00
Schwartz Oil Co Inc3377.10
Scope Products Inc, Dext Co 5612,762.00
Scott Container Products Group2217.30
Scott Engineering Inc 1211,260.00
Scott Robinson Honda 684,500.00
Scr Group Inc 61730,972.02
Screw Corp 685,170.43
Sdi Industries 682,860.00
Seachrome Corp 9129,839.70
Seagull Sanitation 615210,323.35
Sealright Co Inc 173416,352.30
Sealright Co Inc, Western Divi14287,198.28
Seaside, Incorporated663,287.00
See'S Candy Shops Inc11266.75
Selig Place & Mission Road Dump28287,906.20
Semco Enterprises Inc.120.00
Sempra Energy Fac Mgmt/Central28163170,971.86
Sempra Energy Fac Mgmt/Central68662,978.94
Senior Flexonics Inc/Stainless Steel Dvn2010018,980.10
Sensor Sys Inc 133,825.54
Sensor Systems Inc 1910,340.00
Sensortronics Inc 141,560.00
Sequa Corp. Standun Canforming682,010.97
Sequoia Shutters, Inc 4622,938.60
Sermatech International Inc 15226,041.99
Service Motor Parts Co4424.70
Service Rock Prods. Inc. Palmdale124.60
Services & Materials Co 395,287.28
Seven-Up/Royal Crown Bottling101212,019.29
Sfpp, L.P. Watson114101,960.00
Sgl Technic Inc, Polycarbon Di1246153,052.38
Shadkor Inc,Milt & Michael Mst676,662.30
Shamrock Processed Base Co 2426,275.20
Sheldon / Arleta Landfill28283,312.48
Shell Chemical Corp, Carson #128281,715.36
Shell Oil Co (Eis Use Only)1238223,320.02
Shell Oil Co (Eis Use) 711148,776.89
Shell Oil Prods. U.S. Los Angeles Refy.2337163,476.06
Shell Oil Prods. U.S. Sulfur Recovery Plant4441,120.00
Shell Oil Products Co 3165,632.56
Shepherd Machinery Co,W Shephe103123,711.37
Sheraton Plaza La Reina Hotel11454.38
Sheraton Universal Hotel 7299,460.34
Sherway Woodcraft Co, Inc55380.36
Shintom West Corp Of America11483.00
Showpower, Inc. 660.00
Shultz Steel Co 9226139,017.00
Shuwa Management Corp 6227,756.82
Sierracin/Sylmar Corp 1211960,295.32
Sigla Furniture Corp6620,100.00
Sigma Plating Co Inc11162,833.06
Signal Division, Lukens Genera41018,179.00
Signal Hill Auto Body 6146,520.80
Signal Hill Petr Inc 11642,420.00
Signal Hill Petroleum Inc 52640,400.00
Signature Capital Inv Trust,Si66100.00
Signature Office Furniture Inc166,760.00
Signet Scientific Co112,117.00
Silvestri Studio Inc 123930,600.80
Simpson Paper Co @ Cogen Unit61231,551.79
Sinclair Paint Co9413,796.04
Sinclair Printing Co 93186,483.34
Six Flags Themes Parks Inc. 1413520,304.05
Six-Eleven Limited Inc 235,318.73
Size Control Plating Co Inc 8126,131.60
Skytrails Aviation Inc6660,660.00
Slough Park28281,715.36
Sls & N Inc 6810,644.14
Smiland Paint Co 7935,884.80
Smith Industries, Flexible Tec3741,897.51
Smurfit Newsprint Corporation 1231286,124.57
Snap-Tite, Inc / Nat'L Fire Ho11412,000.00
So Cal Edison 61229,886.61
So Cal Edison Co 673,900.00
So Cal Edison Co161301,415,301.48
So Cal Edison Co12289.45
So Cal Edison Co 81016,852.87
So Cal Gas Co 12204129,632.22
So Cal Gas Co221,745.36
So Cal Gas Co 128715,884.87
So Cal Gas Co 9442,455.67
So Cal Gas Co 14196655,289.40
So Cal Gas Co (Eis Use) 1428190,397.33
So Cal Gas Co (Eis Use) 15308778,629.32
So Cal Water Co 484,760.00
Soco-Lynch Corp6322,611.24
Soderberg Mfg Co1193.00
Solec International66211,500.00
Somitex Prints Of Cal Inc 1311015,008.44
Sonoco Products Co 143534,068.25
South Pasadena City Dump2828285.51
Southbay 628281,715.36
Southcoast Cabinet Inc,Paint D6912,520.00
Southdown California Concrete 152999,881.68
Southern California Diaposal Company28281,715.36
Southern California Edison 66103.29
Southern California Graphics 61617,680.00
Southern California Wood Ind, 12168,104.91
Southern Graphics Ent Inc 199,463.68
Southern Pacific Transportatio102914,138.11
Southwest Carpet Pad Inc 182232,278.64
Southwest Marine Inc 71025,818.00
Southwest Mill & Lumber Inc 1374,160.00
Southwest Mill And Lumber, Inc459,529.00
Southwest Products Co222,628.62
Southwest Steel Rolling Mills #228281,715.36
Sparkletts Drinking Water Corp2410,326.30
Spartan Lacquer & Paint Corp 33990.51
Specialized Welders 16335,224.55
Specialty Coatings & Chemicals77271.53
Specialty Organics, Inc.116,550.00
Specialty Paper Mills Inc 6737,460.00
Spectrum Metal Finishers Inc5236,450.90
Spence Electro Plating Co 683,620.00
Spiniello Construction Co 61610,537.20
Sport Fun Inc 6161,520.00
Spraylat Corp51021,755.50
St Chem Mfg Co33263.70
St Prison Los Angeles County411421,618.04
St. Joseph Medical Ctr 62623,556.80
St. Luke Hosp (Eis Use) 62673,439.16
Sta-Lube Inc 21383,233.82
Stabond Corp337,164.00
Stadco, Standard Tool & Die Co1105,539.89
Stainless Steel Products, Inc5515,736.31
Standard Nickel Chromium Plating Co Inc83268,296.75
Standard Oil Co282863,237.99
Standard Paper Box Corp 92467,981.02
Stanley Doors111.00
Stantron, Zero Corp Div479,614.05
Star Ford 698,800.00
State Of California Div Of Hwy / Arroyo Seco28281,715.36
State Of California Hwy Rd Maint / Caltrans Dump2828285.51
Statewide Woodfinishing Inc 147,349.98
Std Armament Inc441,302.98
Stearns Products Dev Corp,Ultr69480.00
Stephen A Latina 662,830.15
Stephen A Latina 664,889.87
Sterling Of Westwood Inc 677,480.98
Sterling Plumbing Group, Inc.77972.65
Sterndahl Enterprises Inc 6400.00
Steve'S Plating Corporation 6238,215.54
Steven Label Corp 6113,440.00
Stewart Filmscreen Corp 93171,029.02
Stocker Resources Inc 10164192,591.28
Stocker Resources Inc4131,245.18
Stocker Resources Inc 4306,329.20
Stocker Resources Inc. 4366,824.95
Stocker Resources, Inc 63447,513.60
Stoll Metalcraft Inc 6177,853.06
Stone Canyon Resevoir / Dwp28287,906.20
Stone Container Corp 62116,560.00
Stone Container Corp 95113,230.01
Stone Container Corp 61413,780.00
Stone Mfg Co 12174,905.80
Stoneview Corp, Carriage Trade67280.00
Stoody Company339.70
Storopack/Foam Pac 71011,386.00
Stoughton Printing Co 6148,320.00
Strelitz Co.2311.00
Stricklin-Snively Mortuary383810.97
Strong & Chastain Inc, C Stron135,060.00
Strough Park Lf / Burbank Lf #1 & #228287,906.20
Structural Composites Ind9239,907.79
Stuart F. Cooper Co472,677.00
Studebaker / Cerr. Ch. City Dump & Salvage28281,715.36
Studebaker / Loynes Disposal Site2828285.51
Stutzman Plating Co 6101,240.00
Sub. Air Cargo Equipment Inc.1125,404.00
Sully Miller Contracting Co 121532,723.83
Sully Miller Contracting Co 182049,515.23
Sully-Miller Contracting Co,Bl24225.38
Sun Badge Co332,184.37
Sun Exploration & Prod Co (Eis610410,272.02
Sun Exploration & Production C22610.76
Sunclipse Inc4561.00
Sungdo International Inc 6710,240.00
Sunlaw Cogeneration Partners I10129,648.69
Sunlaw Cogeneration Partners I81231,795.07
Sunrise Wood Prod Inc 61210,344.00
Sunset & Lincoln Blvd Dump28281,715.36
Sunset Fireplace Fixtures Inc 112325,363.64
Sunshine Plastics Corp 693,120.00
Sunwest Screen Graphics, Inc 6166,623.02
Superior Electrical Advertisin6256,980.00
Superior Ind Intl Inc11282.38
Superior Industries Internatio113797,586.72
Superior Lithographics 6137,820.00
Surface Finishing Inc1223,426.47
Surface Protection Industries28549.70
Sw Plating Co 615160.00
Swelldom Home Care Serv Inc5121,075.27
Swift Adhesives Div, Reichhold22413.35
Swift-Cor 82711,441.98
Swisstex California Inc. 6622,400.00
T & C Body Shop 131,074.93
T & C Cleaners 6660.00
T & V Ind Inc31262,708.65
T & V Ind Inc22303.60
T&V Industries 5102,124.80
T/O Printing 168,520.00
Tabc, Inc1543615,046.68
Tat Los Angeles Co Ltd 6357,252.42
Taxi Systems Inc 6102,383.02
Taylor Desk61017,442.00
Tcl Dump28287,906.20
Tdc Close-Out Warehouse 127,962.47
Tech Etch / Merel Inc7716,770.56
Tech-Graphic Inc 8222,069.46
Techni-Braze 6103,370.23
Techni-Cast Corp.111.00
Technical Metal Finishing Co I624838.32
Technicolor Inc 84698,359.72
Techno Components Inc 6323,727.33
Tecstar Inc 22427,285.87
Ted Levine Drum Co 91347,969.04
Tedco Printing Co 167,060.00
Teeter, Blanche2828285.51
Teknor Apex Company 92815,402.90
Teledyne Analytical Instruments110.23
Teledyne Cast Parts-Industry O86830,977.86
Teledyne Controls, Div Teledyn61916,088.59
Teledyne Electronic Systems221,045.00
Teledyne Ind Inc 15493.02
Teledyne Ind.Inc, Teledyne Rel104614,757.03
Teledyne Microelectronics Unit119217,188.67
Tenneco Packaging, Inc. 61021,864.88
Teradyne Inc241,968.00
Terminal Island Disposal Site Harbor Ar2828285.51
Terra Exploration & Production1115,533.88
Terra Exploration & Production6185,290.40
Terra Exploration & Production6190.00
Terra Exploration & Production4210.00
Terra Exploration & Production42114,242.97
Terra Exploration & Production42117,370.43
Terra Furniture Inc894,343.18
Tetra Pak Inc 6176,359.72
Texaco Exp & Prod Inc;Aliso Cy336396.68
Texaco Exploration & Prod Inc223119.27
Texaco Exploration And Product102133,976.56
Texaco Exploration And Product336519.13
Texaco Exploration And Product612440.00
Texaco Inc4721,014.75
Texaco Inc (Eis Use) 105536,448.34
Texaco Inc/Mca 6131,238.20
Texaco Lubricants Co142,561.40
Texaco Refining & Marketing In148441,391.40
Texaco'S Montebello Technology28265.83
Texlon Corp451,063.05
Texollini Inc 61822,360.00
Textron Coating, Inc 15212,446.83
Textured Coatings Of America I7226,258.79
Thakar Aluminum Corp.1515117,834.83
The Aerospace Corp 63120,858.09
The Beverly-Mike Co Inc,Beverl5518,006.72
The Boeing Company 1220024,798.00
The Boeing Company1815913,105.60
The Boeing Company17366,252.55
The California Club 6234,340.00
The Castle Press 6106,260.00
The Celotex Corp 62710,824.91
The Clorox Co36779.43
The Daniel Smith Co.110.37
The E. B. Malone Corp 141719,818.18
The Gadget Mfg Co11600.00
The Gary'S Co 6713,742.78
The Geon Co 946126.55
The Gillette Co, Paper Mate Gr11188,293.80
The Hertz Corp 124,240.00
The Hon Co 829201,355.06
The Hospital Of The Good Samar153422,451.38
The Huntington Library5516.50
The J Paul Getty Trust 6238,446.31
The Lansdale Company 11211,240.00
The New Cicoil Corp 353,787.58
The Norac Co Inc1148.53
The O M Scott & Sons Co, Hypon672,230.01
The Pq Corp162283,930.88
The Resource Group 61410,179.94
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel 61013,156.80
The Salvation Army, Thrift Sto110.00
The Stanley Works 8115,281.05
The Strip Joint Inc41441,249.00
The Strip Shop 124,582.79
The Tannery 130.00
The Termo Co 66311,872.80
The Termo Co 62811,640.00
The Termo Co, La Llajas Gas Fi4260.00
The Termo Company 63836,175.20
The Termo Company 8549,407.72
The Triumph Operating Grp Inc,6122,491.63
The Vons Co Inc 61418,820.00
The Vons Companies Inc425797.39
The Vons Companies Inc 25633,805.75
The W.W. Henry Company 183415,275.70
The Walt Disney Company 1328328,141.67
The Walt Disney Company 11912,838.05
The Wood Designer Inc 127,440.00
Therm-O-Namel Inc 6101,743.78
Thermal Remediation Solutions,6616,705.12
Thermo Electron Corp, Cal-Dora9215,533.45
Thomas R.Peck Manufacturing Co2231,611.40
Thomason Mech Corp110.70
Thompson Industries Ltd 1110,269.42
Three Points Disposal Site Landfill282863,237.99
Thums Long Beach Co 24245145,762.28
Thums Long Beach Co, San Pedro116868,960.62
Thums Long Beach Co, Unit No.094232.02
Thums Long Beach Co, Unit No.094325.13
Thums Long Beach Co, Unit No.01046538.47
Tidelands Oil Production Co 145493,380.39
Tidelands Oil Production Co1825.17
Tidelands Oil Production Co 61860,000.00
Tidelands Oil Production Compa61229,701.00
Tidelands Oil Production Compa41378,040.00
Tidelands Oil Production Compa429130,600.00
Tidelands Oil Production Compa74520,940.21
Tidewater Associated Oil Co282863,237.99
Times Mirror Co 108314,625.73
Tissurama Industries Inc 84732,603.79
Titan Ind91814,743.74
Tmt-Pathway L.L.C.4832,248.00
Tmt-Pathway, Llc102375,879.20
Tnemec Company Inc81019,638.03
Tobias Ave28281,715.36
Tom Rutherford 17258.79
Topax Refuse Removal339,374.00
Topper Plastics Inc 6918,180.00
Torch Operating Company 6182,181.51
Torch Operating Company 5212,020.54
Torch Operating Company 6181,554.24
Torch Operating Company, Linco194,698.12
Torrance City 61313,289.98
Torrance City6121,179.20
Torrance City Lf28281,715.36
Torrance Memorial Medical Cent173316,978.58
Torrance Sump, 233rd St28287,906.20
Torres Motors,Inc.,Royal Coach131,176.13
Tortoise Ind Inc 661,847.57
Tosco Refining Co/Center St. T12128,575.36
Tosco Refining Co/La Terminal,79346,431.48
Tosco Refining Company313002,952,586.14
Tosco Refining Company1811575,573,009.34
Tosco Refining Company 65413,020.00
Total Equipment Rental Inc 6174,680.66
Tower-Lee Company Inc 1106,400.00
Toyon Canyon Cove, Catalina Island28287,906.20
Toyon Canyon Park Reclamation Project282826,494.97
Toyota Logistics Services, Inc10717,017.83
Tp Industrial, Inc 171,901.76
Tradewest Hardwood Co 112,766.12
Trail Chem Corp33172.30
Trans World Airlines Inc 1617347,209.00
Transaction Tech Inc222,813.85
Transdigm Inc, Adel Wiggins Gr115,480.00
Treasure Chest Advertising Co 61439,540.00
Treasure Chest Advertising Co.1227196,551.20
Treasure Craft 612225.34
Trend Manor Furniture Mfg Co I4443,270.00
Trendwest, Inc. 145,520.00
Trenmark, Arlon Graphic System682,842.49
Tri-Par Development 6113,437.20
Triangle Brass Mfg Co2317,479.00
Trico Industries Inc23307,143.91
Trico Industries Inc.4533,502.01
Trio Petroleum Inc 63029,560.00
Triprocess Co Inc11254.70
Trojan Battery Co 112825,794.77
Trojan Battery Co 91410,206.25
Trojan Metal Prod.467,332.60
Tru Cut Inc 11196,983.54
Tru-Roll Corp 6779.27
Trusco Tank Inc. 610102,607.68
Trw Inc, 1735348,159.04
Trw Inc, (Eis & Nsr Use Only) 1415853,106.72
Trw Inc, Bldgs 105 & 106 & 1403223,147.20
Trw Sensor Operations26922.50
Trw Sensor Operations482,377.16
Trw Technar Inc122837,947.20
Tuff Weld Plaques, Tuff Weld W466,167.77
Tuftex Carpet Mills Inc,La Mir33865.48
Tujunga Pit282863,237.99
Tujunga Pit Landfill28287,906.20
Tuntex Properties Inc,Univ Hil6167,867.43
Turbo Jet Prod. Co Inc 6294,063.18
Turnkey Engineering Company 15120.00
Tuxford And Sunland North2828285.51
Tuxford Pit Disposal Site2828285.51
Tv Fanfare Publications Inc 6216,380.00
Twelve Signs Inc 175,412.00
Twenthieth Century Fox Studios2828285.51
Tyco Electronics Printed Circuit Group Inc. Los Angeles Div.22125.00
Tyco Printed Circut Group, Inc6155,918.00
Tyler Refrigeration11380.30
U S Auto Body & Repair Shop 14336.85
U S Gov'T, V A Medical Center,611452,740.00
U S Govt Postal Service663,034.00
U S Hospital Equipment Inc 14880.00
U S T Inc3374.68
U S Tsubaki Inc78226.86
U.S. Foam Inc 16176,610.59
U.S. Govt, Dept Of Navy 1811832,312.03
U.S. Gypsum Co.23204.01
U.S. Gypsum Company 6119,701.80
U.S. Radiator112.00
Ucla (Regents Of Uc) 657230,393.15
Udt Sensors Inc.111.00
Ultramar Inc (Nsr Use Only) 18333276,555.27
Ultramar Inc (Nsr Use Only)464053,328,079.85
Unc/Cfc Acquisitn 61915,005.56
Uni-Star Ind, Microdot Connect18241,783.94
Unified Western Grocers Inc 696,514.91
Union Carbide Corp 1721327,917.36
Union Carbide, Ucar Emulsion S126611,403.00
Union Oil Co Of Cal88263.32
Union Oil Co Of Cal (Eis Use)3335.00
Union Oil Co Of Cal, Lomita Tk94084,397.68
Union Oil Co Of Cal, Marine Te12163,203.81
Union Oil Co Of Cal, Oil & Gas11531.73
Union Oil Co Of Cal, Oil & Gas11214.59
Union Oil Co Of Cal, Oil & Gas11412.65
Union Oil Co Of Cal, Oil & Gas66112.90
Union Oil Co Of Cal, Oil & Gas11629.62
Union Oil Co Of Cal, Oil & Gas44163.39
Union Oil Co,Oil & Gas Div, Ba4419.63
Union Oil Of Cal, Oil & Gas Di1874.78
Union Technology Corporation 132,320.00
United Aeronautical Corp4412,565.62
United Airlines Inc 65662,603.52
United Alloys Inc 61365,961.81
United Const Supply 6715,603.81
United Detector Technology Sen881,533.09
United Food Group 6121,856.01
United Rock Products Corporati343,988.20
United States Can Co 155563,406.12
Unitog Rental Services Inc118,235.00
Unitrode Passive Components Di2212.90
Unity Auto Body 12520.00
Univ Of California Irvine840103,624.58
Univ Of So Cal (Eis & Nsr Use 1121855,464.63
Univ Of So Cal, Physical Plant133791,646.62
Univ So Cal,(Kenneth Norris Jr23120.10
Univar Usa Inc.918312.00
Universal Molding Co 67160.00
Universal Paint Corp55332.26
Universal Studios Inc (Eis Use2125193,213.73
University So California,Healt4718628,720.98
Unocal Corporation/Oil And Gas44203.38
Unocal Corporation/Oil&Gas Div44825.58
Unocal Oil Co Of Cal1110.58
Unocal Oil Co Of Cal, Oil & Ga5401,154.35
Us Air Force - Plant 42630391.42
Us Air Force Plant #42282863,237.99
Us Borax Inc103850,374.31
Us Govt, Af Dept, L.A. A.F.B. 6475,855.89
Us Govt, Coast Guard Support C552,008.00
Us Govt, Defense Fuel Supplies39181.08
Us Govt, Navy Dept Lb Shipyard1949189,427.69
Us Govt, Veterans Administrati64121,641.65
Us Govt, Veterans Affairs Medi121346,404.80
Us Gypsum Co 113472,072.84
Us Gypsum Co 113961,782.76
Us Mfg Co882,539.95
Us Namsung Textile Inc 6187,756.88
Us Navy / Navy Mole Long Beach282863,237.99
Us Navy / Terminal Island Base282863,237.99
Us Navy Landfill Class Iii2828206.53
Us Radiator Corp 67688.80
Us Rentals Inc 6169,049.31
Us Steel Corp D.S.282863,237.99
Usair Inc 6176,480.00
Utility Trailer Mfg Co6919,800.00
Vac Hyd Los Angeles 66496.89
Vacco Industries 195119,783.12
Vaga Industries 13660.00
Vail Street Dump Aka Bethlehem Steel Ds28281,715.36
Valencia Body Shop Inc 685,657.44
Valencia Water Co. / Valencia28287,906.20
Valero Wilmington Asphalt Plant9120100,744.48
Valero Wilmington Asphalt Plant714536.40
Valetor Inc 679,625.15
Validyne Engineering Corp111,042.21
Valley Brass Inc 9633,216.48
Valley Brick & Supplies Van28287,906.20
Valley Brick Landfill28287,906.20
Valley Business Printers Inc 699,760.00
Valley Detroit Diesel Allison 68117,428.42
Valley Engravers Inc33151.83
Valley Grain Prod. Inc 2633,918.00
Valley Park Corp Dump28287,906.20
Valley Plating Works, Inc 697,359.20
Valley Presbyterian Hospital 62124,097.09
Valley-Todeco, Inc13222,121.60
Valmont Coatings Calwest Galvanizing1110.00
Valspar Corporation22131.80
Van Nuys6123,340,079.62
Van Waters & Rogers, Div Univa11496,590.26
Vanguard Energy Sys 485,300.00
Vanguard Studios Inc. 61910,967.47
Vargas Furniture Co 128,220.00
Vargas Furniture Co 7819,038.04
Vargas Furniture Mfg Co 62336,606.30
Varian Sample Preparation Prod102233,739.63
Vaughan Benz 132,000.00
Vemco Corp1113,929.00
Venice Dump28281,715.36
Venoco Inc 63310,120.00
Venoco Inc 62613,680.98
Venoco Inc 6329,880.00
Verdugo Hills Hosp 6299,256.58
Verizon - Gc# 5285111,624.18
Vermont & 183rd Street Dump2828285.51
Vermont & El Segundo 4072828285.51
Vernon City, Light & Power Dept259510,748.14
Vernon Textiles Industries 61434,184.90
Victoria Golf Course28287,906.20
Victory / Vineland Landfill28287,906.20
Vigoro Industries,Inc.342,620.29
Villa Auto Body 13927.16
Vintage Petroleum Inc 42337,440.00
Virco Manufacturing Corporatio442,074.00
Virco Mfg Corp 113377,243.00
Virco Mfg Corp4410,776.48
Visco Manufacturing Inc5594,944.49
Vision-Ease Lens Azusa, Inc.62521,700.00
Vista Ford Auto Body 6105,460.00
Vita Juice Corp 62011,579.27
Vitachrome Graphics Inc 197,440.00
Volkswagon Pacific Inc28287,906.20
Vought Aircraft Industries1642793,008.59
W & F Mfg Inc225,762.97
W C Hardisty282863,237.99
W. L. Chapman Co Inc 61514,309.57
W.C.I. Furniture Inc331,766.57
Waco International (West), Inc122,370.96
Walker Casting & Fabrication162198.21
Walker Motor Co, Inc 6119,404.75
Walnut & Arrow2828285.51
Walnut Creek2828285.51
Walsh Printing Service 6112,080.00
Waltco Engineering Co11215,220.00
Wambold Furniture927113,320.93
Ward Engineering Inc 115233,445.60
Wards Dump2828285.51
Warner Brothers Studio Facilit2020936,222.70
Warner Hollywood Studios 6100.00
Washington Iron Works 93312,166.88
Waste Disposal Inc282863,237.99
Waste King111150,714.09
Watson Biogas Systems Inc44107.70
Watson Land Company Dump28287,906.20
Watt Dump28281,715.36
Waymire Drum Co Inc4645,536.75
Waymire Drum Co,Inc.,S El Mont13136.22
Weatherford Enterra, Inc. 665,820.30
Web Serv Co Inc 16140.00
Weber Ave Dump2828285.51
Weber Printing Co., Inc. 1610,880.00
Webers Metals Inc 72637,056.77
Wedgestone Automotive Corp. 678,080.00
Weissker, Herman Inc.2828285.51
Welch Metal Prod. Inc14164,590.29
Welsh Printing Co Inc32838,534.13
Werdin Dump282863,237.99
Weslock National Inc 71714,959.88
West Auto Painting 347,012.48
West Coast Aerospace Inc 17461.08
West Coast Auto Body 121,440.00
West Coast Industrial Coatings61220,636.93
West Coast Products Llc3126727,627,896.59
West Coast Stainless Prods.123.00
West Coast Stainless Products 268,883.86
West-Bag Inc 71574,888.00
Westcoast Fibre Corp 692,614.72
Westech Gear Corp331,181.00
Western Commander Inc145515,135.01
Western Dye House Inc8822.03
Western Envir. Contracting Inc6615,320.04
Western Environmental Contract6129,306.38
Western Fuel Oil Co127.19
Western Fuel Oil Co (Eis Use)319670.05
Western Office Refinishing 69547.61
Western Oilfields Supply Co, R66263,414.10
Western Pacific Fleet Serv 6812,760.00
Western Pacific Storage Sys In3320,862.07
Western Petroleum Inc.77885.80
Western Sch Equip333,862.95
Western Sch Equip332,995.55
Western Screen Print Corp221,919.00
Western Steel Fabricators Inc 151,649.29
Western Summit Flexible Pkg., 61517,564.30
Western Summit Manufacturing Corp6624,760.00
Western Summit Mfg Corp 61534,834.51
Western Synthetic Fiber, Inc 6811,534.40
Western Tube & Conduit Corp 1242290,111.44
Western Waste Industries44141.10
Western Waste Industries 68137.57
Westform Ind 186,840.00
Westin Bonaventure Hotel 6227,005.18
Westland Packaging Inc111,197.00
Westland Packaging Inc111,197.20
Westmont Industries 14711.53
Westvaco, Envelope Div 91214,681.00
Westway Terminal Company 623972,454.46
Westway Trading Corp 67914,692.91
Westwood Gateway Ii 6251,425.72
Wexford Collection1648,820.00
Whalers Cove / City Salvage 1 & 228287,906.20
Wheelabrator Norwalk Energy Co1173370,154.56
Whittaker Controls Inc 72322,294.66
Whittier Engraving Co Inc, Col62024,140.00
Whittier Hospital Medical Cent6137,936.01
Whittier, City Of (Landfill De131416,232.62
Wickland Oil Terminals, 7997,416.72
Wicks Place Dump2828285.51
Wigwam Avenue Dump28281,715.36
Wilkinson Furniture Finishing 132,405.01
Willamette Ind Inc. 61618,597.76
Willamette Industries Inc 174127,423.97
Wilmington Liquid Bulk Termina6795,423.20
Wilmington Liquid Bulk Termina66745,428.14
Wilshire Courtyard 6121,607.11
Wilshire Terrace Corporation 6273,137.72
Winchester/Useco, Litton Sys,447,183.70
Windsor Art Products Inc5515,890.00
Windsor Cleaners 67950.10
Wings West Airlines 661,942.40
Winters Industrial Cleaning In8934,453.45
Wire Guard Systems Inc 682,791.68
Witco Corp, Organics Div 6162,024.11
Witco Corp, Southwest Div 53713,656.42
Wolsey Company Inc 170.00
Wontronics Inc9136,681.80
Woodland Prod. Co Inc 368,872.00
Woodland Products Co, Inc 134,700.00
Woods Equip Co 684,997.94
Woodstyle Prod. Inc 117,725.38
Woody Douglas Gunite Co 666,967.16
Wstrn Sample Dv Colwell Mercha2211,012.80
Wyle Lab Electronic Enclosures103130,870.15
Wynn Oil Co22155.00
Wynn Wilkes Jones Santantonis Foothill &28281,715.36
X L Operating Company 6199,751.49
X L Operating Company 1476.20
Xa Cabinet Corp4446,633.37
Xerox Corp1121.89
Xerox Corporation661,214.86
Yama Woodcraft Inc, California6114,371.61
Young Generators Inc 61278,612.89
Young Jin Printing Co 6910,662.95
Young Ops.121.30
Zakaroff Services 133,991.84
Zamboni Industrial Electric3332.82
Zenith Specialty Bag Co Inc 61325,140.71
Zepol Architectural Finishing 183,779.83
Zero Halliburton71646,298.87
Zero West Division6639,149.00
Zieman Mfg Co 61518,442.30
Zumar Industries Inc 6160.00
Zynolyte Products Company341,645.00