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Polluters in Manassas, Virginia
America Online Inc61167,116.45
Apac Virginia Incorporated- Manassas Plant51196,252.34
Bradford Landfill28286,279.66
City Of Manassas/Vmea515247,560.00
Concophillips - Manassas Terminal82878,888.66
Glen-Gery Corporation - Capitol Plant1842430,742.14
Lockheed Martin Manassas714345,036.88
Manassas City Of - Dominion Station51057,851.67
Manassas City Of/Church Street53046,157.63
Micron Technology Incorporated82274,757.77
Prince William County Sanitary Landfill2260336,083.71
Robertson Landfill28282,646.36
Safety-Kleen Sys. (205801)126.00
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline-Station 185581660,568.11
Vertis Inc.717191,057.65