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Column information
Polluters in Contra Costa County, California
A-1 Martin'S Auto Body Shop33101.97
Ac Transit12490.38
Accent Counter Tops Inc 2264.71
Access Auto Body Shop13398.19
Accurate Auto462,696.34
Accurate Auto Body & Paint341,110.21
Acme Auto Body1163.54
Acme Fill Corporation2934170,181.99
Acme Packaging Corporation254,196.04
Action Printers134,410.00
Advance Auto Body36957.27
Advanced Body & Frame45794.86
Aerotest Operations, Inc1152.80
Air Prods. Mfg. Corp. Martinez Waterfront Rd113,788.00
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc61420,843.90
Airgas Dry Ice1235,496.00
Alamo 1 Hour Cleaners221,340.23
Albertsons #702066266.68
Albertsons #706266371.01
Albertsons #706666266.68
All Custom Wood Works131,433.37
Allied Chemical Company / Pittsburg282863,237.99
Allied Waste Industries57549.44
Allied Waste Industries2212,841.29
Allied Waste Industries (Kelle1819795,914.07
Am-Vi Auto Body And Paint3427.20
American Auto Painting493,325.31
American Cleaners22715.72
American Cleaners 11411.47
American Color Graphics74867,221.37
American Marble2214,647.97
American Roofing Industries 110.00
Amot Controls Corporation 114.57
Anchor Landfill28281,305.02
Andy'S Auto Body3314.03
Andy'S T-Shirts4158,193.91
Angel'S Cleaners 11634.07
Another Time Antiques241,093.60
Antioch Auto Body Inc31210,399.34
Antioch Building Materials22428.94
Antioch Building Materials Com72629,195.19
Antioch City Dump28287,906.20
Antioch Disposal Service Landfill / Lynch Site282863,237.99
Antioch Rock & Ready Mix352,343.32
Antioch Rock & Ready Mix282,177.83
Appian 80 Express Cleaners11944.35
Aqua Graphic Technology Usa12940.64
Arco Products Co-Richmond Term6526,340.78
Armand'S Auto Upholstery Inc1129.23
Arran Metal Decoratng 45695.82
Asbury Graphite Inc Of Calif221,954.80
Asml Optics Llc11501.60
Astral Autocraft Inc1238.14
Atasca Resources Inc13536.31
Ats Products Inc1232,920.00
Ats Products Inc 11793.37
Ats Products, Inc 111,079.26
B Of A, Corporate Real Estate8326,651.02
B Woodmore Painting251,937.97
B-Line Cleaners 11556.49
Baf Complete Auto Care 2290.94
Bay Area Pallet Co 101011.23
Bay Area/Diablo Petroleum7243,672.42
Bay Auto Body & Stripping252,497.84
Bay Ship & Yacht Company373,069.15
Bel Air Cleaners 11971.34
Ben'S Auto Body Shop23255.98
Benchmark Fixture Corporation134,091.51
Benz Auto112.01
Berlex Laboratories, Inc8384,472.15
Bernal Auto Body Inc3116,549.49
Best Auto Painting45803.79
Best Cleaners 111,200.68
Bethel Island28281,715.36
Bill Nelson Chevrolet Inc3107,876.69
Bio Rad Laboratories342,004.74
Bio-Rad Laboratories10229,158.41
Bio-Rad Laboratories362,271.83
Bio-Rad Laboratories11360.18
Blessed Cleaners 111,457.68
Bob'S Washette Cleaners22736.25
Boc Gases1229,903.00
Bombardier Transportation Hold82820,177.99
Bostrom'S Autoxcellence 25524.48
Bp Oil Company120.23
Bp West Coast Products, Llc14641,387.90
Brentwood Auto Body121,185.29
Brentwood Auto Body110.00
Bridgehead Dry Dock34926.57
Broadway Auto Body/Dick Mancin26960.18
Busy Bee Cleaners221,594.20
Butler-Conti Dodge 1140.43
Byron Power Company,C/O Ridgew8404,746.59
C & H Sugar Company, Inc11156289,944.39
Ca Newsrack Refurbishing Co 22124.28
Cabinet Coats131,685.36
Calex Manufacturing Co, Inc372,615.80
California & Hawaiian Sugar Ds282863,237.99
California Auto Body142,576.79
California Expanded Metal Prod78704.44
California Lithographers11126,396.49
California Oils Corporation951319,712.69
Calpine Pittsburg Llc849932,530.46
Camp Stoneman282863,237.99
Casey'S Auto Repair387,641.52
Cathey'S Body Shop45378.60
Central Concrete Supply A Us C21612,586.94
Central Concrete Supply, Inc21012,145.15
Central Contra Costa Sanitary 91822.50
Central Contra Costa Sanitary1524358.16
Central Contra Costa Sanitary2268246,947.60
Central Contra Costa Transit A181,223.20
Chemical And Pigment Company 3634.51
Chemicals And Pigments Company / Pittsburg28281,715.36
Chevron Chemical Company7193,068.02
Chevron Inc7281,011.11
Chevron Lf 15 / Pollard Pond28287,906.20
Chevron Products Co7258,489.47
Chevron Products Company35167913,629,225.44
Chevron Research And Technolog2016413,420.30
Chevron Usa / "Old" Site2828285.51
Chevron Usa / Richmond Burn Dump282863,237.99
Chevron Usa Landfarm2828285.51
Chevrontexaco Business And Rea81688,861.45
City Of Antioch66215.97
City Of Brentwood11601.69
City Of Richmond810398.13
City Of Richmond Water Polluti20213,839.33
City Of San Pablo Police Dept66251.62
Classic Auto Body & Painting241,721.60
Classic Cleaners221,077.75
Classic Cleaning Of Walnut Cre22713.94
Clean Cleaners Of Moraga221,618.51
Clean Cleaners Of Orinda12866.26
Clean Cleaners Of Orinda,Inc 11715.01
Clemes & Clemes Inc146,269.21
Cm Farr Metal Construction Inc11104.00
Concord Auto Body & Frame 11196.86
Concord Graphic Arts151,875.07
Concord Iron Works, Inc568,008.34
Conocophillips - San Francisco299358,594,134.54
Container Management Service-L103710,060.89
Container Storage489,776.84
Contra Costa Auto Body & Paint121,163.18
Contra Costa Body Shop232,302.04
Contra Costa Cabinetry Inc2477.63
Contra Costa Co Office Of Ed/R4792.54
Contra Costa College2213.36
Contra Costa County15301,826.14
Contra Costa Newspapers1215,322.00
Contra Costa Newspapers Inc61029,104.19
Contra Costa Regional Medical13542,730.68
Contra Costa Sanitary Landfill14281,945.18
Contra Costa Sanitation Distr22567.47
Contra Costa Vinyl Service22263.27
Contra Costa Water Dist, Bollman Wtr Trt28287,906.20
Cook'S Collision373,723.55
Cooks Collision121,757.94
Cooks Collision143,083.10
Coughran Mechanical Services,66843.03
Country Club Cleaners234,196.77
Courteous Cleaners 11233.84
Craftsman Trade Press13940.00
Creekside Cleaners222,062.12
Criterion Catalysts Company Lp10157164,088.06
Crockett Auto Body252,111.09
Crockett Cogeneration, A Cal L945532,381.89
Crockett Landfill28287,906.20
Crocketts Premier Auto Body141,474.04
Crow Canyon Cleaners221,888.38
Crystal Cleaners11566.61
Custom Auto Body And Restorati241,197.01
Custom Cleaners22674.04
Cypress Cleaners221,101.46
D&S Body Shop231,311.78
Dahl-Beck Electric22808.00
Dana Cleaners22559.33
Dana Cleaners11242.83
Data 22415.95
De La Salle High School77184.92
Del Monte Foods Research Cente10222,650.04
Del Norte Cleaners 11830.23
Delta Diablo Sanitation66479.47
Delta Diablo Sanitation Distri1131125,617.34
Delta Energy Center1769717,965.66
Delta Fair Cleaners221,332.59
Diablo Lincoln-Mercury Inc6131,745.31
Diablo Mazda/Subaru11616.00
Diablo Services Corp 220.24
Dicon Fiberoptics Inc671,664.13
Distinctive Skylights237,389.28
Doctors Hospital Of Pinole782,702.64
Dow Chemical Company25226166,849.44
Dryclean Usa 11337.27
Dutch Girl Cleaners 112,476.90
Dutra Materials/San Rafael Roc152515,323.21
E-Tech Collision131,097.73
Earl Scheib Of California Inc134,950.45
Earthquake Protection Systems341,815.89
East Bay Batch361,135.06
East Bay Body Shop474,509.56
East Bay Municipal Utility Dis6627,108.12
East Bay Municipal Utility Dis6125,468.65
East Bay Municipal Utility Dis66174.33
East Bay Municipal Utility Dis11233.33
El Portal One Hour Cleaners An221,934.16
El Sobrante Body & Fender 2452.01
El Sobrante Cleaners 1133.73
Electro Forming Company110.01
Envent Corporation551,151.68
Environmental Resolutions Inc112,102.79
Etch-Tek Electronics Corporati12636.00
European Enterprise132,040.44
Exxon C/O Environmental Resolu1172.20
Exxon C/O Environmental Resolu120.99
Exxon C/O Eri111.40
Exxon Company Usa C/O Environm22114.34
Exxon Company Usa C/O Eri110.08
Fashion Cleaners 11269.82
Fashion Cleaners12254.29
Faultless Cleaners22807.45
Fenton Maclaren Ltd277,560.30
Fermin'S Auto Body Repair13519.19
Fiberglass Representatives 21022,794.87
Five Star Cleaners234,177.33
Flo Dor Manufacturing111,114.35
Fontaine Cleaner 11424.96
Four Mile Cleaners 11580.10
Frank De Rosa Autobody22130.32
Fred'S One Hour Cleaners, Inc111,349.08
Freeway Embankment Dump Site28281,715.36
Ftg Construction Materials2213.26
Fuhrer Paint Werkz37573.23
Fujii Nursery Company, Inc 221.13
Fulton Shipyard Inc224.90
G & K Services, Inc813235,616.49
Gary Crandell Auto Restoration3316.61
Gatx Terminals Corporation 220.08
Gaylord Container Corporation 48767.42
Gaylord Container Corporation 2535,792.53
General Chemical Corporation1018456,747.27
General Chemical Corporation134177,213.63
Georgia Pacific Corporation1597351,929.76
Giant / Pinole Point Properties282863,237.99
Giga-Tronics, Inc 221.59
Glenn'S Auto Body 2253.52
Gomez Auto Body142,476.53
Gotland Oil Company120.00
Gotland Oil Inc135,096.43
Grace Cleaners11755.48
Granite Construction Company62512,021.15
Great American Dry Cleaning 11392.39
Great American Drycleaning Est11586.85
Green Products Company31111,219.32
Gwf Power Systems,Lp (Site 1)1740259,382.34
Gwf Power Systems,Lp (Site 2)1843263,803.91
Gwf Power Systems,Lp (Site 3)1738249,999.51
Gwf Power Systems,Lp (Site 4)1833197,504.12
Gwf Power Systems,Lp (Site 5)1642276,792.06
Hallmark Cleaners11675.00
Hamlin Cleaners11301.80
Hanson Aggregates63246,413.08
Hanson Aggregates 110.11
Harbor Printing 13252.73
Harris Yacht Harbor, Inc 111.25
Hasa Inc1117.60
Haws Import Auto Body Inc396,203.32
Herald'S Cleaners, Inc22753.45
Hercules Cleaners 11380.44
Hercules Incorporated Site2828285.51
Hercules Wastewater Treatment993.65
Hexcel Corp28281,715.36
Highlander Cleaning Center 11536.83
Hillcrest Cleaners22665.82
Hilltop Buick Pontiac Gmc246,864.67
Hilltop Cleaners 11803.45
Hosanna Cleaners11141.12
Hosanna Cleaners 111,133.22
Hull'S Walnut Creek Chapel714287.32
Imperial Cleaners221,026.01
Imtt Richmond Ca117317,499.00
Independent Auto Body And Pain22710.50
Independent Import Auto Body24548.69
Inland Container Corporation61816,846.73
Ironhouse Sanitary District13141,000.64
Irs 1 Hr Cleaners Inc 11406.07
It Corporation, Vine Hill Faci118,394.49
J & B International Auto Care4663.73
J & C Body Shop Inc382,411.52
J'S F&M Cleaners 111,123.05
Jack'S Auto Body & Repair 222.51
Jersey Island Ash Disposal Site28281,715.36
Jess Enterprises24765.90
Jim'S Auto Body Antioch147,243.79
Jim'S Calif Auto Body, Inc132,876.87
Jim'S California Auto Body242,609.66
Jim'S California Auto Body, In3126,270.05
Jim`S California Auto Body, In23697.22
Jk Cleaning Company221,031.30
Joe Russo Automotive Painting131,308.93
John Muir Medical Center12504,178.13
John Stanley Auto Body - Fabri361,379.82
Johns Manville Corporation1145111,219.09
K & J Graphics2115,881.64
K & S Body Shop 231.30
Kaiser Foundation Hospital11589,097.57
Kaiser Permanente15654,840.97
Kaiser Permanente Medical Cent1018217.32
Karber'S Auto Body361,415.29
Kee'S Auto Body56256.08
Keefe Kaplan Maritime Inc374,991.55
Keep-U-Neat Cleaners 11940.98
Kellog Creek Agregates,Inc24540.06
Kemwater North America Company229.80
Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminal65438,076.73
Kleen N Brite Cleaners 11323.78
Kleen N Brite Cleaners11490.42
Knight'S Auto Restoration 1115.68
Koch Carbon, Llc22170.54
La Tech Auto Body12210.73
Ladane Printing 11103.53
Lafayette Auto Body, Inc123,782.53
Lamorinda Cleaners22974.55
Lamothe Cleaners 111,156.83
Landry Service Co Inc120.01
Lasting Impressions Printing,152,496.80
Lehmer'S Oldsmobile Inc5113,707.62
Levin Richmond Terminal Corpor155880,626.80
Liberty Press12914.00
Lime Ridge Open Space2828285.51
Lindys Auto Rebuilders1149.50
Lithia Auto Body276,432.64
Lloyd Gordon Manufacturing Com13856.66
Loctite Aerospace125120,312.38
Los Angeles Chemical9113,167.58
Los Medanos Energy Center62454,154.97
Lucky 7 Auto Body & Custom'S12257.21
M & P One Hour Cleaner 11634.07
M2 Collision Care Centers8146,922.47
M2 Collision Care Centers121,595.56
M2 Collison Care Center163,167.15
Maaco Auto Painting And Bodywo1413,165.99
Magnussen'S Walnut Creek Auto231,568.16
Major Town Cleaners221,678.28
Marble Shop, Inc224,160.69
Market Place Cleaners 111,001.27
Marsh Canyon Sanitary Landfill2828285.51
Marshall Steel Cleaners 11876.90
Marshall Steel Cleaners221,172.95
Marshall Steel Drycleaners22652.80
Martindale Cleaners 111,200.68
Martinez Auto Body272,409.80
Martinez City Rubbish2828285.51
Martinez Cogen Limited Partner842491,049.13
Martinez Landfill (Old)28287,906.20
Marvac Scientific Mfg Company1166.59
Max Design Inc231,040.88
Mega Sand Inc 1037422.87
Melgoza'S Yacht Refinishing12679.68
Mendelson Autobody 1110.65
Michael Stead'S Concord Chrysl2318.81
Micro Metals24906.73
Micronized Ultra Tech Inc66612.45
Micronized Ultra Tech Inc77925.27
Mike Rose'S Auto Body Inc121,277.24
Mike Rose'S Auto Body Inc162,448.34
Mike Rose'S Auto Body Of Walnu24915.38
Mike Rose'S Auto Body, Inc5143,851.41
Miracle Auto Painting 119.03
Miracle Auto Painting143,708.95
Miracle Auto Painting156,186.69
Mirant Delta, Llc402796,133,981.83
Mirant Delta, Llc42852,200,759.70
Monsanto Company9225,389.83
Monument Cleaners22831.84
Mount Diablo Medical Center, P10426,160.55
Mount Diablo State Park Disposal Site2828324.45
Msc Pinole Point Steel Inc 255.51
Msc Pre Finish Metals Inc 184962,203.37
Mt View Sanitary District6123,729.54
Mt View Sanitary District1012815.44
Myers Container Corporation111618,436.67
Naval Weapons Station - Inland1552284.26
Naval Weapons Station - Tidal66419.94
Ned Clyde2828285.51
New Ngc, Inc92779,057.07
Nor-Cal Perlite, Inc7166,967.42
Norge Village Cleaner221,953.86
Norge Village Cleaners22662.24
Norge Village Cleaners11521.14
North Richmond Properties Inc440.47
O K Cleaners22599.52
Oak View Memorial Park715447.99
Oakley 1 Hour Dry Cleaners221,011.31
Omo'S Fabricare Cleaners11405.92
One Hour Cleaners221,195.34
One Hour Cleaners221,613.15
One Hour Cleaners221,440.73
One Hour Holbrook Cleaners11357.51
Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc12308.80
Ordaz Cultured Marble And Onyx259,420.94
Orinda Cleaners221,220.17
P T Systems Inc11404.62
Pabco Roofing Company882,864.37
Pacific Auto Body Shop2221.19
Pacific Bell66213.97
Pacific Bell66324.90
Pacific Bell66241.62
Pacific Bell66213.97
Pacific Bell66184.22
Pacific Bell66758.73
Pacific Bell662,460.77
Pacific Bell66241.62
Pacific Bell66213.97
Pacific Bell66152.57
Pacific Bell66487.47
Pacific Bell66324.90
Pacific Bell661,097.63
Pacific Bell6122,803.42
Pacific Bell66253.62
Pacific Bell Corp66481.47
Pacific Bell Corporation66782.98
Pacific Bell Corporation66506.00
Pacific Body Works34393.39
Pacific Custom Materials Inc738603,256.09
Pacific Gas & Electric Co 5100.43
Pacific Gas & Electric Co82410,622.16
Pacific Gas & Electric Company221,186.45
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa551,258.72
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa55314.68
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa6114,037.53
Pacific Hard Chrome110.09
Pacific Service Credit Union66362.54
Paint Master Auto Body Shop 4481.56
Palecek Imports142,467.77
Palecek Imports4818,968.71
Park Lake Cleaners22564.78
Park Place Discount Cleaners225,734.98
Parker Hannifin Corp, Veriflo141,095.20
Parker-Robb Chevrolet, Inc3143,430.99
Parkway Cleaners 111,079.26
Pasha Services471,187.82
Penguin Cleaners22510.33
Peshon'S Cleaning Specialist11269.82
Pilgrim Fireplace Equipment Co451,761.90
Pinole Cleaners11762.23
Pinole-Hercules Wastewater Tre19403,361.77
Pittsburg Disposal Site Landfill282863,237.99
Plaza Auto Body24929.40
Pleasant Hill Collision Repair33555.31
Pmi Mortgage Insurance Co6121,072.35
Point Richmond Quarry Inc151933,910.95
Polychemie, Inc351,432.62
Precision Cabinets & Trim11018,815.33
Precision Paint & Collision121,376.38
Production Specialties Company11914.25
Professional Automotive Enterp34874.05
Professional Finishing82010,586.15
Quala Systems, Inc12964.90
Queen Cleaners22539.09
R&K Industrial Products Inc584,174.68
Radiant Color107133,795.90
Rainbow Auto Body & Paint Shop23604.28
Recycling Center And Transfer222,699.20
Red Hanger Kleaners221,382.71
Redwood Painting61011,060.57
Redwood Painting Co241,626.49
Reynolds Industries Systems, I12375.20
Rheem Center Martinizing22680.98
Rheem Valley Cleaners22862.62
Rhodia Inc1148975,234.40
Rhodia Inc.242,826.40
Richmond Boat Works1135.81
Richmond Clean Xpress 111,187.19
Richmond Metal Painting21221,514.02
Right Away Redy Mix71543,416.83
Ritter Manufacturing Inc222,980.84
Rk Collision11537.92
Rmc Lonestar265,509.06
Rmc Pacific Materials Inc 110.05
Rmc Pacific Materials Inc281,739.78
Rmc Pacific Materials Inc, A D63029,362.25
Rmc Pacific Materials, Inc229,846.76
Robert A Cohan131,914.35
Robinson Plating110.00
Rodeo Sanitary District 99284.43
Rodgers Cleaning 11876.90
Roll Technology West110.06
Rolling Hills Memorial Park77508.65
Rose Auto Body 224.41
Ross Auto Body361,567.05
Royale Cleaners 11539.63
Royale Cleaners221,034.01
Safeway Stores Inc, Bakery Pla83537,752.23
Samwon Usa Enterprise,Inc(Dba11470.86
San Francisco Chronicle8788,599.07
San Pablo Auto Body565,219.18
San Ramon Body Shop8121,762.16
Sciarroni Auto Body341,460.80
Scotto'S Auto Body35806.28
Sf Bay Area Rapid Transit Dist33143,556.00
Sf Bay Area Rapid Transit Dist22651.56
Sfpp, L P51109,008.52
Shaper Lighting120.90
Shaw Environmental, Inc3311,503.80
Shell Chemical Lp64220,978.36
Shell Martinez Catalyst Plant 1222327.43
Shell Martinez Refinery22141914,591,405.27
Shell Oil Co / Martinez Sludge Ponds28281,715.36
Shell Oil Co.4057202,902.03
Shore Terminal Llc7629,165.14
Shore Terminals - Martinez104345,826.24
Shore Terminals - Selby813325,040.69
Shull'S Cabinets Inc121,350.65
Siemens Medical Solutions,Usa,23445.22
Sierra Reclamation & D.S.28287,906.20
Signode Supply Corporation102911,357.58
Signode Western Ops.118.00
Silgan Containers Mfg Corp44575,939.56
Simply Superior Auto Body398,590.65
Sisters Cleaners11269.82
Skill Clean1193.61
Snow White Cleaners22699.53
Sparklizing Cleaners 111,720.07
Sparklizing Cleaners221,478.70
Special Edition Auto Body2218.15
Springs & Bertino Body Shop9132,157.91
St Paul Cleaners221,369.82
Star One Cleaners11189.43
Star One Cleaners11250.10
Stauffer Chemical / Pittsburg2828285.51
Stauffer Chemical / Richmond Landfill2828285.51
Sterling Cleaners11268.26
Sterling Cleaners11256.32
Steve'S Ultimate Auto Body2431.04
Steven'S Cleaners11337.27
Stewart'S Body Shop Inc242,513.78
Stiles Body Shop1139.20
Stoltz Metals Inc232,215.36
Stripping Workshop135,505.42
Stripping Workshop Service Gro117,294.60
Sugar City Building Materials2428,582.48
Sun Chemical124,020.00
Sun Chemical Corp234,039.20
Sun'S Cleaners11380.54
Sunny Cleaners221,055.97
Sunrise Cleaners221,465.46
Sunshine Cleaners & Coin Laund22724.74
Swan Cleaners 11553.12
Swinerton Incorporated 1114.69
Syar Industries Inc72048,536.74
Syar Industries Inc283,101.46
Symmons Body & Fender Inc231,345.67
Systron Donner Inertial Divisi71942,678.95
T K Auto Repair & Body Shop12241.19
Tab Enterprises1212,577.94
Telfer Oil Company462,199.61
Templer'S Auto Body341,352.59
Tenet Healthsystem, Hospital 2699.03
Tesoro Refining And Marketing28117722,082,685.22
Tesoro Refining And Marketing11011,307.20
Tesoro Refining And Marketing61875,081.37
Texaco C/O Cambria110.22
The Perfect Body Shop1192.27
Thermup Inc121,116.00
Thomas Autobody & Paint3367.21
Tinsley Laboratories, Inc22824.55
Tonka Energy Inc81128,086.55
Top Hat Cleaners 11539.63
Tosco / Old Sites (Formerly Avon Refinery)282863,237.99
Tosco Distribution Company86850,429.10
Tosco Refining C/O Montgomery 116.60
Tosco Refining Co-Amorco Termi2035824,458.33
Tosco Refining Company20675,096,669.73
Town Of Discovery Bay66349.04
Toy Works352,503.61
Treat Cleaners 11723.89
Tri City Concrete22742.28
Tri-Valley Oil & Gas Co6141,585.79
Tri-Valley Oil & Gas Co152,851.29
Tsung Kee Auto Repair & Body S46433.14
U S Cleaners11337.27
U S Print Corporation187,724.00
U Save Dry Cleaners11539.63
Ultimate Finish241,003.35
Unimin Corporation104833,492.36
Union Chemical282863,237.99
Union Oil Landfarm28281,715.36
Union Oil Tel Pond28287,906.20
Us Steel / Pittsburg Disposal Site28287,906.20
Usa Gasoline Corporation 1135.10
Uss-Posco Industries16171265,199.27
Va Medical Center13654,702.85
Valley Waste Management1494.36
Varella Cleaners 11472.18
Varian Chromatography Systems 11278.73
Vee Jay Marine Services471,409.13
Venoco, Inc8165,664.91
Ventura'S Body Shop12261.84
Verco Manufacturing Company8319,655.99
Village Oaks Cleaners 111,150.11
Vogue Cleaners233,390.04
Vonnies One Hour Cleaners233,197.74
Vopak Terminal Richmond Inc 1112478.40
Vornhagen Body & Paint141,813.57
Walker'S Auto Body251,034.03
Walnut Creek Ford12803.20
Wayne Stead Cadillac352,220.92
West Cleaners 11947.15
West Contra Costa County Landf1551445,441.92
West Contra Costa Energy Recov14280.24
West County Landfill, Inc21240,631.44
West County Resource Recovery66899.16
West County Wastewater Distric165525,202.23
Westcot Designs1316,476.20
Willow Cleaners221,009.14
Winter Chevrolet/Honda383,399.45
World Oil Marketing Company111.92
Ygnacio Cleaners11809.45
Zeneca Inc 5263.92