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Column information
Polluters in Kern County, California
Mojave Cogeneration Company7869,837,580.00
California Portland Cement Co.583679,635,952.17
U.S. Borax193154,872,479.27
National Cement Co654124,179,356.18
Lehigh Southwest Cement Co.624533,906,368.45
Occidental Of Elk Hills, Inc.63593,892,311.57
Aera Energy Llc615322,930,525.63
Naval Air Weapons Station Md747652,835,497.30
Chevron Usa Inc66481,898,569.47
Chevron Usa Inc66161,794,918.83
Aera Energy Llc61871,625,101.37
Kern River Cogeneration Co352361,544,778.49
Sycamore Cogeneration Co24651,542,499.75
Aes Delano Inc6421,443,797.55
Crimson Resource Management232051,384,044.64
Chevron Usa Inc6389967,328.30
Occidental Of Elk Hills, Inc.6146947,108.92
Chaparral Petroleum Inc.-West7298806,816.91
Rio Bravo Poso952608,818.07
Kern Oil & Refining Company50491596,794.94
Rio Bravo Jasmin945553,830.41
Vintage Petroleum Inc6222553,627.94
Chevron Usa Inc23755494,543.25
Mt Poso Cogeneration Company4890456,205.16
Berry Petroleum Company371699431,071.99
Macpherson Oil Company643425,100.00
Recot Inc6146413,991.29
Eott Energy Operating Ltd655398,008.11
Edwards Air Force Base111591394,234.35
Berry Petroleum Company66347,945.20
Chevron U S A Inc6145346,413.08
Tricor Refining, Llc28270294,634.72
Paramount Farms6111288,623.42
California Crrctnl Inst-Thchp57477283,349.67
High Sierra Limited1737273,592.23
Oildale Energy, Llc1642257,839.18
San Joaquin Refining Company32426247,370.10
Kern Front Limited1227224,161.68
Merit Energy Company660214,373.27
Chalk Cliff Limited55200,665.12
Granite Construction Company2570196,581.34
Trc Cypress Group Llc618192,793.12
Double C Limited510191,734.88
Aera Energy Llc655186,934.54
Crutcher-Tufts Production Co1337153,185.13
Aera Energy Llc625150,199.44
Chevron Usa Inc30195140,621.57
Aera Energy Llc686136,354.64
San Joaquin Facilities Mgmt66131,129.56
Tehachapi-Cummings Wtr Dst P-2624120,911.20
Midset Cogeneration Company913114,180.91
Tehachapi-Cummings Wtr Dst P-31040113,346.27
Bear Mountain Limited611112,081.24
Tehachapi-Cummings Water Dist630108,445.09
West Kern Water District618106,150.76
Farmers Co-Op Gin, Inc. Gin #11245104,462.16
West Kern Water District62497,322.02
Lone Star Gas Liquids65297,184.51
Sunrise Power Company61294,924.76
Mobil Exploration And Producin27265594,255.55
Dai Oildale Inc61890,172.44
Crimson Resource Management97188,208.34
J P Oil Company Inc6687,540.00
Badger Creek Limited5585,518.40
Texaco Usa, Ventura Producing35364983,919.35
Nestle Purina Petcare Company62780,176.79
West Kern Water District61876,845.69
Chevron Usa Inc.311026674,434.47
Liquid Waste Management, Inc.219874,394.00
Granite Construction Company62674,119.44
Mckittrick Limited131371,223.86
Texaco Refining & Marketing43154169,586.91
Chevron Usa Production Company15249269,257.10
Naval Petroleum Reserve #18684864,734.83
Pactiv Corporation296960,430.24
Seneca Resources610859,018.71
Calmat Co.125158,042.33
Sunset Pipeline And Terminalli62357,756.18
Buttonwillow Ginning Co.153055,614.23
U.S. Navy Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake1155,300.00
West Kern Water District61854,851.62
Nuevo Energy Company62854,508.78
Las Palmas Oil & Dehydration64553,310.65
Exxon Mobil Corporation63451,709.43
Live Oak Limited5550,396.64
Consolidated Fiberglass2016849,060.63
Chevron U S A Inc61247,939.56
Eott Energy Operating Ltd1247,935.86
Crimson Resource Management61846,697.11
Granite Construction Company62545,906.15
Shell California Pipeline Comp61644,522.52
Savage Coal Service Corp62443,034.10
Richland Cooperative Gin Inc165542,043.90
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation61639,917.00
Shell Pipeline Company Lp63539,807.81
Chevron Usa Production Inc63038,053.64
Containment Solutions Inc.41337,536.64
Chevron #2 Burn Dump282836,458.37
Laidlaw Petroleum Waste282836,458.37
Taft City Burn Dump282836,458.37
Buttonwillow Burn Dump282836,458.37
Mckittrick, Cj Slf282836,458.37
Former Section 8 Gas Plant Swds282836,458.37
Debord Septic Disposal282836,458.37
Town Center Mall282836,458.37
Tehachapi #1 Burn Dump282836,458.37
Kissack Septic Disposal Site282836,458.37
Tehachapi #2 Burn Dump282836,458.37
Road Construction Ds282836,458.37
Lebec # 1 Burn Dump282836,458.37
Garone Septage Disposal Site282836,458.37
Texaco / Kern River Slf282836,458.37
Los Robles Cement Plant Indstrl Landfill282836,458.37
Greenhorn Burn Dump282836,458.37
Lakeview Burn Dump282836,458.37
Ridgecrest #1 Burn Dump282836,458.37
Rosamond Burn Dump282836,458.37
Scofield Road Burn Dump282836,458.37
Weldon #1 Burn Dump282836,458.37
Delano #2 Burn Dump282836,458.37
Sabor Corp Thrifty Best Pumping Service282836,458.37
Shafter #2 Burn Dump282836,458.37
O/C Tanks31336,060.40
West Kern Water District6635,053.24
San Joaquin Facilities Mgmt41134,927.52
Aptco Llc61234,918.37
Pacific Pipeline System, Llc62634,784.63
Seneca Resources65434,346.75
Lortz & Son Mfg Co5833,747.51
Global Fabricators3533,348.26
William T Peoples6632,700.00
Dole Enterprises327332,216.88
Chevron Usa Inc Lost Hills Gp1811931,782.54
Arvin Sanitary Landfill282831,016.73
M.H. Whittier, Corporation2886830,797.88
Kern Medical Center67830,554.00
Semi Tropic Cooperative Gin123630,478.51
South Valley Gins Inc.141430,352.63
Golden Empire Concrete31230,335.12
Shafter-Wasco Ginning Company152429,432.83
Innovative Coating Tech. Inc.1129,427.00
Giumarra Vineyards Corp61229,352.58
Prc-Desoto International114029,077.30
Stream Energy Inc62428,629.04
Naval Petroleum Reserve #189728,142.49
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation61327,974.16
Shell Pipeline Company Lp6926,874.76
Edsal Sandusky Corporation6726,747.72
Vulcan Materials Co, Western D304626,571.68
Kern Lake Cooperative Gin111526,143.97
Kw Plastics Of California71325,342.41
Pyrenees French Bakery Inc6924,921.67
Ge Betz132824,684.51
Trc Operating Company Inc61824,522.95
E&B Natural Resources Mgmt61824,340.31
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation61224,155.04
Shell Western E&P Inc.28892123,650.03
Dole Enterprises61223,582.76
China Grade Sanitary Landfill282823,360.29
Delano Growers Grape Products72023,258.50
South Valley Gins Inc122122,877.37
Southern Calif Gas Co63122,639.48
Bakersfield City Wood Site61822,521.42
Blue Pacific Spas4622,003.86
Elk Corporation Of Texas2712222,002.23
West Kern Water District6620,628.94
Texaco - Bakersfield Division381587320,266.41
Nestle Ice Cream Company63320,256.80
Kern Delta-Weedpatch Cotton162220,238.81
Dopaco Inc155120,005.68
Holmes Western Oil Corporation61219,402.24
Seneca Resources63019,322.42
A & P Growers61018,917.85
Vintage Petroleum Inc35282618,429.29
Calmat Of Central California3617,710.00
A&M Products Manufacturing Co.66316,913.87
Agri-Cel, Inc.3012416,748.77
Chevron Usa Inc1416,700.00
Crimson Resource Management5616,620.06
Unocal Corporation107916,603.57
American Yeast Corporation71516,232.89
All American Pipeline, L.P.62915,838.65
Chemex Inc22218015,654.67
Shell Pipeline Company Lp132815,083.20
World Oil Corp.61015,037.93
Shell Pipeline Company Lp62214,893.10
M-I Drilling Fluids Company63314,546.98
Tehachapi-Cummings Wtr Dst P-462414,474.00
Bakersfield City Landfill6614,140.00
Plains Marketing, L P62314,118.62
Shell California Pipeline Comp61313,431.85
Naftex Operating Company61312,991.69
Bakersfield Metropolitan (Bena) Sanitary Landfill282812,741.46
Unocal California Pipeline Co68612,728.67
William Bolthouse Farms63212,617.61
Pacific Pipeline System, Llc63012,152.30
San Joaquin Facilities Mngmnt912911,332.72
A&M Products Manufacturing Co.3611,266.24
Golden Empire Concrete Company3910,917.40
Chevron Warren Gp197010,626.78
Hunter Edison Oil Development61910,557.25
Nor Municipal Water District63010,470.36
Gotland Oil Inc6810,442.78
Tetra Oil Co1110,300.00
Stocker Resources, Inc.63110,049.86
Victory Oil Co11710,017.92
Plains Marketing, L.P.6109,897.82
Dole Dried Fruit & Nut Co.449,602.00
Chevron U S A Inc3030509,577.83
Buttonwillow Ginning Co.12269,159.46
Bidart Bros (Almond Hulling)399,027.20
Ridgeline Oil & Asphalt Co358,974.68
H.M. Holloway Gypsum Mines24248,888.21
R L Spear Co Inc118,800.00
Marathon Oil S Coles Levee G.P61318,389.58
Unocal California Pipeline Co6328,106.60
Gotland Oil Inc678,025.94
J P Oil Company Inc687,959.62
Exxonmobil Pipeline Company6147,609.87
Shell Pipeline Company Lp6117,440.00
West Kern Water District667,321.48
Petrolite Corporation8897,241.50
Shell Pipeline Company Lp127,100.00
Shafter / Wasco Sanitary Landfill28287,067.28
Pacific Pipeline System, Llc6167,030.40
Arco Oil And Gas Company3441086,943.19
Patco Rod Service Inc.376,860.97
San Joaquin Composting Inc6126,443.51
Pacific Marketing & Transporta176,088.19
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation6126,005.76
Taft Sanitary Landfill28286,002.78
Anthony Welded Products Inc155,920.00
Prc-Desoto International14975,607.20
Mcfarland Energy, Inc.3014515,423.88
Capello, Inc.6135,320.72
Mcfarland Energy Corp6365,207.84
Ridgecrest Sanitary Landfill28285,169.11
San Joaquin Facilities Mgmt665,077.36
Paramount King Llc6245,048.36
Shell Bakersfield Tank Farm3694,786.65
Calmat Co., Dba Vulcan Materia6124,689.66
Hancor Incorporated394,534.67
Fellows #1 & 2 Burn Dump28284,438.89
Ford City Burn Dump28284,438.89
Npr #1 26s (East)28284,438.89
Ash Street / Taft #2 Burn Dump28284,438.89
Buena Vista Hills Disposal Site28284,438.89
Shell South Belridge Swds28284,438.89
Section 8 Gas Plant Swds28284,438.89
Us Borax Inc28284,438.89
Fnf Disposal Area28284,438.89
Old Industries Lf, Lebec28284,438.89
Lauritsen Landfill #228284,438.89
Glennville Burn Dump28284,438.89
Greenfield #1 & 2 Burn Dump28284,438.89
Wasco Burn Dump28284,438.89
Npr #1 Slf / 35r28284,438.89
Arco Coles Levee Disposal Site28284,438.89
West Oildale Burn Dump28284,438.89
William Bros / Elk Hills South28284,438.89
William Bros / Elk Hills North28284,438.89
Tupman Burn Dump28284,438.89
Old Industrial Landfill28284,438.89
Mojave #2 Burn Dump28284,438.89
North Of The River Burn Dump28284,438.89
Panama Burn Dump28284,438.89
Tree House6184,216.10
Tehachapi Sanitary Landfill28284,127.29
Bakersfield Memorial Hospital445853,837.15
Unocal California Pipeline Co673,761.70
Chevron Usa Inc113,740.00
Centennial Cleaners113,537.00
Brock'S Trailers123,340.00
Mojave / Rosamond Sanitary Landfill28283,157.89
Baker Performance Chemicals9283,109.26
Pyramid Oil Company6113,076.84
Unocal Oil & Gas Division299922,948.69
Chevron U.S.A. Production Co.3210222,711.49
Kern Valley Landfill28282,675.21
Bakersfield Heart Hospital6362,553.16
All American Pipeline Company101172,539.90
Victory Oil Company123932,517.74
Decker Brothers Inc.662,350.96
Griffith Company332,330.94
Laymac Corp Sec 18 T285.R20e S42072,291.53
Vintage Petroleum Inc6122,250.52
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation318972,179.76
Halliburton Services3342,169.78
United Rentals Northwest #4343192,107.48
Chevron Usa Production Company28602,033.62
Crimson Resource Management6321,975.33
Shell Pipeline Company Lp6201,931.81
Shell Pipeline Company Lp141,900.30
Cimarron Oil Llc661,877.72
Chevron Pipe Line Company3121,860.66
One Hour Martinizing111,836.00
United Agri Products331,718.40
The Termo Company171,716.81
Calmat Co.171,647.10
Chevron Usa Inc6181,644.04
Pacific Energy5121,624.00
Shar Craft Inc331,617.00
Golden State Metals Inc181401,594.69
San Joaquin Community Hospital6241,565.78
Cal Dept Of Corrections Delano6201,544.58
Lebec Sanitary Landfill28281,521.40
Adams Grain Company11361,503.84
E2c Remediation Llc111,480.00
Nikkel Iron Works Inc111,480.00
Western Continental Operating661,457.07
Boron Sanitary Landfill28281,381.21
General Mills, Inc331,344.83
C C Douglass Mfg Inc1151,340.63
Newby Rubber Inc1111,330.59
Quality Mud Service6121,306.98
Jtch Inc111,301.40
Koch Oil Company52671,290.27
Cyrus Canyon Disposal Site28281,260.16
Snort Road Landfill28281,260.16
Eafb Rosamond Abandoned Dump28281,260.16
Keyesville Burn Dump28281,260.16
Monolith Portland Cement Company Landfill28281,260.16
Liquid Waste Management Inc28281,260.16
West Tehachapi Burn Dump28281,260.16
Kern Front Disposal Site28281,260.16
Bodfish Burn Dump28281,260.16
Delano Burn Dump28281,260.16
Derby Acres Burn Dump28281,260.16
Camp 9 Burn Dump28281,260.16
Hart Park Burn Dump28281,260.16
Inyokern / Indian Wells #1 & 2 Burn Dump28281,260.16
Taft Burn Dump28281,260.16
Maricopa Burn Dump28281,260.16
Derrick Engineering28281,260.16
Eastside Disposal Farm28281,260.16
Tropico Burn Dump28281,260.16
Valley Acres / Dustin Acres Burn Dump28281,260.16
Woody Landfill28281,260.16
Goler Road Illegal Dump28281,260.16
Section 8 Central Swds28281,260.16
Former Section 8 Central Disposal Site28281,260.16
Section 10 Swds28281,260.16
Chevron Pipe Line Company3291,233.18
Havens Oil Company3271,196.98
Chester Cleaners111,174.50
Exxon San Joaquin Production21161,159.93
Chevron Pipe Line Company3121,106.31
Paramount Farms6181,064.44
Nasa Dryden Flight Research Cr5121991,051.97
Shell Bakersfield Refy.7141,047.25
Chevron Usa Inc141,040.16
Royal Cleaners111,035.45
J R Brady6181,012.30
Halliburton Services331,004.35
Gaf Building Materials12947.00
Delano Cleaners11945.00
Live Oak Limited88921.26
Badger Creek Limited88873.01
Jtch Inc11858.60
Mish Funeral Homes56858.38
Kern Front Sec 35 Partners66855.90
Chevron U.S.A. Production Co.1242835.11
Jtch Inc11832.95
Chevron Usa Inc11820.00
34th Street Cleaners11810.00
Exxon Mobil Corporation66803.60
Oglebay Norton Industrial Sand312791.49
Rosedale Plaza Group Llc416783.13
Lost Hills Sanitary Landfill2828775.56
Harvel Plastics Inc312774.78
Midsun Partners L.P. Cogenerat763770.01
Arco #06356-Bp West Coast Products Llc416747.06
Oglebay Norton Industrial Sand36739.20
Arco #06353 - Pc Partners416732.16
Chevron Bitterwater Pump Sta27168720.44
Pacific Pipeline System, Llc628712.61
Siloxane Scientific Llc11696.00
Petro Travel Plaza416686.40
Crutcher Tufts Production Co6128684.43
Bidart Bros (Grape Storage)12680.00
Arco #05365 - Seyegh Group Inc416679.63
Atlantic Oil Company618653.03
Arco #06218-Bp West Coast Products Llc416651.35
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation14646.28
Bakersfield City Wastewater #267640.52
General Production Service Inc318636.72
Pacific Marketing & Transporta112595.80
Mission Resources Inc12195592.73
Jtch Inc11591.30
Glamis Rand Mine22580.10
Jtch Inc11579.15
Pyramid Oil Company7746575.11
Chevron Usa Inc416563.81
Dexzel, Inc.35563.47
Chevron Usa Inc11560.00
Arco #05420 - Edmond D Nassar416552.85
Ideal Cleaners11540.00
Arco #00371 - Munther M Hawatmeh416525.29
Arco #05751-Bp West Coast Products Llc416521.20
Travel Centers Of America416520.58
Chevron Usa Inc. #203576416512.49
Jtch Inc11511.65
Chevron Usa Inc416508.56
Siloxane Scientific33505.00
United Agri Products39503.88
Chevron Usa Inc11500.00
Lost Hills Travel Center Inc416491.19
Chevron Usa #98109416490.96
Chevron Rio Bravo Station27243487.86
Arco Oil And Gas Company648476.83
Macpherson Oil Company14281460.03
Rigby'S Welding Inc14460.00
Bakersfield City Of(Civic Aud)612455.21
Flying J Oil Company416445.14
Pioneer Paint Co12440.00
Shiralian Ent Inc, Dba E-Z Trip-B/W416430.66
Unocal Corporation836420.08
Unocal Refining And Mktg Div.2266415.32
Chevron Usa Inc416413.46
Equilon Enterprises Llc416412.06
Ultramar Inc416409.37
Stockdale Oil & Gas23342409.28
County Line Chevron416407.81
Arco #00583 - Edmond Nassar416405.17
Chevron Usa416401.08
Arco #01960 - Surjit Bisla416400.67
Chevron Usa Inc416396.82
Jaco Oil Dba Fastrip Station416394.33
Crimson Resource Management473391.27
Three Gills Inc - Dba Rosedale Chevron416383.39
Chevron Usa416382.15
Arco #06208-Bp West Coast Products Llc416378.11
Phillips Petroleum Company6324375.63
Arco #05634 - Sikander Jassar416371.32
Arco #05657-Bp West Coast Products Llc416360.26
Jaco Oil Company416352.15
Jaco Hill Company416352.01
Shell Oil Wasco Pump Station1111346.77
Jaco Oil Company416345.79
Granite Construction Company1215340.18
E-Z Trip Food Store416340.12
Equilon Enterprises Llc416339.48
Arco #03054 - Sikander S Jassar416331.37
University Cogen46330.42
Marshall E Helm Corp55330.00
Equilon Enterprises Llc416329.56
Shell Pipeline Company Lp66327.35
Unocal California Pipeline Co67324.57
Jtch Inc11318.60
Downs Avenue Dump2828318.39
Boron Burn Dump2828318.39
Baker Range2828318.39
Weldon #2 Burn Dump2828318.39
Ea Sd 9 / 94 Cup (Icardo)2828318.39
Npr #2 Slf / 36r2828318.39
Arco Buena Fe Lease Disposal Site2828318.39
Randsburg Burn Dump2828318.39
Keene Burn Dump2828318.39
College Heights Burn Dump2828318.39
Frazier Mtn Park #1 & 2 Burn Dump2828318.39
China Grade Burn Dump2828318.39
Svestco Inc Septage Site2828318.39
Glennville Landfill2828318.39
Lebec #2 Burn Dump2828318.39
Arvin Burn Dump2828318.39
Kernville Burn Dump2828318.39
Armitage Naval Air Site 27 China L Nwc2828318.39
Westside Disposal Farm2828318.39
Arco Fairfield Lease Disposal Facility2828318.39
Lost Hills #1 & 2 Burn Dump2828318.39
Davies Oil Co Inc416312.47
Jaco Oil Company416303.73
Great Lakes Chemical Corp13300.15
Equilon Enterprises Llc416294.81
Jeffries Brothers416288.50
Clean Harbors Buttonwillow. L.L.C.99284.76
Sullivan Petroleum Co., Llc416280.89
Johnny'S Foodmart416278.31
Stuart'S Petroleum416276.72
Frito-Lay Inc.46276.15
Fastrip Oil Company416271.88
Costco Wholesale Corporation416269.85
Weedpatch Chevron416267.81
Kern Rock Company23115260.32
Conocophillips Company - 257580416259.80
Phillips Petroleum Company660257.81
Chevron Pipe Line Company315251.52
Jaco Oil Company416251.06
D&Y Company719250.89
Davies Oil Co416245.22
Baker Petrolite Corporation16243.90
Cleaners Express11243.00
Pacific Marketing & Transporta19240.00
Unocal Refining And Mktg Div.28134233.78
Usa Petroleum Corp #218416232.30
Cal State University Bakersfld637231.55
Galleria Chevron And Kings Liquors416225.85
Kenneth H Hunter Jr7257223.41
Jaco Oil Company416219.56
Jaco Oil Company416213.19
Twin Oil Production, Inc.823212.22
Challenger Minerals Inc8239212.11
West Kern Water District28210.97
Conocophillips Company - 2611158416207.69
Lee Development Group66201.94
Jtch Inc11201.15
Petro Resources, Inc7284200.88
North Belridge Solid Wste Disposal Site2828199.87
Jaco Hill Company416198.15
Najdawi Chevron416197.40
7-Eleven #32241416190.73
Sullivan Petroleum Co Llc416190.01
Issa Hawara Dba Hg&P, Inc416189.90
Schwebel Petroleum416185.87
University Cogen46184.49
Greenfield'S One Stop416182.08
Jeffries Brothers Inc416177.00
Shell Oil Mid Pumping Station1111173.88
Schaefer Oil Company66173.69
E Z Stop Mobil416168.38
Equilon Enterprises Llc416168.07
E-Z Mart416164.84
Equilon Enterprises Llc416164.04
Unocal Corporation25161158.25
Artz' Westside Chevron416154.62
Jaco Oil Company416152.06
Stuart'S Petroleum416148.71
Equilon Enterprises Llc416146.94
Excel Mineral Company, Inc.781146.78
7-Eleven, Inc416144.93
Kern Delta-Weedpatch Cotton Gi518143.57
Westchester Mobil416139.02
Jeffries Brothers Inc416139.01
Goshen Travel Plaza416137.40
Jaco Oil Company416135.40
7-Eleven, Inc416133.33
Jaco Oil Company416132.67
A & A Express416132.43
Oxy Usa Inc.24617123.92
Ultramar Inc Dba Beacon Oil (#3074)416120.17
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation613120.00
E2c, Inc11120.00
Mt Poso Tank Farm425118.09
Jaco Oil Company416117.91
Mike'S Food & Liquor416116.94
The Harness Works15116.50
Gil'S Body Shop11116.16
M & L Cold Storage66113.30
Band Box Cleaners11108.00
S & J Quick Stop416106.45
Simplot Soil Builders33103.36
Oswell Liquor & Market416102.96
Jaco Oil Company41699.19
Unocal Corporation42594.41
Circle K #860541686.54
Tannehill Oil Company2815286.47
Midway Market & Liquor41685.86
Jaco Oil Company41684.11
Sanam Market & Deli41682.49
Sanam Food Mart41681.58
Harry'S Market41678.50
Jaco Oil Company41678.46
San Joaquin Composting, Inc.244876.86
Riverwood International Usa In8974.11
34th Street Car Wash, Inc41672.13
Drilling And Prod, Central Src713172.09
Oxy Usa, Inc.3514570.35
7-Eleven, Inc41669.96
Circle K #860641667.30
Chevron - Middle Station109367.09
Cardlock Fuels/Southern Co Oil41665.81
Oak Lane Cleaners1165.48
Hwy 46 Quick Stop41665.28
G L'S Mini Mart41663.92
Bakersfield Rehab Hospital6663.07
Circle K #882541661.23
Exxon Company U.S.A.1423161.21
Hm Holloway Inc2016861.09
Betz Laboratories, Inc9958.31
Chevron Usa - Greeley Gas Plt4756.80
Beacon Liquor - Jarnal Singh41654.64
Texaco Trading+Transporation76854.22
Oglebaynorton Industrial Sand3651.68
7-Eleven, Inc41650.22
Monarch Cogeneration 1986-12447.24
Kern County General Services142447.01
University Of California61045.82
Jaco Oil Company41641.59
7-Eleven, Inc41640.11
Bakersfield City C/O Cal Water6633.80
Three Brand Cattle Co4432.24
7-Eleven, Inc41631.05
Pioneer Truck Stop41629.55
Ancora Verde Corporation77229.30
Larson Leasing Inc41628.86
Wilbur-Ellis Co1128.00
S & A Market41627.88
Eod #1 & 2 / China Lake Landfill282825.96
K & K Mart41625.75
Thiara Food Mart41623.15
Tejon Pump Station356020.67
Helena Chemical Company1120.00
Pacific Marketing & Transporta1120.00
Gotland Oil (Gas Plant)6820.00
S A Camp Co1120.00
Berkley Petroleum1120.00
P G & E (Wasco Service Cntr)1120.00
Bill Wright Toyota41616.77
Blackburn Oil Company41616.20
Upf Corporation2511615.52
Convenience Corner Iii41615.46
Bronco Builders Inc.218413.66
Chevron Pipe Line Company31211.97
Conoco Inc., Rio Viejo Lease1411611.52
Westminster Ceramics L.L.C.1111.00
Kemiron Pacific Inc.1210.00
J.G. Boswell589.88
Dpt Water Resources-Lost Hills4166.97
Jaco Oil Company4166.31
Bidart Bros. Feedlot446.08
Unocal Refining And Mktg Div.4265.96
Continental Grain Company9364.97
Prd Cotton Oil Co Shafter Gin664.73
Ski West Village113.64
Prd Cotton Oil Co Maricopa Gin663.50
Buttonwillow Ginning Co.12133.12
Hunter Resources Oil & Gas6132.99
Gold Ribbon Potato Co442.89
Miracle Feeds Inc141.28
Pyramid Oil Company681.21
Vulcan Materials Co. Bakersfield240.84
J G Boswell Company690.79
Southern California Gas Co110.49
North Of River Sanitary Dist660.13
Unocal Oil & Gas Division330.07
Arthur Mcadams660.00
Tricor Refining, Llc110.00
Atlantic Oil Company110.00
Sowers Properties110.00
Churchill Energy Inc670.00
Chevron Usa Inc110.00
Buttonwillow Ginning Co330.00
Berry Petroleum Company130.00
T Lewy Co Dba Ca Crude Oil Co6190.00
Pyramid Oil Company130.00
Pacific Marketing & Transporta120.00
Berkley Petroleum, Inc.660.00
Chevron Usa Inc120.00
Pace Diversified Corporation660.00
Us Oil & Gas110.00
J P Oil Company Inc660.00
Berkley Petroleum, Inc.6100.00
Tricor Refining, Llc6230.00
Petroleum Production Testing660.00
Trio Petroleum Inc660.00
Shell Pipeline Company Lp110.00
E&B Natural Resources Mgmt Cor660.00
Oxy Usa Inc6790.00
Pacific Pipeline System, Llc120.00
E W Dodge Oil Co130.00
Bellaire Oil Company660.00
Hoyt Energy, L.L.C.660.00
Golden Empire Concrete330.00
Berkley Petroleum Inc660.00
Kiewit Pacific Company5110.00
Chevron Usa Inc120.00
Unocal California Pipeline Co670.00
Longbow, Llc110.00
Chevron U S A Inc6300.00
Hunter Resources Oil & Gas660.00
Gotland Oil660.00
Crimson Resource Management110.00