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Column information
Polluters in Colusa County, California
Texaco E & P Inc.293201,099.14
Halsey Dump2828324.45
Grimes Dump28286,569.06
Old Grimes Dump2828198.56
Princeton Dump28286,569.06
Arbuckle Burn Dump2828324.45
Arbuckle Dump2828198.56
Evans Road Landfill28281,297.79
Mendocino Nat'L For Mnf41 / 3 Lower Trough2828324.45
Old Williams Dump28281,069.83
Maxwell Landfill28281,069.83
Mendocino Nat'L For Mnf41 / 2 Upper Trough2828324.45
Stonyford Disposal Site Landfill2828424.01
Mendocino Nat'L For Mnf41 / 1 Fouts Spgs28286,569.06
Lurline Dump2828198.56
Mendocino Nat'L For Mnf42 / 1 Stonyford28286,569.06
Oilseeds International1739651,770.94
The Termo Co173236,711.74
Depue Delevan Dryer163424,879.18
Depue Spooner Dryer163414,893.27
Strain Ranches Warehouse163458,029.67
American Rice Inc164415,668.26
Colusa Rice Cooperative Niagar163438,418.35
Wadham Energy Ltd Partnership1640853,226.42
De Pue Warehouse Company, Inc.163423,436.93
Depue Azevado Dryer16387,016.61
Depue Warehouse Co- Cheney16344,392.75
Colusa Rice Coop Tuttle163412,229.84
California Family Foods Llc.154644,142.38
County Line Warehouse152716,420.39
Colusa Rice Coop Eastside153240,508.08
Aba Energy Corporation1320254.29
Atlantic Oil Company1118104.78
Chevron Usa, Inc.111021,177.67
Buttes Resources Company1111992.08
Petsec(Aa Production Services)1118146.97
Farmers Rice Dryer #1102049.92
Pirelli Cable Corporation102192,673.03
Berlin Warehouse Inc101024.55
Pg&E Delevan Compressor Statio822750,040.63
Colusa County Canning Co.74492,255.03
Enron Oil And Gas611169.28
Ridgetop Warehouse61426,961.24
Slawson Exploration690172,492.83
Depue Haas Dryer6189,670.40
Petrogulf Corporation65468,968.84
Miller Landing Warehouse6148,107.60
Chrisman Dryer62016,443.80
Royale Operating Company64840,479.76
Morning Star Packing Company63063,796.50
Crest Energy, Inc6666,774.69
California Family Foodszumwalt61421,386.54
Harter Land Company61426,959.89
The Foothill Warehouse61862,598.61
Erdman Warehouse Inc.6209,240.35
Tri-Union Development Corp.652312,147.30
Vintage Petroleum Incorporated690134,137.70
Great Western Growers Of Calif62438,369.60
Arkoma Productions Co3113,315.18
Oxy Usa, Inc.3131,931.76
Triton Oil & Gas Corp.3111,641.73
Coastal Oil & Gas Corp.3113,194.31
P G & E Resources Company3112,621.40
Exxon Company Usa214263.67
Davies Oil Co., Inc.246,038.21
Reading Oil2410,513.45
Tri-County Petroleum / Shell23104.96
Sun Valley Rice Co. Llc21018,150.20
Viking Pools Inc.2699,787.00
Riverbend Rice Mill,. Inc21014,402.30
Gold River Mills2105,416.80
Carbahal'S Inc.12148.05
Mobil Exploration & Producing11370.00
Mcgill And Shepherd11539.62
Northgate Petroleum124,640.00
Prestige Stations, Inc. / Arco113,480.00