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Polluters in La Crosse, Wisconsin
Advanced Fiber Process7938,547.00
Agri-Grain Marketing2551,642.72
Brown-Wilbert Vault Co. - La Crosse112,610.00
Chart Heat Exchangers Limited Partnership6227,204.91
City Brewing Company74298,475.61
Crown Cork And Seal Co. Plant 66612386,318.84
Dura-Tech, Inc.253228,822.01
Everbrite Inc. La Crosse111.20
Holcim (Us) Inc.72114,169.48
Hydrite Chemical Co.36491.00
Inland Printing Company521149,985.83
Isola Laminates Inc.238313,511.09
Lutheran Hospital - La Crosse229229,285.74
Mathy Construction Company Plant #68829,714.16
Mcloone Metal Graphics Inc182137,174.67
Metz Baking Company Of Lacrosse166514,824.26
Midwest Industrial Fuel Inc63410,585.48
Northern Engraving Corporation - La Crosse Nort6810,670.76
Northern States Pwr Co French Island Gen Plt1538821,403.64
Orc Industries Inc.1130,624.44
Paper, Calmenson & Co.6133,163.18
Safety-Kleen Sys. (515001)123.00
St. Joseph Construction7197,221.64
The Trane Company - Main Complex2795109,993.80
Torrance Casting Inc84649,383.95
Trane Company Bldg #176124,636.37
Trane South Lacrosse Ops.44222.22
Walzcraft Industries Inc.620131,746.87
Wis Doa / Uw-Lacrosse Power Plant2059378,099.32