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Polluters in Imperial County, California
Imperial Irrigation District3910756,086,977.12
Holly Sugar Co 324104791,317.38
U.S. Gypsum Co Plaster City Pt14125715,110.69
Santa Fe Pacific Gold Corp.717271,415.40
U.S. Gypsum Company618227,817.90
Rockwood Gas Turbine Plant618167,834.50
Imperial Resource Recovery Asc3453159,974.66
Val-Rock Inc3162151,980.57
Sfpp, L.P. Imperial Terminal30318123,417.28
Granite Constructin Company61083,586.41
Val-Rock Inc6882,139.31
Plant East Mesa Unit 1115878,628.37
Eight Star Equipment Company6665,047.71
Border Valley Pressing, Inc6654,968.67
Plant East Mesa Pem Unit 5&661050,694.86
Naval Air Facility El Centro36187050,264.63
Granite Construction Company61644,856.30
Wilbur Ellis Co2643,500.00
Granite Construction Company61042,225.80
Gibson'S All Amer. Aggre. Inc.6834,917.50
Desert Alfalfa Mills, Inc84234,251.35
Ryerson Concrete6831,791.26
Ryerson Concrete Co2428,952.00
All American Aggregates6828,453.90
American Girl Mine135127,793.26
Aggregate Products, Inc.61024,671.07
Heber Geothermal44324,280.00
Tripple I Press, Llc.6623,819.48
Farmers Land Leveling6821,436.58
Niland Marina Site282815,117.89
Ross Road & Sprr Disposal Site282815,117.89
Magazine Road Landfill282815,117.89
Magma Electric Co. Cooling Water Basins282815,117.89
Annex Shoveler Mine282815,117.89
Picacho State Park Disposal Site282815,117.89
Golden Eagle Hay Company, Inc.6613,690.60
Santa Fe Pacific Pipe Lines1112,600.00
Laidlaw Environmental Services458112,042.68
Republic Acquisitions Sanitation Lf282811,096.42
Val-Rock, Inc.3510,700.02
Ormesa 21110,566.00
Newmont Mining Corp. Mesquite2210,520.00
New Charleston Power L.P.47639,550.53
Chemgold, Inc9208,888.06
Salton Sea Power Gen/Unit 38847,013.45
Desert Gravel Company686,824.17
Ormesa 1h8416,574.46
Plant East Mesa Unit 29475,600.18
Vulcan Geothermal6265,221.71
Gem 1114,930.80
A. W. Hoch8514,696.98
Niland Cut And Fill Site28284,206.97
Units 1 And 2 Power Plants8383,665.36
J.M. Leathers8513,661.54
J.J. Elmore131463,226.61
Brawley Disposal Site Landfill28282,585.19
Calexico Solid Waste Disposal Site28282,517.88
Red Hill Marina28282,051.99
Salt Creek Slough Illegal Disposal Site28282,051.99
Desert Shores Ds28282,051.99
Railroad St28282,051.99
Holtville Disposal Site Landfill28281,230.09
Imperial Irrig Dist612885.32
Picacho Cut And Fill Site Landfill2828642.63
Planters Cotton Gin46600.00
Palo Verde Cut And Fill Site Landfill2828446.27
Ocotillo Cut And Fill Landfill2828446.27
Calipatria City Landfill2828380.42
Chocolate Mountains Regional Landfill2828380.42
Cruickshank Rd Mals Props / City&Countysit2828380.42
Gsx Services Imperial Valley Facility2828380.42
Andre Road Mals Properties Illegal Site2828380.42
Picacho Peak Mine2828380.42
Brawley Geothermal Development Area2828248.32
Imperial Thermal Products, Inc.2828248.32
Sludge Burial Area2828248.32
Westmorland City Disposal Site2828248.32
Imperial Cotton Products Holtv46200.00
Growers Orita Ginning46200.00
Hot Spa Cut And Fill Site Landfill2828172.54
Earth Energy, Inc.47132.68
Salton City Cut And Fill Site282828.07
St Services130.00
Planters Cotton Gin220.00
Imperial Farmers Cotton Gin460.00
Church Borchard Murphy Gin220.00