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Polluters in Madison, Wisconsin
American Family Insurance Groups76119,029.76
American Printing1222,232.18
Bell Labs. Inc.11561.00
Berntsen Brass & Aluminum Foundry Inc72846,196.39
Bock Corporation1212,288.58
Consolidated Nutrition, L. C.243,527.60
Cuna Mutual Group816632.84
Earthgrains Baking Companies, Inc - Madison Bakery1682147,291.99
Hartung Brothers Inc.94444,635.62
Kraft Foods North America, Inc.-Madison25117419,358.25
Litho Productions1211,915.52
Lycon Inc6826,425.22
Madison Area Technical College Dist #4252513,335.89
Madison Gas & Electric Co Blount St Stn9661020,030,131.44
Madison Gas & Electric Co Nine Springs Stat662,488.03
Madison Gas & Electric Co Sycamore Station61845,674.97
Madison-Kipp Corp - Waubesa28267255,587.19
Meriter Hospital/Park61828,488.39
Morningstar Foods, Inc.61814,121.79
Payne & Dolan #5 - Verona Plant82693,215.85
Rayovac Corp Madison6122,493.15
Research Products Corp6141,594.76
Rexam Medical Packaging, Inc.71422,002.38
Royster-Clark Incorporated81552,723.39
Rtrv Partnership Landfill2828635.19
Safety-Kleen Sys. (519701)112.00
Samuels Recycling Company-Madison Division41051,528.41
St Mary'S Hospital Medical Center74930,787.98
Sub-Zero Freezer Co Inc893,628.71
Terminal Oil Group, Ltd.1279.31
The Carlson Company129,464.93
Third Wave Technologies884,567.51
Universal Presentation Concepts227,056.40
University Of Wisconsin (Mad) Safety Dept8513,728.38
University Of Wisconsin At Madison161633.75
Webcrafters, Inc.118934,810.08
Wi Air National Guard 115th Fighter Wing265646,411.75
William S. Middleton Memorial Va Hospital6172,717.01
Wingra Ready Mix, Inc.682,506.00
Wis Doa / Capitol Heat & Power3190365,701.61
Wis Doa / Hillfarms Heating Plant1944114,991.25
Wis Doa / Mendota Health Institute1836659,261.58
Wis Doa / Uw Madison--Charter St13425,093,473.85
Wis Doa / Uw-Madison Walnut St. Plt.30110243,033.11