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Polluters in Sheboygan, Wisconsin
American Excelsior71165,694.33
Austin Gray Iron Foundry72161,980.36
Borden Chemical102520,433.72
Cargill, Inc., Malt Americas - Sheboygan62553,741.74
Eclipse Mfg Co6172,080.48
Ellingers Agatized Wood Inc.222,075.97
Franzen Lithoscreen, Inc.1289,463.11
Georgia Pacific Corporation61524,403.51
J. L. French Corp.2754149,210.84
J.L. French Corporation, Gateway Plant2742212,189.03
Kieffer Company126,225.52
Kohler Co - Town Of Mosel Plant777191,683.38
Kohler Power Sys. Americas2413,601.00
Lakeshore Display Co., Inc.71838,898.89
Lear Corporation82060,032.68
Lear Sheboygan Substrates461,302.50
Leick Furniture, Incorporated174535,151.20
Manning Lighting, Inc.202113,823.43
Nemschoff Chairs Inc63143,187.83
Nemschoff Chairs, Inc.61841,300.76
Pemco Inc.685,313.45
Plastics Eng. Co.475,768.50
Plastics Eng. Co.23583.40
Polar Ware Co.3106,256.38
Rietschle Thomas Sheboygan Inc.110.04
Sheboygan Paint Co.101872,414.97
Sheboygan Paperbox Co.1226,474.01
St. Nicholas Hospital84614,640.06
The Mayline Co.(Steel Plant)71350,036.30
The Mayline Co.(Wood Plant)6116,294.06
The Vollrath Company, Llc82093,353.00
U.S. Filter - Plymouth Products Division6123,109.83
Universal Lithographers148,194.10
Westshore Industries2534,047.85
Wp & L Alliant Energy - Edgewater Gen Station7833158,992,106.13