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Polluters in Lynchburg, Virginia
Banker Steel Co Llc2336,716.00
Buncher Rail Car Service5753,285.18
Bwx Technologies Inc1272106,136.76
Campbell County Lf2828412.83
Campbell Landfill2828133.05
Charter Of Lynchburg Inc91574,045.46
Davis Frost Inc61138,635.00
Delta Star Incorporated71075,849.80
Flowers Baking Co Of Lynchburg Inc1287,262.00
Frito Lay Incorporated72168,543.55
Great American Shelving Co Inc2337,208.00
Griffin Pipe Products Company11453,239,399.92
Intermet Foundry Archer Creek1356927,428.20
Lawhorne Brothers Inc5673,041.00
Lovelace Petroleum Co1342,571.20
Lynchburg City Sanitary Landfill4588,344.28
Marvin V Templeton & Sons51134,854.65
Mayflower Floors Inc51849,689.77
Norcraft Companies Llc6675,078.00
Parker Powertrain1117,000.00
R R Donnelley Printing Co11541,417,881.94
Rock Tenn Co Mill10691,667,772.84
Siegwerk, Inc2563,041.26
Slocum Adhesives Corp.441,820.00
Waytec Electronics Corp.116,528.00