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Polluters in Franklin, Wisconsin
All Glass Aquarium6811,906.45
All Glass Aquarium Co. , Inc.1461,977.51
Baptistas Bakery62625,579.93
Black Diamond Group, Inc.102035,564.48
Chrome Tech Of Wisconsin Inc2864.59
Crown Prince, Inc.3529,524.36
General Automotive Manufacturing, Llc-W. Airway51313,522.14
General Thermodynamics - Franklin61713,044.07
Krones, Inc.9122,761.03
Milwaukee County House Of Correction253717,013.50
Payne & Dolan-Franklin Aggr.61432,826.50
Rocore Inds. Inc.1214.21
Vulcan Materials Co. Franklin # 30621810,681.83
Waste Management Of Wis, Inc.412183,360.96