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Polluters in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
American Materials Corp.6164,248.46
American Phoenix, Inc.378,533.74
Banbury Place6129,758.41
Cascades Tissue Group - Wi, Inc.2843471,383.66
County Materials Corp.3534,761.00
Eau Claire Asphalt Corp8835,318.64
Elk Mound Generating Station104311,333.94
Hutchinson Technology, Inc.71058,345.72
Johnson Litho Graphics Of Eau Claire, Ltd.1715,795.86
L P I, Inc.111,406.73
Luther/Midelfort/Mayo Health System64223,846.59
Metz Baking Company Of Eau Claire61931,705.23
Midwest Mfg. Prehung Plant000.00
National Presto Industries Inc6246,273.51
Nestle Usa63384,325.04
Northern States Power Co Wheaton Gen Plant660342,439.03
Northwestern Motor Company112,401.42
Pdm Bridge, Llc57106,460.96
Pope & Talbot Wis Inc Ash Monofill28282,318.55
Sacred Heart Hospital63116,353.67
Superior Seven Mile Creek Landfill #228288,734.18
Wis Doa / Uw Eau Claire Heat Plant2196385,806.63
Wood Ecology Inc898,542.63
Wrr Environmental Services Co., Inc3462284,772.30