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Polluters in Waukesha, Wisconsin
Alloy Prods. Corp.2210.00
Casting Impregnators Of Wisconsin, Inc.2213,766.42
Cooper Power Systems-Dist Trans Div62914,208.31
Cooper Power Systems-Rte Power Products11616,156.30
Cooper Power Systems-Transformer Products32057,857.45
Delzer Lithograph Company6108,181.56
Dueco, Inc.6817,551.71
G E Med Systems - Waukesha Complex267516,857.41
Gaco Western Inc.12184.00
H.O. Bostrom Co.1228,125.00
Husco International Inc2733,692.77
International Truck & Engine Corp.24125192,138.59
J And L Fiber Services1255227,234.20
Kdv Label Co. Inc.11415,049.06
Miller-O'Connell Corp.1211,273.19
Muskego Landfill2828834.91
Northwest Standard Llc82052,981.79
Parker Hannifin6817,693.95
Payne And Dolan - #281662,511.13
Quality Castings Co.24150.86
Safety-Kleen Sys. (510001)1210.00
Spancrete Industries - Waukesha2651,140.02
U.S. Filter/Castalloy109398,399.58
Waukesha Electric Systems133563,219.42
Waukesha Engine Dresser Inc.726142,291.15
Waukesha Foundry Inc.82238,836.27
Waukesha Mem. Hosp.7511,066.66
Waukesha Waste Water Treatment Plant6648,627.49
Westwood Aluminum Casting, Inc.65156,382.74
Wildeck Mezzanines Inc62181,289.33
Wisconsin Centrifugal10213123,433.14