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Column information
Polluters in Alameda County, California
Lawrence Livermore National La2455448,923.70
New United Motor Manufacturing245251,588,065.92
Owens-Brockway Glass Container171571,617,969.59
Pacific Steel Casting Co-Plant1312459,037.03
Rohm And Haas Co,Polymers & Re13119105,242.12
Doe-Kao Sandia National Labora2111217,467.92
Maxwell House, Div Of Kraft Fo910357,552.99
East Bay Municipal Utility Dis2695305,402.88
University Of California, Berk1788593,445.78
Mission Valley Rock Co108475,166.11
Union Sanitary District1680148,587.71
Chiron Corporation97928,928.17
Cargill Salt117881,136.84
Hexcel Corporation776101,660.06
Pabco Gypsum768140,524.36
Orcon Corporation126550,025.08
Highland General Hospital166529,491.00
American Brass & Iron Foundry1763485,733.23
Vertis, Inc66345,227.86
Coulter Forge Company, Inc66211,818.46
Berkeley Forge & Tool Inc8604,603.84
Alta Bates Hospital15606,394.98
Prime Equipment1060314.35
Gillig Corporation35781,851.65
Owens Brockway Glass Container8561,061,339.79
Grace Container Products115521,845.77
Pacific Steel Casting Co-Plant125340,954.26
Borden Packaging & Industrial105361,366.41
Triangle Coatings, Inc65122,442.38
Oro Loma Sanitary District165181,431.12
Morton International Inc95189,918.93
Davis Wire Coporation95014,756.70
General Electric Co19493,742.75
Kaiser Permanente Medical Cent12472,158.32
Duke Energy Oakland Llc84756,322.27
United States Pipe & Foundry C1647880,415.80
Certainteed Corporation54712,240.74
Emerald Packaging Inc74624,675.19
Crown Cork & Seal Company 44443,775.38
Hayward Waste Water Treatment2343133,392.91
Rolls-Royce Engine Services -64215,713.25
Ghirardelli Chocolate Co84117,117.00
Republic Services Vasco Road,2840308,421.94
Evergreen Oil, Inc174056,913.38
National Starch & Chemical Com9409,386.94
G-P Gypsum Corporation163950,795.65
Pechiney Plastic Packaging, In83834,099.54
Eden Medical Center93819,099.24
Dublin San Ramon Services Dist163819,303.03
Production Pattern & Foundry7375,210.77
Valspar Coatings14363,782.43
Wyman-Gordon Company - San Lea11362,595.44
Waste Management Of Alameda Co15361,307,522.57
Oakland Air Route Traffic Cont6366,014.92
Norton Packaging, Inc 93537,982.04
Integrated Environmental Syste16346,523.84
Container Recycling Alliance63414,745.75
Davis Street Smart933147,599.98
Dumbarton Quarry Associates73341,518.48
Gallagher & Burk, Inc1133131,193.21
Jbr, Inc9324,155.17
Alta Bates Summit Medical Cent9324,353.35
Valley Memorial Hospital13311,070.69
Calmat Company73144,163.03
Pleasanton Garbage Service, In26318,870.09
Port Of Oakland153012,744.79
Dumbarton Quarry Associates830177,250.25
Bay Area Diablo Petroleum Comp5304,960.68
Relizon Company13044,421.31
Oatey Company42940,982.30
The Earthgrains Company82953,831.45
United Can Company 32820,050.58
Emeryville Ashby (Point Emery)28281,715.36
San Leandro Marina / Tony Lema Golf Course28281,715.36
Livermore Dump28281,715.36
San Leandro Landfill28287,906.20
All Cities Lf / Kofy Radio Site28287,906.20
Pietronave Lf28287,906.20
Mowry Road Site28287,906.20
Pacific States Steel Corp Codisposal Sit28287,906.20
Crow Canyon Swds282863,237.99
Old West Winton Landfill28287,906.20
Oakland Scavenger2828285.51
Oakland Street Dept Site2828285.51
City Of Oakland Transfer Station2828285.51
Oakland Rubbish2828285.51
Moraga Ave Disposal Site2828829.15
Chabot Golf Course Fill28285,433.25
North Port Of Oakland Refuse Ds / Raiders28281,715.36
Fiberboard Emeryville282863,237.99
Galbraith Golf Course282863,237.99
Emeryville Dump28287,906.20
Del Valle Reservoir Ds28281,715.36
Golden State2828285.51
Gray Truck Company28287,906.20
Santa Clara Sand & Gravel102858,294.73
Rmc Pacific Materials, Inc22850,704.96
Biofuel Systems152741,565.78
Interstate Brands Corporation7279,539.21
Bay Ship & Yacht Co102672,396.81
Tri-Cities Recycling2126246,430.37
Blommer Chocolate Company, Inc112616,010.73
Vulcan Materials Company72610,527.12
Peet'S Coffee And Tea Inc7252,049.34
Hanson Aggregates7244,101.67
Caravan Trading Company72417,120.14
Berkeley Asphalt Co132446,298.89
County Of Alameda8242,505.11
U S Veterans Administration Me824616.02
Bayer Corporation82443,266.55
Imperial Marking Systems, A Di4243,352.53
Kaiser Center Inc8242,658.42
Novalek, Inc92433,510.01
Pacific Bell6245,840.70
Inx International Ink Company3241,566.26
Dailey Body Company4236,109.33
Baxter Health Care Corp, Hylan8232,186.45
Chevron, Oakland Airport-North6235,682.44
Pechiney Plastic Packaging, In22353,510.22
Pacific Galvanizing92324,328.75
Sherwin-Williams Co62320,830.12
Samuel Bingham Company10221,276.15
Valleycare Medical Center9224,205.63
Creative Wood Products52130,954.61
Evergreen Cemetery7211,200.08
Ac Transit District - Central8211,619.13
Container Management Service-L82140,626.71
Macaulay Foundry, Inc12202,146.14
Flint Ink Corporation82061,759.38
Professional Industrial Servic11203,615.38
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab13201,638.78
Agilent Technologies, Inc14203,042.52
Fairmont Hospital 2201.27
Peerless Coffee Co6208,499.52
American Lithographers & Busin62017,961.19
Read-Rite Corporation6207,221.77
Schiffenhaus California, Inc6205,889.68
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa619717.57
United Airlines4195,568.45
Flightcraft Inc518442.57
Longview Fibre Company81829,963.37
Rolls-Royce Engine Services -41815,325.30
Engineered Concrete Placement15181,467.80
Custom Alloy Scrap Sales Inc71826,149.86
Agricultural Research Service8182,554.98
General Construction Company618558.09
Runnels Industries, Inc4188,301.61
Alameda County9181,039.66
Hewlett Packard Corporation618581.00
County Of Alameda618877.12
Kleen Blast6184,479.41
Miller Packaging Company3186,106.40
San Francisco Chronicle61713,067.39
Alameda County Water District151711,686.87
Design Workshops11711,110.62
Isola Laminate Systems, Corp417134,761.06
Consolidated Printers, Inc7172,864.96
St Rose Hospital9172,308.38
Star Pacific Inc81742,212.26
American Xtal Technology31629,520.61
Wood Tech Inc31627,610.77
Masonic Home For Adults41690.67
Lithonia Lighting7162,384.90
Union Sanitary Dist, Newark Ps15163,123.98
Ashland Chemical Co11666.16
Industrial Electric Mfg Inc71610,356.35
Turk Island Solid Waste Dispos161618,967.53
Safeway Milk Plant8161,783.83
Alta Bates Summit Medical Cent8162,286.99
Washington Hospital8166,713.31
State Of California Dept Of He8161,607.19
Magnussen'S Fremont Auto Body6169,788.28
Kaiser Permanente Medical Cent3151.63
Crist Oil Company5152,886.60
Quaker Oats8158,297.59
California Cereal Products, In8152,368.38
Childrens Hospital, Oakland10147,002.41
Jones-Hamilton Company 4141.56
Alameda Auto Body3142,717.62
Union Sanitary Dist, Irvington13144,142.87
Sentinel Cremation Societies I71435,233.27
United States Gypsum71468,762.45
Precision Technical Coatings3146,187.80
Coulter Steel & Forge Company 1140.35
Strategic Materials, Inc61435,294.45
Sun Chemical Corporation3142,942.52
Atlantic Envelope Company11413,399.15
Abgenix Inc6145,782.48
Quikrete Northern California61420,383.80
Tuscarora Inc61349,345.10
Port Of Oakland6135,081.35
Alonzo Printing Co, Inc1139,334.00
Pacific Interment Service713377.98
Clorox Services Company3134,820.92
Marko Foam Products Inc81352,877.93
Seagate Recording Media Operat51311,702.84
Scotty'S Auto Body4133,479.46
The Collision Center9131,313.62
Folgergraphics, Inc2124,359.71
Spectrum Body & Paint4122,700.48
City Of Livermore Sewage Treat11123,372.99
City Of Berkeley/Engr Div/Publ61213.31
California Automotive Sealing,8126,755.11
Irvington Memorial Cemetery612893.39
Weyerhaeuser Company61228,743.88
Evans Brothers Inc21231,819.48
Sun Microsystems6121,830.61
Berkeley Farms Inc61210,160.95
Western Forge & Flange Company6126,110.76
Oakland Ready Mix Company21217,142.65
Rpl Graphics11210,110.00
East Bay Dischargers Authority6127,336.41
Morgan Advanced Ceramics6122,986.71
Enclosures Engineering, Inc11159,092.96
Pentagon Technologies Inc3112,679.98
Photon Press Inc11125,402.00
Granite Construction Co61124,332.08
Truck-Rail Handling Inc711449.01
Kavanaugh Coffee711817.70
Tri-Valley Autobody6111,728.63
Acme Fiberglass, Inc21133,511.31
Universal Foods Corp 41135,484.82
Mr Espresso8112,876.13
The T G I F Body Shop3113,891.20
Diablo Auto Body Inc7113,882.95
Melrose Metal Finishing, Inc3111,075.07
Conagra, Inc31110,008.90
Sara Lee Coffee & Tea Foodserv3103,568.95
Cultured Marble Products31058,032.19
Clickner & Prater Industries, 2101,340.98
Ridge Foundry, Inc4101,100.39
Ac Transit710429.41
Western Environmental Contract101087.58
Freund Baking Company7106,538.64
Air Liquide America Corporatio210239.05
Chemcentral/San Francisco6101,001.81
Western Colloid Products9106,933.39
City Of Alameda, Maint Serv Ce10108.98
Central Chevrolet Co4107,218.79
Earl Scheib Of California, Inc4107,720.87
Weatherford Bmw3108,817.44
Port Of Oakland3102.95
Asphalt Products Oil Corp Hy51012,931.67
Read-Rite Corporation4105.01
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Cor41061.18
Uptown Body & Fender8101,032.33
Stiles Paint Mfg Inc41042,495.71
Perkinelmer Optoelectronics3105,516.49
Hoya Corporation Usa6101,126.49
Bemis Company, Inc1102,252.00
Hustead'S Collision Center6105,022.13
Amp Printing Inc11017,027.91
Spectrum Label Corporation194,184.00
Kohl & Madden194,031.73
Suburban Press194,522.00
Valmark Industries197,397.20
Us Ink A Division Of Sun Chemi3910,093.11
Specialty Crushing Inc 9917.03
Grove Way Veterinary Hospital791,340.99
Mcclanahan Trailer And Truck B492,462.48
Pleasanton Body Shop392,298.10
Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc394,128.79
Rj Chase Company, Inc 29230.16
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodywork495,585.82
Silgan Containers Manufacturin3925,022.98
Specialties Products/Willamett6914,685.17
Global Plating, Inc89726.02
Fleischmann'S Yeast 3862,128.78
Cleaners Hanger Company 48386.43
Aratex Services, Inc886,932.24
Inlite Corporation584,077.57
Cooks Collision582,139.29
Container-Care International,682,486.11
Treasure Chest Advertising Co,180.01
Coast Counties Truck & Equipme382,221.63
County Of Alameda88723.29
Reynolds & Reynolds 18644.78
Bay Cities Auto Auction 484,750.09
Simpson Company78890.84
Production Pattern Shop Inc281,774.44
Global Intermodal Systems581,146.07
Ekc Technology 58425.01
L A Smith & Sons Body Shop383,937.65
Metalco Inc882,653.39
Fabricated Metals, Inc 483,981.11
Moal'S Body Shop482,202.60
Oakland Custom Truck Painting582,345.99
Andres Metal Craft68730.54
Zomax Incorporated385,247.44
American Licorice Company8813,207.84
Borden Chemical Inc.488,107.00
Degussa Construction Chemicals4875,288.45
Pleasanton Ready Mix Concrete2826,190.36
Dependable Furniture Manufactu1847,368.24
Rmc Pacific Materials Inc283,362.40
Rmc Lonestar2866,670.99
Rmc Pacific Materials Inc28732.61
Dutra Materials/San Rafael Roc283,388.17
Christy Concrete Products/Div681,430.48
Everett Graphics1746,896.00
San Francisco Italian Foods675,288.21
Bay-Con, Inc1714,482.61
Union Sanitary Dist, Paseo Pad671,228.41
Utility Vault Co Inc3723,156.91
Scott Specialty Gases, Inc67286.08
Norco Billings Printing173,128.37
Dlugosh Cabinet And Fixture In272,230.71
Rob'S Auto Machine77153.29
J D Harpe Furniture Finishers474,832.38
Stone Boat Yard375,029.82
Dublin Auto Body375,217.90
Madison Street Press471,250.26
Alaska Airlines - Oakland47346.64
Creative Iron375,355.17
Avenue Body Shop575,434.17
Nationwide Boiler Inc4711,245.86
Spectrum Litho27976.98
Moeller Bros Body Shop Inc373,096.07
Jess C Spencer Mortuaries Inc77130.66
Boyd'S Body Shop371,068.89
Hayward Body Shop Inc471,214.18
Unocal-Dbg/Amg C/O Environment77664.86
M&J Auto Body47736.03
Applied Thin-Film Products473,359.43
Montague Spragens Inc26979.90
Rockridge Antiques2610,278.28
Motivational Systems Inc261,435.64
Custom Mike'S Body Shop56430.30
Florence & New Italian Art Com366,469.37
European Motor Works36541.14
Englund Studio361,765.69
101 Autob Shop36491.75
A & A Body & Paint56605.12
Bay Mirror, Inc 2663,739.01
C & C Industries3616,467.71
San Leandro Water Pollution Co562,114.18
Wilma'S Collision Repair261,738.42
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa56636.89
Alameda County Water District56299.32
Shattuck Auto Center462,590.71
Crown Chevrolet Body Shop266,130.54
E-R Truck Trailer, Bus Paintin363,627.01
Office Rental, Inc46124.35
Allstar Ii Body Shop56749.97
George Mcgill'S Body Shop Inc263,179.71
Miracle Auto Painting2615,173.17
Tommy'S Auto Body465,205.52
City Garage Frame Body Company46308.61
H & C Finishers369,377.93
Northwood Industries, Inc3615,618.85
Classic Autobody461,049.89
Airgas-Northern Calif & Nevada561,769.72
Keith'S Body Shop461,992.17
Wright'S Automotive Service463,931.71
Performance Auto Body Center56471.13
L & L Nursery Supply Inc36271.04
Golden Gate Truck Center462,122.20
K J'S Auto Body Repair46628.11
Mike'S Oakland Body Shop361,633.89
G & G Enterprises461,684.08
Steve Miller Imported Car Serv46222.53
College Of Alameda4697.16
Xo Communications Inc66201.97
East Bay Dischargers Authority66251.62
M2 Collision Care Center163,475.75
Inland Industrial Tire North,362,662.43
Albertsons #704966266.68
Pacific Bell66850.02
Albertsons #702266266.68
Pacific Bell66291.26
Children'S Hospital Oakland Re66406.19
Abgenix Inc66150.57
Pacific Bell66758.73
Pacific Bell661,036.23
County Of Alameda66470.98
Kaiser Permanente66170.33
Trans Bay Container Terminal661,862.04
Label Art161,342.00
Pacific Bell66487.47
Shorenstein Company Llc66176.33
Adesa Corporation1613,181.77
Rexam Beverage Can Company1649,940.32
Pacific Bell66554.76
Lowe'S Hiw Inc663,083.17
Siemens Sbs66184.22
Kaneka Texas Corporation6610,072.10
Trans Western Polymers Inc164,078.00
Pacific Bell66213.97
Quality Body And Fender161,747.58
Stanfast Special Products & Se161,376.48
Pacific Bell66433.83
Dakota Press162,572.00
Intel Corporation662,452.77
Quality Auto Craft Inc163,187.81
Pacific Bell66659.80
Bay Area Rapid Transit Distric3610,329.11
Alta Bates Summit Medical Cent662,386.89
Albertsons #705766266.68
Pacific Bell661,400.78
Tom Eplin'S Body Shop162,474.88
Moz Designs Incorporated169,482.75
Pacific Bell66473.96
Pacific Bell66457.59
Pacific Bell66213.97
Pacific Bell66324.90
Albertsons #713466266.68
Ace Iron, Inc166,719.70
Applied Biosystems Inc66235.86
Tension Envelope Company1614,344.00
Delta Air Lines Inc661,620.75
East Bay Dischargers Authority66170.33
Dna Sciences Inc551,610.51
Olympian Graphics, Inc157,472.00
Pacific Finishings Company154,890.39
Bay Area Bodyshop151,964.57
Cal Hi Tec Finishing Llc154,556.19
Alameda Newspaper Group1525,170.00
Mclaughlin Coffee Co Inc555,152.32
Specialty Graphics, Inc152,938.00
Ms Carita Inc151,856.56
Alpha Restoration Studio Inc151,768.54
Univeral Industrial Finishing153,803.42
J & B Auto Body25625.30
D & M Auto Body351,258.69
Blue Bird Body Shop45282.63
Jamm Industrial Enterprises In252,012.77
The Art Craft Company354,537.88
Livermore Collision Center, In351,704.32
Classic Graphics2512,212.36
Whipple Auto Body252,844.95
B & D Auto Body45255.21
Golden Gate Body Shop45367.26
Hart & Sun Body Shop256,201.03
Panel Craft Auto Body35836.92
George M Martin Co451,907.67
Bostrom'S Livermore Auto Body452,150.27
Berkeley Body Shop451,057.58
Automotive Collision Service352,766.90
R & S Erection351,265.67
Spanish Traditions35180.96
Boston Scientific/Target252,039.58
Zeta Music Systems35210.89
Steve'S Body Shop252,019.88
Perry & Key Body Shop253,106.74
Mallar Finishing257,361.67
Berkeley Auto Body Inc251,399.33
Alameda Auto Care251,619.34
Williams Welding & Auto Body353.03
Western Forge & Flange Company252.66
Continental Body Shop 35284.26
Coelho'S Body Repair & Sales25577.10
M & J Body & Paint Shop353,775.67
Sew Eurodrive, Inc35622.85
Miracle Auto Painting255,851.83
Cal Tech Metal Finishers 45205.66
Francis Plating Of Oakland, In2536.97
Qip Jr, Inc252,493.46
Eandi Metal Works Inc358,236.83
American President Lines55822.20
V & J Body Shop251,323.86
V-Tech Automotive35282.71
Espinoza'S Body Shop35819.02
Navigator Systems Inc252,170.08
Rainbow Auto Body35695.75
Sullivan Counter Tops35116.43
Hitech Collision Repair251,171.62
Marine Terminals Corp45112.99
Carlos Body Shop45236.39
C David Gregory & Co Inc341,295.18
Friendly Cab Inc 24117.33
Maas Tech Coat Inc243,489.27
Azims Auto Body & Painting2466.87
Unimax Auto Craft348.71
California Hi Tec Finishing 241,049.28
The Garage24728.12
Caton And Associates34447.70
Quality Packaging Inc342,916.05
Heat & Control Inc44175.97
Santana'S Furniture Refinish244,974.58
Hawkins Hawkins Company, Inc24787.09
Goodyear Commercial Tire & Ser44140.10
Norman'S Body And Repair Shop24803.13
Golden State Auto Body Inc34710.22
City Of Oakland Public Works A34845.37
Colomex Frame & Body Shop3488.81
West Cabinets Inc3436,573.75
New Basis 4459.41
Shamrock Ford Inc440.19
Tri City Body & Paint24662.68
Mcghan Medical Corporation 243.16
San Francisco Newspaper Agency240.93
George V Arth & Son241,740.08
Ge Nova Sensor Inc24900.99
Kaiser Foundation Hospital142.01
Brooks Motor Cars24127.88
Quality Auto Craft Inc 24442.32
Western Roto Engravers, Inc241,155.20
Electro-Coatings Of California242,580.81
Terry'S Body Shop24808.02
Lee'S Auto Body2429.92
Nelson'S Body Shop244,418.47
California State University, H441.12
Premier Auto Body 24146.11
Auto Sheet Metal Works 24155.29
Buds Body Shop34235.89
Haulaway Containers342,051.10
Allan Motor Company 241,615.46
Pepe'S Auto Body24742.41
Oakland Auto Body & Frame342,223.47
Baxter Healthcare Corporation,3471.24
Cha Industries341,099.70
B & S Hacienda Auto Body242,553.70
J & B Painting Company1464.60
Salle Paint & Body Shop Inc345,469.48
Janssen'S Place Auto Body241,824.99
Corvette City34347.66
Alameda Auto Body3464.49
Dold'S Workshop2412,274.68
T J Bros Inc242,902.90
Pacific Gas & Electric Company24597.97
Taymuree Foreign Auto Center341,167.52
Wise Auto Body, Inc341,234.98
Padilla'S Auto Body & Frame Sh34371.81
Europa Cars24221.39
E 14th Auto Body Shop24421.82
Fremont Ford 2462.49
Bartoni'S Body Shop24251.80
City Garage Collision Repair 34953.80
Shanklin Body & Shop34831.22
Brite 1 Hr Cleaners249,449.01
A J Auto Clinic24936.88
K B Company243,435.23
Eastern Autobody & Repair24376.27
Smooth Auto Body34505.34
Due Torri Coffee44590.87
Olympic Screen Crafts141,575.20
Bernard & Bob'S Classic Auto B141,437.17
Maaco Auto Painting142,606.02
Precision Manufacturing Llc143,375.94
Coffee House Supply44200.55
Cochran & Celli Chevrolet141,230.29
Trajen Inc141,607.28
W H Strehle Company, Inc141,571.48
Absolute Auto And Truck Repair143,784.76
Hunter Schlesser Sandblasting243,326.40
Unimax Auto Craft141,691.35
Valmark Industries, Inc141,595.82
Jifco Inc1410,419.02
Trade Lithography142,478.00
Lsi Logic Corporation14467.04
B&S Hacienda Auto Body142,144.04
Advanced Printing143,225.40
Collision Service Center Of Oa141,870.69
Oscar'S Auto Body & Towing14942.40
Mercury Container3426,789.02
Alpin Auto Repair And Body Sho142,131.25
Art Sign Company141,947.23
Seven-Eleven Body Shop141,634.36
Iwa Services/Tetra Tech Isg34960.32
Central Concrete Supply, A U S242,447.05
Groth Bros Oldsmobile Inc141,049.77
Autumn Press144,032.00
Cardinal Health141,844.00
Clean Sciences Llc14528.00
Timmon'S Auto Detail & Body Sh141,761.05
First Quality Auto Repair & Bo141,778.51
Packaging Innovators Corporati14875.01
Bel Aire Displays147,056.80
Central Concrete Supply - A Us243,963.96
Western Flavors And Fragrances142,246.80
Right Away Redy Mix Inc2418,609.97
Exclusive Metal Craft Inc141,076.27
Carter Industries143,196.17
Rube & Dan'S Body Shop132,706.66
Dimond Printers13594.00
Magnussen'S Car West Auto Body13841.66
Bob Motter Body Shop13747.64
Collision & Refinishing Specia133,152.93
Al & Leo Finishing Inc1312,730.08
Coliseum Body Shop13435.20
The Wooden Duck131,215.05
Svendsen'S Boat Works, Inc131,015.56
Alameda Newspaper Group133,946.00
Nautical Engineering Inc131,311.93
S & R Precision Company135,392.41
Alpha Magnetics Inc131,440.51
Automobile Collision Center13648.72
Miracle Auto Painting136,965.93
Sal'S Body Shop131,818.84
San Pablo Auto Body13709.11
Melrose Ford131,283.61
Fleet Repair Systems13985.72
Surtec, Inc132,325.49
Formfactor Inc131,928.00
Astro Pak Corp131,792.74
Auto Passion13386.46
Conex Cable Inc136,296.00
Vm Services13573.84
Bay Equipment & Repair137,072.00
Doe'S Custom Cabinets13610.54
Dons Body Shop132,256.94
Custom Craft Cabinets Inc133,319.34
Thanh Long Auto Body & Repair13560.51
Chabot Collision13723.96
Fricke Parks Press Inc138,842.00
Ace Iron Inc131,456.16
California Classics Auto Body13839.59
Wellex Corporation131,719.17
Experience Auto Body13485.62
Sunrise Specialty Company133,367.49
Western Truck Fabrication133,160.53
Kelly'S Concrete & Building Ma3313,334.40
Berkeley Millwork & Furniture133,943.70
Page Packaging Corporation131,882.00
Maas Brothers Inc132,317.02
Hayward Jet Center13212.00
Graphic Center Inc133,731.83
Ward'S Custom Painting131,505.86
Capri Auto Body131,475.82
Applied Ceramics Inc134,340.10
Heritage Paper13936.00
R Emmett Packaging132,683.67
Victron Inc234,443.91
Calogic Corporation 23220.55
Diamond Auto Body23198.13
Berkeley Marine Center 33124.04
Paktica Auto Repair & Body3377.30
Turbo Auto Body23191.19
Castro Street Body Shop3333.77
Perfection Ltd Body Shop23523.27
Advantage Body Shop231,399.14
La Loma 733905.76
Tri-Valley Rop 3391.87
Exhibitgroup 23165.89
Skil-Painting Inc33183.81
Red'S Livermore Body Shop33298.76
Jerry'S Body Shop231,115.79
Piedmont Auto Body23144.06
Air Factors/Lok231,104.46
Dan'S Body Shop2369.93
California Hydronics Corp23375.69
Sal'S Auto Paint Shop3317.77
Fmc Corporation330.44
Gallucci Body & Paint33235.26
Bostrom Bergen Metal Products232,360.13
Aarons Body Shop33379.36
Choy'S Auto Body And Repair233,007.03
East Bay Municipal Utility Dis23151.91
Bay City Auto Body23261.47
Ybarra'S Auto Body & Painting23906.03
Prescolite, Div Of U S I Inc 23234.96
Buster'S Motor Home & Auto Bod23409.09
Irvington Body Shop331,103.51
California Camper Repair2342.20
Commercial Pattern, Inc2328,689.89
Auto Craft Body Shop3387.45
Alameda Collision Repair Inc231,274.60
Quality Body And Fender23132.47
Ferraer'S Custom Body & Paint 23334.16
Harold'S Auto Body & Paint Sho23206.46
Selix Formalwear2313,859.74
Santa Fe Pacific Pipelines Lp330.01
C & C Industries 238,819.61
Red Hanger Kleaners Inc233,467.56
Us Postal Service - Vehicle Ma3338.97
Style Cleaners234,565.34
Gaylord Container Corp 130.03
New Concept Cultured Marble234,373.87
Menlo Industries, Inc3317.36
Dollar Cleaners234,018.60
Vincent Electric Motor Co 231,044.01
Cintas 330.66
King Kovers Inc23551.68
Metal Specialties Co238.83
Sumitomo Sitix Silicon335.27
Solorio'S Body Shop3344.48
Etec Systems Inc23521.80
R & V Auto Body Shop Inc2342.41
Roy'S Auto Body2332.54
Little Red'S Automotive Collis23163.80
By Faith Auto Body Shop Inc2325.40
Alameda County Mosquito Abatem332.64
Teikuro America Company, Ltd330.21
Creanova Inc 230.61
Precision Cast Products 130.03
Technichem, Inc23226.97
Dollar Cleaners234,423.23
Bay Area Bumpers, Inc231,185.68
Mektec Corporation 33253.55
Eic Corporation2311,316.30
Thermionics Metal Processing I232,154.47
Valley Cleaners Of Castro Vall231,538.01
Nippon Fusso America Inc 236.66
Regency Restoration & Antiques33560.27
International Complete Auto Re23209.19
Helmand Auto Body & Repair 335.80
California Reflections2211.92
Jackson Cleaners22780.18
Bay Area Kenworth Trucks 2237.36
C & C Drycleaner222,203.97
Berumen'S Body Shop1215.27
East Bay Auto Body & Repair Sh125.85
Earl'S Unique Cleaner22930.03
Special Cleaner22366.65
Professional Cleaners221,497.78
Fuller Funerals Inc 120.01
Fairmont Cleaners221,234.65
Dynasty Cleaners22909.17
Custom Wood Finishing 1251.80
Best Instrument Repair Company1223.99
Lee'S Auto Body & Repair 22204.20
J Cleaners22540.34
Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc 1224.08
Elegant Cleaners22953.26
Graphic Coating Company 2212.94
Davies Truck Repair & Detailin2250.00
Csc Of Oakland 221.88
Surgx Corp 221,035.78
Crystal Auto Body & Paint2212.38
Intarsia Corporation 2270.65
Alameda County Medical Center 220.66
Mission Valley Coffee Roasting220.60
Southbay Rental Equipment Repa22494.00
Miracle Auto Painting 22179.47
Sunshine Cleaners221,700.61
Asian Neighborhood Design 121,330.09
Acme Fixture & Casework Inc 22294.73
Lee'S Imperial Welding Inc221,933.49
One Hour Martinizing221,590.51
Vintage Hills Cleaners221,287.05
Bolero Co2228.59
Save-On 1hr Cleaners 22681.21
Township Body Repairs Inc 22798.37
Smw Seiko Inc222.91
State Cleaners Inc221,036.84
Anthony Cleaners22551.57
Microwave Technology, Inc22723.06
One Hour Albany Cleaners222,037.55
Rockridge Royal Cleaners22528.39
Kobe Precision Inc221,034.06
Esposito Plating & Polishing C22472.01
Quality Pro Cleaners221,199.11
Merit Cleaners221,003.99
Cal Cleaners & Laundry22539.38
Baron Von Frier22185.86
Art Cleaners22805.71
Uncommon Grounds,Inc 228.10
Wheels America2224.40
Garden Cleaners221,593.59
Honeywell C/O Parsons Engineer22240.24
Aff Automobile Experts2228.14
H & H Auto Collision22459.03
Exxonmobil C/O Etic 120.03
V V Auto Body Shop 12129.43
Harvey'S Cleaners & Laundry221,235.49
Cherry City Cleaners221,241.81
Elo Touchsystems227,625.56
Goodnight Room Inc 221,719.32
Savings One Hour Cleaners224,012.22
Broadway Motors Ford Body Shop22117.38
United Dry Cleaner22637.33
National Refractories & Minera120.01
Premier Cleaners221,141.20
Virginia Cleaners225,622.80
Montclair Cleaners22502.29
Chapel Of The Chimes 120.01
Hard Chrome Engineering Compan120.10
Lockwood Cleaners222,483.41
B & T One Hour Cleaners224,041.70
Ideal Cleaners22892.38
Scandia Auto Body Inc 1213.48
Hexcel Corporation22546.75
Mountain View Cemetery Associa120.00
Albany Body Shop22700.53
Smart Cleaners221,424.31
Dryclean Usa222,141.82
Sherman'S Cleaners221,627.58
R&J Quick Clean Center223,256.78
Purity Cleaners & Laundry Inc221,806.48
A-1 Body Shop 2221.88
Lucky Cleaners222,004.81
Royal Cleaners224,011.02
Walnut Cleaners22705.21
Pride Cleaners221,872.54
Marbleman Enterprises Inc22327.57
P & S Sales 2211.60
Pacific Cryogenics Inc 222,770.60
Town & Country Cleaners221,796.02
Shattuck One Hour Cleaners221,144.14
Ardenwood Cleaners221,093.74
Gene'S Cleaners221,816.70
Foreign Body Shop22145.83
Vip Cleaners221,401.24
Meadow Cleaners22847.21
Takara Sake Usa Inc 220.74
Meddco Metals 223,049.67
Youngs Cleaners221,414.98
Stars Cleaners221,489.94
Simpson Cleaners22712.01
Oak Hills Cleaners221,084.97
Melody Cleaners22480.78
Diamond Cleaners221,085.80
Dryclean 1 Hour221,295.33
Bellevue Cleaners22870.33
Bernal Cleaners22892.28
Gene'S Truck Painting12103.10
Young'S One Hour Martinizing22915.68
America Cleaners22518.76
American Lithographers & Busin22776.73
Phil Am Complete Auto Service1226.20
Good Chevrolet 22500.59
Sunny Piedmont Cleaners221,321.01
Super Cleaners223,134.50
Dynasty Cleaners221,817.76
Dee Bee'S Elegant Cleaners22707.48
Christopher'S Body Works2217.18
Souza Autobody 22150.28
Modern Auto Body22178.26
Tri City Marble 123,405.32
Rose Cleaners221,054.28
B & P Cultured Marble Inc2227,752.11
Bay 1 Hour Cleaners22768.15
J & J Auto Body & Van Accessor2253.89
Fantastic Cleaners221,231.23
J & L Peaberry Coffee & Tea Co220.28
Dryclean Club Of America22565.15
Nelson Piano Service 12110.26
Arrow Cleaners22450.87
J C Cleaners22744.78
Park Ave Cleaners221,526.65
Abbey Press, Inc 129.75
H & K Body Shop2219.89
Township Cleaners221,697.64
Marina Village Cleaners222,103.56
Highland Cleaners221,914.83
Pacific Avenue Cleaners22393.57
T G I F Body Shop1270.64
Solano Cleaning Center22530.49
New Economy Laundry22666.97
Eurasia Auto Body2224.36
Flores Body Shop1261.83
Epe Industries Inc 224.67
The Century Mark 12271.73
Bay Area Bumper Service222,674.69
Dry Cleaner22398.98
Trimac Transportation Services220.31
Willie'S Unique Auto Body Shop2219.20
Royal Cleaners22835.64
Wing Lee Cleaners221,095.48
Gsl Inc West 22180.24
Executive One Hour Martinizing222,404.80
Mannings Body Shop2221.71
Bancroft Cleaners221,509.11
Vale Cleaners22262.05
New England Lead Burning Co, I227.92
Sunshine Center Cleaners22825.55
Genie Auto & Repair Shop 2250.46
Prettyman & Warren 2232.38
San Leandro Hospital120.10
Tony Brito Auto Body Shop, Inc2217.89
Seaway Semiconductor, Inc22583.47
Classic Touch Fashion Cleaners221,240.37
Mission Valley Holiday Cleaner221,012.04
Fountain Cleaner221,820.40
Quick Kleeners221,061.95
Family Cleaners22548.34
Alpine Cleaners22917.11
Bm Auto Repair & Body 2226.13
Western Precooling Systems 12166.47
It Corporation120.06
Tgr Container Sales12106.71
Family 1 Hour Cleaners222,062.27
Automekanika Body Shop 2257.59
Coffee Market220.49
Bp Oil Company122.71
Silktech Cleaners221,192.61
Sal'S Body Shop 2231.01
Sierra Products Inc222,143.10
Enthusiast Automotive2229.33
East Avenue Cleaners22472.89
Hexcel Corp.1213,107.00
Rockys Auto Body22109.99
Qiagen Operon22691.00
Fine Pitch22943.96
Kizanis Custom Cabinets122,723.05
High Tech. Packaging1210.00
Pleasanton Metal & Paintworks12713.28
Montague Company122,195.11
Planter Technology Inc12468.26
Automax Of Bay Area122,169.21
Bay Concepts Inc121,552.98
Delphi Productions Inc121,533.31
Pacific Rolling Door Company122,266.24
Ac Transit12571.01
Sun Office Furniture12897.01
Anto Offset Printing125,142.00
Rc Ready Mix Co22877.80
Puccetti Wood Products, Inc121,446.84
Custom Commercial Dry Cleaners121,743.71
House Of Kandy'S Body Shop12521.58
Carusso'S Restoration121,150.54
Scientific Technologies Inc123,046.61
Earl Scheib Auto Paint Shop124,130.38
Wavesplitter Technologies Inc12600.06
Srdc Inc2216,598.12
East Bay Fixture Company121,239.32
Valley Collision Center121,000.10
City Of Berkeley, Dept Of Publ2214,804.16
Chad'S Auto Body12314.24
Connell Auto Center12264.00
Auto World Body & Frame12214.60
Harry Clewans121,492.59
Allied Body & Frame Shop125,606.64
A Quality Auto Painting121,277.79
Xoma (Us) Llc12245.60
Kong Auto Body12332.63
Inland Paperboard & Packaging,12646.00
Gel Pak121,128.00
Pantronix Corporation122,501.00
Utility Vault12847.97
Vista Hardwood Shutters Inc126,538.05
The Masters12678.32
Dharma Press12884.00
Walters & Wolf Precast123,904.10
Berkeley Marine Center12590.53
A C Transit District12648.60
Don'S Transmissions12222.40
Ariana Auto Body12698.90
Fast Lane Intermodal, Llc12906.26
Bennett Sign Centre12337.89
Precision Die Cutting12452.00
Injex Industries Inc121,566.22
Bay Auto Zone12387.31
Cooks Collision Of Dublin121,350.53
Bliss Industries, Inc122,995.31
Tri City Marble129,396.00
Right Away Redy Mix Inc22428.12
Finisar Corp12597.64
Ltd Ceramics121,634.37
Parkway Body Shop123,124.70
Sanmina Plant #512794.38
Walters & Wolf Glass Co1210,868.80
Powerstor Corporation125,686.03
Sunny Designs Inc126,875.15
K/P Corporation124,186.09
Spectrapower, Inc122,833.52
Genlyte Thomas Group, Llc12688.00
Titan Systems Corporation, Pul12735.20
East Bay Truck Center12548.80
Hygrade/Brook Furniture Rental122,898.58
Sin-Mex Auto Body Shop121,163.01
Barstad & Donicht Inc12658.00
Nitinol Devices & Components12144.80
Packworks Llc12330.00
Elite Collision Repair Inc12473.12
Commercial Casework, Inc123,874.08
Gil'S Body Works121,296.86
Nortel Networks - Xros Divisio121,582.46
Johnson Controls, Inc123,796.11
Mail Well Envelope Company121,897.40
Group Ii Body & Paint12212.79
Goodwood Cabinets, Inc121,721.57
Seoul Autobody Shop122,620.36
Lithograph Reproductions Inc121,019.96
Carl Zeiss Meditec12404.80
Maier Racing Enterprises123,776.00
Solstice Press12760.00
Bodycote Alphabraze121,067.17
Grand Collision Center121,754.92
Continuous Forms And Checks123,058.00
Award Metal'S121,585.58
Parkmead Products12425.56
Lumenis Inc12260.50
Matson'S Autobody & Frame121,720.85
Inkworks Press12427.20
Cort Furniture Rental121,657.34
Paco Pumps Inc12790.32
Fashion Cleaners1193.61
American Precision Mfg111,827.58
Advance Heli-Welders & Mfg Co11254.88
Breuners Home Furnishings Corp11407.01
Copper Harbor Company11927.82
Mattson Technology11124.00
D W Nicholson Corporation112,892.38
Henkel Adhesives11744.63
Equipment Fabricating Corporat11100.67
Unigen Inc11424.00
East Bay Bumpers111,114.35
S T Johnson Company11175.85
Asap Drycleaning And Restorati11377.24
Opsys Us Corporation11608.37
Alstom Transportation Inc11156.82
Pick Your Part Auto Wrecking11228.50
Autocam California111,364.00
Aa'S Drive-In Dry Cleaners11945.90
L J Walch Co Inc11401.09
Fremont French Cleaners11141.12
Sf Tube, Inc111,342.00
Tung Fei Plastic Inc11358.00
Gabbert Entreprises, Inc Dba A111,640.00
Koehler Auto Body Inc11744.34
Russell Heath Cleaners11792.21
Safety Kleen Corporation C/O S111,518.00
Advanced Fabrication Technolog113,109.91
Ferma Corporation11334.40
Ang Packaging Center112,049.69
White Cap, Inc, C/O Streamborn116,175.62
4th St Woodworking Co11518.00
Storage Express Inc111,349.47
Leonard R Foss Studios Inc1152.00
Foamex, L P11125.52
Commercial Filter Recycling, I11351.69
A & K Body Paint1190.82
Waste Management Inc11398.89
U S Navy11401.00
Sunny J Cleaners1193.61
Nelson'S Marine Inc112,301.81
Algorx Pharmaceuticals, Inc11171.20
Associated Aerospace Activitie11935.20
California Finest Body & Frame11138.32
Laserform Inc11367.50
Hayward Cabinet And Constructi111,610.00
Coorstek, Inc111,004.80
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa1145.60
Fabco Automotive Corporation11124.48
Chevron C/O Cambria Environmen11335.33
World Heart Inc11366.40
Westside Gas11108.98
J & J Auto Body & Repair11108.42
Tri-City Cleaners113,357.60
Perfection Auto Body & Repair11104.54
Hayward Auto Imports Inc11135.20
May Cleaners11202.59
Finisar Corporation11490.35
Bradley Nameplate Corporation11180.00
Dublin Auto Center Dodge11100.00
Modus Media International114,022.00
Cooper Electronic Technologies1196.68
The Painters Place Ltd11187.70
Golden Empire Properties C/O C11394.01
Hanzel Auto Body Works111,066.74
Rainbow Cleaners11416.37
Bay Internet, Inc111,140.04
Arden Cleaners11659.48
R & S Manufacturing Inc11663.87
Berkland Dry Cleaners11834.13
Sun Autobody11392.61
Hcm Research Inc111,517.41
Usp Lumber Connectors11515.68
Something Special Car Wash11378.64
Sequoyah Graphics11236.13
Copy Plus11264.00
Specialty Coatings11132.00
Lam Research Corporation1172.00
Ascor Inc11193.60
Tactical Fabs Inc11189.60
Auto Tech Body & Frame11215.17
Wilson Way Tire Sales11791.20
National Elevator Co11384.00
Exxonmobil C/O Etic11178.84
Tesoro Refining & Marketing Co11120.16
Coach Specialties Inc11222.64
Mark Borsuk Esq11257.08
Luxnet Corporation11817.80
Mirage Auto Body & Paint11293.41
Lam Research Corporation11141.60
7-Eleven C/O Secor11356.29
Dupont Electronic Technologies115,556.75
Mcnevin Cadillac Body Shop11350.42
Sea-Land Service1169.86
Kla Tencor Corporation11138.32
Able Electronics Corp.110.65
Tyco Printed Circuit Group110.40
Fine Pitch Tech.110.04
Plexus Corp. Fca110.03
Sparqtron Inc.115.00
Pressure Cast Prods. Corp.110.01
M B Auto Body Fender 1117.40
Crow Canyon Dry Cleaners 111,146.72
Exxonmobil C/O Eri111.54
Exxon Company Usa C/O Eri 113.38
Exxonmobil Corporation110.02
U S Cleaner 11654.30
Davis Cleaners 11607.08
Chevron Products Company C/O C110.77
Bayline Paper Supply Co 1117.11
Estrada'S Body & Paint 1168.69
Exxon C/O Eri 117.59
Classic Cleaners111,134.00
Solano Cleanette 111,416.53
Tosco C/O Environmental Resolu110.00
Ann'S Cleaners 11269.82
Aiwa Research & Development,In112.52
Chau'S Auto Sport 1116.66
Hayward One Hour Cleaners 11654.30
Phoenix Autobody & Mechanics R112.51
Dryclean 580 111,052.28
Immaculate Auto Body & Custom1191.46
Precision Paint & Body1126.06
One Hour Martinizing 111,774.04
Flamingo Cleaners 111,371.98
Chemical Compounding Company1115.70
Dharma Enterprises 11289.34
Custom Commercial Dry Cleaners11913.32
Cardoso Body & Frame Shop 11102.65
Arco C/O Delta Environmental 111.02
Try-City Cleaners11404.72
Nestle Usa C/O Etic 115.10
Best Body Shop113.81
Bo-Mar Cleaners 11135.91
Pleasanton Metal & Paint Works1120.25
Cyantek Corporation 110.01
Htb Inc 118,046.49
Sparkle One Hour Cleaners11107.93
Gordon'S Auto Body 1163.69
Clean Living Cleaners11445.20
Chapel Of The Chimes Memorial 110.01
Holiday Cleaners Of America 111,214.17
Heraeus Amersil Inc 110.20
Amp Printing 111,407.13
Sotirkos Designs 11273.53
Thrifty 1hr Cleaners 11337.27
Apac International 1188.27
Dryclean Usa 111,349.08
Black Mountain Spring Water, I1110.49
High Lustre Metal Finishing110.00
Gateway Cleaners 111,281.62
United Stamping Company 110.00
Champion Carpet & Wood Service11162.83
City Of Oakland Museum/Safety113.50
Retread Engineer'S Inc1197.96
Mary'S Cleaners 11344.01
Four Mile Dry Cleaners 11563.24
Elite Cleaners 11607.08
A & K Body Paint 119.58
County Of Alameda Public Works110.00
Royal Chemical Company110.39
Integrated Packing & Crating S111,218.22
Hollywood Cleaners 11148.40
Demello Truck Body & Trailer R1176.32
Swiss Valley Cleaners 11188.87
Perkins Cleaners 11811.84
Exclusive Metal Craft 11415.95
Holiday Cleaners 11124.46
Pacific Tech Products11611.58
Cedar Lawn Memorial Park & Mor110.01
Sparkle Cleaners 11721.76
Manor Cleaners11620.58
East Bay Electric Motors, Inc110.00
Gary'S Heat Cleaning110.00
V I P Cleaners Ll 111,160.21
Revelation Cleaners 11806.07
Westinghouse Cleaners11249.58
Four Seasons Cleaners 111,531.20
Mike'S Cleaners 11532.89
Bal Cleaners11134.91
Betts Spring Co 1122.33
Pegasus One Hour Cleaners 11569.99
Hacienda Cleaners 11870.15
Marshall Steel Cleaners 11524.79
Bernardi Cleaners111,620.00
Spring Fresh Cleaners 11404.72
One Hour Martinizing Dry Clean11303.54
Lorenzo Cleaners 11607.08
Oerdex Corporation 1199.11
Hallmark Cleaners11472.18
D & D Cleaners11249.58
Tender Touch Cleaners 11876.90
Quality Cleaners11263.85
Rainbow Cleaners11277.38
Fashion Cleaners 11667.79
Center Square Cleaners11675.00
Alameda Hospital1113.42
Pengo Corporation 1115.15
Car Craft Collision Specialist113.93
Sparklizing Cleaners 11920.74
Glory'S Dry Cleaning 11377.74
Pacific Conveyor Co113.26
Iht Corporation1114.19
Hustead'S Inc 11502.16
Roselawn Cemetery 110.01
J Cam Fiberglass Laminators In113,840.37
Gerald Macauley110.00
Quikrete Northern California 110.18
Bay Area Crematory110.00
Plaza Cleaners11553.12
Bank Of America 11377.25
Hesperian Cleaners 11357.51
Euwell & Sons Cleaners 111,035.10
M & M Garage1170.47
Villa One Hr Cleaners 111,380.14
Microsil Corporation11139.97
Mj Collision Center 110.00
City Garage & Car Star 115.40
Lascon'S Auto Body 110.27
Nordstrom Dc 499 1128.62
Nb Industries11158.53
R Emmett Packaging 116.91
Terra Vac Corporation118.31
Altamont Technologies Inc110.64
Sprayco 1138.53
Inlight Communications, Inc113.96
Deep Cleaner 111,349.08
Plesanton Lucky Cleaners 11439.75
Village Cleaners 111,133.22
Norge Cleaners & Laundry 11701.52
Alpine Cleaners 11755.48
Berkeley Cleaning Center11554.76
One Low Price Cleaners112,698.15
Tyco Printed Circuit Group Inc11860.22
Nor-Cal Metal Fabricators110.00
Palmer Displays1152.98
Norge Village 11537.74
Bennett'S Fixtures, Inc1191.69
Melrose Metal Products, Inc 11429.31
Arrow Sign Company 1169.25
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa11232.25
Kwik Milady Cleaners 11883.65
Nova Industries, Inc110.00
Star Dry Cleaners11742.50
Oakland Spca110.00
Scotch Cleaners 11627.32
Dryclean Usa 111,071.77
Fisher Berkeley Corporation110.00
Equilon Enterprises 112.64
Kim'S Classic Cleaners 11391.23
Wickland Properties 115.45
San Leandro Surgery Center 1113.42
Bogin C/O Cambria Environmenta111.25
Exxon Company Usa 115.67
Nestle Usa, Inc C/O Arcadis,1117.28
Ultramar Inc C/O Doulos Enviro110.68
Auto Body Center 11154.96
Pacific Electric Motor Company110.00
Aa'S Drive-In Dry Cleaners 111,014.81
Invivo 11106.19
Pio-Pro Autobody & Repair110.88
Quality Cleaner 11526.14
City Dryclean 11573.36
Kings Cleaners11188.87
May Cleaners 11566.61
Bay Cities Envelope Corp110.02
Eden Center Partners114.30
Windsor Cleaners 11600.34
Bill & Bill'S Body Shop 1125.50
Wholesale Cleaners 11242.83
Western Pacific Container Corp11742.33
Style Center Cleaners 11933.56
Complete Dry Cleaners 11354.81
Speedsters Coach Works116.07
Le Magic Cleaners 11559.87
Exar Corporation110.01
Former Mobil Station 10-G9b C/110.60
Broadway Volkswagen110.62
Errol'S Auto Service112.57
Eller Media 1162.10
Jjb Auto Body Repair 1136.05
Mike'S Custom Auto Body 1127.53
Windmill Cleaners And Tailors 11209.11