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Polluters in Lake County, California
Adventist Health Hospital667,019.94
Adventist Health Redbud Community Hospital443.73
Aggrelite Rock Company104853,354.86
Benson Ridge2828198.56
California Rock And Asphalt113027,728.95
Calpine - Bear Canyon Creek125772,485.67
Calpine - Calistoga Geothermal1452114,817.12
Calpine - West Ford Flat126451,499.30
Calpine Unit 13: Power/Steam F1319151,504.28
Calpine Unit 16: Power/Steam F1014161,059.91
Clearlake Lava - Lower Plant102862,303.76
Clearlake Lava - Upper Plant102853,096.79
Clearlake Oaks Dump Site2828198.56
Clearlake Park28281,069.83
Clearlake Redi-Mix - Finley11132,204.03
Clearlake Redi-Mix/Lakeport11133,688.18
Clo Wastewater Treatment Fac.44165.20
Cobb Mountain Dump Site2828324.45
County Of Lake, Fmd5513.64
County Of Lake, Swm6616,305.71
Dna River Rock113027,610.69
Eastlake Sanitary Landfill28285,622.65
Helms Petroleum Products441,238.48
Hidden Valley Sand And Gravel112913,743.84
Homestake Mining Company1782109,398.40
Hvl Wastewqter Treatment Faciy4454.10
Jim Jonas, Inc.86314,272.61
Jones Mortuary41411,381.95
Kelseyville Dump Site28286,569.06
La Trianon Resort2828198.56
Lacosan Gaddy Ln Potw4489.00
Lacosan Konocti Potw4489.00
Lacosan Middletown Potw4440.30
Lacosan Nw Potw44505.70
Lacosan Se Potw44393.10
Lake County Animal Control4444284.37
Lake County Cleaners/Lakeport771,325.93
Lake County Cleaners/Lower Lak77387.97
Lakeport Disposal Site28281,069.83
Lakeport Wastewtr Treatmnt Fac44309.10
Mariani Packing Company, Inc6716,714.18
Mendocino National Forest / Rabbit Glade28286,569.06
Mendocino National Forest Site #3 & 428281,069.83
Middletown Dump Site2828324.45
Morrison Creek Dump2828324.45
Nice Dump Site28281,069.83
Northern Calif. Power Agency33808.00
Pacific Bell6691.64
Pacific Bell6660.82
Pacific Bell66336.43
Pacific Bell66145.91
Pacific Bell6658.00
Pacific Bell6695.43
Pacific Bell66120.00
Pacific Bell Upper Lake6679.23
Parnum Paving/Keithly Ranch Q1136257,546.73
Parnum Paving/Kelseyville114360,110.98
Parnum Paving/Middletown1012169.72
Pine Grove Resort (Dup: Archived)28286,569.06
Pine Grove Resort Disposal Site2828198.56
Pivniska Trucking10106,389.72
Point Lakeview Rock & Redimix103435,107.75
S-Bar-S Quarry102888,726.89
Sutter Lakeside Hospital669,444.52
Us Coast Guard Loran Station66945.48