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Polluters in Superior, Wisconsin
Barko Hydraulics L.L.C24267,471.95
C L M Corporation-Superior8602,317,051.85
Conagra Inc, Elevator 'M'2250363.29
Dome Petroleum - Superior Terminal61425,900.24
Enbridge Energy Co.163102,407.13
General Mills, Inc.21657,561.75
Genesis Equipment & Mfg.11250.00
Georgia Pacific Corp.83523,527.29
Harvest States Cooperatives24120,952.42
Koppers Inc677,393.85
Lafarge Corporation North America Inc.2816,776.23
Lakehead Blacktop&Materials Of Superior Inc.83611,637.99
Midwest Energy Resources Co.218766,187.04
Murphy Oil Usa18725,780,827.59
Peavey Co - Connors Point21857,919.42
Superior City Landfill28289,202.31
The Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Co.2221,972,005.47
Wis Doa / Uw-Superior Power Plant1960206,212.87