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Polluters in Fresno County, California
7-Eleven, Inc41662.45
7-Eleven, Inc41666.20
7-Eleven, Inc41624.01
7-Eleven, Inc41628.93
7-Eleven, Inc41667.96
A Ok Body Shop12580.00
Acme Paving6182,638.55
Act I, Inc11202.50
Actagro, Llc.69531.37
Aera Energy Llc6148345,117.49
Aes Mendota, L.P.4266529,333.71
Ag Formulators Inc.224.20
Ag Formulators, Incorporated61933,891.26
Agrium U S Inc442,683.80
Airways Gin, Inc.6750,111.43
Alta Vista Gin/Murrieta Farm6632,322.63
American Avenue Disposal Site282812,844.85
Anchor Avenue Disposal Site282846,695.66
Anderson Clayton Corp/Burrel142444,553.19
Anderson Clayton Corp/Butte152539,830.37
Anderson Clayton Corp/Idria #16761,320.00
Anderson Clayton Corp/Kerman10106.65
Anderson Clayton Corp/Silver C1652155,168.33
Arco #05588-Bp West Coast Products Llc416490.96
Arco #05730-Bp West Coast Products Llc416765.65
Arco #05785-Bp West Coast Products Llc416523.59
Arco #05796-Bp West Coast Products Llc416527.47
Arco #05878-Bp West Coast Products Llc416426.44
Arco #3615416438.60
Arco Am-Pm416430.30
Arco Mini Mart416281.14
Arrow Electric16439,335.29
Artesia Readymix Concrete, Inc330.00
Artesia Readymix Concrete, Inc330.00
Assign New Site To This Swis No.28281,650.36
At&T Wireless Services6629.48
At&T Wireless Services6629.48
At&T Wireless Services6625.59
At&T Wireless Services6629.48
At&T Wireless Services6629.48
Atapco Office Products Group2817,758.20
Atcheson, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railway Co28281,650.36
Auberry Civic Club Ds282813,179.82
Auberry Energy, Inc.1217793.95
Bag O Bag41620.96
Baker Commodities, Inc145642,899.85
Balch Camp Disposal Site282813,179.82
Bardeaux S A Ltd3427,958.31
Basque French Bakery69362.84
Bayer Crop Science112.20
Beacon #3491416375.54
Beacon #3504416213.00
Beacon #3640416343.94
Beacon #3659416549.01
Beacon #3691416360.42
Beacon Oil Company #3618416333.80
Beacon Oil Company (#3612)416582.44
Beacon Oil Service Station 537416379.76
Beacon/Arco #3616416595.13
Belmont Boats123,615.08
Bert Berg'S Disposal Site282846,695.66
Big Blue Hills Lf / Fresno County282810,026.98
Big Creek Municipal Disposal Site (Usfs)28281,650.36
Big Creek, So Cal Edison Disposal Area2828313.63
Bor-All Enterprises, Inc.416215.18
Boyett Petroleum416195.90
Boyett Petroleum41678.45
Brad'S Auto Body382,291.62
Brenntag West, Inc360.00
Bretz Mill Solid Waste Disposal Site28281,650.36
Britz Fertilizer3101,756.76
Britz Fertilizer Co11120.00
Britz Incorporated5634,910.87
Broadview Coop Gin Inc141451,647.71
Buchmin Industries810132,001.03
Buckner By Storm124.00
Buckner By Storm5315,812.45
Buggy Bath416186.49
Buggy Bath416413.21
Buggy Bath Car Wash (Chevron)416148.98
Builders Concrete32111,449.57
Builders Concrete32421,158.26
Builders Concrete Inc6123,093.31
Builders Concrete, Inc.31856,637.25
C L Bryant416219.36
C&B Arco Dba H&R Enterprises416324.51
C&M Enterprises/Dba Sterling Cleaners111,674.00
Cal-State Upholstery1140.00
Calaveras Materials Inc.31633,545.60
Calaveras Materials Inc.37258,669.20
Calif State Prison - Coalinga108626,972.41
Calif State University, Fresno11778,872.76
California Dairies, Inc.94570,468.09
California-Fresno Oil Co416702.31
California-Fresno Oil Co4161,229.94
Calmat Co.5150.00
Calmat Co.5150.03
Calmat Co.5920,536.22
Calmat Of Fresno3214,757.72
Camp 19 Us Forest Svc Sequoia Nat'L For282846,695.66
Cantisano Foods Inc662,688.40
Cantua Cooperative Gin, Inc.61528,492.55
Cellulo Company62116,380.92
Central Ca Almond Growers Assc31319,668.20
Central Ca Almond Growers Assc31814,003.24
Certified Ad Services53626,047.44
Champion Parts Western Divisio1814581,268.90
Chapel Of Light5050108.51
Chateau Fresno Landfill282816,943.64
Chemical Waste Management / Coalinga2828313.63
Chester Alexanian Cull Fruit Ds28281,650.36
Chestnut Avenue Landfill282810,319.12
Chevron - Coalinga/Kettleman24199910,159.32
Chevron Service Station4162.21
Chevron Usa416257.28
Chevron Usa416322.87
Chevron Usa Coalinga Area Fuel Terminal28281,650.36
Chevron Usa Inc48973858,986.04
Chevron Usa Inc Ss #2020416297.65
Chevron Usa Inc., #92133416803.85
Chevron Usa, Inc. #92316416613.87
Chooljian Bros Packing Co5947,291.27
Circle K # 873441683.13
Circle K #875541698.11
City Of Clovis660.25
City Of Fresno Flt Mgt/Wwtp1116.20
City Of Fresno Landfill2828797.73
City Of Fresno, Public Works15718,192.51
City Of Reedley6672.18
City Of Sanger Disposal Site2828313.63
Clovis Community Hospital661,356.58
Clovis Landfill28284,578.31
Coalinga Cogeneration Co262692,281.72
Coalinga Disposal Site Landfill28281,905.64
Coalinga Farmers Co-Op Gin330.00
Coit Ranch4428,045.89
Community Alzheimers Living Ct6660.07
Conocophillips Company - 25086141696.18
Conocophillips Company - 254907416168.06
Conocophillips Company - 255663416220.97
Conocophillips Company - 255938416105.66
Conocophillips Company - 256361416212.59
Conocophillips Company - 256837416352.66
Conocophillips Company - 257424416255.24
Conocophillips Company - 2705738416269.60
Contec Industries, Inc11540.00
Costco Wholesale416309.78
Craycroft Brick Inert Site282813,179.82
Creations Manufacturing Inc.3587,696.40
D'S Mini Mart41637.56
Darling International Inc.62183,511.35
De Francesco & Sons Inc.648203,914.59
Del Monte Foods Plant No. 2555301.12
Del Rey Landfill282813,179.82
Dos Palos City Disposal Site2828313.63
Duncan Ceramics715585.61
Durand-Wayland Machinery Inc172,332.90
Dynamis, Inc./ Sanger Power156727,042.77
E & J Gallo Winery74250,404.17
E-Z Trip Fresno416923.28
Elo Guy / Miramonte Landfill282846,695.66
Emerzian Woodworking364,067.94
Equilon Enterprises Llc41611.72
Equilon Enterprises Llc416301.38
Equilon Enterprises Llc416227.87
Equilon Enterprises Llc416230.40
Equilon Enterprises Llc416299.54
Equilon Enterprises Llc416361.06
Falcon Cleaners Too114,212.00
Family Express Food & Liquor41658.12
Farmers Firebaugh Ginning Co.156444,825.80
Farmers Rice Co-Op61616,531.83
Fashion Fair Chevron416333.37
Fastrip Food Store416177.20
Fastrip Food Store416176.81
Fastrip Food Store #4-890416316.86
Fastrip Oil Co Lp416186.20
Fastrip Oil Company L P416445.13
Fed Ex662.80
Fiberglass Unlimited Inc37662.52
Fifth Wheel Truck Stop11140.00
Firebaugh City282813,179.82
Firebaugh Gas & Mini Mart41665.28
First & Barstow Tower Gas416115.32
Fleet Card Fuels41676.14
Flying Andre'S Gas41672.27
Foster Farms Fresno Plant11800.00
Foster Feed Sales - Burrell12516,459.58
Four M Cleaners11337.50
Fowler City Disposal Site28281,650.36
Fowler Dehydrator3754,745.62
Frankwood Avenue Disposal Site282846,695.66
Franzia Sanger111,750.00
Fred Horn3319.46
Fred Taulbee Tire Landfill282813,179.82
Fresno Bee62121,454.62
Fresno Cogeneration Partners6213,294.66
Fresno Irrigation District Concrete Ds282813,179.82
Fresno Madera Area Agency On A624485.11
Fresno State Disposal Site2828313.63
Fresno Valves & Castings, Inc.178742,618.50
Fresno Waste Systems Inc282846,695.66
Fresno Woodworking Inc.37638.14
Fresno/Clovis Regional Wwtp654406,403.63
Friant Road Inert Disposal Site2828313.63
Fruehauf Trailer Operations5662,547.00
G Mart416135.66
Gabriel'S Disposal Site282846,695.66
Gage, George Inc Landfill28281,650.36
Gap, Inc.6184,141.46
Garreks Inc416466.81
Garreks Inc Dba Bubble Clean416631.09
Gateway Shell416244.60
General Cable Company3411.70
Gentz Construction 2282813,179.82
Gentz Construction Aka Gentz Inert Ds282846,695.66
Giffen Solid Waste Disposal Site28281,650.36
Gill'S Texaco416123.42
Glenn Meadow, Us Forest Svc282846,695.66
Gold Coast Pistachio6244,258.13
Golden State Vintners6246,834.34
Golden State Vintners11250.00
Granite Construction Company1124.00
Granite Construction, Coalinga61344,829.53
Greenway Autobody115,380.00
Gruma Corporation67815,165.44
Grundfos Pumps Corporation6203,009.57
Guardian Industries Corp.20522,919,435.03
Guild Wineries & Distilleries6214,528.17
H&R Gunlund Ranches, Inc336,883.20
Harris Ranch416624.82
Harris Ranch Feed Lot1140.00
Hazel H Heusser Trust660.00
Helena Chemical Company383.55
Highland / Saginaw Ave Disposal Site28281,650.36
Hume Lake Landfill282813,179.82
Huron Ginning Co617107,250.37
Hyde Park Disposal Site28281,650.36
Ice Bucket416280.34
Industrial Asphalt24382,296.26
Industrial Asphalt23241,425.12
Irs-Fresno Service Center6511,856.04
Italian Bar Disposal Site2828313.63
J'S Oasis416226.21
J. Market And Gas41646.82
J.M. Cabinets & Furniture34955.20
J.R. Simplot Company1038100,276.84
Jack In The Box, Inc416301.94
Jaco Oil Company41677.24
James Mckoane Enterprises, Inc1160.00
Jcw Co.310401.29
Jefferson Smurfit (Container C62917,002.39
Johnny Quik Food Store #117416236.48
Johnny Quik Food Store #149416236.04
Johnny Quik Food Store #15141635.40
Johnny Quik Food Store #155416267.56
Johnny Quik Food Store #1715171,524.60
Johnny Quik Food Stores #159416335.40
Jones Cleaning Center112,581.20
K'S Food Mart & Gas (Gurjit Kaur)41682.49
K.P. Iron Foundry Inc52231,704.56
Kaiser Diggins Disposal Site2828313.63
Kaiser Permanente Med Center61515,474.55
Kamm Avenue Disposal Site282813,179.82
Kash / City Of Parlier Inert Ds28281,650.36
Kearneys' Brass Works Inc330.00
Kearneys' Machine Works269.34
Kearneys' Manufacturing33858.23
Kennedy Landfill282846,695.66
Kerman Co-Op Gin & Warehouse 1569,542.04
Kevin'S Cabinets36509.28
Killman City Ds282846,695.66
Kingsburg Cleaners11126.90
Kingsburg Cogeneration Proj.174136,144.79
Lamanuzzi & Pantaleo671,748.70
Lamont Limited449,172.00
Lamoure'S Cleaners11526.50
Lamoure'S Cleaners11783.00
Lamoure'S Cleaners111,309.50
Lamoure'S Cleaners111,309.50
Lamoure'S Cleaners11796.50
Lamoure'S Cleaners1115,619.50
Lamoure'S Cleaners111,039.50
Lamoure'S Cleaners111,309.50
Lamoure'S Cleaners111,053.00
Lamoure'S Cleaners111,957.50
Lamoure'S Cleaners11945.00
Lamoure'S Inc11526.50
Lamoure'S Inc11810.00
Lamoure'S Inc.11405.00
Larry'S Mastercraft Auto Plant6306,622.98
Lassen Avenue Landfill282846,695.66
Laton Co-Op Gin, Inc.15164,114.48
Laton Disposal Site28281,650.36
Lion Packing Company61044,248.24
Lithia Nissan Hyundai41610.30
Lone Star Dehydrator61322,359.16
Long Beach Oil Development Co63024,188.92
Los Gatos Tomato Products63953,587.94
Lost Lake Landfill282813,179.82
Lowell Hill Rd Refuse Site282846,695.66
Lucky Gas And Liquor41630.95
M.D. Wesson Disposal Site2828313.63
M.H. Whittier Corporation81981,686.10
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodywork128,740.00
Maguire'S Airport Chevron416159.75
Meadow Lakes District Disposal Site282846,695.66
Mendota City28281,650.36
Mi-Rancho Tortilla661,306.18
Mike Demirjian Trucking Servic11226.66
Modern Custom Fabrication Inc.22163.00
Modern Welding2438,944.00
Mono Creek Landfill282813,179.82
Mt. Whitney Ginning Co.6615.73
New World Pasta93622,122.95
Nielson Ave Dumpsite282846,695.66
Nordman Of California62415,488.72
North Fresno Collision Center681,380.00
Nuevo Energy Company140.00
Oilseeds International661,854.96
Old Coalinga Dumpsite28281,650.36
One Hour Martinizing111,571.40
One Hour Martinizing113,404.70
One Hour Martinizing111,309.50
One Hour Martinizing111,309.50
One Hour Martinizing112,357.10
One Hour Martinizing111,571.40
Orange Avenue Disposal Inc282813,339.50
Orange Cove Disposal Site282813,179.82
Pacific Coast Packaging Corp142134,723.16
Pacific Pima Gin Company Inc.5579,040.00
Pactiv Corporation722182,799.50
Panoche Ginning Company121660,635.86
Penny Wise416206.05
Petro Group Ii41634.77
Pic 'N' Go #2416109.27
Pine Flat, U.S. Forest Service282846,695.66
Pioneer Equipment Co117.74
Ponderosa Paint Co., Inc.3106,937.29
Powerhouse 8 Disposal Site282813,179.82
Ppg Industries Inc.17117735,523.19
Producers Dairy Foods Inc.1116,919.00
Pvo Foods Inc.124.25
Quick N E-Z, Inc41674.43
Raghbir S Batth Dba Sanger De562,495.80
Rainbo Baking Company1129151,129.84
Ranchers Cotton Oil732121.08
Red Carpet Car Wash41629.59
Red Carpet Car Wash41690.70
Regency Cleaners112,095.20
Regency Cleaners111,833.30
Regency Cleaners11523.80
Rice Road Landfill2828726.56
Rio Bravo Fresno5780452,505.00
Riverdale Disposal Site282813,179.82
Rmc Pacific Materials346,451.47
Rosenbalm Rockery39893.20
Ruegg / Golden State Disposal Site28281,650.36
Safety Kleen Systems, Inc62025,180.10
Saint Agnes Medical Center67249,841.65
Saint Agnes Medical Center6664.92
Sam'S Market4165.15
Sample Meadow2828313.63
Samson Resources Company230231,040.00
San Joaquin Dumpsite282846,695.66
San Joaquin Valley Express661,406.00
San Joaquin Valley Rehab. Hosp66127.26
Sanger Boats, Inc.42029,587.12
Sanger City Landfill2828313.63
Santa Fe Energy Resources Inc.2782720,061.80
Sc Johnson Home Storage Inc1511813,404.39
Sealed Air Corporation22375.20
Second Generation Llc416343.78
Seed Services, Inc.33480.00
Selma Chevron416112.37
Selma Disposal Site282813,179.82
Selma Exxon416165.65
Selma Quick Stop416135.96
Sem Group, Inc.41684.01
Sfpp, L.P.616136,173.80
Shamshoian, John Disposal Site28281,650.36
Shaver Lake Disposal Site2828313.63
Shaver Lake Disposal Site / Archived28281,650.36
Shell California Pipeline Comp6120.00
Shell Pipeline Company Lp64837,892.38
Shell Pipeline Company Lp160.00
Shell Pipeline Company Lp6122,427.88
Shell Western E & P Inc.3310431,326.79
Shop N Quick #2416138.34
Siebert Oil416274.03
Sierra Engineering163,013.12
Sierra Marina, Inc.142,200.00
Sierra Vista Mall #5526613.99
Silgan Containers Manufac Corp1730761.52
Simone Fruit Co., Inc.662,749.00
Simonian Fruit Company221,799.16
Six Jewels61311,120.76
Snake Road Disp Site2828313.63
Snappy Food & Liquor (Mander/Dhillon)416142.52
Snappy Food Store41661.37
South Valley Materials Inc3917,107.39
Southeast Regional Solid Waste Disposal2828215.53
Spano River Ranch282813,179.82
Spolsdoff Enterprises, Inc.41632.68
Spreckels Sugar Company27103223,475.26
Star 1 Mart416110.37
Sun-Maid Growers Of California6656,750.98
Sun-Maid Growers,Orange Cove8328,650.65
Sunniland Fruit Inc11740.00
Sunnyside Food & Liquor416240.52
Sunnyside Packing Company221.67
Sunrise Mini Mart41660.69
Superior French Drycleaners11742.50
Sustainable Farm Supply, Inc.66332.14
T & J Arco & Mini Mart416115.19
T H Agriculture & Nutrition Co, Inc282813,179.82
Texaco Refining & Marketing416271.85
Tkv Containers, Inc.6302,164.94
Toma-Tek Inc254637,427.78
Toter Inc64527,360.18
Tranquility District282846,695.66
Triangle Rock Prods. Fowler120.06
Trimmer Spings, Us Forest Service282813,179.82
Ttti Panoche Pump Station111126.03
Ultramar Inc #3787416586.97
Ultramar, Inc. #3481416523.60
University Medical Center6448,179.28
University Of California Davis66258.38
Unocal Oil And Gas Division20479534.29
Utility Trailer Sales Company111,260.00
Vallee Food Stores416167.44
Vallee Foods #17416146.00
Valley Chrome Plating Inc.2311.00
Valley Gas416215.02
Valley Gas41653.56
Valley Ginning, Llc151627,795.62
Valley Medical Center3530.40
Valley Pacific Petroleum Service416320.34
Vcs #441694.70
Vendo Company6215,442.01
Verizon California66598.86
Verizon California66937.72
Viking Industries Inc Landfill2828313.63
Viking Ready Mix330.00
Wade Rain Micro Irrigation522507.92
Weir Floway Inc.1130.00
Wesson, M.D.282813,179.82
West And Shaw Arco416165.76
West Valley Cotton Growers Inc121542,202.54
Westfield Ginning Co.132320.17
Westside 76416366.73
Westside Farmers Coop #2 & #31634120,357.79
Westside Farmers Coop Gin #210109.22
Westside Farmers Coop Gin #616176,433.09
Westside Farmers Coop. Gin162924.36
Westside Stations, Inc.517976.91
Wilbur-Ellis Company313125.51
Zacky Farms5116.85