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Polluters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
3m Touch Systems1118,087.74
Acme Galvanizing Inc83511,955.18
Adams Industries Inc.797,171.75
Adm - Cocoa62042,116.25
Aelco Foundries Inc210119.35
Aldrich Chemical Co. - Teutonia Ave.996,654.33
Aldrich Chemical Co. Inc.5105,656.00
Aldrich Chemical Co. Inc.12500.00
Aluminum Casting & Engineering Co Inc18156219,434.52
America'S Best Quality Coatings Corp7176,192.47
Ampco Metal Manufacturing Inc6376,356.48
Artistic Plating Company9302,598.62
Asi Technologies, Inc.2511,576.41
Athea Labs. Inc.12213.02
Badger Coatings, Inc.62432,598.95
Badger Meter Inc.22255.00
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp.24124,122.00
Banta Specialty Converting5145,030.00
Belarus Machinery671,518.51
Bell Aromatics338,973.00
Bilsons Industries(Formerly B & K Finishing)81040,864.22
Bp Granville Terminal61528.04
Bradley Corp.336.78
Brady U.S.A., Inc. - Good Hope Rd. Facility62313,078.49
Brady Usa, Inc-Cameron Avenue Facility72380,767.74
Brown-Wilbert Vault Co.114,698.00
C & D Technologies, Inc. - Dynasty Division85989,810.78
C - Graphic Inc129,197.24
Cerac, Inc.46314.20
Charter Wire Division Co41357,983.07
Citgo Petroleum Corp238,713.51
Columbia-St. Mary'S Hospital72124,447.38
Commerce Indl. Chemicals Inc.10163,510.00
D. R. Diedrich & Co. Ltd.115.00
Dana Corp. Victor Reinz Div.123,469.00
Drs Power & Control Technology62013,036.45
E. R. Wagner Mfg. Co.2210.00
Earthgrains Baking Companies, Inc.-Milwaukee1634129,964.66
Elite Finishing, Llc3312,512.85
Emmber Foods, Inc.61225,336.85
Emmpak Foods Slaughter And Boning7739,159.98
F. Barkow, Inc.1197,226.55
Falk Corporation - Plant 1123848,505.56
Frantz Company, Inc.714335,126.17
Fredman Bag Co.6848,647.94
General Electric Marquette Medical Systems9534,860.22
Glenn Rieder, Inc.232523,894.25
Grede Foundries Inc-Milwaukee Steel Division1285387,174.68
Harley-Davidson Motor Co630118,112.52
Hentzen Coatings Inc.134136,069.06
Hercules Incorporated7158,876.69
Hm Graphics1228,856.19
Hydrite Chemical Co.121,460.00
Hydro-Platers, Inc.8301,137.49
Imprex Inc.2212,812.59
Internaltional Thermal Systems142,839.04
Interstate Forging Industries, Inc103212,994.38
Jacobus Petroleum Products378,653.99
Jefferson Smurfit Corp.71520,886.83
Johnson Controls Battery Group Inc.111.00
Journal Sentinel Inc.129,324.59
Kopfmann Co. Inc.1317,455.51
Kramer International6838,606.46
Kubin-Nicholson Corporation1237,816.89
Longview Fibre Company62012,454.27
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc236,199.11
Master Lock Company137842,725.56
Maynard Steel Casting Company12283277,873.82
Mccann Barrel Co., Inc.71050,759.03
Mcp Inc.699,004.26
Metso Minerals71013,338.72
Mid City Foundry Co1280198,801.17
Midwest Express Airlines, Inc.7187,963.26
Midwest Tops, Inc335,874.45
Miller Brewing Company Milwaukee Plant746908,040.92
Miller Compressing Company62119,247.99
Milport Ent. Inc.121,000.00
Milsco Mfg Co6148,043.08
Milw. Asphalt, City Of8226,422.98
Milwaukee Bulk Terminal Inc221,629.50
Milwaukee Forge233019,482.41
Milwaukee Plating Co11363,760.98
Milwaukee Valve Co Inc616364.10
Mmsd-Jones Island Wastewater Treatment Plant371131,217,069.30
Mount Mary College6246,398.63
Nohl Electrical Products Corp.7109,986.04
Northwest Asphalt Products Inc2446839,779.98
P & H Mining Equipment154,010.91
Packaging Corporation Of America61517,577.68
Pechiney Plastic Packing, Inc.61332,928.90
Perlick Corporation73817,163.43
Poblocki & Sons Inc1212,361.84
Reinz Wisconsin Gasket1736,917.41
Rexnord Corporation11336.29
Rockwell Automation Inc.22201.30
S K Williams Co7219,093.43
Seidel Tanning Company61238,155.82
Sherwin Industries Inc.234311,306.37
Shoreline Of Wisconsin Inc21418,502.48
Signicast Corp162313,349.19
Smurfit Flexible Packaging613109,023.48
Snap-On Tools Mfg. Co.2412.00
Solvox Mfg. Co.1278.00
Southeastern Wisconsin Products Co75356,312.00
Spic And Span Inc7848,652.63
Spx Dock Products-Milwaukee162157,210.29
St Services1252.78
St, Mary'S Cement24152.29
St. Joseph'S Hospital - Milwaukee612442,243.24
St. Luke'S Medical Center86258,213.13
St. Mary'S Hospital86126,340.38
St. Michael'S Hospital75924,397.07
Stainless Foundry & Engineering Inc92122,083.19
Super Steel Products Corp6710,577.74
Super Steel Products Corp. - Tower52218,717.47
Symet, Inc.61321,392.75
The Oilgear Company71113,036.33
Thiele Tanning Co.6711,234.35
Tower Automotive Products Company, Inc.834276,095.41
Treat All Metals Inc253232,663.75
Tulip Corp. - Keefe Facility2222.00
U.S. Oil Milwaukee North Terminal232.81
U.S. Oil Milwaukee Products Terminal117.62
U.S. Postal Service - Processing/Distribution6373,858.77
Universal Foods/Red Star Yeast878451,184.19
Us Department Of Veterans Affairs64553,549.14
Usaf 440 Aw/Afrc6436,116.00
Vilter Manufacturing Corporation - Milwaukee65012,552.54
Visual Systems, Inc.1415,449.83
Vulcan Lead Inc.110.10
W Shore Pipe Line Co, Granville Station227,947.94
Waldorf Corporation7935,145.73
Wayne Pigment Corp6102,837.42
Western Metal Specialty11250.00
Western Products7227,030.11
Wis Doa / Uw-Milwaukee Power Plant1783154,896.01
Wis Electric Power Valley Station8042837,137,981.17
Wisconsin Air National Guard7815,397.24
Wisconsin Paperboard Corp2958255,389.76
Xymox Technologies Inc.86122,387.24