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Polluters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Arvinmeritor Commercial Vehicle Systems71913,152.00
Banner Packaging721238,338.25
Bemis Films (Curwood, Inc.)736486,240.79
Blended Waxes, Inc.6243,425.43
Buckstaff Co62955,079.93
Castle-Pierce Printing Company199,650.07
Corrim Company L.L.C.1319,842.11
Crown Cork And Seal Company4758,213.93
Curwood Inc. North Campus7976,530.31
Hydrite Chemical Co.241,170.00
Leach Company71774,301.75
Mercury Marine - Plant 33/64671,091.05
Mercury Marine Plant 666205.33
Morgan Manufacturing, A Division Of Jeld-Wen.11507.23
Oec Graphics Inc1442,234.82
Oshkosh Correctional Institution81421,409.15
Oshkosh Truck Corp - Main Plant836193,305.85
Oshkosh Truck Corp - South Plant6814,552.83
Oshkosh Truck Corp - West Plant944301,209.24
Pluswood A Div. Of International Paper717302,869.26
Snc Manufacturing Co., Inc.5710,385.31
Sweetheart Cup Co. - Hoffmaster/Ceg/Fonda Brands61251,216.68
Vulcan Materials Company2165,328.04
Winnebago County Landfill847177,753.39
Wis Doa / Uw-Oshkosh1863409,608.57
Wis Doa / Winnebago Mental Health Institute1756226,702.94