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Polluters in Calaveras County, California
All Chem Aka The Toyon Project2828198.56
Alonso Dismantlers2828324.45
Alto Mine2828198.56
Angels Camp / Burn Site28281,069.83
Avery / Burn Site2828324.45
B & B Dismantlers Aka B & B Auto Recyclr28281,069.83
Black Stone Mine2828198.56
Blazing Star Mine28281,069.83
Calavaras Vlly Springs (Flintkote) Clay2828324.45
Calaveras Cement / Div Of Flintkote Co28282,249.19
Calaveras Cement Camp Nine28286,569.06
California Electric Steel, Inc2828324.45
Carson Hill Mine2828198.56
Copperopolis / Burn Site28286,569.06
F & W Cattle Co Aka F&W Cattle Ranch28286,569.06
Fricot City / California Conservation Corp2828324.45
Joses Brothers Ranch28286,569.06
Joses Brothers Ranch2828136.45
Keystone Union Mine28281,069.83
Moore Creek Mine28281,069.83
Murphys / Burn Site2828324.45
Paloma / Burn Site28281,069.83
Penn Mine Aka New Penn Mine Inc.28286,569.06
Rasmussen Illegal Dump Site28286,569.06
Red Hill Sanitary Landfill2828735.21
Rock Creek Landfill28281,903.78
Royal Mountain King Mine28286,569.06
San Andreas / Burn Site28286,569.06
Sand Flat Burn Dump / Landfill2828324.45
Snider Lumber Mill Aka Wallace Devel Inc28286,569.06
Snyder Ranch28281,069.83
Us Big Meadows / Us Forest Service28286,569.06
White Pines Bd / Ds28286,569.06