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Column information
Polluters in Glenn County, California
A T & T Telecommunications6649.64
A T & T Telecommunications66124.93
A T & T Wireless618929.99
Aba Energy (Heath 10-1)353,660.00
Aba Energy (Hunt 9-1)3315,114.00
Aba Energy (Niehues 4-1)335,328.00
Aba Energy Corp.22218.00
Aba Energy Corporation22876.00
Aba Energy-Reimers Mastr Meter331,136.00
Aggregate Materials Processing222,184.00
Ahl Forest Products1149,796.00
Alder Hotel Site28281,069.83
Alder Station Site2828324.45
Almond By-Products26873.60
Arco Service Station #2094124,860.00
Artois Feed, Inc.52556,623.20
Artois Rice Drier377,133.12
Aspen Exploration Corporation3524,830.00
Baldwin Contract./Road 7643331,039.81
Baldwin Contracting (Astec)620169,314.41
Baldwin Contracting (Stony Cr)662454,870.60
Baldwin Minkler Farms3319.28
Barletta Dehydrator667,214.00
Borges Of California, Inc.110.09
Burrows Oil Company141,114.00
Butte City Dump28286,569.06
C.F. Koehnen & Sons Inc.282,764.20
Cal-Dry Products61228,485.73
Cal-West Seeds241,193.40
California Water Service5927,588.03
California Water Service22286.00
California Water Service24572.00
Caltrans-Willows Maint. Stn.1238.00
Cdf Valley View Conserv. Camp6104,681.50
Chevron #95266127,972.00
Church Demolition Site28286,569.06
Crest Energy, Inc 66450.40
Crest Energy, Inc.3725,268.00
Crest Energy, Inc.3514,648.00
Crest Oil And Gas Mgmt. Corp3319,050.00
Crest Oil And Gas Mgmt. Corp.3312,920.00
Dixon Seed Service241,915.80
Double Ee Liquor Mart127,380.00
Electric Lightwave, Inc.6653.89
Elk Creek Dump2828324.45
Embrey And Stokes Trucking2828324.45
Fire-Trol Holdings, Llc.21010,154.76
Gandy Staley Oil Company141,332.00
Gandy Staley/Four Corners121,260.00
Gandy Staley/Stony Gorge Mrkt.12632.00
Gas 4 Less12686.00
Getter-Ryantosco Plant Willows33964.00
Glenn Co. Haigh Airport Orland11300.00
Glenn County Airport Willows1220.00
Glenn County Hra661,631.50
Glenn County Landfill Site28281,629.67
Glenn Growers42045,380.08
Glenn Medical Center685,116.06
Gotland Oil, Inc.3710,414.00
Gotland Oil, Inc.3715,200.00
Great Western Growers42030,854.08
Hamilton Gas And Minimart121,588.00
Heyrend Lumber Co2828324.45
Holly Sugar Lime Disposal Site28286,569.06
Hydro Conduit Corp4127,759.64
Ice Springs Site2828198.56
J.G Brattan55284.00
Jackpot Food Mart#0402212694.00
Jkl Forest Products, Inc.6650,117.20
Job Corps Site28286,569.06
Johns Manville Corp Landfill28281,069.83
K.C. Resources, Inc. 24790.00
Key Production Company, Inc.3710,994.00
Key Production Company, Inc.356,582.00
Key Production Company, Inc.22526.00
Key Production Company, Inc.3510,206.00
Key Production Company, Inc.22526.00
Key Production Company, Inc.3835,472.00
Key Production Company, Inc.3826,412.00
Key Production Company, Inc.22472.00
Key Production Company, Inc.3525,000.00
Key Production Company, Inc.3510,468.00
Key Production Company, Inc.22264.00
Key Production Company, Inc.355,760.00
Key Production Company, Inc.2280.00
Key Production Company, Inc.3514,216.00
Key Production Company, Inc.337,848.00
Key Production Company, Inc.355,760.00
Key Production Company, Inc.3722,900.00
Key Production Company, Inc.241,210.00
Key Production Company, Inc.3619,134.00
Key Production Company, Inc.3731,572.00
Key Production Company, Inc.22526.00
Land O'Lakes, Inc.61150,908.84
Lario Oil And Gas Company22264.00
Lario Oil And Gas Company22756.00
Lario Oil And Gas Company229,208.00
Lario Oil And Gas Company22264.00
Lario Oil And Gas Company359,682.00
Lario Oil And Gas Company24528.00
Lario Oil And Gas Company22264.00
Lario Oil And Gas Company3521,530.00
Lario Oil And Gas Company356,806.00
Lohse Mill Inc265,265.00
Mcburney, Bettie/Adr Valuation3520,710.00
Mcburney, Bettie/Adr Valuation3520,696.00
Norcal Aircraft Refinishing13344.00
North Valley Propane33316.00
North Valley Recon684,113.32
Olson Meat Company337,160.00
Orland / Hamilton City County Dump28286,569.06
Orland Cfn12236.00
Orland City Dump28281,069.83
Orland Cleaners22968.00
Orland Kwik Serve12690.00
Orland Sand & Gravel Corp.22821,815.67
Orland Sewage Treatment Plant2828198.56
Pacific Gas And Electric241,448.00
Pacific Gas And Electric Co.11372.00
Peterson'S Painting Services664,589.69
Plaskett Site2828198.56
Plaza Farms Prune Dehydrator668,804.00
Rehse Bros Non / Hazardous Drilling Mud Ds2828198.56
Royale Energy Inc.5738,652.00
Royale Energy Inc.3510,986.00
Rumiano Cheese Company661,937.49
Sierra Nevada Cheese Co.223,840.00
Slawson Exploration Co., Inc.3715,064.00
Sohal Sportsman Market12492.00
Spreckels Sugar Company22149.14
Stone Expl. (Marin-Mason 1-25)22264.00
Stone Exploration22264.00
Stone Exploration (Nyberg 1-6)32194,804.00
Sunsweet Dryers5519,854.00
Super Shopper12916.00
T M Duche' Nut Co28286,569.06
T Mc Lumber Service2125,655.24
T.M. Duche Nut Co., Inc.61638,962.31
The Termo Company318191,214.00
The Termo Company22264.00
Thunderhill Park Raceway12782.00
Tosco Bulk/Valley Petro. Wlws122,892.00
Tosco-Valley Petroleum-Orland126,196.00
Tower Mart #85121,584.00
Towne Exp (Transamerica 72-2)22264.00
Towne Exp. (Transamerica 72-1)2252.00
Towne Exploration24104.00
Towne Exploration 45-43528,844.00
Transamerica Development Corp2828324.45
Tri-Union Knight Ranch/M.M.221,052.00
Tri-Union (Lohse 2-14)3542,784.00
Tri-Union Dev. (Lohse 1-13)3515,640.00
Tri-Union Development356,376.00
Tri-Union Development Corp.22264.00
Tri-Union Development Corp.3742,998.00
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service66385.00
Usa Gasoline #3609122,540.00
Usa Gasoline #3680121,854.00
Usa Petroleum Co. #837127,972.00
Valley Rock (Mud Pit)685,467.40
Valley Rock Products - Cord3923096,423.97
Valley Rock Products - Hgwy32226103,047.15
Valley Rock Products Inc Mud Dump Site2828246.83
Venada National31044,184.00
Venoco Inc2478.00
Venoco Inc.2280.00
Venoco, Inc22264.00
Venoco, Inc3525,072.00
Venoco, Inc2280.00
Venoco, Inc2280.00
Venoco, Inc2280.00
Venoco, Inc3524,756.00
Venoco, Inc3380.00
Venoco, Inc 2280.00
Venoco, Inc.3524,918.00
Venoco, Inc.31072,600.00
Venoco, Inc.22170.00
Venoco, Inc.22178.00
Venoco, Inc.2280.00
Venoco, Inc.2280.00
Venoco, Inc.3547,596.00
Venoco, Inc.2280.00
Venoco, Inc.2280.00
Venoco, Inc.3725,444.00
Venoco, Inc.3748,812.00
Venoco, Inc.3724,996.00
Venoco, Inc.24606.00
Venoco, Inc.3725,178.00
Venoco, Inc.3524,918.00
Venoco, Inc.37108,270.00
Venoco, Inc.35109,348.00
Venoco, Inc.3717,754.00
Venoco, Inc.22178.00
Venoco, Inc.2226.00
Venoco, Inc.3725,444.00
Venoco, Inc.222.00
Venoco, Inc.22178.00
Verizon Wireless6111,067.88
Vintage Petroleum (He-2)3359,788.00
Vintage Petroleum (Whyler 18-161246,870.40
Vintage Petroleum 22-13318,560.00
Vintage Petroleum Torres 12-66933,148.00
Vintage Petroleum, Inc2218,114.00
Vintage Petroleum, Inc. 3-138322,974.00
Western Area Power Adm. (Wapa)33404.00
Western Continental Operating3726,654.00
Western Continental Operating22526.00
Western Continental Operating3736,034.00
Western Ready Mix,Inc - Orland21011,968.88
Western Ready Mix,Inc -Willows2106,073.76
Westside Cardlock122,014.00
Whitney Construction, Inc.62831,024.70
Willows Cardlock12736.00
Willows City Dump2828198.56
Willows County Dump28281,069.83
Willows Rice Drier & Storage41213,016.00
Willows Shell121,664.00